Bracken Sends

Riffing off this FR post.

The Reds want violence.

And will have it…

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    After looking at those photographs, I think my training needs to incorporate some additional time at the rifle range. A good sniper hide at about 100-150 yards away should be effective against any commie-wannabe with a folding-stock AK.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      You want to be @ 200 meters or more.
      200 meters is point target for an AK.
      The AK is a good rifle, but it is not meant for any engagement in the open terrain.
      They were designed for use in Jungles and Cities.
      Pretty much any bolt gun is a promised hit @ 300 meters if you have decent ammo, a clean bore, and a decent scope.

      Make sure you lay your feet flat down to the side when you shoot.
      And roll out into your prone shooting position.
      Dropping down into a prone position is not your natural point of aim.
      You have been rolling into the prone since you were born.

      Always roll into the prone for a long shot.

  2. TheyCallMeRockStar22


    You guys crack me up.

    The professors and politicians are the enemy. Not a bunch of pussies with rifles.

    I met lots of lefties in the military. Even some hardline commies.

    They were all worthless retards.

    The professors and the politicians are the enemy.

    And the police are in our way.

    • Richard of Parkville

      Yes.yes yes yes yes yes Yes! This. What he said.

      • So what’s obviously happening here is this:

        TPTB want us fighting among ourselves.
        We are being encouraged to fight among ourselves by the plainly visible withdrawal of police, by politicians who later praise them for their performance. MESSAGING.

        This is the important part to understand: TPTB intend to remain “above the conflict” while appearing to try to restrain it
        – there will be the occasional arrest and high profile trial
        – there will be massive shows of pointless force on MSM outlets
        – both establishment political parties will unite around this
        – they will hope we eliminate each other through a long war of attrition while leaving them in charge
        – they will continue the phony left/right paradigm thing and even ramp it up

        We need to remember who the enemy actually are. It’s not the Muslims and it’s not Antifa. It’s Wall Street, the deep staters, the international bankers, the string-pullers.

        I’m not ending my liberty by killing some Antifa moron. If I go I am going after bigger game.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          Big Game Hunters.


        • Turner Diaries anyone? Small group, tightly organized, unafraid of losing. The problem today is fear. Patriotards, conservatives, peppers, etc. are afraid of leos taking them out after they put a hit on a deserving asshole. Lots of talk today but still the important ingredients are missing.

  3. Brother Antony

    Note the two on the left of the group photo giving the ISIS finger gesture.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There are a number of them throughout the picture. It should be fun to see how long Islammunism can exist – they are very much diametrically opposed systems.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Excellent Eyes.
      Make sure you put good glass on your rifles.
      We need you.

    • It’s an Islamic gesture that means “there is only Allah” and they give that gesture to suggest their recent rapes and beheadings are the will of Allah.

      I wonder if the commies know they are making a religious expression. I thought their “scientific socialism” was beyond primitive superstition, at least according to them.

  4. Jack Hinson

    Why didn’t the people standing around the “nazimole” grab and take his flag?! I would have in a heart beat. Ain’t no way in hell I would let that mole smear Southern honour and heritage with that nazi flag. The irony to me is that the red communist flag and the nazi flag are ideologically one and the same.

    • The same man was at the Greenville “Take Down the Confederate monument Rally” staged by a negro whose trial for spouse abuse will begin this coming month.

      He was without his NAZI flag, replacing it with a large Confederate Battle Flag, but had added red laces to his boots, which denote having bloodied an enemy. By the way, at Charlottesville, he slid into the very back of the column of marchers that was approximately 600+ strong.

      Yes, there’s a photo.

      • Really? That doesn’t look like the same guy. Mr. New Nazi Flag seems to have a full head of hair, the Greenville Confederate looks balding. They are dressed identically though, maybe it’s a photography problem.

        Does Mr. New Nazi Flag look like he has the vestages of a tattoo on his right arm, just below the elbow?

