EoT Coverage Of The Houston Flood Disaster

Pictures from the Rightly-Guided One you won’t see anywhere else.

A veritable deluge of Hate, I tell ya.

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  1. …white folks rescuing black folk – who da thunk it? Doesn’t seem to fit the current narrative. I’m shocked, just shocked ……..

  2. That is top notch trolling. The Earl has transformed from a mere Meme farmer to running a veritable Meme plantation.

  3. I Rant! Which has nothing to do with the nuclear Deal. And I might add, all options are on the table, the question is what under the table?

    Note to Texas, don’t drink the water. Need I say waste products that the government owns the treatment faculties that bubbles up to the surface, and of course all the wet lands? Comprehensively Plan speaking of disaster bought and paid for by the UN by your taxes. There is a strong scientific consensus that the global climate is changing and that human activity contributes significantly to this trend. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report concludes, with 95 per cent certainty that, it is all BS. So, watch them take ownership of it, or perhaps not. Mother Nature a curious thing to behold, perhaps we need a law to regulate it, or her? Oh! That’s right the UN already did that. Welcome to another day in Paradox, it’s not just for Abilene anymore. NOT, to be UN caring and sharing about displaced people that has lost everything but, a good example of what government cannot do, control Mother Nature’s natural laws, or the climate. Government is little more than herd control.

    1. We, we WE, war update and analysis of the pasture with pies of the willful dishonesty and of course all this naturally green with envy well fertilized by the herd, Farm Pharma subsidies in the world of lawyers, guns and money politicking time bomb, heartbreakers and lawmakers. It is no longer the good and the bad, it is just plain ugly! Need I say Congress’ owned cow pasture, shall make no law? Or perhaps pitch Mitch and Wiz boy Ryan, both the throw back to RINO sour US period in global geopolitical cave man party an epoch in paradoxical governing age gone wrong ways of being mean to justify their existence. Fact of the matter is, them are no longer needed, or even wanted, except perhaps on a poster, as you may have guessed at the Post Office, WANTED. In geochronology, an epoch is a subdivision of the geologic timescale that is longer than an age but shorter than a period. The current epoch is the Holocene Epoch of the Quaternary Period. Why yes it is! The end of an error in the Quandary (A state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.) of political BS served up with pie in the green with envy pastures. Audit the well FED? May I suggest mug shots on the wall of faces booked for being crooks? The statue of the bull, shit on Wall Street need to go to a place more on suitable for criminals. Who runs the FED, the corporations, perhaps? Of course all very legal and everything in theory, however UN ethical it may be. And I might add the house of cards burns before it falls, times up. The debt must be paid.

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression)

    What the herd heard. Being somewhat normal, I can attest to things of a 2 nature on both sided of the equation that we, we, we squealed are Fed UP with, yet they assume we know that 2+2 does not in fact equal 5, there is something missing, perhaps a one (1) should fit in there some ware would indeed be 5, would it not? Now, a prerequisite for employment at the FED should be to explain in detail just exactly where did the one (1) such less a percentage thereof go, is it this skimmed off the cream topping for pudding brain, the little piggy’s! AUDIT the FED, I say we should hang them! Hang THEM by the knees, upside down so people could poke fun at them with sharp sticks, YES! That’s the ticket! Burn the books, even the off books you don’t see. Whoops see, books all gone! Nobody owes Zero.

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, no safe Space)

    Yeah, happy ever after in the market place
    Molly lets the children lend a hand (Foot!)
    Desmond stays at home and does his pretty face
    And in the evening she’s a singer with the band

    Yeah, ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
    La-la how the life goes on
    Yeah, ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
    La-la how the life goes on {} azl

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression thought)

    Gear shifty, seemingly so, but not in vain, Hay bartender? Blues Bro Blues, You better Think, Sly town. Perhaps that was Hay Market protesters, damn communists of pasted! They have had that much practice. They are well oiled tuned up and tuned on out of tune machine with its beginning of violent protest, bomb throwers and murder for politics of their party of dummy crates. And if it were not for the geriatric arms of flab boy Billy, has an air about him being the bummer. Maybe be, Billy has read too many books and wrote jokes, did not understand them, perhaps? Billy needs reprogramming. Yet seems to have made an impression in the fine art of brainwashing little children from sea to shining sea, Billy is a child abuser ass well should be drawn and quartered after a guilty as hell and FREE STUFF gives you the bird no more on Billy! The pickle finger of fate, Billy Billy, Billy!

