New Woodpile’s Here!


3 responses to “New Woodpile’s Here!

  1. Whatever else can be said about the Alt-Right, elements of the Alt-Right are the only ones actually doing anything at all about Antifa on the street and the only ones vocally advocating any actual change in the one-party system. Antifa being the darlings of the left and the leftist media, and the rice bowl deep state being the darlings of themselves, this naturally makes the Alt-Right a target of damn near everyone. Infiltration, agitation, guilt-by-association, you-name-it.

    Are the police going to sit this one out?


      Yes, sir! The police will sit this one out if they are ordered to as in C-ville. Every public employee from the local dogcatcher on up the ladder is beholden to the corrupt political hacks who hand him/her a paycheck. This is why the after-action reports and posts have cited the futility of playing into the hands of Antifa and publicly demonstrating.
      Since all politics is local, what can be done at the moment involves identifying the public personas in your area and discerning where their heads are at. When I say identifying, I mean you get them: “…mugged and numbered.”(h/t to Don Vito). What cars do they drive? Where do they live? Married with children? Vices?, etc. Stay gray, keep active, watch and listen.

  2. Particularly good issue this one; always enjoyed.
    That ’34 photo at the top evokes of a store/gas/cafe my cousin & I used to hit when we would rush into town in West TX (summers for me) if we had a quarter to rub together between the 2 of us. Ground-mounted cooler on the right-end; so hot outside we always spent plenty of time “rummaging” around in the chilled water to find the bottle of Coke. (Winning the foot-race before leaving Grandma’s farmhouse for the walk-in – winner got to pick from the .22, or .410. She was a quick little shit but I wasn’t taught to be body-checking girls into the doorfacing.) Nothing unusual outside that store to have a guy in his 40’s with a 1911 at his hip jaw-jackin’ with a farm-matron with a SAA stuck in the back-pocket of her bibs. Not a glance given, just “a given.” [/end-1000-yd-stare] Keep yer gas tank filled.