        • Brother Antony

          Think left and right profile perspective and then the effect of comb over. 😉

  5. Mike Bishop

    Pete, worth sharing:

    13 Rules for Counter-Radicals:

  6. “Narrative #4 (Final): They Staged a Bum Fight (and lost)

    To call the coordinated law enforcement stand-down a mistake is to misunderstand the motives of the state and local government in control of the event. They made an informed decision, based on their dinner napkin math that if the police hold back, the leadership of the Alt Right will be defeated, humiliated, and perhaps even worse on national television. In a parallel universe where things worked out as planned, Richard Spencer is in a coma, Matthew Heimbach is still in physical therapy, and the City is proudly affirming that they tried to protect us but the antifa were simply too numerous and powerful to hold back.

    In this alternate timeline, Mayor Signer and Vice Mayor Bellamy are folk heroes of the Left, the visionary leaders who stood up to the Nazis and put a stop to the sinister rise of the evil fascist Alt Right. The antifa actually did their dirty work for them, so their hands are clean. The media works overtime to pitch the exciting narrative and national celebrities with national political futures are born. Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong for them in the Hadron Collider. The timeline we’re actually on is one where the antifa had low turnout and low energy that day, and the “Nazis” decisively prevailed as police stood there with stupid looks on their faces as the leftists and locals begged them to restore order.

    They lost. They can try to arrest a couple of our guys with charges that won’t stick in a desperate flailing attempt to save face and shift blame. But it won’t go anywhere. As per usual, our side can barely scrape up enough money for even the most basic defense of our unfairly arrested guys, much less mount a slam dunk class action lawsuit against the City and State. But here’s the real kicker: the anarchists also have standing, and they actually have big money corporate attorneys and retainers. Like the supervillain in the final act of a comic book storyline, Signer, Bellamy, and McAuliffe will be attacked and destroyed by their own as we ride off into the sunset.”

    • Scholaruptheholler

      It may be nothing more than a perverse fantasy, but I am still holding out hope the Sessions DOJ files civil rights violations and conspiracy to commit civil rights violations against the mayor and governor for denying a federally-authorized assembly and denial of 14th am. equal protection. It seems as though SCOTUS was clear on the matter in National Socialist Party of America v Village of Skokie. 432 U.S. 43 (1977), No matter how disagreeable the message may be, there is a constitutional right to speech; let the marketplace of ideas determine the message’s resonance.

    • Charlottesville was a combo of ‘Guernica’ and kabuki theater/COINTELPRO.

      “But here’s the real kicker: the anarchists also have standing, and they actually have big money corporate attorneys and retainers.”

      Don’t know what you’re talking about boss. As an anarchist/voluntarist I DON’T acknowledge any legitimacy to any of any aspect of the parasite classes’ related tentacles, so the only ‘standing’ that I’m concerned with is my shooting stance. “Big money corporate attorneys and retainers”?…gotta laugh at that one as 99% of the attorneys out there I wouldn’t get close to or have any dealings with with the exception of Marc Victor here in Arizona…and I’d have to pony up my OWN funds as a retainer for him. Nope, anarchists like me and Larken Rose DON’T have corporate sugar daddies nor would we want them!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  7. Have we figured out who this guy is yet?

  8. Whoops, the commie photo appears to be photoshopped. See #168 on the FR thread.

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    Oh please Jesus, pretty please let these fuk-stains go hot and soon!!
    Please, pretty please.

    Because… once they do–the force unleash in response to them will be swift and crushing. And to talk about “crushing” –these jack-tard’s will be crushed and ground up like a cockroach under boot-heel.

    And please don’t think it will otherwise.

    Also on the list to be crushed will be all the MSM outlets, MSM talking head, political supporters (elected and otherwise), leftist political pundits and activists along with the Hollywood sleeze and media corporations (which will be torn down–literally–and emerge without facilities, broadcast lisences and talking heads to place before a camera.

    I think the “cleansing” will be nearly complete once it all shakes out.

    There are more of us (who own 90% of the firearms in this country) than there are of “them.”