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression perception)

    Disassociated with previous partners from gang land, Hillary dillary dock, dam that be rock who is=is sane O bomb a was a crock, perhaps a crook, in crimes from Chicago, gang stir me a martini and suck the pimento right out of the olive dipped in gin and touch of vermouth, stirred, not shaken the Chicago demo ratic communistic megalithic machine of chugga chugga chew chew machine the poly ticks that tic, tic, tics me off, the political machine, drenched in communist propaganda, drunk on stupid! How do you say it: La-la how the life goes on, perhaps for some. As you may not have been informed, Billy at one time stated that as many as 25 million Americans may have to get dead, if they cannot be reprogrammed.

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression enforcement)

    The Haymarket Affair (also known as the Haymarket Massacre or Haymarket Riot) was the aftermath of a bombing that took place at a labor demonstration on Tuesday May 4, 1886, at Haymarket Square[2] in Chicago. It began as a peaceful rally in support of workers striking for an eight-hour day and in reaction to the killing of several workers the previous day by the police. An unknown person threw a dynamite bomb at police as they acted to disperse the public meeting. The bomb blast and ensuing gunfire resulted in the deaths of seven police officers and at least four civilians; scores of others were wounded.

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, the all important attitude)

    The Haymarket statue was vandalized with black paint on May 4, 1968, the 82nd anniversary of the Haymarket affair, following a confrontation between police and demonstrators at a protest against the Vietnam War.[127] On October 6, 1969, shortly before the “Days of Rage” >(Billy)<protests, the statue was destroyed when a bomb was placed between its legs. Weatherman took credit for the blast, which broke nearly 100 windows in the neighborhood and scattered pieces of the statue onto the Kennedy Expressway below.[128] The statue was rebuilt and unveiled on May 4, 1970, to be blown up yet again by Weatherman =(Billy)= on October 6, 1970.[127][128]

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, need I say altitude)

    Billy? Now that we have covered, bears, chickens and oinks, this little piggy went to market, Hay, what you should not do and what you should not, do if you are a male chicken we can move on to the Federal Reserve, shall we Market? You can bank on it! A prerequisite need be a rudimentary understanding of simple arithmetic, don’t you think? I suppose not. However, overly paid for bad advice them may be in a hurry fir whatever bankers are in a hurry for, I presume, not to be caught.

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, perhaps safe)

    Now, imagine if you will the game you play, and you could write the rules as you play the game, wouldn’t that be fun? You could not lose but for only being stupid. Evidently them are! The Federal Reserve writes the rules for the game and you are played. Just ask them. Perhaps we should discuss transactional cost.

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, place holder)

    Douglass North states that there are four factors that comprise transaction costs – “measurement,” “enforcement,” “ideological attitudes and perceptions,” and “the size of the market.”[2] Measurement refers to the calculation of the value of all aspects of the good or service involved in the transaction.[2] Enforcement can be defined as the need for an unbiased third party to ensure that neither party involved in the transaction reneges on their part of the deal.[2] These first two factors appear in the concept of ideological attitudes and perceptions, North’s third aspect of transaction costs.[2] Ideological attitudes and perceptions encapsulate each individual’s set of values, which influences their interpretation of the world.[2] The final aspect of transaction costs, according to North, is market size, which affects the partiality or impartiality of transactions.[2]

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, diversity of paragraph)

    So, what did I tell you of communist arithmetic, them don’t understand them numbers, I think that was five; let me see, perhaps more on.

    #1 Measurment
    #2 Enforcement
    #3 altitude, aptitude,(I inject) to include attitude.
    where as:
    #3 suggests that ideological, attitudes and perception, final consideration of the Hay Market in Chicago Traders.
    whereas attitude and perceptions can be two completely different things.
    as follows:
    Definition of attitude
    1. 1 : the arrangement of the parts of a body or figure : posture depicted her in a reclining attitude?>>> In their reclining years!
    2. 2 : a position assumed for a specific purpose a threatening attitude
    3. 3 : a ballet position similar to the arabesque in which the raised leg is bent at the knee
    4. 4a : a mental position with regard to a fact or state a helpful attitude b : a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state a negative attitude an optimistic attitude
    5. 5 : the position of a craft (such as an aircraft or spacecraft) determined by the relationship between its axes and a reference datum (such as the horizon or a particular star)
    6. 6 : an bodily state of readiness to respond in a characteristic way to a stimulus (such as an object, concept, or situation)
    7. 7a : a negative or hostile state of mind b : a cool, cocky, defiant, or arrogant manner He was showing some attitude in practice today, so the coach benched him.
    Too, Continue: BE, don’t you just hate when you see that, To Be continued, it is kinda like saying MORE ON, don’t you think?
    Definition of perception
    1. 1a : a result of perceiving : observation b : a mental image : concept
    2. 2 obsolete : consciousness
    3. 3a : awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation color perception b : physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience
    4. 4a : quick, acute, and intuitive cognition : appreciation b : a capacity for comprehension
    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, Hay Markets)

