A Message To The Patriot Movement

“Come over”.

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  1. “Original video recorded Feb. 17th, 2017.

    Over the past few weeks, Redneck Revolt has been communicating with a former member of a III% Patriot Militia based out of Ohio. Peter made contact with our organization after questioning the basis for an upcoming operation that his local militia group was asked to be involved in, that would have had III% members mobilize for an armed response against a Black Lives Matter protest. He expressed that after 5 years involved in various Patriot groups, a recent personal experience had made him decide he could no longer be part of an organization that treated other working people as the enemy. Peter had recently realized that the reasons he had gotten involved in the Patriot Movement, initially worries about government overreach after Sandy Hook, had been turned into a fear of Muslims, undocumented people, and groups like Black Lives Matter and “antifa”.
    In the time since Peter first contacted us, we’ve worked to build a relationship, and grow alongside him. We feel that both sides have much to learn from each other, especially about Peter’s personal journey to understanding his own participation in rhetoric and mobilization against other working folks, and now his dedication to fighting against the people actually responsible for destroying our communities. We look forward to working with Peter, as well as others coming out of the III% Patriots and other related movements as they work to leave behind old ideologies, and start to fight for real liberty for all people.”

    Yeah; a 3%er switching sides and becoming a full-blown Marxist, ‘That’s The Ticket!’. Well it was good for a few LOLs

  2. Matthew Wilbanks

    Lol, what a bunch of happy horseshit. Good ‘ole Pete went from being brainwashed by one side to being brainwashed by the other. All too typical of the people in these movements on both sides. They’re desperate for something to believe and float with the tide. He didn’t understand what III% was so he joined a “national group”, now he thinks differently just because a jack-muslim was nice to him. These fools are going to get us all killed.

    • European American

      The exalted moment you came out of your mother’s womb, the programming began. Some could articulate that well before that time, biological brainwashing was doing its thing. Regardless, most of us are walking robots, spewing out data we think is our own, who we are. We react instead of respond. Fear is the reason for that, and negative emotions (like anger, lust and jealousy) charged by inflated egos, adds fuel to the fire. And the go-between, that mechanism called The Mind, designed to be the objective moderator, has been programmed to make sure that Duality is always there in the mirror.

      Tame the Mind, Tame the Mind.

  3. Walter Sobchak

    You really must have to be a low watt bulb to buy into this BS. BLM, Antifa represent working people? Maybe if you consider being a paid protester or a dope dealer a “job”. He talks a lot about gov overreach and limited government. No mention in this article of the fact that RR/Antifa are explicitly Communists. How is empowering Commies supposed to result in limited government? Cognitive dissonance much? Personally I’ve known about the threat of radical Islam for a long time, probably a decade or more before 9/11. I resent the implication that this is some sort of subtle propaganda being foisted on 3% types. The whole thing stinks of high potency BS. Personally it does absolutely nothing to change my views about anything. I’d recommend “Peter” read up on chairman Mao and see if that doesn’t give him pause about joining the Bolsheviks.

  4. So the infiltrator puts a picture of himself up with the story.

    Smart move. SMH

  5. Bubba White

    What a maroon!
    What a pussy!
    A perfect example of why my #1 rule is “Somebody always rats you out.” If his brain (and spine) are so soft that one (1) person can change his opinion, he has no core values. He’ll rat out everybody and everything he knows as soon as the first Fed (or statie, or local) asks him.
    I guess all those 18-30 year old male “refugees” in Europe are just an example of humanity. It is perfectly normal to leave your wife and children and go to a country a thousand miles away if it gets to hot in the kitchen. It is not an invasion. Those ISIS terrorist attacks in nearly every major European city and the mooslime “no go” zones are just normal indications of humanity. One mooslem was nice to me.
    I have a black friend. That means if I go to the nearest big city, to the projects, at night, nobody will bother me. Nope; I won’t get beaten, mugged or murdered. In fact, I’ll send my wife and daughter down there (alone and unarmed) tonight to go shopping. I know a nice black guy.
    He is right about not joining the militias though-but not for his reason of being a pussy. Militias are a bunch of “wanna-be, but never was, and never will be”, fat asses, sometimes with money, always with lots of ‘tacti-cool’ stuff; kind of like the small town P.D. SWAT teams (or ‘official’ State Militia/Reserve units that 23-26 states actually have on the books). No self-discipline, low skill level, big mouths, large waist sizes, low IQs and lots of Colonels and Generals.
    Rule #1-Somebody always rats you out. Just look at any real MC club: they check folks out for quite a while (‘hang around’ for 6 months; ‘prospect’ for another 6 months -or more- before getting patched) and they still have probably 10% snitches in the clubs. Snitches are nearly the only way MC club members get busted.

