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A look ahead, electorally.

Moore was just the beginning:

Roy Moore’s victory and the Republican feedback loop of crazy

Elections are not going to change all that must change.

But they are an opportunity to punish your enemies.

Look around and see if you can help “deplatform” some traitorous bastard.

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Z Blog: The Personal Is Political


Leading to consequences.

Lind: Nazism And Fascism Are Dead

Orientation towards reality.

The Reds are doing real well, though.

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FEMA Director Urges Americans To Develop “A True Culture Of Preparedness”, But No One Is Listening

Via ZH, a portent of Doom when FEMA starts behaving and acting rationally.

Food is available and cheap.

So are other goods.

Surplus is just phony fiat and digital on-offs converted to tangible goods.

Tempus fugit.

NYT: Navy Returns to Compasses and Pencils to Help Avoid Collisions at Sea

Is it effective deterrence when your enemies are coughing and gasping from laughter?


Herschel: The NFL, Spenser Rapone, And The Project Of Cultural Terraforming

A superb synthesis describing how FUSA’s institutions are being used as the hammer and anvil of collectivist transformation.

And you?

You and other traditional Americans are the malleable alloy being heated, cooled, and hammered by those institutions into The New American Citizen.


Any questions?

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Moldbug On Carlyle: Order, Justice, & Truth

A harder-than-usual read on even more difficult reading, via Gab.

In multiple ways.

Democracy triumphant produces New Johannesburg.

Reading list per Moldbug:


Latter-Day Pamphlets

Shooting Niagara: And After?

Occasional Discourse

New Woodpile’s Here!


Codrea: On #TakeAKnee

More than sportsball.

Irreconcilable differences.

SWJ: Total Defense — How the Baltic States Are Integrating Citizenry Into Their National Security Strategies

Not that anyone in FUSA has to worry about a massive totalitarian regime projecting its power westward from its capital region.

Thank Greenwood for that.

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