What Are You Prepared To Do?

Aesop asks.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

The enemy isn’t.

Are you?

47 responses to “What Are You Prepared To Do?

  1. colddeadhandsdays

    I’ll tell ya what most of the comments are asinine defeatism. You fucks do NOT want to win apparently. Read up on 4thGen warefare then find some people who have the tenacity to actually carry out the acts against the enemy that will be necessary to defeat them. It’s NOT rocket science. We know who and where the leaders are. We know where they live. That side can be shut down with a dozen good guy cells. I don’t want to hear it.

    Don’t be where the enemy expects you to be and certainly don’t show up for obvious setups like Charlottesville. I’m not being specific but come on…quit acting like these whiny limp wristed, wimp leftists can’t be stopped. I know what I’m prepared to do when it starts. I have a plan. I suggest we all get serious.


      The only part of your comment I would hesitate to agree on is when you talk about finding some like-minded people. In these troubled times, there are a lot of poseurs out there who will pound on the table and chest-thump. I have seen them at the gun shows up here in Rawles Land in their cammies at some “Militia” or “Gun Rights” table trolling the crowd like crazy. Run the other way. They are snitches.
      I personally have acted and will continue to act alone. I simply DO NOT TRUST anyone else to have my back at this point simply because everybody is still way too financially comfortable, and nothing really is going on up here. Things have not even ginned up yet over in the Blue Hive of Spokane. And, we have no Confederate Monuments up here. What we DO have is a small, militant group of Cosmic White Marxists who routinely identify themselves with letters to the editor of the Daily Fish Wrap. There is where my list starts.

    • “I know what I’m prepared to do when it starts.”

      Curious…what do you figure “starting” will look like?

      “I have a plan.”

      That’s nice; I’m sure Aesop does too. The more important question is whether or not the plans match anything that actually happens in reality. The guys in Charlottesville had one, and so did the Ammon Bundy crew. You can argue till the cows come home how wanting their plans were–indeed, Aesop does precisely that–but at least their plans weren’t merely wild fantasies in their wild minds.

      Seems to me that plans that deal with what actually is, even weak ones, are automatically better than plans for stuff that never happens. But that’s me; a lifetime in a real business with real customers probably contributes to that.

      • The guys in Charlottesville had one…
        Assumes facts not in evidence.
        Unless “Get handed your asses” was the gist and totality of their “plan”.
        That succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.
        And, to be fair, it has a precedent in the culture:

        They indeed had a goal.
        They definitely chose a method.
        The fact that the method had no bare wild chance of accomplishing their goal was thought to be unimportant, next to the idea of “doing something”.
        Much like people who want to be gazillionaires, and therefore buy lottery tickets, because they didn’t pay attention in math class.
        So, once again, “How did that work out, in reality?”

        If people like Powerball odds of success, they should keep buying a ticket in the Fucktard lottery.
        And then not be surprised when the results are announced, as they will be.

    • kay_de_leon

      Read up on 4th gen warfare and understand that what you’re talking about is actually really bad for your cause? Propaganda is a deep, deep word, and the is of the utmost importance.

    • That side can be shut down with a dozen good guy cells.
      Sh’yeah, okay.
      And are there so many as one such “good guy cells”?

      Thought so.

    • Notarealperson

      One thing I disagree on is finding people you can trust. It’s almost impossible unless they’re all members of the same extended family. The problem is our side so infiltrated by snitches and LEO’s it’s not even funny. People are easily bought off or threatened.

      The people whom I would trust don’t buy into what sites like this are selling at this point in time. They’re successful, making good money. They know something is wrong. But as long as they’re making the bucks….

      That means we have to wait before doing anything overt. But in the meantime, we can identify high value targets that give us the biggest bang for the buck, figure out who are their “helpers” and “lieutenants” who are effectively their eyes and hands. Determine the points in the infrastructure that turns the Blue Hives against their urban liberal overlords, etc.

  2. As the “comment writer” mentioned by Aesop, I have come to the conclusion (through reading Aesop and Bracken and others) that “street theater” isn’t necessarily the correct course, but that leaves me with a thirst for something that I CAN do instead.