    By the way, MC= Motor Cycle, for the F. Gumps out there.

  6. Good G-d! Glad I only read the transcript,the video would have induced vomiting. Violent Christians? Yeah, those Reformed Presbyterians really shot up the neighborhood going after the Primitive Baptists last night! I say bring back the Crusades. Bet the guys in his old group are just ecstatic about his stalwart resolve to not reveal any secret squirrel stuff about their members, equipment or plans. There are two kinds of muslims, radical muslims who want to kill you and non-violent muslims who want the radical muslims to kill you. This guy is off his rocker. Sat Cong, it’s the only response.

  7. Not so sure that we are the target of that propaganda as much as their own people are.

  8. I saw this shit a while ago. Guy found out that Islam is the religion of peace. Congrats fellah it’s all yours. I don’t give a fuck. The balloon has already dropped and if you’re a decent person you’ll be treated as such. If you come up my road I will assume you are not to be trusted until I know who the fuck you are, even if you’re dressed like howdy doody wearing a fucking oathkeepers tshirt and a “threeper” reaper tattoo. We are on our own, that means everyone is a potential combatant. Muzzies are a higher threat risk IMO. Tweakers are too. Assholes with Bernie stickers as well. Sorry that’s how it is.

  9. Chieu Hoi in reverse.

    Since I started with a Vietnam era reference, I’ll end that way…

    Sat Cong.

  10. PlebiusUnum

    “Here I was, an executive officer in an organization that views Muslims as dangerous individuals bent on establishing a global caliphate, people who had to be resisted for the safety and security of everyone in the Western world, and now I was being invited to dinner at one of their houses.”

    Little Peter (if this isn’t an ANTIFA actor) is a fool for conflating an individual with the mass of Islam. Sure, there are nice, kind Muslims. Just like there are nice, kind and smart blacks. Problem is, the political force known as Islam plans to separate you from that little head of yours – the one peaking above your shoulders, Peter.

  11. What the f**K??

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    And, to your Left, you’ll find refreshments and hot food at the tent with the “Katyn” sign. Pay no attention to the backhoes parked behind it. And those gunshots you hear? Purely celebratory. No need to be alarmed about anything.

    • JtS,
      Thanks Brother!
      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

      March 1967 was my wake-up call regarding these bastards, and I am wide awake to this day.

      But Wait! There’s More!
      Peter dipshit is teaming up with team Mo. You remember:
      Muslim Brotherhood Project for North America
      “4- Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America:
      The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny….”

      And that’s EXACTLY what his Muslim buddy is doing.

      Useful Fvking Idiots.

      You guys better make up your minds right now where you stand because time is running out.

  13. Blah, blah, blah…

    Yes, most people one-on-one are usually quite nice. What he forgot is that we are supposed to be a nation of laws, and that our borders must be protected lest we are overrun by illegal aliens.

    a) He is not the brightest [former] member of the III Percent and couldn’t use logic to fight his way out of a paper bag; b) He was played by someone nefarious c) this is all bullshit, and the III Percent community is being played.

    Just my two cents.

  14. J Whitewolf

    You go your way and I my own ……. Just do not expect your little story to send many of us into tears and run to your new cause DEUS VULT

  15. just another K-12 brainwashed White who thinks the Judeo-communists and their ethnic enforcers are his friends. Along with about 100,000,000 others in the (((cities))).




  16. AGITPROP. But seriously, look at the nice clean never worn outside of the basement gear. Patches can be bought in bulk by anyone on the interwebs.

  17. So he left the side that has been peaceful for this entire conflict, to switch to the side that has been violent for this entire conflict, so he could be a member of the nice side?

  18. Randall Flagg

    “I’m from Northwest Ohio and the winters here are brutal.”

    If all his experience of winters is limited to NW Ohio, I’d say he has no idea of what a real brutal winter is like.


      True that. 11/16-03/17 was a real peach here in Rawles Land. The good news is it keeps a lot of the FSA away.

