Brent Bozell: The Slow Death of the Republican Party

H/t to Kenny for this GOP evisceration/bill of particulars.

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11 responses to “Brent Bozell: The Slow Death of the Republican Party

  1. I like elephants. Pics are disturbing my calm.

    Kill all the usurpers of the dignity and majesty of elephants!!!

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  3. I can only hope the Party of Lincoln destroys itself… preferably sooner rather than later. I don’t give one fuck about a bunch of self named lying CONservatives, who say one thing and DO another. Watch what the fuckers do with the debt ceiling vote coming up next month. Good riddance to them all and thanks to John Wilkes Booth.

    And the Demoncrap party… they can just FOAD.

    Grey Ghost

  4. Whigs: not just for the 19th Century any more.

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  6. Northgunner

    They’re the “entertainment/diversion” arm of the parasite class..they keep folks concentrated on the cyclical shell game that is regularly played on the marks, pigeons and other ‘voters’.

    Free men and women DON’T need them!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy! Northgunner III

  7. The Republican governor of Illinois just signed a law making Illinois a sanctuary state. He also made it easier for the illegals to vote, by signing a law that automatically registers everyone over eighteen to vote when they apply for a drivers license. He was a lifelong democrat before switching to republican.

    • and, after a meeting with some of (((Soros)))’ antifa thugs, the mayor of Phoenix has declared it a sanctuary city.

      meanwhile Trump/Sessions continue to do nothing of substance….

      “”but, but…he pardoned Sheriff Joe!”

      …’cept give his Trumpaholics a little bone to chew on.

  8. Interesting video on youtube called, “The White Bailey” with a pretty good explanation of why there is zero political will to fight back….


      I would hope there would be some brave and agile patriots out there who would resort to midnight graffiti parties(SoCal Mexicans do it all the time), Pet Milk-saturated posters(h/t to Mike V), or the old standby of night letters. There is more than one way to get around these encroachments.
      I would also opine that First Amendment encroachments have been in place for a long time throughout Amerika. It all depends on whose Ox is getting gored. When it really happens, right-thinking folks will fight back, regardless of the predations of the state or the cowardice of the sheeple. The DOI and the subsequent unpleasantness come to mind.

  9. Party, what party.