Aesop: Dear JBTs – You Are Officially Dead To Me



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  1. outlawpatriot

    Aesop, while I have been critical of you in the past, this piece is righteous. 🙂

  2. From a retired popo. This shitbag cop, needs to be charged, clearly assault, under the color of authority. This Nurse, is a fool if she doesn’t sue SLPD.

    The SW, is boiler plate, ten minutes with a telephonic judges authorization.

    This is a case of mr, policeman, not wanting his authority usurped. Also, the FUCKTARD LT , is guilty of conspiring to commit assault. That bumps the misd charge up to a felony.

    The fact that the nurse read to them her hospitals rules, should have been a clue.

    And the police wonder why life sucks. Fucking tards.


    • You know damn well that not only will he not be charged, he will not even be touched. This is just one more reason why I thank God every time he sends another pig to burn in hell where they belong.

      Heck, she’s damn lucky he didn’t shoot her and claim he feared for his life!

    • Dirk, Mr. Retired cop, SOME ONE raised and trained these thugs. Maybe it WAS that way back in your day and you just choose not to remember it.

      • Mr. Longbow, o we had thugs back then aswell. I simply chose to adapt to the needs of the people, not the needs of the govt.

        It was a god thing, a county of roughly 60k, per capita shit bags were low numbers. All and all no need to be busting heads, good community, good people.

        These folks tend to police themselves. It was an honor to serve in a community like the one I live in.

        Longbow, call it what you want, I could give a flying fuck what you or anybody else thinks, says or does.


  3. Unfrigginbelievable…and I hope Aesop gathers overwhelming agreement and support from the ranks of health care providers.

  4. Just plain todd

    Lessee here. Having retired 3 yrs ago as a fireman medic with 31 yrs on the job in southern commieforniastan, i can only say this……, fuck the police. Saw them do a lot of untoward shit . Back in the day they used to be Peace officers. And they only fucked up the bad guys for the most part. Since they made the move to Law Enforcement Warriors, they dont distinguish between good people and bad people anymore. We are all potential victims of them now. I see a cop in trouble , i keep going. Fuckem. They earned it. They can’t police themselves, they sure don’t have the right to police us.

  5. A extra nurse with a pair of charged paddles would set that LEO back into the right frame of mind.

  6. Guess they have been brushing up on Heydrichs “Manual of Tactics for the Gestapo Man”

  7. As an RN, I’m deeply angered by this cop’s actions. Of course, my size and demeanor protected me from punks like that cop most of the time, plus the fact that he’d have had a ball point pen sticking in one of his carotid arteries (I know exactly where they are having scrubbed/assisted on many surgeries on the carotid).

    It would have been one of his last mistakes, self defense with force that may be lethal against felony assault is entirely lawful.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “It would have been one of his last mistakes, self defense with force that may be lethal against felony assault is entirely lawful.”

      True, if you get an honest DA.

      Consider also that Contempt of Cop is a capital offense in all jurisdictions.

  8. Chilling video.

    I called the supervisor. Of course no answer.

  9. Extraveritas

    Yeah, the LEO is a turd. But what about the so-called men standing around? Why didn’t they man up and tell the cop if he was going to arrest her, he’d have to take them in, too? Whatever happened to men protecting women? In this case, no violence required. Just man up and say no and be willing to let the LEO’s shut down the ER. Oh, and the other cops? They’re the ‘good’ ones because they did no harm? “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

    • You are corect, Sir.

      The thug cop was surrounded by the “vast majority”… again.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Whatever happened to men protecting women?”

      40-odd years of way too high a percentage of women shrieking “Fuck that noise!”

    • Notarealperson

      Because they would have been fired by the hospital and probably lose their licenses had they walked out. It would be seen as abandoning your patients.

      What the staff needs to do is start a series of civil lawsuits against the city and SLPD due to being terrorized and causing emotional distress. Sue all the cops present and bankrupt them, sue their CO for being a idiot. They don’t have to be successful, just force them to hire lawyers out of their own funds(it gets very expensive real fast) just to make their lives hell. Chances are they’ll get some sort of settlement to go away which the cops will be paying for the rest of their lives.

      The city has to be sued, because someone is allowing them

    • Made same comment to my wife. They stood there and watched a women get assualted.

  10. Enemy 1, citizens 0

    All the while multiple officers standby… And people…

    Just a matter of time until it’s one’s turn to experience this type of situation personally.

    It is amazing that police forces can even maintain staff.

    Integrity of American citizens has never been lower.