    Unfortunately, that still isn’t clear. At this point, it’s now almost to the point where we can’t be seen in public or speak in public, and being advised to stand down when we are continuing to be slapped in the face is a hard pill to swallow. Especially when there is no clearly stated alternative objective.

    Not only are we standing idly by while Confederate monuments are pulled down, but we are also doing so while monuments to the Founders are vandalized, history books in our kids’ classrooms are rewritten, our “representatives” mock and insult our heritage and legislate against it, the police assist in our beatings and kill us in our driveways…

    So going home and just prepping my own homestead doesn’t seem like it’s enough anymore.

    • I advised standing down because they’re getting slapped in the face, after their asses were soundly kicked from hell to breakfast.

      And the history books in your kids classrooms were rewritten decades ago, your heritage was mocked and insulted pretty much non-stop, and the police have been beating people and killing them in their driveways since waaaaaaaaaaay back; where was anybody then?
      Now you know why they’re bold enough to tear down monuments: they had a multi-decade run of no one stopping them.
      Charlottesville was what happens when you think you’re stronger than a speeding locomotive.

      Make a plan: figure out where you want to be, then figure out what it will take to get from A, where you are, to Z, where you want things.

      Charlottesville proved that trying to leap tall buildings in a single bound straight to Y first isn’t an option either.
      You want the answer to the problem, you’ve got to do the work.

      Otherwise, the next time out, whoever shows up is going to find out that they’re also not faster than a speeding bullet.

      And then it’ll start to dawn on folks (the ones who’re still around to ponder) that the Coast Guard is right:
      Just because you go out, it doesn’t mean you’re coming back.

      • Aesop, no surprise, is peddling the (((MSM))) version of Charlottesville. Actually, the Reds and their enforcers took a beating: 3 dead, none on our/my side. Never mind the (((PR))).

        somewhere, there is new pandemic about to not happen. Waiting for Aesop to discover it.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Are you really afraid of these morons? https://twitter.com/charliekirk11/status/900034618706976768

    • Cold,a little wariness/fear is not a bad thing.I attended Boston rally(no real speeches)and while the majority of the crowd I viewed as muffins when together they do get a bit bloodthirsty/feeding on each other.I noticed this the way they treated antifa when they came marching through the crowds/all gathered around one person they disagreed with ect.

      I also noticed they are pretty meek when in small groups as I witnessed on trolley ride home(though would still never underestimate them),thus a little fear will temper ones thinking to acting in your best interests,just don’t let it over run ones thinking.

  4. St.Maur1066

    Sleep well Senators……………
    Revenge in the Night

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    Isn’t the thrust of the scene the second question, after Ness answers “Anything within the law” – “And THEN what are you prepared to do?”

    • And precisely as demonstrated, most aren’t prepared to organize a trip to the package store for beer.
      If you can’t pull off a legal protest, you haven’t got a hope in hell of managing anything sportier, not in five lifetimes.
      But there’s a noted propensity for being able to fuck up a crowbar in a sandpile. So they’ve got that going for them.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “most aren’t prepared to organize a trip to the package store for beer.”

        In no small part, that’s because there is no clear sense of what store everyone needs to go to, what brand of beer to get, or how much of it to get. There’s no coherent big picture, so nobody has any idea what to do to try and further it.

        Organizing the Right – the fine art of crossing a chasm in two leaps.

        • Noted.

          I don’t want “the Right” to organize.
          It’s like digging in a pile of horseshit and looking for the pony.
          And, as you and a hundred others have observed, will never happen, as such.

          We don’t need top-down organization.
          We need organization that starts at the root.
          The people too stupid for that are too stupid, period.

          LGOPs (little groups of paratroopersPartisans), however, are an entirely different kettle of fish.

          As noted by the host: local, local, local.
          Pick a goal, gather a coherent band, organize, accomplish.
          Lather, rinse, repeat.

