A Request For Readership & Support

Coming Out of the Shadows: An Operational Update Regarding A New Team Helping To Expose America’s Foreign & Domestic Enemies

The easiest thing in the world to do would be to scoff and disregard.

Many will.

Others understand that supporting like-minded groups is the only way to even have a shot at countering the forces arrayed against traditional Americans.

Choose wisely.

The Reds are winning and have the operational advantage.

28 responses to “A Request For Readership & Support

  1. “The Reds are winning and have the operational advantage.” Actually no in my estimation. They can’t function generally if there is not a keyboard attached. Sure they can swing a bat, maybe even pick up a gun, might even have good planning. But….

    If the non-Left literally stood down jobs and all this country would grind to halt. They know that, we need to.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      And if the non-Left stopped working, how many would end up in dire straights in real short order. They’ve got funding for their folks – the Right largely doesn’t. That’s an important factor, too.

      • Yep you hit the nail on the head most people on the right don’t have any reserve and if they quit work they would go hungry pretty fast as well…

  2. Excellent! I wish this group great success. I hope they get around to the links between Soros and Antifa, Occupy, and certain Dem party groups.

    Now – realistically, these guys should expect to be doxed with the fury of a thousand suns. They will also have mentally ill individuals showing up here and there – their business addresses, residences – at any time when the good guys are in public. There were also probably be someone filming the incident. Be ready, guys. Here’s a example of what I’m talking about:


    You shouldn’t have too much difficulty identifying the useful nutjob and the handler. Here’s another video of the incident:

    If I were in this group, I would be taking certain steps to work towards ensuring the security of myself, my loved ones, and our property. Not going into detail on those steps here.

    • What’s with all the skin ink on the posterboy? Normies do want to know whether to reject that pic’ed person, or to invite him for a cuppa joe.

      If you want to get a positive Out ome for your desired point, then appearances do matter. Appearances matter somewhat for some, quite a bit for some others, and mox nix for too many. Which is too bad IMO.

      Been traveling around some on the interstates lately. When dismounted, I look at hands and waistlines of people nearby. Just a thing that a person needs to do as active ADLs, besides being prime entertainment. Have to give tFAT some support, very few of the people I’m seeing could accomplish appendix carry under a t-shirt. Much less drive for eight hours and relate to how that appendix carry feels at the end of the day. Their loss. There’s lots of prosperity and slothfull-ness going around. It will end, badly, for most.

  3. Hope he has success in this project./ S//

  4. Reds are winning? We haven’t started playing Cowboys and Reds yet.

  5. “The reds are winning” my ass. That’s patently false and a pathetic attempt to garner readers via fear-mongering. If I want to read horseshit, I’ll find 1 of tFAGGOTS posts.

    • Sir:

      If you do not understand that the Red Deep State has quashed much of what Trump said he would do in his inaugural speech, you are beyond logic and reason.

      See if when you read the following, it will help shake the scales from your eyes:

      • Still and all, I maintain that the Reds have not yet come onto the field.

        It’s all good, and is dependant on a person’s proximity to the fray. Some people’s zeros are set different than others.

    • The reds are winning and have been winning for decades. THEY HAVE ALREADY WON. So many of the anti-reds keep saying the reds aren’t winning, they haven’t won, they won’t win, they can’t win because by-god-we’re-armed and all that bullshit. For years the anti-reds have monitored the blogs and puffed up about their stallwartness and their resoluteness – – while those same anti-reds have lost public education, higher education (academia), both political parties, the local/state/federal courts, the news media, social media of all sorts, the entertainment industry, corporate business/industry, wall street, chamber-of-commerce Main Street, and even the Church. Gentlemen and ladies, we have lost. The time for decisive (and yes I’ll say it, even violent restorative action) was eight years ago. But we did not. In a couple posts here and there I bemoaned the lack of, and a need for, leaders, a leadership class if you will (as we had in 1770s) the Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, and Patrick Henry types who put principle before personal interest. But I was ridiculed. ‘We don’t need no stinking leaders because by-god-we-have-guns-and-we’re-resolute-by-god and we don’t need no stinkin’ leaders.’ It was all moot, anyway, as the potential leaders, the potential leader class, the individuals best able to organize and coordinate and call us to determined effective collective action were, and continue to be, more concerned with writing profit-making blogs, selling books, and getting speaker fees. That was not the case in the 1770s but it sure as hell is the case today. We refuse to hang together selflessly and courageously and collectively, so, in the end, we’ll all hang separately. I’m 67 now. I will die knowing my country was able to be saved but nobody wanted to save it. They/we were all too selfish and gutless. But by god I’ll die with a bunch of guns and ammo, by god, by god, by god.

      • Jimmy the Saint


        You’re forgetting your Napoleon Bonaparte: “This battle is completely lost. However, there is time to win another.”

      • Comrade Igor


        The PTB commandeered the nations’ control nodes back in the 60-80s …. whackademia, mediatainment, legal-judiciary and FedGov

        Just like HIV, they’ve targeted the C4 apparatus. Just like HIV, we’ve been assaulted by small cuts for 30+ years. Opportunistic pathogens meet no resistance from a healthy and robust host, and the host eventually fails. It will happen again, here. The ‘auto-immune’ shitstorm that is gonna happen will destroy viable elements of our national corpus.