    Yet I suppose, appreciation of the capacity of comprehension is the question, is it not? Yet discuss aptitude and altitude as in being above it all, a perch in the heavens to poke fun at the little people, toys to play with, in the adult children games of MONOPOLY, funny money. Full faith in the Creditor? Print me a pile, would you please.

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression air)

    So it would seem we have Measurement, Enforcement, Ideology, Attitude, Perception and the ever important Market. That appears to be six, where as the numerical statement that is not true is 2+2=5 is supported by 4=6! I AM telling you no ideological perception of the market still enforce the attitude, nay say measurement not of interest enforced? We have imbeciles running the asylum that you bank at. I AM wondering who is telling them to be stupid. I wonder. Monetary theory of everything the hand you don’t see through broken windows builds the wall around it so you can’t see, see?

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression Billy)

    May I suggest an education in real world economics that them created out of less than thin air, first removed of position of authority, property, possessions other than those of sentimental value with no intrinsic value, money and rejection as just another reject in human waste heap of the herd, then live on nothing but socialist security and the iron fisted heavy handed Government subsidy grant you air to breath provided you measure up to the laundry list of demands for your submission and continuation of government air to breath no so freely. Your would soon learn the value of a dollar, with a different attitude, low crawling altitude perception, measurement and enforcement of a budget, ideologically speaking of course, aptitude and experience is meaningless in classless herd. I think you would have a different opinion of an economy. The aggregate, meaning you are the little fish in a big sea of monsters, fish fry anyone? Night of where knives belong the filet, beer battered of course Cajun blackened perhaps. I understand them are already doing cannibal in the dark continent, perhaps them never stopped and we have imported it, refugees with a taste for people. Green Soylant Green the color of those that make the rules of the game. Sleep well. There are no amount of Lawyers, Guns and Money that will get you out of this one. Did somebody say one? Has in one big problem you may have overlooked. But why should I tell you what that might be?

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, of course to mention Hill Billies)

    Shall I reserve a very special affliction for the United Nations, World Bank, IMF and Who. Still the WELL FED did pocket the remains of the 97 Billion the nonprofit of multi sexual bank bandits made for, for the Gov. with your money, them are the money making machine with absolutely no product, it just grinds away churning cash. Let’s do digital, so we don’t have to go into the office is trendy, that is such as bore. Data cannot be toyed with, as you may know, and if not you are stupid. That is when the truly fictional of the fractional diverge into oblivion of da cloud, the atmospheric vapors of thin air . Hmmmmmmm, it should be safe there, don’t you think? I suppose not, that there would be some sort of hanky panky yanky wanky in the photo electric magnetic world of the X, Y, Z access, da digit, pixilated edge of the atomic transaction, artificial intelligence of drunk on power dollar pimps paid off programmers and spies? Hack, did somebody say hack the CLINTON servers? GEE HAD man, only the truly fooly, cyber phobic denier could deny that there is a river in Egypt, DENIAL! Sold to the highest donation to the foundation the supporter of This Littlle Piggy went to market, da bits bought. She it, belong in an institution like a mausoleum, permanent rigor mortis, slab bed. Is that mean? I should think not.

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, the foundation)

    O TAY, let’s move on to more on, shall we? What the herd heard was the cause, of as you may have guessed everything, or the theory of everything that is worth protesting, which is everything, as you should know, the reason for pussy hats, all things communist, because that is what them do, protest. Think Hay Market here for a bit, 1886. Child labor, women’s issue, labor Unions riots, the eight hour work day all worth cause, and I might add fighting for. However, the unforeseen and intended unintended consequences results in as you may have guessed, an element of safety for the laborer and wages and benefits, need I say unfunded pension funds of public unions>private union just get the short end of the stick and suck it up. Yet the public union circle jerk of politicians promises for payoffs both way pass laws, set regulations and result in insult of things like climate change, one of the biggest lies and everybody fell for it. An outrageously bloated government system of circle jerks! Damn Communists!