          • St.Maur1066

            I will go it alone. No informants, no emails/phone calls to intercept, no conversations to bug. Just a plan, a little prep and intel and……… BAM!

          • Jimmy the Saint

            Without at least a solid consensus on what the overarching goal is – i.e., a few simple bullet points that the vast majority can agree on – any organization, big or small, won’t be able to accomplish a lot. They may generate headlines, body counts, or what have you, but it’s ultimately just flailing about.

            “Pick a goal, gather a coherent band, organize, accomplish.”
            Agree that this is the way to go once there is clear vision for the endgame, but absent that, local groups will as easily find themselves battling each other as what otherwise would be a common enemy, or at least stepping on each others’ toes rather than pursuing a common goal. I guess “communicate and coordinate” needs to be added to the “Pick a goal…accomplish” continuum.

  6. Sadly my give a fuck about the monuments, just doesn’t give a fuck. Their is zero accuracy in our history. To re write history, is simply re writing the lies we’ve been force feed.

    The absolute truth is like a unicorn, mythical.

    Dirk Williams

  7. “I know what I’m prepared to do when it starts”. Ahem. It’s already been going on for some time now. All you over the hill guys and women out there should pick up a .22 caliber revolver or a .22 silenced pistol. Do I have to tell you what these are for?

    • The revolver is for the “No Shell Casing Left Behind” policy, right?

      On a related, low-tech note, I’ll put out there what a close acquaintance who spend a few years as a guest of the state recommended: semi auto in a grocery bag. Looks inconspicuous being carried down the street, and the shell casings stay put. Subsonics through a pop bottle with some Chore Boy would make it that much less noticeable. What’s an extra ten to thirty years on a life sentence, at best?

      No need to be an obvious tac’ed out goon, either. You can be a pizza delivery guy with a pizza box, or a homeless guy with a trash bag, or a street lady carrying a purse.

      • Seraphim of Sarov

        More Tony Soprano, less Red Dawn.


      • St.Maur1066

        Or a plumber, in dirty work clothes and a bag of Magpuls with a pipe wrench sticking out the end, while pulling a hand cart with a tool box with two ar15’s inside and more mags……….. suprise!

    • second. everyone says you need something with stopping power even if your shot is less accurate, but not if you can put them where you want them. I hope we do not get that far but I’ve been having my stuff stolen legally for decades thru elections; if they’re going to try and take things personally; they better bring overwhelming force.

  8. OK: I’ll play:

    *2) List everything in history changed by mob street protest. I’ll wait while you comb the world for even one example.*

    Street protests were a large factor in the following historic events:

    * French Revolution and The execution of Louis XVI, and establishment of the French Republic, 1793

    * Overthrow of the Russian Empire in 1917, setting the conditions for the Bolshevik coup against the revolutionaries in October, and the founding of the USSR.

    * Rise of the Nazi party in Germany was in large part based on a desire to restore order after several years of escalating street protests. Following elections in 1928 where Hitler’s party got only 2.8% ” Hitler decided that Germans needed to know more about his goals. Despite being discouraged by his publisher, he wrote a second book that was discovered and released posthumously as the Zweites Buch. At this time the SA began a period of deliberate antagonism to the Rotfront by marching into Communist strongholds and starting violent altercations.” – Wikipedia, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power

    * US exit from Vietnam war, LBJ’s decision not to run for a second term 1968

    Those are well known examples from history. Is Aesop really not familiar with them?

    Aesop is pushing all to organizer into pseudo-military units, but to what end? What change have militias or others choosing “the path of the gun” had in effecting domestic change in the USA in the last 100 years?

    Virtually zero.

    The loudest advocates for it have been taken apart by the security apparatus, the Black Panthers, Weathermen and SLA on the left and groups like Posse Comitatus and W.A.R. on the racialist right do have their list of martyrs, but not much else to show for organizing into militias.

    Meanwhile, we’ve had a rolling revolution in the USA that has included many street protests, some of which are now part of the legend of America. Next time you are in D.C. take a look at the giant Stalinst-styled statue of Martin Luther King on the Mall and contemplated that there was no formal armed component of the movement that he led. However Children all recite the “I have a Dream” speech on his birthday, which is a National Holiday. I’d say that’s a pretty big change from the ‘Jim Crow’ America of 1960.