    • “…If all his experience of winters is limited to NW Ohio, I’d say he has no idea of what a real brutal winter is like…”

      True, dat… we have frost advisory for tonight, 31 August. That snowflake (pun intended?) has no idea what winter is. OK, he’s a pansy, not a snowflake.

  19. the artisr formerly known as cav med

    Wow, what timely posting on your part.
    I read this shit six months ago.
    Fucking worthless.

  20. 300 million…

  21. wealthy farmer


  22. I am absolutely DELIGHTED that he has gone over to the commies! I truly mean that, as I certainly wouldn’t want someone like that associated with anything I believe in!

    Yes, moderate (and “unfaithful”) moslems can be very nice people. They don’t BELIEVE (and actually don’t really even KNOW) what their satanic textbook says. That does not stop the other idjits from blowing themselves up to kill the infidel. For that matter, there are a great many “Christians” who haven’t got a clue about what Scripture actually teaches: our fallen nature, the plan of redemption (The Cross), and God’s sovereign orchestrating of events. Even further, ole “we need a King and a Pope” Sgt Barry even believes such utter horsepucky as the immaculate conception, sinless life, and assumption of Mary… just because some pope (who also decided that he couldn’t be wrong, as he was the pope) decided such a thing!

    Look, people are STUPID and most are incapable of critical thinking. These sorts of morons will just keep providing a few laughs until the shooting starts.

  23. Communists, pure and simple.

  24. The author points out a problem. Yes there are decent people in all religions (or other groupings). But, on the other hand, do you want to live in an Islam-dominated country? Not me. I don’t even want to live in a Mormon-dominated state. 🙂

    To me, diversity per se is not a problem, but TOO MUCH diversity is. If there were a few Muslims here to run the Middle Eastern restaurants and other such things, maybe less than a percent of Muslims would be OK. They’d try to fit in and keep their heads down. Much more than 1%, and things get pretty toxic.

    On the other hand, with some other minorities like Chinese, we can take a much higher percentage of such without things getting ugly. Chinese contribute very well to the American economy generally. Even though there are still Chinatowns (in other words, resistance to assimilation), nobody really cares or is harmed by it. They are not No-Go zones.

    As to communists, it doesn’t matter what percentage; they are all bad for us. They should all go to Venezuela to live in their perfect world.

    The US govt really ought to stop meddling in the Middle East though. That is most of the problem.

    BTW Sweden 20 or 30 years ago was not diverse at all. Look where they ended up anyway. Government fucked ’em.

    • The politically correct will say that Muslims are not our enemy. Islam, after all, is a “religion of peace.” Insofar as Muslims are like Unitarians, they are no enemy. Insofar as they take the more violent teachings of the Koran seriously, their enmity is established by precept. Such cannot be Americans. They must hate America as something that stands against Allah. In writing this, I only repeat what Muslim scholars have affirmed again and again. It is important to say once more: If a Muslim is only a nominal follower of the Prophet, there is no harm in him. He might leave his faith, and become an American. On the other hand, if a Muslim is a Muslim in earnest, consistently and conscientiously following the teachings of the Prophet, then he cannot be a citizen of the United States in good faith. His allegiance is to Allah and to the Nation of Islam. He cannot serve two masters; for Mohammed did not instruct his followers to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars….” The Muslim faith does not agree with this saying.


  25. I do agree with this guys comment whether actor or for real in that powers that want to be do like to keep folks divided,after that,can’t find anything to agree with except his right of freedom of association.In keeping with that spirit,will choose not to knowingly associate with him or others with that mindset.

  26. The author of the article doesn’t have a clue…
    He’s allowing emotions to over rule rational thought.
    All one needs to be is: a “regular guy”… who knows
    what needs to be done, if and when the time arrives,
    and is capable…not a member of some “korny”
    commando group…

  27. Gentlemen and ladies, this video is pure Marxist propaganda. He’s reading from a script. Watch it again it touches on every aspect of the manafesto of Lenin and Marx.

    It’s fake, the other team is Fielding propaganda in attempt to get defections or recruit .

    Got sameasdat?

    • I agree, he is reading from a script. Watch his eyes. They follow along. He doesn’t move his eyebrows much, but when he mentions what should be facts, he looks away. There is only once that he shows any real emotion, when he says it didn’t make any sense anymore about BLM etc. He keeps hiping “workers”, that’s not the language of someone a recent convert, but someone further indoctrinated. Race, race, race, everything is race, race, race. He does this to confirm their world view. The script was written by someone fully indoctrinated in their world view.

