No Guilty Verdicts In Bundy Ranch Standoff Trial

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  1. That judge should be on trial.

  2. Another event that will trigger Soros minions

  3. BFYTW


  4. This is good news in that this result happened in spite of the judge stacking the deck against the defense. It restores some of my faith in the judicial system. It will be interesting to get the rest over he story now that the trial is over.

  5. Jury nullification for the win.

    This little tidbit was telling:

    The government launched its second prosecution last month. The case climaxed Aug. 11 when Navarro abruptly ended court by ordering Parker off the stand and striking his testimony from the record as jurors watched.

    The defendant was attempting to tell jurors what he saw during the standoff over a barrage of objections from prosecutors. Navarro ruled Parker violated court orders by discussing prohibited topics. Parker returned to the defense table and started crying while Navarro dismissed the jurors.

    Marchese said jurors told him Tuesday the incident was a factor in their verdicts.

    “That weighed heavily in their decision,” Marchese said. “They wanted to hear him speak. It was very bothersome to them. They felt like they weren’t getting the whole story.”

    Marchese said jurors were sympathetic to the defendants and their inability to mount a cogent defense in light of restrictions that prevented them from talking about why they participated in the standoff and what they were thinking while they were there.

    “It wasn’t one thing,” Marchese said about what led to their verdicts. “They (jurors) said it didn’t make sense.”

    The case went to the jury Tuesday after lawyers for all four defendants waived closing arguments as part of a protest about court proceedings and restrictive legal rulings.

    “The jurors knew our hands were tied,” Perez said. “By the time the government laid it all out for them, they had already made up their minds … They knew there was no reason for us to go farther.”

    Judge’s restrictions on the defense

    Navarro’s rulings, aimed at trying to avoid jury nullification, severely limited defense arguments. Jury nullification occurs when a jury returns a verdict based on its shared belief rather than on the evidence in a case.

    Navarro barred defendants from discussing why they traveled thousands of miles to join protesters at the Bundy Ranch. She did not allow them to testify about perceived abuses by federal authorities during the cattle roundup that might have motivated them to participate.

    Navarro also restricted defendants from raising constitutional arguments, or mounting any defense based on their First Amendment rights to free speech and their Second Amendment rights to bear arms. In her rulings, Navarro said those were not applicable arguments in the case.

    Looks like the only one more incompetent than the prosecution was the judge trying to ham-fistedly cook the books ahead of time, and the jury sussed that out in about half a minute.

    A couple of more such head-first runs at the brick wall, and the feds may start to catch on that folks out west don’t like ’em a helluva lot.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Yes for a win here!
      And it was Navaro’s fault for this obvious Jury Nullification verdict.

      She was so abusive and so outragious that even a common dummy that they pick for a jury could see through this kangaroo proceeding.

      Thanks Judge Navarro–you piece of shit!!

    • So just to be clear Mr. & Mrs. America, a step toward the right direction would be to nullify every single horse shit pot trial that you happen to end up on. I have not one iota of fucks to give for pot heads, in fact I consider them a serious liability and will not have one under my roof. That said if you begin to nullify on this you help your country to fight it’s addiction to prison for profit.

    • A couple of more such head-first runs at the brick wall, and the feds may start to catch on that folks out west don’t like ’em a helluva lot.

      Or they will figure out that killing everyone involved is a better option than taking a chance on the court system that is stacked in their favor…
      In other news the Hammond’s are still rotting in jail while the Forest Service is lighting backfires and burning homes when they let it get away from them but no worries because we are the gov. and we are here to help…Look up the Lolo Peak Fire if you want more info…

  6. Spike Milligan

    Gloria Navarro was boosted into her office by none other than Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Many have said she is not in the US legally since she was born in Mexico. Her UNLV classmates reported she struggled with English while court reporters supposedly had problems with her “frito bandito’ accent!
    Let’s recall this worthless latina judge!!!

  7. Beardface Wood

    Judge Navarro should be deported back to Nuevo Laredo. She got her law degree online for chrissakes. She should be cleaning motel rooms. No wonder her courtroom is a circus.

  8. For those who believe the lie, that it is just “this pope is an anti pope”
    Catholic World (August 1871): 735:
    We do not accept it [i.e., the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America], or hold it to be any government at all…If the American Republic is to be sustained and preserved at all, it must be by the rejection of the principle of the [Protestant] Reformation, and the acceptance of the Catholic principle…

    • Randall Flagg

      Not sure what that has anything to do with the post, but that is the MOST sense you’ve ever made here.

      Now go crawl back into your hole.

  9. Dumb ‘Murkin juries, always swallowing whatever they are spoonfed by some Joo prosecutor…

    Wait, what?

    Never mind…

  10. Guess TL’s timeless saying about letting them hide behind the USC to find refuge from us applies. The Feds violated every natural primal & Constitutional right, then hid behind the USC to try & weasel their way out of their lies and tyranny. Basically the obama sycophant “Judge” ball gagged the defendants & gave themselves unlimited fabrication of events.
    Jury wasn’t buying it.
    Hopefully 3 times the charm when they put the old man & sons up on kangaroo trial.