    In the modern era street protests have been a vital component of the Color Revolutions, starting with Corey Acquino’s protests that led to Marcos’s exile from the Philippines in 1983. I find it hard to believe that Aesop is totally unfamiliar with these events, but just in case here’s a short summary from Wikipedia:

    “The People Power Revolution (also known as the EDSA Revolution and the Philippine Revolution of 1986) was a series of popular demonstrations in the Philippines, mostly in the capital city of Manila from February 22–25, 1986. There was a sustained campaign of civil resistance against regime violence and alleged electoral fraud. The nonviolent revolution led to the departure of President Ferdinand Marcos along with his totalitarian regime and the restoration of democracy in the Philippines.[4][5]”

    And that has been used as the template for a whole series of government changes ever since. Again, I’m shocked that Aesop discounts “mob street protests” as effecting history, in fact it appears to be a major component in *most* of the irregular changes in power in recent decades. Wikipedia lists the following color revolutions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colour_revolution

    * Carnation Revolution – Portugal, 1974 – government replaced
    * Yellow Revoliution, Phillipines, 1986 – government replaced
    * Velvet Revolution, Czechoslovakia, 1989 – government replaced
    * Bulldozer Revolution, Yugoslavia, 1990 – government replaced
    * Rose Revolution, Georgia, 2003 – government replaced
    * Orange Revolution, Ukraine, 2005 – election annulled
    * Tulip Revolution, Kyrgyzstan, 2005 – government replaced
    * Cedar Revolution, Lebanon, 2005 – Syrian troops leave Lebanon
    * Blue Revolution, Kuwait, 2005 – women granted the right to vote
    * Blue Jean Revolution, Belarus, 2006 – failed
    * Saffron Revolution, Myanmar, 2007 – failed
    * Grape Revolution, Moldova, 2009 – government replaced
    * Green Revolution, Iran 2009, failed
    * Jasmine Revoliutoin, Tunisia, 2010 – government .replaced
    * Lotus Revolution, Egypt, 2011 – government replaced
    * Colorful Revolution, Macedonia, 2015 – government replaced

    So, maybe instead of obsessing over the best way to carry eight AR-15 magazines in comfort we should all be figuring out how these color revolutions worked. For sure, our opponents are, and they intend to use “mob actions” to change things here, including but not limited to an attempt to oust Trump later this year.

    • Seraphim of Sarov

      Bravo zulu, Jackson. That’s exactly right.

      Now, for $2,100 you can do the 5 week course through Harvard via the internet.


      Or you could just download the three manuals provided on the CANVAS website and watch their movie called Bringing Down a Dictator or something like that.

    • If you’re going to play stupid, by all means, be five-star stupid.
      Street protests in the incidents you mentioned changed nothing.
      The actual work was done by actual insurgencies, not assclowns running around in the street.
      And BTW, who were the first people the successful insurgents rounded up and threw in prison, or against a wall, afterwards?
      Tell me what happened to the SA after the Nazis came to power?
      What did Lenin do with his street people?
      Where are the Viet Cong now?
      Of course, you knew that when you cobbled them together, but cleverly chose to pretend otherwise.

      They were at best a sideshow, and a symptom. Not an actuator of anything.
      If all you want to do is agitate, go on ahead.
      Charlottesville awaits as your template, so go ahead on and stick you head in the lion’s mouth, because you’re a bulletproof jet-fuel genius.

      Tell me how street protests did in Hungary in 1956; Czechoslovakia in 1968, Peking in 1989. I’ll wait while you think that over. Then tell the class why no one in Cuba tried/tries street resistance, once Fidel betrayed the revolution.
      Then tell us what all that agitation really accomplished here in the Sixties?
      We got Nixon, not Humphrey. Genius plan.