      To anyone associated with Red Neck Revolt, ANTIFA etc. You need to realize something. Many of us in the III%, Patriot or what ever movement someone wants to call us, spent a great deal of time in the Middle East. We used interpreters, spoke with the locals and their officials. We’ve dealt with them in real life where the rubber hit the road in US foreign policy. We’ve gained experience and knowledge of them that you are just not going to get in the environment in which you exist. I for one, don’t hate them. However, I know what unchecked numbers of them would do to those I love. You just don’t get that. Everything is not about race and class warfare to us.

  28. This group was at the Pikeville, Kentucky event if I remember correctly. Just another example of privileged children of bourgeoisie, engaging in a bit of socioeconomic tourism. LARPing as rednecks, a pejorative they think gives them working class credibility, I guess, though they apparently didn’t bother to consider just how much real rednecks despise commies. Rednecks who’ve never had so much as a callus on their fingers before — that’s how “working class” they are.

  29. Shinmen Takezo

    Why the fuk was this bullshit published on WRSA?
    Okay there are about .05% decent people who are mu-slimes in this country.

    There is a small percentage of all these crazy-fuk-stains who are decent.
    Crazy, but somewhat decent.

    But when chaos comes to the USA, the massive majority of these fuk-stains will in fact become hand maidens and outright collaborators with THUGFOR.

    Do not believe otherwise.

    I don’t care if this Paki found a paradise here in the USA–how the fuk did he get here in the first place and just why?

    Like we need more of these people who come and the majority of them on welfare forever… or do we need more of them to work the 7-Eleven’s that keep opening up.

  30. Just plain todd

    Imho, anyone who replied to this nonsense , got rickrolled big time!

  31. Bad Attitude

    IKAGO. I Know A Good One. We all know a “good” one. That doesn’t change the reality that there are a lot of bad ones in the world.

  32. I just found his three percenter “dagger down” symbol
    used on an antifa shield during a demonstration…
    Total propaganda similar to the latest blm demands that
    call for white folk to “will” their property to blacks…
    Total crap…as usual, they only look for hands outs…
    Their mentality needs to be swept away…

  33. buck’s right. this is propaganda. put together well. has a lot of “thought out reasoning” behind it. but everyone should see the give aways. that scowling look, the short hair. the pretty patches that make you run faster and bleed slower. but clearly written by a lefty. easy to tell by the fuzzy thinking remorse and justification for this story’s character to change his mind. propaganda.

    but i think the point that most are missing is it’s posted here on wrsa because the lefties are making good propaganda. they’ve made a whole bunch more since february. the media is helping move those propaganda pieces around. it’s a standard operating procedure for any viable insurgency to have a propaganda arm. learn to recognize it and move on. more like this out there than you can shake a stick at.

    and while we waste time on purity test for who we will associate with, the left does this every day and is getting better at it. psyops. just another tool.

    where is our propaganda branch, cranking out stories about some hapless antifa dolt doing a complete 180 because some skinhead was nice to them and saved them from trumps terrible police buddies? skinheads lead normal lives too. live in their parents basement. play video games and drink energy drinks all day. and that landser sure has some catchy tunes. or whatever that trash is that antifa is selling this week. learn from it. works both ways.

    look up tokyo rose for a classic example of real tear jerking war time propaganda. why wouldn’t we use propaganda as a tool, unless we just fall into barking at the end of our chains so hard we can’t remember how to spell 4gw.

  34. Why would you link directly to their site?

  35. This TRAITOR is for real, he used to be a regular daily poster over at the old now defunct threepercenter . org site .
    He and I would get into some quite lengthy and heated discussions on Islam just to mention one of them.
    He quietly deleted all of his posts one early morning and we never heard from him again until a few months later we saw this video and I knew immediately who it was.
    We are now up and running at the new site and if this guy ever shows up there I will ban him straight out.
    Let the dog return to his vomit.

  36. tayronachan

    The Redneck Revolt are Communists. A failed ideology that has killed over 100 million. If they ever get into power, expect them to disappear (kill) at least 25 million Americans…so says Alinsky.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It may (and does) fail repeatedly, but it damn sure isn’t “failed;” in fact, it’s doing rather well at the moment – hell, it recently captured the Vatican.