    The time is ripe. Accelerate.

      • as it should be.

      • Thank you so much for the link to that video. Most inspirational.

        Note that the first person to take action is a player – probably one of the people with the most to lose. Didn’t seem to slow him down. And once one guy stands up, the floodgates are opened!

        4 guys on one, no visible struggling and they can’t get the cuffs on him. That’s some fine police work there, boys. Those rent-a-cops were lucky. Only one or two of them caught a beating.

    • $ and power corrupt.

  11. Follow the link to the article and read it. The person that the cop was trying to get a blood sample from was a reserve police officer who was injured in a crash with a suspect fleeing police (who died in the crash). The cop claims he was trying to get the sample to protect the reserve officer who is a truck driver as his normal job. So what this was is a cop trying to protect another cop, thats why he got so agitated and demanded a sample. He wanted to make sure that the reserve officer had a good blood sample so he could contest any blame he might have in the crash.
    So one has to ask, do you think this altruistic detective would go so far above and beyond for us mere mortals? Do you think that if I got hit by a fleeing suspect that the cop would do everything to make sure that I didnt shoulder some of the blame in the crash and have my insurance company or employer question my role in the crash? I dont think thats happening.

    • Grenadier1, your answer is ” NO” , if it was criminal, the warrant would have been written.

      Listen, it is not uncommon for medical staff and law enforcement to become close, very close. Seems like I spent at least 12 hours a week at the ER, and we became great friends over the years.

      The caveat is, I would have never asked any of them to not follow their rules and regs. And I expected them to be boldly honest with me.

      This fuckimg retard, fucked up lot more then any realize, those close relationships are stretched after this kind of bullshit behavior.

      The Exedient circumstances he referenced, don’t apply, if the blood draw was for other then criminal action. The medical world in my humble opinion are miracle workers, I’ve seen these men and women preform, literally magic saving lives. I’ve seen them go the extra mile, he’ll ten miles to save lives.

      The labs can do a blood draw, and can tell the courts within minutes the BA, and exactly how old, or long ago the person was drinking. Their that good.

      I nice found a guy on the sidewalk, with a knife sticking out of his heart. I grabbed this guy, and with my fist in his chest threw him into the back of my cruiser and had my reserve officer drive us at Mach III to the ER. I was cut badly as I would not remove the knife before I stuck my fist in. He would have bleed out.

      No time to await an ambulance. When we got to our hospital, the DRs, cut his ribs, opening him up, “my hands still in his chest” and got the wound to stop bleeding, he died four times, while they massaged, sewed and did everything imaginable.

      For a layman, ” me” it was fascinating to watch the Nurses, the Docs, and entire crew work, again it was like magic, logic, smooth, fucking awesome.

      They saved him. An old drunk Indian, they saved him, for all the right reasons. I’m shaking as I write this. I saw gods magic, that night.

      I’ve had the honor of seeing gods work 100 times thru medical professionals, since then.

      I buy the doc’s and nurses at my yacht club, a beer every Wed night, remarkable folks.


      • That’s great stuff Dirk. I too have seen them work miracles and have a lot of respect for the medical professionals. I hope this cop has a need for their services, and for his sake I hope they forgive him.

      • To paraphrase an old saying — Triage can be a bitch.
        LEOs better get wise, being tagged in the treat last stack could be a death warrant and no union rep can help you then.

    • If that stupid cop was really trying to protect his brother cop, then he should have listened to the nurse when she told him that the patient had already received meds to make him comfortable. That’s NARCOTICS. OPIATES. BENZODIAZEPINES.

      Aka, tainted blood sample.

      This was not he ER. It was an intensive care burn unit. Patient had already been in the hospital a few days.

      Dumb fucking police bastards.

      • Yes, the blood sample would have been questionable at best. Not sure if alcohol would show with that drug cocktail going on.

        By the way, there’s a thread on this on ARFcom. A lot of cops and medical personnel, current and former. Not one has said so far that Detective Jackass was trying to cover for the reserve cop/truckdriver/victim. Several have suggested that the detective was, shall we say, not acting in the victim’s best interest.

  12. I left a comment on Aesop’s blog. This is standard operating procedure for most cops when it comes to dealing with nurses and doctors. It’s disgusting and unrepentant behavior. I hope that this nurse, the hospital, and the patient sues the shit out of SLCPD, this officer, all of his upper “authority” goons, and anyone else who contributed. Screw them all.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I hope that this nurse, the hospital, and the patient sues the shit out of SLCPD, this officer, all of his upper “authority” goons, and anyone else who contributed. Screw them all.”

