Update on The March

Res ipsa loquitur.

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  1. Packed in tight like that?

    Why, one autistic jackass in a Charger could take out the whole…

    What, too soon?

    • I kid, I kid.

      But seriously?
      Twenty-three people all at once?
      Now we know why CNN’s ratings have dropped to half what they once were.
      The rest of their former viewers are on a late summer road walk.

      • One more day of this and they’ll be ready for a Soviet demobilization. You got a Hemi in that thing?


        How about a Super Soaker full of that Liquid Ass smelly prank stuff? Just sayin’.

  2. Wow. Impressive turnout.

  3. Monte Walsh

    It’s snowing! Do you see all the snowflakes falling?

  4. Notarealperson

    That’s it?
    It;s a joke, it shows no one gives a shit when you can’t even put together a hundred people for a protest march even with the establishment behind them.

  5. Camacho2016

    I predict a sudden “unexpected” swell in crowd numbers just on this side of the Potomac river. Brought in by numerous buses paid for by Soros et al

  6. Julius Streicher

    What’s the over/under on the big dindu having a cardiac event before they get to Culpeper?

  7. Don’t worry about the numbers. Soros will bus in plenty of agitators. Fuck Soros by the way.

  8. If Trump is assassinated or some other such bs…you bastards better do the right thing and exterminate all the news and media people and all leftists who made it happen. I can’t because I’m across the pond and will be dealing with things here. You bastards better save the US.

  9. Boss, there is almost no gas left in the gas stations, here in the DFW area. People were lined up thirty deep by mid-afternoon, yesterday. Yours truly had both cars topped off and extra cans already filled. All because the refineries, of which we haven’t built a new one in forty years, shut down because of flooding in the Beaumont/Houston area. Today, hundreds of miles from the flooding, the fat and the furious began their assault on commodities in the grocery stores. Kind of like a ripple effect. Didn’t think it would happen here, this far away, but I remembered De Niro, “When there is doubt, there is no doubt”. Let you know how and if the festivities continue or get worse. Sean out.

    • The whole South East gets fuel from the Colonial pipeline that runs form Houston all the way to DC.
      ’bout to get mighty lean at the pumps.

    • It’ll catch back up. It’s a mess but I think the shortages will be localized with maybe some spread to SE. Texas petro supply will suck for a while but a shut down refinery is one expensive hunk of metal so up they will come.

  10. Do those white fools not know they are hated and despised by those blacks and they’re at great personal risk?

    • white cosmics are on the same jew.gov take as the ‘groids: gubmint job, pension, contract, hand-out. For which they have signed onto self-extermination.

  11. God loves the infantry…

  12. Evidently actor Mark Ruffalo has joined the march. What is it he has done, again? Of course Chelsea Manning signed a petition in support…….so, there is that. Super soakers and cow pee-could be a winner for the folks on the sidelines. Or maybe super soakers and red dye; the stuff that takes a month to wear off. Just another option. I sure hope that everybody has their hikers and correct socks on, what with the heat, humidity, and bugs. Hey! Didn’t I hear something….something……about a hornets nest being poked?

    • Which means Ruffalo is out of work, with nothing better going on.
      ABC/Disney is set for 10% layoffs this fall because of this summer’s movie crash. Better than even odds we’ll get a new Hulk next outing too.
      So Ruffalo can go on all the SJW nature hikes he likes.
      Boo frickin’ hoo.