Fish, Bicycles, Etc.

Via Twitter.

3 responses to “Fish, Bicycles, Etc.

  1. As long as they adopt feline values then everything is fine. It’s not like the world is losing hundreds of thousands of years of unique genetic evolution and forever changing the very essence of what it means to be a cat.

    A rat is a cat. What are you? A mammalist? Hater! Literally Hitler!

  2. What the pic does not say but is clearly written between the lines is the fact that the rats first eat her babies and then her maternal instinct deceives her .

  3. Mr. Frosty, good one! Women have a tendency to focus on shit that doesn’t matter and ignore the really dangerous things. Just the way they’re wired, I guess. It’s why they don’t rule the world, and never will. Expecting the imported/ invading legions of shitheads to adopt our ways is expecting whales to take up opera singing. Sure, it could happen, but expectations are that it is a failed idea. Women do what they do, and think what they think. But they do not belong in positions of authority or power. Not only do they fail at these things, they weaken the nation with their weak solutions. Civilizations are won and continued with sound methods and strong measures. They are ruined and destroyed by anything less. Diversity and women are at the heart of most of our troubles. You don’t give the reins to some one who doesn’t know, and never will, the mules or horses hitched to the wagon. Some women got what it takes. Most do not. Comes the Big Change, you’ll see who is who. Don’t forget, the girly men intend a lot, but produce little in the way of concrete solutions.