    From what I understand from several media sources, they/them are shooting for a November 4th date as their “D-Day” of chaos…. and that many major city mayors, politicians, congress-wonks, media figures and so forth who will come forward when they/them unleash their chaos (also add these figures to your “too-do” lists please).

    The idea of this chaos is to somehow force President Trump to resign from office under the pressure and enormity of the manufactured situation (fat chance of this BTW).

    What it would do if there is in fact mass chaos unleashed by these leftist groups… it would expand the III% movement to a 5% to 9% movement in short order and these scum would be smashed live on CNN along with their media supporters, enablers and political collaborators.

    Think about it.
    A chance to set things straight is possibly coming.
    Possibly the chance of a life time.

    • You’re forgetting that the police are on their side, not ours. No one is going to crush them. If anyone tries, we’ll find out just who “to protect and serve” really applies to.

      They are useful idiots doing the System’s dirty work for it. There will be no action from state security agencies against them.

      The one silver lining in all this is that the more blatant and obvious this collusion becomes, the more the State delegitimizes itself.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Grendel…. what part of “counter revolution” don’t you understand?

        FYI–and everyone else here… a “counter revolution” will have to be waged and sucessfully won.

        Furthermore…. most of this counter revolution (70%) will have to be waged on the west coast of the USA (California, Oregon and Washington State) where the center of mass for the leftist now resides. Defeat and wipe it out on the west coast and the leftist/communists machine will be crippled (if not wipe out) in this country permanantly.

        You will also have to counter/confront the police as well. I am talking about a time of absolute chaos–a time when ANTIFA is coming out on the streets with firearms and so forth… and should this happen, and the police collaborate with such thugs (as the police did with the Nazi brown shirts) then the police and other agents of the government also become your enemy as well.

        I don’t think the “police” will co-operate with such extreme leftist nut-jobs openly oppressing and killing people in the streets…. at this time most (nearly all) of the police will quietly fade away to their homes and families (the cowards and paycheck pigs that they really are), but there may be a few die-hard leftist uniform wearers out there who may do the lefts bidding. You have to realize that 90% of police are low-intelligence pay-check pigs who have decided to stay on the government tit as an easy way to obtain a pension after 20 years. They will in most cases do literally whatever they are told to do by their political handlers (both left and right) –that is until bullets come flying at them, and especially politically motivated bullets.

        The most recent and highly publisized case of “police fading away” were the STASI in East Germany when the citizens of Berlin began knocking down the Berlin Wall… did you notice how they literally threw down their weapons and went home? Same thing may unfold here shoud ANTIFA gain control of some major cities–and this is what I think they are planning to do–take control of the ten major television markets in the USA, which are also the ten major spots of “blue” in the red versus blue voting matrix now.

        I believe this is the plan should it unfold… but then again we may be giving them too much credit and overestimating their ability… but then again Matt Bracken has been more correct than I in the last few years.

        Of course all of this is hypothetical speculation based upon events that may or may not unfold shortly in this country.

  10. In this digital age, anything electronic/digital can be faked. Videos, images, birth certificates, etc. Nice find though, I particularly like the Nazi flag with fresh creases, can that be ordered from Amazon? Alexa, please send me a Nazi flag so I can look like a douche bag.

    • I work in Photoshop…

      Even with minimal knowledge, one becoming familiar with functions can do some very convincing work. Especially with people viewing an altered photo, (unaware of it being altered)…they instantly believe what the presenter is putting forth…

      And people will be sloppy when doing such alterations to a photo if they’re not patient during the process. Zooming in on the layer is the biggest tell of all. You will discover interruptions in the pixel patterns.

  11. Sorry, Matt, truly, but this has to be done, and said:

    Totally different guy. So that’s 2.
    And he’s also carrying a folded flag, and wearing the same pants as Dude 2.
    All that proves, unfortunately, is that the flag was newly-purchased.
    It doesn’t tell us how old the Nazi sympathies were.

