Marco Must Have Fresh Prey

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Words fail.


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  1. SHUDDER to think if these asshats had made President! Each and every one of them disasters in their own right……Rubio, Kasich, Bush, Christie, Ryan, Romney, McCain……Damn, makes my skin crawl!

    • Trump. If your skin isn’t crawling already, it should be./ S//

      • +

        the number of “sanctuary cities” has actually increased since Trumpenthal became Prez.

        Somalian Black Muslim invasion: doubled.

        deportation of mestizo illegals: halved.

        • Due in no small part to the fact that deportations, esp. of criminally active (i.e. beyond just the crime of sneaking in here in the first place) illegal aliens, has vastly increased since Jan. 21st, 2017.

          Hmmmmm, what could it be…what could it be…???

  2. Randall Flagg

    How ’bout Rubio volunteer to go down to Venezuela and fix things? Seems more sensible.

  3. Why not leave Venezuela alone? (Jeopardy music…)



      I’ll take a million more Hispanic voters for one thousand, Alex.

    • Venezuela serves a purpose; as an example.

      • Not only that, but continues the narrative of 20th century Banana Wars, into the present century. What’s not to like? Smedley Butler might disagree.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    I am wondering just how and why the troubles in Venezuela affects the national security of the USA? Who give a flying fuck about what goes on down there? If the people of Venezuela cannot fight for their own freedom, why the fuck do we have to?

  5. I had hope for Marco until he got in to the Senate and started palling around with the likes of McCain and Schumer and I realized he had sold out. Oh well.

  6. European American

    Open USA to the 4 million, or so, white South Africans (before they are all culled within the next 12 months).

  7. Words do not fail.
    Verdad pinche cabron!

    Rubio: Epic douchebag, who needs the Jeff Flake Treatment.

  8. The mandarins in the deep state must have some high-powered and incriminating evidence against Senator Rubio, because the guy just doesn’t stop pushing their agenda. So, what was it, Senator – pictures of you and some underage girl? Or was it a boy? The other alternative is that Rubio has drunk deeply of the multicultural/diversity Kool-Aid and is now a “true believer” – that wouldn’t a surprise, either. Regardless, the man comes out smelling like a freshly-laid pile of horse manure.

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    …not import.

  10. The USA should be open to Venezuelans…but only those that are female, 18-30, and possessing an acceptable BMI level. We could do a 1-for-1 exchange with our fat SJW cows since they dig socialism anyway.

    • The Secret Service could certainly give us guidance on that subject. d’OH!

    • You think you’ll get this:

      but Amazon Prime screws up your order, and you get this:

      And she’s Lorena Bobbitt’s cousin.
      Rabbit stew at best, and worse, you’ve gotta sleep sometime.

      Remember class,
      All women start out as a 4 on the Crazy Axis:

      But Latinas get an automatic 2-point bump-up.

      Do the Redonkulas math from Bad Popp:
      calculate the value of half your stuff, forever.
      divide it by the number of times you’ll that with Miss Venezuela between now and you hitting 65.
      Tell me at what point, mathematically, the cost factor per hit comes out a better value than hookers.

      If you just want eye candy, that’s why there’s the Internet.

      • Northgunner

        “You think you’ll get this:

        but Amazon Prime screws up your order, and you get this:

        And she’s Lorena Bobbitt’s cousin.
        Rabbit stew at best, and worse, you’ve gotta sleep sometime…Tell me at what point, mathematically, the cost factor per hit comes out a better value than hookers. If you just want eye candy, that’s why there’s the Internet.”

        Eye candy is fine for visual enjoyment but it’s a lot more fun to “squeeze the charmin”…

        As to the last comment, maybe that’s why more than a few men have decided to forgo the drama of the psycho bitch drama and “go for a gal that asks only once for their credit card”.

        If that wasn’t the case, the business concern listed below and others like it wouldn’t be able to successfully stay afloat (not sharing the below information about such to be offensive, just stating what’s out there as a possible solution).
        (Warning: site is NOT “work safe” and does contain images of nude human simalcrums; do not view if such would offend.)

        If one wants a model that imparts a “Latin  flavor”, this should suffice (and no, that model doesn’t come with either a psycho bitch disability or thankfully a knife).

        (Same warnings apply from above)

        Obviously capitalism and buyer feedback DOES work/problem solve.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  11. The Walkin' Dude

    Pool boy faggot.

  12. Deplorable B Woodman

    Ummmmm………no. Not only “no”, but Hell No.
    I have a better idea. Why don’t We, The People, send YOU down to Venezuela? Oh, and keep our borders closed. Have fun. Send a postcard.

  13. Give the people arms instead. Let them remake their own country!

  14. Just another demonstration that the difference between Democrats and Republicans is hardly worth anything – a vote for either is a vote for both.

    MSM makes a big deal of Republicans not helping Trump, in fact getting in his way. They forget that the Republican primaries were mainly them against Trump from the get-go.

    MAGA to our Congress is Bad Speak.

