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  1. Fuck The French, they can take their White Flag and shove it up their ash

  2. I see on Drudge that the SPLC is demanding that three Army bases (Hood, Bragg, and Benning) need to “come down” (sic) since they are monuments to CSA participants. Benning eludes me, and I thought I was somewhat read up on that era.

    Oh well, just goes to show, Commies gotta Commie. Next.

  3. And the SPLC missed a plum when they didn’t include Ft Polk on their little list of Army bases that are CSA monuments, they could have got a two-fer: Gen Leonidas Polk was a traitor to Yankee-ism and a Christian preacher besides.

    Have to wonder about Ft A. P. Hill also.

    Are those folks at SPLC ignorant of history, or what. Nicken, nichts schicken.

    • Randall Flagg

      They’re no longer holding their cards close… they’ve just gone all-in on the flop with an off-suit deuce and three.

  4. A corollary to the current masthead re free speech: Free speech does not include the right to be heard.

    • I support the right to free speech. I support the right not to listen.The only power the dirty commie bastards have is what you give them.Do not listen to the horseshit.

  5. Hey, Charlie Hebdo…. How’s that Islamic Outreach initiative going for you folks?

  6. As a former resident of Sand Hill and Kelly Hill I say fuck’em! I may be older but those skills I’ll never forget. Seems winter grows closer.

    • This comment is more for tfA-t’s link but also is for the French. It was a congress woman who first brought up the Army bases and now the SPLC has joined in, peachy.

      • Personally, I think the President should direct a national forest somewhere in Appalachia be renamed Nathan Bedford Forest, and should invite the Leftarded congressweasel who issued the original whine.
        Bonus points if it’s in her district.


        Politics should look a lot like the scene in Apocalypse Now, where after the VC sapper blows up the Aircav chopper, they put the second chopper’s skid right up her ass, and machinegun the shit out of her.

        They never learn.

        But I’m sentimental like that.

    • Sand Hill.

      the modern brick air-conditioned luxury condos, they even had grass if i remember correctly..

      Harmony Church was just a bit more down to earth…. especially in winter.

      • I was always glad I was at Harmony Church (E-8-2), as the Sand Hill boys spent much of their time running buffers while we were out learning how to fight.

  7. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    All you guys who live in the middle of nowhere are gonna miss all the fun.

    These assholes don’t live in Iowa.

    • Excuse me? I guess you’ve never been to Iowa City or Des Moines. We’re eat up with the commie fuckers. I live in Des Moines, which is bad enough, But Iowa City is full on run by commies. There will be enough fun to go around.

      I need a range trip. Need to check the zero on my rifles.

  8. Interesting, the same time that the socialist phreaking libel collectivists demand that army bases named after Confederate War heroes “must come down”, their useful idiots in the corpocracy and ‘entertainment’ fall over themselves to pump donations to them..which the splc then banks offshore asap!!

    The George Soros-funded Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is allegedly sending tens of millions of dollars in corporate donations to the Cayman Islands and other offshore accounts

    Wonder how much the Clintons and their backers, the Saudis ponyed up?…..

    Surprise, surprise…NOT!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • We need funds to kill these Commies. We cant fund this thing by ourselves. The flood waters are to high and spread into all areas of our lives. Maybe, just maybe we can find someone who would like to divert some of those SPLC funds into a crypto-currancy and they could somehow find there way into FREEFOR accounts. Maybe the Church of Scientology should see its coffers missing some funds as well. These are evil people who have inflicted mass harm on others, I have no issue with returning the favor.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “We need funds to kill these Commies. We cant fund this thing by ourselves.”

        Either secure support from another nation, or get busy with drug trafficking – that’s how insurgencies/revolutions get funding. Bank robbing, kidnapping, hijacking, and protection rackets can also be used, but they are relatively low reward compared to foreign support or drugs.

