Chinese Navy Safety Class

Via The Saker.

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  1. Saker has that bassackwards.

    The briefing should be US Navy crews, driving agile, high-speed ships like McCain and Fitzgerald, which can accelerate rapidly and turn in short radii

    being told to beware of the dangers of plodding sea cows like Alnic MC,

    a slow medium tanker that plods along at 1/3 the destroyers’ max speed, and needs several miles to turn, and is normally only a hazard to sailboats.

    Dunce caps, dark glasses, and white-tipped canes for the Navy crew optional.
    But clearly, the Seventh Fleet has recruited blind people for radar operators and watch-standing bridge lookouts.

    Commissioning the Diversity-class destroyers USS Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Jose Feliciano would seem to be the obvious next step. With no guns, onboard childcare, hot tubs, a 50% female crew, mandatory LGBTEIEIO crew staffing, no radar, and no portholes on the bridge, but an extra-wide ramp in the stern for taking on gender-fluid seamen.

    Tip your waitresses.
    Try the veal.

    • Aesop,
      Thanks for posting the turning radii pics.
      Manuevers like that require an alert and/or awake crew.
      Maybe old fashioned crows nests need to be installed, and manned.
      Also, required repeated viewings of “Master and Commander”, for educational and inspiration purposes.
      Perhaps the Navy is relying too much on Google Ship? “Computer says it’s clear…”

  2. There is a silhouette missing — VLCC tanker. Considering how ‘excellent’ the USN is at mating with them they maybe more dangerous to the Chins than the 7th fleet.

  3. Lt. Cmdr. Evans, USA Johnson, battle for Leyte Gulf.

    • Correction: USS Johnson

      • Four destroyers engaged the Japanese that day. Johnston, Samuel B Roberts, Hoel, Herrmann.

        • Yes, four. It wasn’t all about one ship, crew or commander.
          One started the engagement, and went back for a second round.
          The Navy aircrews fought well.
          Be alert.
          It does well to be reminded of courage in the face of great odds.

          • that nation, and that Navy, are long gone.

          • It also showed that an enemy’s expectations can be used against him. The Japanese never considered small destroyers a threat to their capital ships, so the shells the Japanese fired were intended for use against other capital ships. A shell designed to penetrate multiple decks of heavy armor before exploding, when fired at a light destroyer just punches all the way through and wastes its explosive power in the ocean.

  4. Johnston – the defenders of Taffy 3.

  5. Josey Wales

    Maybe, with all that digital goodness controlling everything including the head, they didn’t have control of the boat. They don’t hack and crash cars either.

  6. Aesop, that there was one of the funniest posts I’ve seen. Surely, these guys have some binoculars on board and some lookouts they could post. Then I remembered the US Navy, and their running battles with German U-boats before we were at war with them. I think the Chinese are giving lessons now, about wars on the cheap. (As in bribe a sea captain of and ocean going tanker how to knock off some US Navy assets, and make them all look stupid in one easy lessson)

  7. O/T but of great concern considering recent totalitarian events… appears to be offline. I just went there and got this:


    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

    Anyone else get this?


    When I stop and consider these “collisions” and other .mil gaffes, I do not get upset at all. If you, as I view the Leviathan as the enemy, then anything, and I mean anything, which throws a monkey wrench into their NWO agenda is okay. The American Military has demonstrated they are perfectly comfortable with wiping their ass with the BOR and making war on their own citizens. Our history is replete with examples.
    And do not lecture me about the loss of life. Even peacetime service can be hazardous. No one held a gun at anyone’s head and told them to enlist. In 1969 I had four choices: enlist, get drafted, flee Canada, or go to prison. I am all out of empathy for ANYONE who prostitutes himself/herself for Mordor-On-The-Potomac.

    • Well you might get upset if you consider that rearranging the bulkheads will be added to the SecNav’s and consequently the overall DoD fiscal request for 2018.

    • Dweezil, which one did you pick?


        Schoolboy: I enlisted in the Army after college (1969) with the intention of becoming an officer. I was 18 weeks into Infantry OCS at Benning’s School For Boys(OCS Class 19-70, 50th Company, 5th Student Battalion), when Nixon decided to wind things down. I was cashiered out as an E-4 along with about 1100 other candidates. I ended up a MP at Fort Hood, TX. That is how I became interested in a career in police work.
        I do not regret my service. It matured me immensely. My biggest epiphany came in 1979, when I went back in as an active reservist and saw how much my Army had deteriorated(Enlisted Women, for God’s sakes!). I stuck that tour out for 7 years and then went permanently inactive. Given the state of .mil today, I would counsel any young man or woman not to do it unless they are career-tracked into a medical, dental, mechanical, or electronic MOS.

    • Our history is replete with examples.
      I’m a prodigious student of history, and I have no idea what you think you’re talking about.
      The Whiskey Rebellion. Two centuries ago.
      The Civil War. Which, big shock, was a civil war. And an example from only 150 years ago.
      The Bonus March.
      That’s a bit shy of “replete”. More like “if you go into Twister-esque contortions, you could maybe find a couple of instances, and only one in living memory for 99.9% of the country.”

      You want to stop talking about the military per se and move into CIA/NSA territory, the domain of our would-be civilian overlords’ depredations on the BoR, go on ahead.

      You’re aware, right, that the BoR doesn’t apply in any way to the military, only the UCMJ does?

      So, what was your draft number in 1969?


    My typo. It should be “…flee to Canada”.

  10. They have fleas in Canada?

  11. *new* Navy enlisted job classification.

    Chinese junk watcher 3rd class

    • I’m pretty sure you’d have to go to the Shaghai Chippendales to find a Chinese junk watcher.
      And they’d still probably need binoculars.
      In the front row.

      Besides, Chinese sailboats aren’t really a problem for the squids.
      But those 600′ long tankers and freighters are really kicking their asses.

  12. More like the fetish with hi-tech has been exploited and is being demonstrated to the debt-bux lords by the SCO.

  13. I’m going with WW3 opening salvos for $500 Alex.