      The fact is that playing in the street accomplishes nothing substantive, but it gets a lot of shit burned, and a lot of people arrested, broken, and/or killed.
      Which pisses off everyone in the uncommitted middle you’re nominally trying to sway to your side. To absolutely NO worthwhile purpose.

      And if you’re going to hold out lunatic-fringe splinter groups like the Black Panthers, the Weathermen, and the SLA as anything like organized “militias”, let alone he racist fuckwits on their own little island, you’re simply an idiot, didn’t read anything I wrote, and merely trolling to troll.

      That sort of horseshit is exactly what I didn’t espouse, because they went out and tore shit up because they could, without any infrastructure to support themselves, and damned few (except lunatics like you) who’d support their antics. Those kind of shit-for-brains “true-believers” are batshit insane, and frighten their own side more than anything else. Hence how they all ended up.

      Look at Charlottesville, and from that point of reference, lay out your theory of how being less intelligent, less prepared, less competent, and fucking things up orders of magnitude worse (if such is humanly possible) is really the way to go about this.
      Show your work, or cease your sophomoric gainsaying.

      Mob actions get a mob response, and when that goes to guns, whether from the opposition Leftards, or the government forced to pick a side (hint: it won’t be yours) or likely both, you’ll still be comfortably on the porch yapping, and exactly as noted, totally unprepared to offer anything but more of the same. Because it’s all you can bring to the table, or you like encouraging people to double down on abject failure. Which makes you a moron, or a provocateur. There is no third option.

      So tell us how trying it once more, with feeling, will bring about a different result than people getting their asses handed to them.

      Only a monumental jackass argues in favor of banging heads harder into the brick wall, because “it’s just got to give this time.”

      That, in essence, and stripped to the fundamentals,is the entire plan behind playing in the street.

      No doubt your sincerity next season will also bring the Great Pumpkin to visit your patch.

    • Funny, I don’t see Ceausescu and the Romania Revolt on that list.

      Strange, must not have the same (((financiers))).

      That, and I didn’t realize “Bulldozer” was a color.

      Must be Common Core Math.

  9. One that should have been made good, but wasn’t. Now he’s got so much money he’ll likely kill himself with crack.


  10. Aesop is right. Why meet our enemies on the idiot battlefield of THEIR choosing, in a manner they WANT, with the coverage they want by MSM? Disrupting the demonstration was so easy, children could have done it. The demonstration, even if successful, would have achieved NOTHING. The cards were already marked in the leftists favor. Like some of the wiser heads here, I understood from the beginning that these kinds of demonstrations achieve little of lasting import. We’re not going to get anywhere by playing by the leftist rules and fields. Be where your enemy does not expect you to be, and do what he does not expect you to do. All warfare is deception.

    • you and Aesop the fabulist have missed the point completely. Already 10% of the population (according to the (((MSM)))’s own post-Charlottesville polls – says “the Nazis are right”. When it hits 20%, post Jew debtPonzi collapse, I win. You lose.

      and the Hungarians in 1956 chased the Reds out of Hungary. Only when it became clear that “Ike” was going to do nothing did the Russians come back.

      and the SA survived very nicely. Hitler purged away the faggots at the top, kept the rest.

  11. Maybe Vanderboegh’s short story about breaking windows has some merit.

  12. Consider making a mirror of WRSA, just the articles not the comments, in one of the distributed web server things that is hard to censor. Here is one that I recently heard of. I haven’t inspected it for being good or bad or a trap; do your own research.


  13. What is a ‘Blood Covenant’?

    You should find out.

  14. I learned long ago like a good Scout is supposed to, “always be prepared”, it was our motto. It made sense to me, as I lived, (and still do 4 the most part by choice), about as rural as a man can be. No electricity, well under the kitchen sink, in warm months bath in the Souhegan River, in a galvy wash tub set on bricks on top of the wood cook stove. No one ever asked where we are going or what we where unto. It was expected we didn’t get into trouble or cause it. If we did we did something wrong. Period. No sympathy no mercy.
    That bit of some of life’s fundamental lessons still guides.
    Came across WRSA, (blogspot), seems like ages ago. I like said to myself, darn, this is good shit. It still is. Go check 4 urself: http://westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com

    Do you remember Billy Beck?
    He said there was no voting our way out of this, and that is as it should be. Made people become manifold in their station in life.
    Then there’s this:
    All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war. — Billy Beck

    He was right then & right now.

