Grassley: Comey Wrote Clinton Exoneration Statement Before Email Investigation Ended

Via Legal Insurrection.

Senator Grassley’s letter of 30 August

Washington Times coverage.

Totally legit.

18 responses to “Grassley: Comey Wrote Clinton Exoneration Statement Before Email Investigation Ended

  1. It’s always easier to fight a legal battle if you’re running both sides.

  2. The top 100 off the top………………

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Is anyone surprised at this? It’s standard Byzantine politics as usual.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    Fidelity (to Hillary)
    Bravery (of Horiuchi)
    Integrity (of Comey)

    Can’t say that they’re not batting 1.000

  6. This is fine……

  7. What’s really funny here is that McConnell is shocked shocked to learn the FBI reaches its conclusions and then investigates. Law enforcement has been doing this for as long as the sun has been a star in the sky.

    What a fucking joke. They go public with shit like this because they know we can’t do anything about it. Or perhaps because they’re too stupid to realize how much it will piss us off. Neither of those is exactly a sterling recommendation for them to remain in charge, is it?

  8. StBernardnot

    So, Grassley, MY Senator, WTF are you going to do about it?

  9. As we were watching the talking heads on Fox last night several of them repeated a similar line. It went something like “This does not reflect on the hard working men and women in the rank and file of the FBI”.

    Every time they said it I looked over at my bride and said “LaVoy Finicum is unavailable for comment”.

  10. The Black flag may not be fully up the mast but its at least on the lanyard and getting ready to hoist.

  11. “I don’t think so. Comey don’t play dat.”

  12. And this revelation changes what? Don’t shit yourself, this to, will go unanswered.

    This is what make the system invalid. Some people are truly above the law, at every level, from DC, to your home town.


  13. Another chain link in the chain Leviathan is forging for their own funeral. It is appropriate that they do this, since all they ever crave is holding on to power, and more power. Like in the ’17 thing in Russia, the Bolsheviks counted only their grievances, not any good things or progress the Romanovs made. Many of Leviathans’ true believers are going to perish when this gets going simply because of their jobs, not because they oppressed any one personally. Civil Wars consume practically every thing, like a forest fire. We see the smoke, and know it is time to go to orange. Remember, staying out of the way of impending craziness is a good tactic. But don’t run, it upsets the men to see you run. And do not place your trust in any one. The very word has always make me feel uneasy. Know what you are going to do, NOW, for when decision time comes, later.

  14. In my eyes, law enforcement surrendered any legitimacy they had a long long time ago. I’ll live based on MY morals, ethics and values and they can trade their written law (selectively enforced, no less) for a wood mallet and a roll of nickels for all I care.