      Of course, if they do, it’s the taxpayers who take the hit, not the officer and his chums.

  13. You want action? Let it slip the patient was “undocumented”. Media will be all over it.

  14. I saw the whole video. I wonder what all those with the blue painters tape on their car windows would think about it? Would they call the nurse a criminal?

    • No they don’t have the balls to say that they would just say she should of complied and worked it out in the courts after… People really need to wrap their heads around that the cops are just the biggest and most powerful gang at the moment…Look what is happening in Europe to see what happens when a bigger gang(Moslems) come to town…The cops steer clear of that area and the bigger gang runs the streets…

    • Sure they will – To them All Cops belong on a pedestal and can do no wrong. Cops are Gods and you shall never question a God. After all they protect 320,000,000 of us all day every day.

  15. Do you recall a few years ago the story about a man pulled over for a simple traffic violation, and ended up being taken to a hospital where the police ordered an invasive cavity search and colonoscopy, or something like that?

    They are out of control. Massive abuse of authority in examples like this, paired with gross negligence in other examples, like the stand down in Charlottesville and Berkeley. They are acting as willing tools for the implementation of an agenda.

  16. yup its almost in place……

  17. Here is a video with a bit of the background info to the story. The patient they demanded a blood sample from wasn’t even a suspect in a crime. The police had engaged in a high speed pursuit that ended with a suspect crashing into the truck driven by the patient. Was this to deflect blame from their own role in causing a fiery crash?

    • Yes.

      They were covering their own asses by any means necessary.

      • Horrible that the COP (Constable Of Peace) and
        probably others, including their “legal dept” should
        take these drastic steps JUST BECAUSE of other
        “legal experts” could SUE and begin to attorn every
        thing around. Yeap, it is called liabilities from the
        “legal system.” Damned if you do, and damned
        if you don’t. Follow the money, it leads right to?
        What a fustercluck…

    • This story is getting coverage all over the place. I did see somebody comment on another forum I frequent that there are rules for commercial drivers that require blood testing for the drivers of vehicles involved in accidents like that one:…T&n=pt49.5.382

      But …. Officer Asshole exhibits no cognizance of those rules before , during, or after the incident with the nurse. So I’d say that argument is off the table – and we’re back to the guy just being a turd.


    It’s even worse. They weren’t doing anything, and they didn’t even issue an apology until they were called out in public.

  19. No one is coming to save you, least of all the boys in blue. Everyone seems fine with the idea that if they got a warrant they can extract blood from an unconscious person. Seems a bit off to me but hey Stokholm y’all!

    OT: The refinery problems in the gulf are not good and will be slow to resolve. Expand my earlier pronouncement to include SE outages that may get nasty. A European armada is most certainly en route to solve the problems for big $$ but there will be some intermediate pain. Keep an eye on Irma, if she heads to either the GC or NY harbor this thing gets real fucking froggy fast. Can’t tell you how bad that would be. Odds are she will recurve out to sea, those are approx 60/40 in favor of going to sea. The other 4 outta ten solutions suck.

    • Maybe if it does it will be the catalyst that tips the Apple cart…Better have your affairs in order…

    • Good news update a couple of the refineries are in restart as I write this.

      • I live in South Texas and have worked on and offshore oilfield for about 30 years. now too old to bust ass but I still keep up with what is going on with my Industry. Let me explain why we have motor fuel aplenty. First the tankers are stacking up in the Gulf waiting for the ports to open. They are carrying crude oil.
        Normally, they would offload, clean their tanks and take on a load of refined products, including motor fuel. That hasn’t been happening.
        Next, ten years ago or so the Valero refinery in Three Rivers was the largest in Texas which probably made it in the US. It never shut down. All the refineries in West Texas never shut down for Harvey, and they are still making motor fuel. I have heard two stories about the five refineries in Corpus. One that they shut down for a short while then started back up and Two, that they shut down and will restart on Sept 4. There’s more refineries up the coast who will begin operations next week. In the meantime the only port open that I can verify is Corpus Christi. And it can only handle so many ships and just so much crude. Once the ports at Freeport and Texas City reopen more crude offloading will occur. But then what? Will the PTB allow the tankers to load a million bbls of gasoline and haul it off for export, or will the fuel be saved until we are out of the woods?
        What we have going on with this “fuel shortage” is planned chaos. George soros is laughing his filthy ass off at what his media did with some simple “words”. Some asshole newsreader made the statement that the Port Arthur refinery closed, the largest in the USA and did they say it might not reopen? Whatever was said, all the cattle-like media here repeated the message, social media picked it up and before you knew it, the lies were flying. I was told my HEB Plus was out of fuel. And that was funny because I then went and got my share of diesel. I should have taken a couple of 55 gallon drums with me and filled them just to piss people off. People went into a panic and if they don’t settle down real soon, the State will have to step in and set up rationing or something to get the supply/demand balance back into alignment. We don’t have enough tanker trucks to keep all the stations full when millions are topping off their tank every couple of hours. fuckem

