Available Now: Plans To Remedy A Hateful Hatesite In Hateful Georgia

Earl has the details.

14 responses to “Available Now: Plans To Remedy A Hateful Hatesite In Hateful Georgia

  1. Artistic genius.

    Perhaps with tour busses, and a walkway up to kiss it, just like the Blarney Stone.

    I am conspicuously not asking his Earlishness what he would do with the racisssss Washington Monument.

    But hordes of unsatisfied SJW white wimmin at Georgetown can let their fantasies run wild.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “But hordes of unsatisfied SJW white wimmin at Georgetown can let their fantasies run wild.”

      It would take a few coats of paint before they’d try it.

  2. Walter Mitty

    Owned by the State of Georgia. Yup, they will be coming for it.Maybe some Brother in an Apache helicopter will sacrifice for the cause and and blast the carved relief with a missiles. Or the State Legislature will hire a company
    to dynamite it. To rid Georgia of one more hate filled Monument. Make bad jokes all you want. You should not poke a bear in the eye that you are not able to kill.

    • I went to high school with a girl who’s family owned the mountain originally. When they sold it to the state there was a clause in the terms of sale that the carving could not be altered in any way. The family is still around and I would guess that if the state attempted to alter it they would file a lawsuit. Considering how much revenue the mountain generates I would think they would seek a reversal of the sale and returning ownership back to private hands. No guarantee that would work but it would tie things up long enough for public outcry to build.
      I was born there. My childhood home had a Stone Mountain address I could see the mountain from my neighborhood. We lived there until I was 13 years old. We went there all the time, I watched 4th of July fireworks every year there. I watched the Laser show that the do almost every year. I learned to fish in its lakes. I climbed it probably a dozen times. The mountain and its carvings are part of my personal history. I am by no means alone in this and I can tell you with no uncertainty that there will be no change to it, one way or another.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They’ve been poking the bear for decades and it hasn’t responded yet.

  3. ‘Colon Paperdick’….LMAO!

  4. They should stage their destructo-march in conjunction with the Highland Games. That should be fun.

  5. A very clever and hilarious snark if I ever saw one. But I insist we also erect a new one for our black bros and sistahs to look at and ponder. One depicting the Wichita Horror.

  6. The White Cliffs of Dover are next.

  7. No Italian sculpture folks: they are white Europeans and so cannot understand the curves & thrust of the Black Ass. No, it will need a certified HomeBoy to get angles correct and right position of………things. Anything else is just waaaaacccccissst!

  8. Walter Mitty

    The bear is the BLM, NAACP,Democratic Party , Antifa, Republicucks,
    Liberal Judges etc who could care less about the Law or Contracts.
    Tell your relying on ” Contract Law or Law in general” meme to the Unite the Right marchers in Charlottesville. How much good did it do them having a “Lawful Permit” and assurances from the Police.
    Like I said ,some BLM Brother in an Apache or F16 taking one for the team would be impossible to stop. Just Sayin.

    • Suicide bombing is a tacit admission of the failure of your ideology.
      As ever was.

      Zombie Hideo Greasestain Takahashi and his wingman, Tono Sharkbait Shimizu approved this message. Hai! Banzai!