Oh, The Humanity!

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  1. “Despite reticence from the Navy, a senior defense official speculated the ship had likely veered off course from its patrol route in the South China Sea.”

    An there u go….

    • They’re lying. Adm. John Stubblefield, USN, lied on national television when a chinese submarine launched an ICBM four miles off the Los Angeles coast November 10, 2010 (I believe they accredited it to “swamp gas”). The farce went so far as bringing physicist Michio Kaku to explain it away on Fox news. They’re lying again. Just go to work, drink your beer, watch your fusball on the weekend, and pretend everything is OK until it’s not.

  2. Umm, how the hell does that even happen? I mean we are suppose to be smarter than that right?

  3. The Muslim,transvestite,handicapped,drug addicted,obese ,yet diverse captain of the USS Belowme was unavailable for comment

  4. I need air !!!!!!!!!

  5. OMG – how could that have happened? Dear Lord bring relief to Texas.

  6. Excellant.

  7. I saw this on another site, and figured it was either The Onion, or Duffel Blog.

  8. Ha ha! That one made me spit up my coffee through my nose! Thank you for that. Ha ha ha!

  9. That is some funny stuff! Thanks, Matt. A little levity is needed.

  10. Jumpin' Jack

    It brings pride to me after 62 years to remember how much better our rowing teams at Camp Koronis did with boats that the U.S. Navy… all at the mature ages of 8 through 10.

  11. That is funny AF. Did ya hear the one about the muzzie terrorists who went to flight school then flew jet liners like F-15 stunt pilots? Or the one about the muzzie passport that floated to earth intact after exploding in a cloud of jet fuel and asbestos?

  12. The Onion and Duffleblog are future news too early to believe. Go read some 10-year-old Onion News if you think I’m kidding.

  13. if it hasn’t happened yet, it soon will.

  14. One of the many Bill's

    They were in diversity training when the destroyer drifted off course.

  15. The Destroyers Cook, Fitzgerald, and McCain were the subject of a directed energy weapon. No merchant ship changes direction several times, in one instance, practically circling the Fitzgerald. While it may be true, some in the military are not up to their post, this negligence cannot be explained by “accident”.
    “Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is an enemy action”. Ian Fleming.

  16. I’m waiting to tally up how many here didn’t and won’t trip to the DuffelBlog sourcing, and will think this actually happened.

    Orson Wells’ genius War Of The Worlds experiment gets replayed time after time, and it never gets old.

    But thanks for the laugh, Matt.

    • I’m reminded of the great Sci-Fi authors of the past century who predicted depleted uranium projectiles and many other such non-sense only a decade after Wilbur and Orville took to the skies. Speculative fiction does not stay speculative for very long.

    • wendystringer48088

      “I’m waiting to tally up how many here didn’t and won’t trip to the DuffelBlog sourcing, and will think this actually happened.”

      When I first saw the Matthew Bracken tweet on here I thought it actually happened.
      Because of the high water (50+ feet higher in some places) I thought they sent in a Navy destroyer to provide aid and it crashed into a building.
      Then I saw the Duffel Blog site reference…

  17. It’s Texas folks, They do things big down there. Got any carriers?

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Was it the USS Nathan James? That ship is everywhere.