        • Gus, I suspect the power of the market will dictate the choice of where the refined products go. If the computers see they have a window to make a better net spread by selling here than exporting it it will hit the domestic market.

          I fueled up yesterday and saw the unexpected. The station was out of midgrade and premium. I would have expected just the opposite considering the US fleet mix as far as fuel demand goes. But the rate of price increase here in TX just goes to show how quickly when ‘normal’ goes tits up it can happen in the blink of an eye.

        • Last night read that US reserves released about 500,000
          barrels of crude.

          • Another point to ponder is that ever since the Gulf Oil
            Horizon Flow, there have not been any Hurricanes
            going through the Gulf of Mexico. Until now
            that is. If the storms where redirected due to not
            stirring up that Coreexit crap with its synthetic genomes,
            WELL… that will be some THING not to look forward

    • Yes Tom, definitely getting gas containers filled for
      generator/car for possible upcoming events. So far
      in these neck of the woods, gas prices have gone up
      about 20%

  20. She got off easy…………..contempt of cop is usually fatal. Especially if they’re in the wrong.

  21. Pew ! Pew ! Pew !

  22. Wow, things have really deteriorated on ERs! It has been many years since I have worked in (or consulted to) an ER, but I cannot imagine a cop pulling some stunt like that nor being allowed to get away with it. It really is clear how badly corrupted this entire country is.

    I was listening to a podcast from InfoWars (Friday, one week ago) today, first time in months. I wanted to hear the Hagman interview. It got a little annoying listening to Jones sound so intensely “pro-cop” given the direction and loyalties they now demonstrate (cops).

    Just further signs of the apocalypse! I did just see the final “Resident Evil” chapter, sure would like to have Alice on my side for the coming zombie party.

  23. If I was a cop, I wouldn’t want to get a catheter either put in or removed for a few years at that hospital.

  24. To call them fag fucking cops I’d disrespect to fags

  25. Neither probable cause nor exigent circumstances entitles ANY law enforcement officer in ANY capacity to compel, under threat of criminal prosecution, the co-operation of ANY third party to perform such blood draw.

    If he had probable cause AND exigent circumstances, he had grounds to make an arrest, at which point, under both law and hospital policy, drawing blood from the unconscious patient would have been legal, authorized, and within hospital policy.

    Had he merely made the arrest, and assumed all further legal liability for what was, in all probability, neither legal nor exigent, the blood would have been drawn, but instead of putting his own head on the block for that act, the officer (and his shit-for-brains watch commander Lt. who ordered the arrest – “just following orders”) tried to illegally compel the unwilling participation of a nurse who did no more than tell him he was f*cking up by the numbers.

    Any cop who EVER tells me that he’s found a loophole in Constitution, and may suddenly make me an indentured servant of his department, contrary to the Thirteenth Amendment, whether in FL, UT, and 48 other states or 7 US territories, will be told in plain English just exactly how far he can shove that noise up his own ass, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw.

    Anything he does after that, short of piss himself, will enable my early retirement on the proceeds of his former job, agency, city, and personal assets, until he’s living on skid row in a cardboard box.

    Try me on that point.

    Hospital staff have NO DUTY WHATSOEVER to work for the police, EVER, under ANY circumstance you can postulate nor imagine.

    Officer Fuckstick Jackboots needs to learn that lesson from the unemployment line, after a trip to court in the defendant’s chair, and a good stretch in federal prison.

    And until both those badged assholes are fired and prosecuted, the entire Blue Collective can eat shit and die.

  26. “Holy blue blazes shitstorm,Batman!” yelled Robin , the trusty sidekick. 1971,handcuffed behind the back, my face being used as a punching bag by the boys in blue. That has been the high point of my contact with badged pricks. Everyone gets to play in this game.
    Welcome to the party, RN. These pricks should get a shot of ergoline alkaloid.Clinical acid. They will never be back.