    That’s 3 and 4. (And I’m talking about the bimbo & flag on the right, plus the guy behind her to the extreme right (how inapropos); not the re-shoot of Nazi 1. Their’s are Nazi flags too. Let me illustrate with a shot from another rally – not C-ville:

    That’s the banner/flag of the National Socialist Movement: clever fellows will be able to guess what political position they take, and how they salute their flag.)

    There’s 5, foreground also helpfully wearing an SS feldmutze; and 6 the entire NSM BANNER in the left background.
    (Bonus shot of the black-clad Neo-nazi behind thoughtfully returning some water to the Leftists counter-protesting. But as the shots show, they’re all one big happy family there.)

    There’s #7.

    So we’ve already got a documented 700% error rate on that original graphic, after I spent 10 whole minutes on just the first page of Google images for C-ville.
    I really don’t want to keep going, and I think I’ve made the point.

    This wasn’t “just one” faux Nazi, nor “just one” Nazi flag.
    This was a Nazi march. In fact, the shills organizing the aptly-described buffalo cliff run designed it to be such. Anybody else there was just happenstance and coincidence.

    (Anybody who thinks things on-camera “just happen”, lemme talk to you about 20 years’ experience watching them make movies and TV shows. There’s never been a “random” bystander” in any program you’ve ever seen, going back 60 years, unless it’s a live shot, usually by a sports or news crew. This march was a planned photo op, for one side. And if you’re a regular reader here, it was Not yours. Sorry if trhat’s news to you, and for all you extras who showed up who didn’t get your union breaks and box lunch, but that’s how this was set up from months ago. Welcome to episode #3,219 on the DUH!Channel.)

    And nobody told them to case them, or GTFO of the march. They were all one big happy protest.
    Simple rule: swim in a toilet bowl, get rightfully treated like shit.

    The greater point of the MSM’s willful disregard of their violent communists allies for months and in perpetuity for all intents and purposes, still applies.

    And if someone would like to 4chan those flag carriers faces, and dox them for posterity, feel free.
    But I don’t think you’ll like the answers you’ll get.
    They’ll turn out to be exactly who you’d expect: “out” Neo-Nazis.
    Whether they’re doing it at the behest of the feds n a role as undercover informants is pure speculation.
    But given that, at the end, the Klan was about 50% FBI guys, I leave the current odds to your own imagination.

    Those who don’t learn history are condemned to repeat it.

    Or did you think it was only the BATFE who ginned up dog-and-pony show set-piece battles to secure additional funding???

    • Great post, worth a new thread IMHO on the larger issues you raise.

    • Sorry Aesop, my reply was intended for you but inadvertently was posted in reply to Survivor above. But it works for both of you. Very good observation and effort on your part. Thanks!

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. The methodology of infiltration with a goal of undermining the message is texbook Alynsky. Fundamentally if one reads Rules for Radicals and Cloward-Piven it is a complete manual on american left. 99% of them never read Marx.

  14. Very enlightening and crushing at the same time Aesop. The MSM got the photo-op of a life time at Charlottesville. Public rallies are now OVER with and done for the “Right” as far as I am concerned. This is a tough lesson and a very bitter pill to swallow on so many levels. Everything has now changed as we have to rethink and study this new landscape. It’s very difficult now to move forward with images and standards of the past. I’ll leave it at that….

    • (((Cohencidence)))

      Nothing is over. If you’re going to be cowed by the media showing embarrassing optics then you’ve already surrendered. The media will manufacture whatever some moron isn’t willing to supply for them.

      This was actually a success for the Alt-Right, if you consider their goal of establishing themselves as the only movement that will actually do battle with the Left both physically and otherwise. There have been multiple normie conservative rallies since Charlottesville, and they’ve all been attacked or shut down by Antifa. Gray haired grandmothers waving American flags are Nazis too, according to the Left.

      Eventually this will cause normie conservatives to stop counter signaling the Alt-Right. They will either come over to the Alt-Right, or fade back into the traditional conservatism that has accomplished jack shit over the past 50 years.

      For all its flaws as a young movement made up of young people, the Alt-Right is the first legitimate threat to the ruling power structure in generations. Flak is always heaviest directly over the target.