        Get ready to ride-out the chop, and then work on something decent on the other side. There are plenty of decent folks who’ll stand with you. Maybe not a majority, but plenty

        Prepare Accordingly


  6. Walter Sobchak

    The Reds have most certainly begun to agitate and manipulate at an alarming tempo. The upshot of this is they are coming out of the shadows, into the light for all to see. The link in this article to the one about the original NEN is fascinating. I’ll be following them and best wishes.

  7. Agreed. It took Lenin, Trotsky, and the other first-gen Reds quite a while to subdue all of the former Czarist geography.

    The Reds hold NYC, SF, Chicago, DC, LA, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Mpls-St. Paul, Boston, Philadelphia, Raleigh, et cetera.

    They control the MSM.

    They control the entertainment industry.

    They have made majors inroads into the US .mil.

    They have almost complete control over both political parties, at least at the national and major electoral state leadership positions.

    I am not saying they have won.

    But Team Freedom is not winning.

    With respect,

    A fellow plank holder

    • Confederate miner

      Done forget they control the issuance of our money.

      • that’s the key point. Everything the (((Reds))) have done, they have done via trillion upon trillion of debt issuance. When the Jews, both Red and Zionist, can no longer buy consent with debt, they will fall. As they have fallen before, many times. It is my expectation, however, that this plummet will be different. This time the Jews and their hirelings are going to attain terminal velocity.

    • Perspective, perspective. You are in a bad place for good perspective.

        • Your focus is too big, to the detriment of your morale. Cowboys v Reds should suffice. The usual and general PT cautionary statements apply. Do rifle PT, there’s about 4 general movements, easy to look up and do. They will help with the attitude, and more importantly, with the will.

          Every day, you have to show to yourself that you are better than the other folks. So you roll out of bed and push Georgia away 30x before clearing your head, that right there is a guarantee that you are capable of beating the other folks and basement commenters here.

          And you go from there. Look to yourself, find your weaknesses, and drive on. Have fun beating the critics.

          There’s lots of pissants on this site as commentators. 99% of them know jack shit on the history of the site nor how it came about . Just drive on for the allotted period, no explanation needed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Can’t speak to all of the other areas, but the Red control of Los Angeles has a pretty significant Fifth Column inside of it. There are millions of communists here, true enough. But there are also millions (albeit fewer) who aren’t. Just because you’re outnumbered doesn’t mean you don’t have significant numbers.

  8. It may help the perspective to acknowledge that Doug Hagmann has provided a platform which has served, served well, and for some time, members of FREEFOR, whose messages have been carried at no expense to those members, to audiences both here and abroad. Do you realize how many people have now not only heard of, but have listened to Matt Bracken as a result of his appearances on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report? There are several others who have contributed to WRSA, and have been interviewed on that program, as well. Let’s face it, credible hosts with large audiences are somewhat rare within alternative media.

    He has played and is playing his position. This is the first such request from Doug Hagmann for spiritual and material support that I have heard or read.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to render assistance to his efforts. He has certainly rendered assistance to at least 2 major contributors to WRSA. He has worked to remain informed of various events across the patriot community, has urged preparedness to an audience unfamiliar with the concepts, has researched companies providing such goods and services for the benefit of his audience members, and has generally walked the talk Doug Hagmann has not just talked about what should be done, he has set his feet on the path of doing what should be done. By any measure, he has “earned his keep.”

    From listening to his program on a fairly regular basis, I can say that tactics employed by the left will not be a surprise to him or members of his team. No one leaves ’em hanging quite like agents of the FBI and DHS…so experiencing whatever the left dishes out will certainly not come as a shock, however, he has spoken on the subject of security for family and associates. I believe his request for prayer, to those so inclined, is a direct result of knowing the risks they have assumed. And yet, once more they step into the breach. Gotta respect that.

  9. Based on the geography they control, looks like WE have “them” Reds, surrounded.


  10. The Reds took AmRev to its logical conclusion. And here we are./ S//

  11. The ‘reds’ are only safe when they have police and local government protection in a very contrived battle space. Their battle space is media and the traditional hives. They can have them IMO, when things get sporty it will be that much easier to find them.

    Just like Quietus said, the ‘reds’ haven’t really came out of their safe places and their made for the TV ‘rage’. The red/blue maps show this very clearly. The ‘home’ video’s of these events clearly show the media staging up the conflicts and drama using dumb-dumbs and actors for both sides.

    So we work hard, play harder, keep ourselves healthier and fitter than in our thirties, keeping physical ties loose and personal ties tight. We stay in control of our ability to Shoot-Move-Communicate in whichever direction we see fit.

    If folks wake up fretting about snowflakes in their grill they really need to strategically relocate, it ain’t going to get better in hive country on any level.

  12. A lot of folks think Antifa is the only communist group out there. You have no idea. The commies are in position and are consolidating their grip. They are the government. They are the media. They are the educators and administrators. They are the union leadership. And to make matters worse, the Globalists have similar goals as the commies. Every black and Latino school is a Marxist indoctrination center. Open up them eyeballs, folks.

    • All true…..in their hives.

      My guess is you aren’t engaging them at the hive level either, so your telling folks they need to ‘open their eyes’ doesnt mean a pile of shit to me.

      Way more interesting hearing about your last 2 week backpack, canoe, raft or bicycle trip or how your predator hunting is going or that month long road trip around the National Forest and BLM in your state went. Maybe how you PT by doing NOD walks around your ‘neighborhood’ or where placing in your local IDPA group.

      You know real life stuff that active folks do.

      • Johnny Boy, I love you too, sweet cheeks. Advice to avoid tunnel vision upsets you? CA’s posts were the same as mine on this topic.