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, charity)

    Think for a moment here and hear this. Who contributes absolutely nothing and demands everything? Then protest. The better question is who put them up to it? So, it would seem those that control everything and own nothing controls the herd and here is the fun part, neither contributes anything! Yet demand everything in the theory of as you may have guessed everything. Bitch and complain all you want, them are professionals. And of course the LIBERTY bowel movements are amateurs. Conservative my ass! You are up against paid professional actors and some of them are pretty good at acting. Yet ask them to explain their cause and you find they are only acting and repeating the memorized lines. How many times do I have to tell you this, is four enough, is six too many, how many does it take? DE NILE! Remember that river in Egypt? Yup, the big one, or, perhaps the big lie told too often. Just keep on believing that everything is just fine and it will all be over sooner than you think. Call it what you want, yet know it is idealism that never works, simply because they do not work, got it! Their work is the protest that usually results in increased benefits for them and more laws and regulations and obviously more cost to US. I call them, them the damn Communists.

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression. Certainly no chastity)

    I hate to dispel any thought or counterinsurgency, infiltration and yes even the go along to get along, you will not get along for long, ain’t going to happen. Here is a clue for the clueless that happened way, way back about 60 years ago when they let the insane out of the asylum with their drugs to join the Dummy cratic critic party and you wonder why them cry for free stuff, because that is what them are told to do, that’s why? And of course the Drug epidemic is manufactured, but you should know that by now, shouldn’t you?

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, moral regulation)

    If you want a road map on why things are the way they are, look no further than sweet home boy Billy from Chicago. Daddy’s money bought and paid for, a Hay Market! And then what did Billy do, no, you don’t say, he wrote children’s books for the indoctrination camps of early child hoody development public education, and of course the core of the communist doctrine is the common. Generation after generations fed the party line of the evil empire must be destroyed. That would be US, the EVIL EMPIRE!

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, government stupidity)

    Let’s US get something straight, OK? The reason why the geriatric generation of bomb throwing protesters protested the Vietnam war, is because they were and still are on the same side as the communists, has well your socialist media, multi, sexual, metro, monopoly of food for thoughtless pudding brains demand for free stuff, yet clueless on where free stuff comes from, which most of US would call theft! Yes them truly believe in robbing Peter to pay Paul by the IRS, it is that simple!

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression from the demo ratic party)

    The interesting thing about them is they give themselves away. The way, meaning the middle as them so like call a class is the clue. Here is why, you cannot have a rational discussion with the low class because they believe you will take something away from them and you cannot have a rational discussion with the high class because them believe you will take something away from them, is that clear? In other words, reason does not work on either of the high class, or the low, class. You simply remove the intermediary and neither know what to do, or at least no means of communicating it. That will work because the two classes do not communicate directly with the others. Need I repeat myself again? You have to kill the messenger, it is that simple. And of course cut off the supply lines, that is called denial of direction and too, no pay no play. The reason the cause ends is because there is no cents in continuing it.

    (insert space for paragraph, due to word press suppression, the Pubs lie)

    You want to know what the herd heard? Don’t ask the cows. Follow the money, mostly from the IRS corporations which is da FED… Well.

    Joe X

    PS. Not to belittle the stupidity, however them are Legions, as I may have mentioned. World wide organizations well funded with mostly your money fully supported by the United Nations of mostly communists buy pretty much the NGO’s no go zones to your neighbor hoody and I might add the children’s books the home workers of the world, with multiculturalism and diversity for all, or else… The counter insurgency is nowhere near the protest and I might suggest getting your kids out of the public indoctrination camps. Then shut off the card readers and it pretty much all over for them. Better yet, end the FED! The IRS, the infernal revenue service odd charity to the wealthy and of course child abuse of public education, need I say brainwashing! Also note, there are no communist at the top of the communist food chain and do not participate in famine, they are not communist but, DICK TRADERS.

    • Mr. Joe X: not to belittle your long thought process but, ‘cliff notes’? I’m not stupid, ignorant (in the most classical sense) or inattentive but if (this is only a suggestion) you want to capture someone’s attention, be a little more concise.

      • Randall Flagg


        • Northgunner

          Word 1000+!!!

          Damn Joe are ya trying to re-write “War and Peace” AGAIN!!??!!
          (boy thinks he’s William F. Buckley…)

          tfA-t makes more sense than you do right now!!!

          Cut the crap, pinch it off and get to the fucking point!!!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

    • Joe X,

      Here is the more concrete concern — retitled cars. All those autos in Houston that are now fish ornaments in God’s aquarium will leave those dealers lots. They’ll show up in northern used car lots where a ‘little bit of rust’ is not a matter of concern to locals.

