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  1. Look closely at that account. It’s not the real Julian Assange. It’s a parody account.

  2. Podesta and Horiuchi should be dragged through the streets behind a garbage truck. Hate is a strong word. I hate these motherfuckers. Shouldn’t they both have a bounty on their heads?

  3. Far Beyond Insanity: “this deal is getting worse all the time!
    Darth Assange: “Pray I do not alter it further…

  4. When in Physical Rehab, I noticed the men all took pride in their appearance, hygiene, and manners. But the women, especially the older ones. seemed bent on becoming as horrible as Disney movie Witch. Screaming out demands, refusing to PT, and table manners that drove most other people from the room. I can only imagine what Hillary would be like. By now, she realizes what a stupid campaign she headed, when it was right in her hands to become President. She gave it away like a certain NFC team in the fourth quarter blew 25 points and the lead, in the last Super Bowl. Team Clinton acted the same way, back in November last yr. Stunned disbelief. I think she may not be long for this world, given her physical condition. Even if she had made it. I doubt she could handle the job because of her infirmities.

  5. The only thing keeping Hillary going is that she gets to go home at night and sit on a warm Saudi face.

  6. For the very BEST of care, hopefully Hellary has her insurance through the ACA.

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  8. Anthony dresses in black leather..like the Gimp in Pulp Fiction. He hides in closet and peeks.