  27. fuck the pooLICE

    • I’ve been waiting all fucking day for you to stick your head up TeeFat. Just couldn’t resist, could you? Even when it meant agreeing with your long time nemesis, Aesop.

      Now usually, anytime I’ve seen someone attempt to agree with something you’ve written, you turn right round and act like an utter fucking cocksucker. So, allow me to be the first in this instance to adopt your very own tactics and tell you most emphatically
      To go and

      The Mayor of the Lunatic Fringe

  28. Not my problem, sucks to be that nurse

    The absolute kicker to that whole sequence is that near everyone there experienced the whole situation as it developed an enveloped the nurse. No one got a half story, a second hand account, or showed up late to a imminent situation.

    Everyone got the full story. That is multiple law enforcement, security, nurses, doctors, colleagues, co-workers, and probably friends. The whole situation was wrong and everyone let it happen. Kind of eerie…

    Joe blow / Jane doe thoughts…

    ‘Not my problem’… ‘Oh well’… ‘Damn, JP getting that money’… ‘I’m so glad that’s not me’…. ‘Poor nurse’… ‘It’s okay friend, this will be over soon’… ‘Don’t resist bitch!’… ‘This cunt is obstructing justice!’…. ‘Just accept the lord’…

    How’s the integrity citizens?

    The only “responsible citizen” there was the nurse for standing her ground.

    Where is the mayor?

    Where are the leaders of the community?

    Where is the nurses family?

    Where is the integrity?!!!

  29. Not my problem, sucks to be that nurse

    Also, where are the resignations of all the police officers of that police force? Not just based on what happened, more so on how the police force is handling the aftermath.

    Is integrity that much of a motherf’r?

  30. I use to believe, you took them on in court.
    I am seriously Rethinking that.
    Fuck you asshole SLPD!

    • Once they have your blood – you have a big problem.

      This was getting debated on another forum I frequent. Somebody compared it to getting pulled over on a bogus traffic charge – just go fight it in court.

      Those two things are completely different. If you have a camera in your car – and the cop has a body cam – sure: go to court. Got a witness in your car? Even better. Tell the judge – the cop was not justified in the pull over – and show the evidence and the witness – you’re likely to win. At that point you’re only fighting an individual cop and maybe the police dept. if they decide to back him up.

      Give blood however – and you’re in a completely different realm. Remember all the news a year or two ago about how crime labs were botching or outright lying about evidence? Give blood – have them lie outright about what was in your blood – and good luck refuting that in court. Now you’re fighting not just one officers over-reach , you’re fighting the entire system. How much money do you have? You’re going to need all of it and then some.

      No blood in the system = safety from the corrupted system. At the very least they’ll have a lot harder time lying about something they don’t have.

  31. After all that’s happened, it took one nurse getting pimped up for you to see the light? One nurse!? Out of how much fucking abuse? How many cases of sidestepping the law, murdering, maiming rape, kidknapping etc, etc etc for who to finally get pissed off? It’s about fucking time you joined the rest of us to the shit show of modern policing. Welcome to the war.

  32. As the saying goes, “All it takes is a a pebble to bring down the mountain!”

    I and others here have been consistently showing that cops at ALL levels are nothing more than “thugFor”; they’re the enforcement arm of the parasite class and always have been and always will be!!

    Here’s a couple of pertinent messages to those individuals who still choose to “take the King’s coin/bear his sword”:

    Message to Police

    When Should You Shoot A Cop?

    The follow up by Larken..for those that couldn’t comprehend the previous video:

    Shooting Cops

    IMHO, this is how people should problem solve to get along:

    The Outlaw Josey Wales – Ten Bears & The Grey Rider

    Unfortunately, Vickie and Sammy Weaver, The Branch Davidians, Gordon Kahl, Jose Guerna, Jack Yantis, Lavoy Finicum and too many others “aren’t available for comment”.

    Hope that piece of shit jackboot and his “Lt” and their uniformed fellows have the occasion to show up at that hospital with multiple gunshot wounds..just to be turned away while “waiting for the paperwork”….

    Thugs gotta thug
    Resisters gotta resist
    Payback’s a cold cruel bitch!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  33. The Walkin' Dude

    Reason number 867846265 why I will NEVER “fight it in court.” If you come after me, you better be ready to lose some folks. You can draw straws for first (dead) man in.

  34. Michael Savage was all over this last night. 

    He opened his show with it and then spent two full segments in full outrage mode (as he should have). It was great to hear.

    He has millions of faithful listeners and they got the message good and hard.

  35. Wonder how the hospital staff will treat that turd if he shows up there for treatment?