    • CA ? Can we impose some type of 256 character limit here? My AADD can’t has limits. I can’t read this, sorry.

    • Bartender, I’ll have what he’s having.

  4. Seraphim of Sarov

    Re: the masthead ‘What if the only viable option is a long-term “stay-behind” operation, with the primary goal being multi-generational cultural preservation?’

    Like Operation GLADIO except instead of the Masonic influence of Propaganda Due, instead we align with the radical catacomb Christianity of Pius IX or Seraphim Rose.

  5. Masthead: “What if the only viable option is a long-term “stay-behind” operation, with the primary goal being multi-generational cultural preservation?”

    Being the Majority-minority its a two prong effort. A) Teach the children well. A Sylvan school like environment of the ‘way it used to be and should be’. B) Adopt the tactics of the Minority-minority. Especially in those areas where whites are out numbered by other races.

    Tactics are a two way street.

    • you kid yourself. The Judeo-globalists will not permit Whites to be a minority-majority or a even a minority. Whites face complete extermination. So the Jews can feel safe. Don’t you want Jews to feel safe? Of course you do.

      • Yes, exactly. I’ve read people suggesting the Alt-right adopt Ghandi-like nonviolence tactics. Ha!

        What works on White Christians won’t work on anyone else. They just kill you, like in Haiti, Rhodesia, South Africa, the holodomor, the Armenian Genocide, etc.

        In the real world it’s simply kill them before they kill you.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          That is improper hatethought, comrade. Your penance is to sing “Imagine” 50 times and “The Internationale” 50 times. No extra beet ration for you, either. Now go your way and sin no more.
          – The Establishment

  6. I live in Houston, so I have a few thoughts(and I and all of mine are okay).
    1. Apparently our democrat mayor got his panties in a bunch when our governor just mentioned some might consider evacuating and would not take the governors calls for several days pre-hurricane. party affiliation aside, the mayor is responsible for the safety of 4 million in Houston; he needs to not be a whiney 2 yrear old. Hopefully, the one good thing that comes fromm this is the city sees what a screw up democrat govt is and elects a probusiness, spending and debt cutting republican in the next election in time to save Houston before it becomes Chicago
    2. current story is that “unfocumented” will not be detained when they seek shelter”. There are already stories that some shelters are maxing out. If Houston wasn’t a sanctuary city, there might be more room for it’s tax paying CITIZENS.
    3. If I were the insurance companies, I would say enough. Next year everyone in Houston and New Orleans gets a 100% premium raise minimum, so that living of the gulf coast becomes a bad idea. These two cities have had multiple 1000 year storms in 25 years, that’s going to continue because the hurricanes are drawn to the warm waters and are 100s of miles wide, so Houston and New Orleans will be hit again and again. I only stay in Houston because my parents live here and they are awesome parents, but I’m out when they pass.
    4. Last. You have seen the boats. These people are coming in from west Texas and Louisianna, in other words; rednecks. That’s right, people of all types are being saved by racist, bigoted Trump voters ! (please note sarcasm, but lots of all types of people are being saved by lots of people who voted for Trump)

    • Rednecks and Coonasses… 😁

      • Northgunner

        “Rednecks and Coonasses… 😁”

        “Fear not wet Texas coons, the Coon will save you!!! (for a small fee per head and a product endorsement or three…)..you wet backs over there..yeah you..keep treading water!!!”

        I just had to do it….bwahahahahahah!!!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • Not being cynical or anything but your number 3. Won’t happen. The Gubbemnt in its infinite wisdom will extend the National Flood Insurance program to cover all of Houston. So the next time that Houston gets hit the whole country is pocket plucked.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        It’s not “won’t happen;” it’s “can’t happen.” Ok, abandon the Gulf Coast because of hurricanes – then you’ll have to abandon much of the Atlantic coast, too (and all of Florida, being in both the path of Atlantic and Gulf hurricanes. Midwest? Well, they get pretty severe flooding and tornadoes, so better abandon that, too. West Coast? Earthquakes and (further North) volcanoes, and the corresponding potential for tsunamis, better abandon that, too. Western US? Wildfires, and Yellowstone supervolcano (overdue for a massive eruption) better abandon that, too. We’ll just relocate everyone to Arkansas and hope for the best.

    • I watched carefully during Sandy monitoring scanners and media (from 4 hours away) despite the fact that I resided just outside NYC metro at that time. The official message was “shelter in place”.