  9. Always remember Comrads, George Washington owned slaves, ergo Washington DC must burn. We now return you to your regularly scheduled flouride and ssri regimen. Please mind the gap…

  10. Maybe a few more people now will adopt my attitude toward bad things happening to assholes, like the french, new york, most of new england and california. These are people who demanded that their rulers disarm their neighbors and leave everyone helpless in the face of gutter trash that doesn’t care about their “laws.” Not to mention that those are the places that demand open borders to the entire 3rd world. You can’t dare me to care about those people when the very predictable happens to them on their soil. Since the french people or their government ‘aren’t even shooting
    charlie so much as a dirty look for this cartoon, fuck them all each and every time the allah akbar brigade sprays a crowd with 7.62 rounds or bombs another public venue. We’ll sit back and point and laugh at them.

  11. The DCP’s (Dirty Communist Pigs) are obviously stirring up
    the pot. The main commie public figures know that the more
    shit they spew, the more shits they will stir up. Specially when
    soooo much discovery and information is being revealed about
    their criminal operations. And if they do this in the light, what they
    do in darkness is even more exposed. Insane Zealots I think would
    fit their styles.

    “When the pot boils, the scum rises”

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  12. Did anyone even read the Hebdo article or ask a frog about it?

    Is it possible that they are actually making fun of the absurd leftist reaction to the hurricane?

    Its a big complex world out there, yall. Please dont forget how to use your brains…

    • Uh, no.

      When they post a picture on their magazine cover captioned:
      He drowned all the neo-nazis of texas!

      with pictures of drowned, sig-heiling, goose-stepping Nazis under water to the tops of their Nazi flags, there’s no walking that back by saying “I was just illustrating what those other assholes are saying!

      The Leftist fucks at Charlie Hebdo clearly got off too lightly when the Islamo-facists came in and gunned them down. Hadji and Muamar should have brought more ammo.
      And now we’re stuck with the second-rate halfwits C.H. hired because of a rash of sudden job openings there.

      The enemy of my enemy is my enemy too, and a bigger fuckwit.

      • I mean, unless page 12 has an article that says something to that effect already, I agree. It could very easily be just another publication that I wouldn’t bother to piss on if it were on fire, I just wonder if they could be that fucking retarded or if maybe there was something other than a headline to consider….

    • Hebdo is a Rednest. I’m in a good mood, so I’ll assume your remark is the result of simple ignorance. You’d better straighten up, though; I doubt if Emperor Haxo IV will be so tolerant:

      “Duke Orbal glanced at the tubes which stood in a row along the skyline.He spoke over his shoulder to a burly man in a maroon and black uniform. “Which of the tubes is most suitable for use at this time?”

      :”The second tube from the right, your grace, is only one-quarter occupied.”

      • Yeah I’ve never read it, and I’ve spent enough time in France to know that I generally don’t get along with French people. All I’m saying is that I don’t know what the article (or cartoon or whatever it is) says, and I wonder if a strong reaction to a headline without context (you mean they aren’t making fun of the absurd notion that Texans are nazis??) isn’t a little silly. I mean, one would hope that they would remember all the people from that place that went and saved their grandparents from the literal nazis, but I guess nowadays you just never know….haha. I searched the interweb for a few minutes and I can only find the cover. Don’t care enough to look any harder cause ITS THE WEEKEND STARTING RIGHT NOW BOYYYYYYYYYYY

        PS. Dying Earth series was amazing! Did you post something about it on here about a year ago? I came across it on this board, anyways and decided to check it out. Really enjoyed it!

  13. kay_de_leon, the cover says, G*d does exist! All the neo-nazis are drowned in Texas! A little edgy, to say the least. Even the “nazis” here are mostly unable to verbalize what they believe in, or what they are against, because they are mostly low IQ types, bereft of common intelligence. People are still dying, and it is cold comfort to their kin to alledge they were nazis in life. This magazine cover is typical of leftist tripe to besmirch people they know they don’t have to fear reprisals from. They got healthy dose once, from the moslems, now they know to pick on weaker, civilized prey. They don’t seem to remember that men from Texas, and the other states, ran the Nazis out of their country at great cost in blood and treasure. Small worry. Spoiled children learn all their lessons the hard way. It’s just an insult at a time of crisis. It will be remembered.