  11. I would love to have seen the expression on Navarro’s face as the verdicts were read.

    • Yes……ahhhh, to be a fly on the wall…….

      • Hell yeah u guys.
        After everything the fucking bitch did short of ordering ballgags & straight jackets for those boys, priceless.
        Nullification Baby.
        Like Consent. Couple of the most powerful weapons of liberty. Till we have to resort to using our muskets.

  12. Welp, let us see if that will happen in the Peoples Republic of Oreeegone, and will somone wake Lee Greenwood up, it’s time for him to sing.

  13. Awesome, no guilty verdicts. Now cue the onslaught of “freedomistas” lining up to squawk about how stupid the Bundy group is and how poorly they went about everything or how instead of doing what they did, they should have been smarter and done… Less, or maybe nothing at all.

    Yeah. Mistakes were made. But they went out and DID. So let’s commend their guts and examine what happened so we can do better next time. Unless someone has a better idea.


      I have a better idea. Do it and don’t get caught. Plan, prepare, and execute. Then, STFU. Keep them guessing and off balance. Been there. Done that.

    • Thats right.
      Those guy & girls had the balls to do it.

    • Jury nullification was the last hope before going over the falls.
      That doesn’t undo the utter stupidity of everything that’s been done by any @$$hole named Bundy going back to Married With Children.

      Actions have consequences. Next time, expect the feds, when offered the choice of shooting, or going to court, to open fire.
      And any future Bundytards will be so many “shot while resisting mah authoritay” casualties. And all the accounts of the survivors will match.
      Because they’ll all be agents and officers.

      The tactics used at Bundyville are now not just expired, they’re rotten and stinking.
      Best rethink that strategy in future, or save time and dress in body bags for the next do-over.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Actions have consequences. Next time, expect the feds, when offered the choice of shooting, or going to court, to open fire.
        And any future Bundytards will be so many “shot while resisting mah authoritay” casualties. And all the accounts of the survivors will match.
        Because they’ll all be agents and officers.”

        Geez, to believe a crazy scenario like that, you’d have to believe government agents would be so twisted as to do things like shooting women holding babies, flambeeing children, forcibly dosing mental patients with LSD, or all manner of criminal conduct.


  14. Good.
    What ever happened to the man that was arrested for
    passing out FIJA booklets?

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”
    and peers 🙂

  15. Well maybe this judge should be treated like the judge in The Black Arrow by Vin Suprynowicz…Just Saying…

  16. While I’ve been critical of the Bundies, congratulations to all. After Portland acquittals, this is what I expected to happen.

    I agree, both judges Portland and LV, tried hard to rig the cases, with lies innuendo and half truths.

    When I hear these things, it some what restores my faith in the system, in both applications, the men and women of these juries got it right, for all the right reasons.

    Free America II, USGovt, O.

    You gotta be amused when the snitches for gov, go down hard like in this case. The jury saw them, for what hey where, agent provocateurs.

    Dirk Williams

  17. And by the way, LaVoy Finicum was unavailable to comment on this verdict as he was assassinated. If you haven’t read or bought his book then you are wrong. Support his family, it’s the fkin least we can do eh?

  18. Very good news!

  19. the jury told the prosecutors to fuck off.

    the jury told the judge to fuck off.

    the jury told the feds to fuck off.

    now to get the prick that murdered Finnicum and their clock will have been cleaned.

    JURY NULLIFICATION is the only way the rigged judicial system will be defeated and turned back. this is a reason to get on juries, not avoid serving on one.

    • Spike Milligan

      Who killed lavoy finnicum?

    • There are far more effective ways to defeat and turn back the corrupt “Legal” system.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “JURY NULLIFICATION is the only way the rigged judicial system will be defeated and turned back.”

      If it starts getting too effective, they’ll just starting allowing JNOVs (Judgment Non Obstante Verdicto – “not withstanding the verdict”) in criminal trials.

  20. Regarding Lavoys murder at the hands of the Oregon State Police. State legislatures made a NEW law, which allowed OSP, to request court ordered shielding for the Troopers involved in the Murder. This New” law was not supported by most of the rep legislatures. Oregon has a super majority in both houses in Salem.

    I seem to recall, that every 90 days, maybe 6 months. Oregon state police have to re apply in the courts for both officer name to not be released to he public.

    Theoretically OSP, can re apply and shield these guys names for years to come.

    It is my hope that the civil courts, I.E., Janette Finicum, and family learn these names as soon as ” Discovery” is granted for the civil law suits that are to follow.

    My logical guess is that The US Govt, and the OSP, will quickly move to pay off the suit, with a non disclosure Claus attached.

    we have a loss at Malhur
    We have a loss in LV.
    We have an FBI federal Inditment, in Portland Oregon. ” pending”
    We have a federal informant sent to prison.

    We have email connecting the currant Oregon Gov, to the Oval Office.

    If you haven’t taken the time to read the email chain available, you owe it to yourself to do so. Their are 100s maybe 1000s of emails in the loop. I promise, you will be one pissed off hombre after reading this bull shit.

    Take the time to note exactly was in the info loop. UN fucking real.

    Dirk Williams