Only If You Listen To Her

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  1. (sigh) History moves in one direction. History had a beginning and the direction it moves in is to the end. There are no “cycles” in history. There are no reset buttons. And there is no history without the people who make it. People being what they are they keep making the same mistakes. The idea that history is a “thing” and a force of nature is pure Marxism; the idea that there is a reset button is pure Eastern mysticism. The reason why we are where we are now is because of the cretinous utopian dreaminess of the Humanist revolutionaries — you know, like the Founding Delinquents.

    Just remember; Antifa are your children.


    • wendystringer48088

      Had someone once tell me “Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and they all stink.”

      Well, thank you for sharing your stinky opinions with us.

      You did great work back in the day, 20 or so years ago, with your publication “The Resister”.(By the way, did you ever replace “that groaning plank” that was is/your bookshelf? Or has it collapsed by now?) 🙂

      However, rather than giving good advice like explaining how concepts such as “defecting in place” and such might work, I see more along the lines of what an embittered old man might write. Is this really a reflection of your current thought?

      Reading what you write these days, one might wonder why are you here in the states, and not instead in England / the United Kingdom where you can be a subject of the King and Queen and be enjoying their system of government, their laws and customs and their current cultural diversityy?

      My opinion:

      I am glad to be an American in these United States born into this time. It’s been a wonderful experience and I believe that the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were a great and necessary experiment in human government.

      However, would-be tyrants and their enforcers will seek to move into and rise to power in any system that is in power at the time in history that they live in, whether that system is the Monarchy and royal knights, the Church and priesthood, Islam, Pagan worship, Communism, Fascism, etc.
      It is sadly part of the human condition. I believe the Christians refer to it as man’s fallen nature and sin.

      I would say that in my opinion the history of civilizations does indeed go in circles over time.

      Some (like myself) believe that we are well into entering the “Fourth Turning.”
      – First Turning: “The High”
      – Second Turning: “The Awakening”
      – Third Turning: “The Unraveling”
      – Fourth Turning: “The Crisis”

      Some people prefer to refer to what is known as the Tytler Cycle:
      – From bondage to spiritual faith;
      – From spiritual faith to great courage;
      – From courage to liberty;
      – From liberty to abundance;
      – From abundance to complacency;
      – From complacency to apathy;
      – From apathy to dependence;
      – From dependence back into bondage.

      We are all trapped in our existence according to the place and time in which we were born into and which we live in. How we manage our lives and how we perform our tasks are up to each of us. The (short on the total scale of human history) lives we each live add to the sum total of human history during the time in which we lived. So its best to aspire and inspire, rather than insult and criticise, in my opinion.

      Now, after posting this, I am going to be off on an adventure of my own this long Labor Day weekend, as a member of the “1st Civvie Divvy”, rank “Special Snowflake” 🙂

  2. Carleton (read my books) Putnam

    If cops are going to let ANTIFA terrorists pull down Confederate monuments and assault Alt-Right members with a permit to assemble with impunity and do shit like this, you’re going to see clear battle lines drawn.

    To: Cops, I IMPLORE you. Stop standing by while niggers destroy shit in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. so you can arrest passive white nurses in lily White Utah.
    Signed, a “Back the Blue Supporter that’s had about enough.

    • you’re wasting your time begging these turds to be honest and just.

      they are genetically damaged at birth.

      hence, why they are drawn to subjugate others by force and thuggery.

      fuck the poLICE

      fuck the gubmint

    • Carlton, I’m not disagreeing with you, it’s just a bigger problem then it appears.

      Cops cop, in circumstances, where the people are willing to follow the law.

      Frankly I remain amazed at the numbers of people who do agree to follow the rules. Nothing binding, except consequence of ones actions, upon being caught.


  3. Sadly cops follow orders, just like soldiers do, like you do, if you wish to remain employed by those you work for. The systems a goat fuck.

    But it’s the best goat fuck I’ve seen in my travels around the world.


  4. If you see a cop arrest a nurse, only because of his arrogant pride, you are seeing a little bit of our civilization collapse into thuggery. Might makes right, only for the Mighty. That video is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen, right up there when I saw the one where a cop arrested a fireman. Arrogance never gives anyone the benefit of the the doubt. Arrogance was rejected at the Cross. Sin was paid for, en total. Arrogance is still a problem of the human race. And few know how to combat it. Humility is the cure.

    • It’s Arrogance with Power thats the problem Sean…If they didn’t have Power behind them then it wouldn’t matter how Arrogant they were…

  5. The Tralfamadorians have a different take.