  15. Better Venezuelan nationals than Muslims… could we propose a trade?

    • In fact, Venezuelan women are typically stunning. Also, if they’re fleeing communism that took hold of a country that was previously prosperous, they’d probably be allies in principle to most of us here.

      If The Donald slammed the door on Africa and The ME to let Venezuelan beauties in… I’d volunteer to help them myself 🙂

  16. PlebiusUnum

    Dear prospective Venezuelan refugee. Stay the fuck in your own country and fight for it. Show us how it’s done.

  17. NO!NO!NO! I do feel bad for the average citizen of Venezuela,they like many countries have been dealing with a corrupt/bought out system for decades,I do wish them the best but they need to fix their own country by ANY means necc.

    We have our own problems with corrupt govt./endless foreign intervention,and now need to help rebuild a portion of this country and the lives of folks there in Texas and surrounding regions(best of luck folks!),we are already basically broke,we get our act together as a country then perhaps we can figure out a way to help them.You feel a need to help out now,carefully vet charities there though given the climate would be suspicious of most actually doing as they say,hmmmmm……..,maybe they can get some help from the clinton foundation!

    • “We… and now need to help rebuild a portion of this country and the lives of folks there in Texas and surrounding regions…”

      and why do “We” need to help texas?

      if cali has a disaster do “We” need to help them too?

      collectivism rears it’s ugly head again…

      didn’t they want to secede also?

      fuck texas.

      fuck everyone’s “state” but your own.

      • Well,then,do we apply the same principal to say military defense,let other states get invaded as not our own.I am all for keeping a states monies in it’s state and letting folks deal with their own state,tis not the system we though have at the moment,so,till we change that yes,feel we need to help in a wake of invasion/natural disaster.
        I do believe long term the US will break into smaller countries with some common trade/perhaps defense but we are not there,yet.


        I will pray for them. But, I believe way too much of my honest-earned wealth is confiscated by the Leviathan at all levels and transferred to folks whom I have no use for. I am quite sure my tax dollars are paying for this disaster relief. I do not need to send anyone a brass farthing.

      • We will take of our own, thank you very much. However the Fedgov will probably be insisting to gravytrain the New Orleans negroes who came here during Katrina and couldn’t find their way back home.

    • Randall Flagg

      Not counting countless layovers at DFW, I’ve been to Texas three times; twice for work and once for pleasure. IIRC, lot of big cities (San Antonio, DFW, Houston, Austin) with a lot of nice big buildings. A lot of nice houses. In short, Texas ain’t short on wealth. So remind me again why my .fed tax dollars need to go and help those in Houston?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Because reasons!
        – Leviathan

      • Randall,because at the moment the system is setup that way,same reason if your region of the US is hit with a large natural/mad made disaster you will get tax payer aid.I am all for keeping monies in the state of creation,not sending to fed to get it back with conditions,till then,as they pay in,they get when needed pay outs.

  18. God damn every Koch-sucking piece of Rove Republican shit straight to hell where they belong.

    God damn every fucking maggot pig that enables them. And God damn their whores.

    • The new teaching refrains from laying a foundation; for the new educator, as revolutionary, is a destroyer who seeks to annihilate everything. He seeks to eradicate the past, to eradicate man and woman, to eradicate the parent, to eradicate both the nation and the patriot – and finally, to eradicate God. This is the work of today’s education. It is a work of disorganization, disintegration, and hatred. The revolutionary seeks a blank canvass upon which to paint in whatever color he chooses. The chosen color, of course, will be red. Those countries already submerged by the nihilist dictators are arming themselves. They are getting ready to unleash a wider destruction. Like all psychopaths they are motivated to find victims wherever they can. The consumption of victims is their mode of self-affirmation.



        Having taught in the public school system on-and-off for years, I could not agree more.

    • I can’t grasp the hate they have for the citizenry that pay the bills.
      Some days my head wants to explode.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        It’s a private university, so the citizenry doesn’t pay the bills. Besides, it’s a school that was largely funded by cocaine and ponzi scheme proceeds. Ethics ain’t really high on their list.

  19. Rubio must be looking for voters for a run in 2020. How pathetic.

  20. Richard Raymond

    Best suggestion from European American give immediate refugee status to any and all South Africans and those from Zimbabwe as well.Whites that is.

    • Uh, no.

      The ones you’ll get are those too timid to have fought for their country in the first place, when it mattered.

      We already have a surplus of same.

      You find someone on a life raft paddling this way for the political benefits, and not the purely economic ones, we can talk about it.

  21. You have to admit, Trumps election has really brought the scum floating to the surface. Nice to finally know where these “conservatives” actually stand, actions speaking louder than words and all…

  22. Sounds to me(here in FL) as if rubio plans on being a one-term senator. I will be happy to help him with that issue, even if it means voting for a demo-comm.

  23. Idea: Venezuela airlift. We start shipping 100’s of AntiFa’s a day to Venezuela.
    They should love it, Socialist utopia.

  24. Sure. Open the borders to 18-25 y/o Venezuelan women and watch feminist heads explode.

    • You can’t add enough sugar to drown out the shit taste of a bowl of shit.
      But you can ruin quite a lot of sugar that way.