    And thats the point.
    What am I prepared for?
    Civil disturbance, civil war, the shit hitting the fan. Chaos & the new world order they are planning on cramming up my are. Because, if your not prepared your late, your missing the whole point.
    What all you got to be prepared for is your looking at it everyday.
    It isn’t a when thing.
    Its a now thing.
    Its like tentacles creeping up and grabbing hold of all the old ways. It comes from a hundred places. Corporate. Political. Radical. Fascist. Communistic. Socialistic. Financial. Economic. Academic. Scientific. Industrial. Domestic. National. International.

    A thousand enemies of the one thing. Self determination.
    That list of constructs. They all to the man behind them are after us dirt people & our liberty. They want it. It’s motive power. Its like the Holy Grail or the Ark Covenant. Its the Audacity. Power of consent: withdrawal of it. Its like this magic MoJo, the intangible tangible. Nothing has this power to effect change. It is special of all the activities in 5000 years of history. They covet it, its an obsession. It must be captured, tied down, caged, brought to heel, and he who does is king of everything. Not all the money, all the wealth, all the other powers, nothing holds a candle to this one power. And those who hold it within their hearts & minds hardly understand this ultimate power that nothing can destroy but those who hold it surrender it. For only those who hold it can only give this power, nothing can make them give it, because it requires choice, those without it can not take it, it only can be given.

    Thats what i’m prepared for.
    One day they are coming for it.
    When they do I got a choice to make.
    Actually I’ve made the choice.
    I just have to square it with the ever evolving context. Though the essentials remain true.
    So far through every trick & deed they have tried to take my consent.
    So far I have refused. I have withdrawn my consent for the fuckers. And let them know in no uncertain terms. They watch. They plan. There’s a whole shitload of us they got their sights on. They know well who we are and at the same time perplexed as to what can be done to us.
    remember. We have guns. It is no small thing. It is everything. The grand dynamic that defines everything.

    Their use of fear does not work. Their lies and narratives fall on laughing ridicule in mind & spirit.
    So all thats left is to try physical genocide.
    Good luck motherfuckers.
    Come loaded for bear. Bring tanks. You will need them.

    When they come straight for it, I am ready as I’ll ever be to shoot the motherfuckers if they try. Its all I can do. Surrender is not an option.
    They sent their servants once already cause I spoke against their god apparent. Their Cargo Deity. Their “Savior”.
    I got the drop on them because I was prepared.
    They used their keyboard warriors a number of times and I was flexible I adapted adjusted, it was simple, never give up and never say die. Stick to the plan.
    Still they watch us. Try to draw us out into a battle of their choice on their terms, their grounds, like C-Ville, it was a trap, we where the mice, and antifa was the cheese. Everything was set in place. All they won if anything was the rhetorical war, and that is doubtful because they aren’t fooling near as many as they once enjoyed. And it is critical to that strategy that it has the illusion they are the majority by orders of magnitude.
    They can never win fighting on our terms, those terms are withdrawal of consent, even if it requires keeping your powder dry and ear to the ground, its still fighting, because its defiance, it’s resistance. Those things are the terms we set. Nobody else. It is the intrinsic advantage, BFYTW. And every day more and more think it may get that bad. They stop being afraid for how can it be worse than another day really. They join the honorable resistance.

  15. HOLY SHIT!

    You “have a plan” colddeadhandsdays?

    “find some people who have the tenacity to actually carry out the acts against the enemy that will be necessary to defeat them. It’s NOT rocket science. We know who and where the leaders are. We know where they live. That side can be shut down with a dozen good guy cells.”

    YOU know the people. YOU apparently know the “dozen good guy cells”. And YOU know “the acts necessary to defeat” …”the enemy”.

