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Rifles In The Dark

H/t to GVDL.

Orwell Would Puke, Redux

Above and below; both via Gab:

The Eternal Boomer — Part I


It would seem that these folks will be driven into desperation in the early stages of the coming Reckoning.

I wondered if they are making the best of their time now – transferring skills, culture, assets, and mindset to proper young folks in their acquaintance.

Doubt it.

And hope that you are wiser than the broad strokes sketched here.

“This is our time. Fuck the millennials. Let them work just like we did. I don’t even know what a Generation Zyklon is!”

For Those With Google Play

Link to interview


Brent Bozell: The Slow Death of the Republican Party

H/t to Kenny for this GOP evisceration/bill of particulars.

Related here and here.

SFC Barry Sends

Antifa, et alia, cir. 1775
SFC Steven M. Barry USA RET

The Subsidiarity Principle

Something to remember once the fires die down and the bodies have been cremated.

Local government within throatgrabbing reach, with mutual defense pacts amongst neighbors.

Smaller is better.

The NYT & Charlottesville

The news is slanted.

Reporters don’t report.

The media picks winners and losers.

And the NYT loses more influence every day.

Good riddance.

Bovard: COINTELPRO & Ruby Ridge Lessons For How Not To Fight ‘Extremism’

Expecting the secret police to use good judgment is like expecting the crack addict to have a moment of clarity re his problem.

It might happen – but it ain’t the smart bet.

CHS: Ideology As Addiction

A useful lens through which to view the growing madness.

Know that the lens works both ways, however.

Both Mike MuhConsteetooshun and Michelle MuhCollectivism will be sadder, wiser people after the Reckoning’s roar subsides.

If either survive, that is.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.


Via Twitter.

BTW, RRW should be on your daily read list.

FUSA/FoFA is on the suicide watch list.

On Training: Be Good At Everything Or Die

A Q&A with KSG.

What is your training focus this week?


SLL: Supervolcano Alert

Metaphor, but apt.

Greed and powerlust.

Enough to blow us all sky-high.

Opportunity: Ten-Day People’s March From Charlottesville To DC


More info.

Early national coverage.


Quote Of The Week

“…There is a corollary, of sorts, to that Chinese idiom. If they set out to scare the monkey, they better scare the monkey. Otherwise, they risk pissing off the monkey and the rest of the monkeys. That’s the delicate balance authorities must strike in times of crisis. There is a risk of squandering their moral authority and legitimacy. Make an example of the wrong guy and they risk a rebellion. It’s not always easy to know, as the reason a crisis exists is the rulers have lost touch with those over whom they are rule…”

— Z Man


Helicopter Rides

Via Twitter.

Herschel: The Causes Of The War Between The States

Some Sunday reading.

Just imagine how the founders of NewSoweto will describe the vanquished Deplorables.

soweto crossfit

Lind: The White Right Rises

As a direct consequence of the Left’s madness.

When bad people want to destroy you, it is irrational not to fight back.

Let’s win.

Lizard Farmer Sends

A short sitrep.

Hope for more when you can, Treaded.