      Evacuating large metro areas is a non starter in most cases, the logistics don’t work. If you live in one, you must be your own EM org. No one will give you proper advice. There are more than a few people who died listening to the idiots in charge during Sandy. Additionally I learned that the “media” don’t report half of what happens during ‘canes. They are now part of some Omerta program concerning looting etc. The authorities don’t want it publicized because putting it on TeeVee only increases the problem.

  7. The “redneck regatta”is badass.Just goes to show what real murikans are like when the snafu occurs…

  8. I went to the EoT link.
    That’s about the dumbest, most disrespectful, ill timed, crap.


  9. Yeah dude, Walls of Text that have no organization are kinda BS I had to bail after the 3rd para…dude

  10. It is a well-known fact of course, that the nazis and the kkk wait for disaster opportunities like this one to leap into action, and oppress darkies and joos with impunity and elan’.

  11. Bubba White

    Masthead: “What if the only viable option is a long-term “stay-behind” operation, with the primary goal being multi-generational cultural preservation?”
    If that is your only viable option it means one of two things:
    1.) You’re a pussy and gave up.
    2.) See item number 1.

  12. The Earl has outdone himself. I bestow the Don Rickles Memorial Award to the Earl. Thank you. PS The sad thing is some tardos will think it is all real.

  13. Too bad that some white folks didn’t think ahead. That is why it is always, always good to have additional/instead of plans. That HarveyLootCrew appears to be fat, not so fit, and in need of some brain matter. Why not make things a little sporty while you are out of town, visiting Aunt Jane?? Booby trap some drawers, add some flash bang sparkle to the pantry, and pour some Gorilla Glue into the outside door locks. Then put the whole shezam on video record, with a download to your laptop. Entertain the kids, leak a viewing to the neighbors, and enjoy the satisfaction of watching the HarveyLootCrew permanently chillin’. The most that will be on you is new door locks; the rest is fodder for fun times at the prosecuter’s office. Those people had no business in your house and the fact that JayRome is now fingerless is really not your problem. And for God’s sake-take your damned guns & ammo with you!

  14. And to the current masthead again, talking about a long-term stay-behind operation, with it’s goal of preserving and passing on cultural values (pick ’em now folks, and agree on something for a change.)

    Mao would likely say that the stay-behind effort is a non-starter, due to its violation of one of his triad legs of a successful G movement, that of an accessible sanctuary beyond a border. The FUSA’s current borders don’t have good places beyond them for the badthinkers.

    Mao was certainly wrong about a few things. About fifty million of his dead would disagree just on principle. But they are beyond voting, even in Illinois.

    His way of yielding to pressure which resulted in a several years long walk around the Chinese countryside, might be a prob currently with the pesky drones.

    But consider this: Put Mao’s thoughts on how to win in one hand, then put the CIA’s predictions on global wars since 1950 in the other. Who’s been right more often?

  15. Funny stuff, but not enough people are saying the simple truth here:


    They remembered how they got a good solid dickpunch on old W with that one and you can bet your last case of bottled water that human lives came second to scoring one on Trump. What kind of fucktard Mayor encourages people to *STAY* when a storm approaches. Big difference than imposing an evac plan.

    Priority No. 1 was making sure this thing became the biggest shitstorm possible and making sure they could keep “Mean wacisss hurricane flooded black people AGAIN and its all Trump’s fault” could remain in the news cycles for the next three weeks.

    We can argue about evacuating urban areas till the cows come home….but you better believe this mayor was under strict orders that if he values his cushy do-nothing Democrat career he was gonna make sure this thing was as bad as possible. He might have succeeded too if he had kept his mouth shut and all those darn racist white people didn’t show up to risk their lives trying to save people who’d buss a cap in ’em for the boots off their feet.

    • Actually, both sides are saying Turner made the right call, including the Texan-(R) guy Turner beat for the Houston mayor’s race last time at bat:

      The evac from Houston from Rita in 2005 killed 130 people, more than were ever killed in a hurricane since 1905.

      He wasn’t telling people to stay put in a coastal storm surge (Houston is 45 miles inland from the coast), and if you’re waiting for the gubmint to tell you what to do in any disaster, you’re already screwed before you start.

      A hurricane means rain. Get out real early, or move to higher ground, is common sense.
      Which ain’t so common in Houston, it turns out.

    • The #HarveyLooters optics aren’t helping out the narrative whatsoever. You know, professional victims aren’t the only ones capable of learning lessons…what you want to bet, white folks leave a few gifts behind, before evacuating the premises due to inclement weather conditions.