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  1. If you’re taking flak, it’s because you’re over the target.

    Bombs away, m*****f*****s.

  2. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    At school, My Philosophy courses, and my Mass Comm courses are examining “Why don’t people trust experts” and “Why is the MSM dying” respectively.

    The system knows we are behind them, and have the beginning of a rear choke wrapping around them.

    If we had a coach he would be yelling “Full Court Press”
    While warming up his hitters, because we just hit the 50 yard line.

  3. 2017/08/universities_finally_discovering_that_tolerating_progressive_violence_and_intimidation_will_cost_them_dearly_.

    How can we make sure this happens at University of Virginia in Charlottesville?

  4. More, Faster.

  5. Elections next year. Hate speech laws will be enacted. And the demographic genocide continues unabated.

    • they already have been enacted – by Newt Gingrich and a Republiscam Congress: “hate crime” laws. The Jews are now working toward getting case law that defines speech as a “hateful act”.

  6. Once the left achieves silence of their opposition, the hard stuff will come. I don’t think the left will be able to silence us, because there are too many of us, and their methods are unsound. Any of you ever met a bear in the woods? Often it happens without a sound being made. The bear likes it that way, it gives the bear the advantage of surprise. I met a grizz like that a long time ago, and it must not have been hungry, or mad, it just looked at me and went on its way. Silence is golden, to those who have the gold. September is a month of mist. If some things are not corrected, post haste, October may be a month of the other kind of mist, that smells like gun smoke. Get your people in order.