  37. Jesus. Nice lisp. Why would you make a video about quitting the movement because you had a nice experience with a musloid? Has this guy ever heard of taqiyya? I am sure there are a few nice muslims around, I have met one or two myself but it does not mean I want a whole community of them living in my town. This guy is from Ohio, he should know about the problems they are having there with the Somali population in Columbus. Look at all the problems they have in Minnesota. There was actually a measles outbreak in the Twin Cities because these people bring disease with them from their cesspool countries and bring it back here to the U.S. So he has a nice experience with one and we are all supposed to throw our arms up and say ” well, I guess they are all okay”. Way to stand by your convictions! And what kind of puss can’t walk around in 15 degree weather. That’s what you call brutal? Try living in northern Minnesota or North Dakota. -30 is brutal. 15 degrees is nothing. As far as Muslims go, I will say this however, I don’t think Muslims are a huge threat to our communities at the moment. In some places they are, like Dearborn MI, but they are not a huge threat…..YET. We are not getting flooded like Europe is, but if we don’t act, it won’t be long before we are overrun ourselves. We need to get a hold of this problem RIGHT NOW. What will it be like in this country in 20 years if we don’t take care of this problem in the next few years? I will also say this, I think the biggest problem we have with Muslims is in our own government or people in their community. How did that Linda Sarsour gain so much popularity so quickly? She is not a government entity, but she sure knows a lot of fedgov types and seems to wield a lot power amongst the (((elite))). Lastly, this guy takes about “rich people”. Just who are these (((rich people)))? When people figure out who these so-called (((people))) are and how much power they have over our country, then we might actually get somewhere in this country. I’m not holding my breath.

  38. Neat! A website where we can check out all their plans.
    And use post-event video and their post-op blurb to i.d.
    all of them.
    To see what agency they work for.

  39. “To me, diversity per se is not a problem, but TOO MUCH diversity is. If there were a few Muslims here to run the Middle Eastern restaurants and other such things, maybe less than a percent of Muslims would be OK. They’d try to fit in and keep their heads down. Much more than 1%, and things get pretty toxic.

    On the other hand, with some other minorities like Chinese, we can take a much higher percentage of such without things getting ugly. Chinese contribute very well to the American economy generally. Even though there are still Chinatowns (in other words, resistance to assimilation), nobody really cares or is harmed by it. They are not No-Go zones.

    As to communists, it doesn’t matter what percentage; they are all bad for us. They should all go to Venezuela to live in their perfect world.”

    Depending on the ‘diversity’, proximity + diversity = WAR (this is definitely the case with the adherents to the ‘Cult of mo’; 1% to 3%…play the ‘peaceful but misunderstood co-religionists’..5% = ‘we require our demands for halal foods, increased time/place for prayer (asslifting to ‘mo’) and islam classes for your children in the schools’, etc…8% and higher population percentage = ‘we DEMAND that you kuffar not come into OUR communities, you AREN’T welcome!!..sharia law is practiced openly via ‘sharia courts’ and any ‘uncovered’ kuffar woman we find is ours to do with as our Prophet commanded by the right hand!’, we WILL dominate you/islam is supreme!!’…”Grooming gangs”/rape of underage boys and girls by the ‘Team mo cultural enrichers’ anyone?…

    One doesn’t see this kind of dangerous 5th column behavior with the Chinese and Korean populations that live among us; they’re educated, hard working people and I have no issue with them at all (they also make fantastic food and the Chinese in the home country are extremely artistically talented and innovative just like their Japanese competitors in crafting breathtakingly beautiful adult pleasure dolls that make Kim Kardashian look like a $2 floozy outside a Circle K in Baltimore!).

    (Here’s just one example; no improper images shown)

    Where collectivists are concerned, whether maoist, marxist, or freeze dried hippie sanders, they’re ALL extremely dangerous as they’re “true believers” (just like their sorros funded ‘children’, antifa, blm,bamn, MeCHA, ect).
    The only response to all of them is, “Sat Cong!!”

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  40. I mentioned here a few months ago, I felt that the III% would be the next target of the left to demonize. I agree that this is the beginning of a propaganda tactict towards that goal.

    I’m not a fan of militia groups using the III% as a part of their name. May seem like an optics issue. III% based on what I understand it to represent, is a mindset/personal commitment of each individual person. It’s more mental than some random name to be touted out as a group identifier.

    But that’s just me…