    YOU have the knowledge of 4th Gen warfare. YOU have the training, know-how, ability, compatriots, and “tenacity” to do all of this.

    Still you have a comment implying the foolishness or cowardice of others WITH THE PRESUMPTION THAT SOME ACTION IS ALREADY NECESSARY (said action only you know), …
    and then you have the balls to say “I know what I’m prepared to do when it starts.”

    “when it starts”?


    When WHAT starts?

    If “it” has NOT started, why are you suggesting that others are defeatist by not already shutting “that side … down with a dozen good guy cells.”

    I don’t know if you know this, but Aesop was responding to a commenter who, like Fran Porretto, wants to start physically retaliating to Antifa at rallies/protests or physically stopping the destruction of American monuments.

    And, since your criticism as “defeatist” was aimed at Aesop’s response, one is left to assume that you feel it is defeatist to NOT physically retaliate or physically stop the defacing of monuments. Which, then, presumes that “IT” has already started (I mean, monuments have already been toppled, vandalized or destroyed, and legal, peacable protests already disrupted by Antifa).

    WHAT ARE YOU — and your dozens of good guy cells — WAITING FOR?

    YOU have a plan.


    Give us all an AAR from your “CELL”, to let us all know how it worked out for you and your “good guys”.

    Or, don’t … we’ll already know more about it than you will from the non-stop nationwide reporting. Reporting that will take all of the fence-sitting Americans now groggily waking up to the dangers of the left, and “blue-pill” them all right back into stasis, again happily accepting the left’s mantra that the “right wing” is the one full of terrorists, fascists, murderers?, extremists, and other assorted crazies.

    Hell of a plan. Go to it.

    Either “it” has NOT started, and your comment is irrational and irrelevant;
    “It” HAS started, and the defeatist coward lives above your bathroom sink.

    What makes that a false dichotomy? What is the other alternative?

    That “it” has NOT started, and your comment makes sense in light of Aesop’s post and current events (as in happening now or already happenned)? Is that it? Explain.

    YOUR plan, and YOUR “good guy cells” are either waiting for something that has NOT started (i.e., some event or threshhold point that HAS NOT YET HAPPENNED AND THAT Aesop WAS NOT FUCKING TALKING ABOUT)

    OR, Aesop and commenters are defeatists because they do not recommend physical retaliation AND they are cowardly defeatists BECAUSE “it” HAS started.

    I don’t know how many more ways to simplify the flawed logic in your comment, but here’s one more

    Scene I:
    Guy #1: “Don’t fire until you see the white’s of their eyes.”

    Guy #2: “Fucking cowardly defeatist,”

    Scene II:
    Guy #1 (same as guy #1 above): “I see their eyes! Fire! FIRE!”

    Guy #2 (same as guy #2 above): “Guy Number one doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground, when I see the whites of their eyes, me and my boys will kill the shit out of them.” (the last said standing among a pile of his fellows corpses just before his brains are blown out)

    HINT: In both scenes, YOU are Guy #2. Which scene is it? I hope to God, for your sake, that it’s scene #1. Then you’re just a dimwit, braggart and asshole.

    If it’s scene #2 … well, that’s a lot worse.

  16. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    I like Fast vehicles.


  17. Those of you jet-fuel geniuses too smart to think, plan, organize, and assemble the resources you need in order to succeed, and lacking the discipline to stick with it until you’re actually prepared to do something (besides bleed), please, go right ahead on.

    Everyone with a brain will sit back, collect popcorn, pretzels, soda, and beer, and watch you fail, hard, painfully, and endlessly.

    And we’ve only got the entirety of the leftstream media to broadcast your continued failures around the planet at the speed of light, in HD.
    Look! You’re on TeeVee!!!

    Go, Team Fucktard! Double down on teh stoopid!
    Make a liar out of me: show me the gang of retards with two hands burnt from grabbing the same hot stove.
    But this time it’ll turn out different!
    Rah! Rah! Into the brick wall! More! Bigger! Faster! Ramming speed!

    Here’s a helpful How-To, from your leader, General Daffy: