The Most Trusted Name In News

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  1. cnn is ubs.

    The only question now is when does kammau bell attempt to murder Howard Beale?


    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  2. What is there else to say?
    Well, the media is not only against America, it also is also fills the slot as an alarmist outlet, but only in a trivial, entertaining manner.

    “The evidence of war preparations in Russia and China is plentiful. Russia and China’s prewar moves include: the accumulation of large gold reserves (for when paper currencies begin to collapse); an increase in agricultural output and the stockpiling of food in huge underground cities and bunkers; the production of a new generation of weapons (tanks, fighters, missiles, etc.); the infiltration and corruption of the West’s ruling class; the exploitation of political divisions in the United States for the purpose of destroying social trust or to encourage a civil war; and publicly pretending that the great power rivalry of previous decades is a thing of the past while secretly continuing that rivalry.

    It’s too bad, of course, that the CIA will never discover any of this. The facts may be known, but they will not be acknowledged; instead, they will be explained away.

    The political imperative of our time has been to claim victory in the Cold War.

    The economic imperative has been market optimism (i.e., the peace dividend). The West has always been blind to the big picture. Western leaders are psychologically incapable of seeing that Russia and China — as the No. 2 and No. 3 Powers — are logically obligated to strive against the No. 1 Power.

    As of this writing, the President of the United States may boast that America is ready to rain “fire and fury”on its enemies, but the reality is quite different. America’s enemies are now ready to rain fire and fury upon America; for America is a divided country, intellectually confused, deracinated and demoralized.”

  3. I see no conflict of interest here.

  4. “Mast Head” POL?


  5. Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.


    Kamau Bell. Now that’s a silly f***ing name. I imagine that it was originally Tyrone or Tony Bell. No matter. The ratings game eventually decides everything. When they wake up the morning after, they are still bleeding out viewers and advertisers.
    In other news according to Breitbart, our: “love the wetbacks” hero, Glenn Beck is dying on the vine, terminating 40 more employees. That headline is music to my ears as that brain-damaged alcoholic psychopath had a direct hand in the 2014 “Children Crusade” across our southern border. He is a traitor to his country.
    His criminal efforts, along with those of the Catholic Church and other NGOs made my own family members refugees, as they had to flee from the disease and crime that those Hispanic parasites brought to a once very civilized part of SoCal. That rich elitist rat bastard, his minions, gadflys, remoras and useful idiots deserve everything bad that can ever happen to them. Anathema sit.

  7. CNN is a distraction. I suggest keeping a closer eye on local developments, prices on market reports (no, you don’t need to watch the DOW Jones or the other “stock” reports, nearly all of them are owned by the original co. and a stock market drop only indicates a companies loss of confidence) the price of oil, PMs, agriculture futures, etc. Rocketing oil prices will come, and be followed by huge increases of all other futures, as we are a POL based civilization. Food simply cannot be supplied without a lot of POL support, not in the quantities that we are accustomed to, anyway. Keep an eye on local diesel prices. The higher they get, the higher your food bill will be, and if it exceeds $6 a gallon, there will be food shortages that show up. Followed by food riots, and rioting in general. Get your people in order. This may be a localized, Southwest thing right now, but it has national implications. A man I know hit 13 straight gas stations in the DFW area this morning, and no gas. A lot of companies here are starting to tell their employees they can work from home on their computers, but I don’t know what in the fuck blue collars are supposed to do if they are out of gas.You can’t swing a hammer or roof a building by computer.Rig for heavy weather. If the refineries come back on line soon, it will improve. If they stay shut for a month, we’re done.

    • Yeap. In this weekly commentary, one of the many
      realities was that FRN’s have dropped about 15%
      in value just in the last few months alone:

      “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  8. “CNN – The Most trusted Name In Spews”

  9. just another nigger fronting for the


  10. fuck the poopLICE

    fuck the gubmint

  11. They have plans for you white man……………..

  12. Walter Mitty

    (1) The liberals have a great advantage over the Christian Europeans in that their master, who is Satan, proscribes no boundaries. He has no honor, and he encourages his subjects to spit on all honor codes that stem from Christian Europe. Thus the liberal will fight without honor and extend no mercy to his white victims. The Christian European must fight with that charity of honor, which is a practical disadvantage. But that disadvantage is offset by the passionate intensity that is gained by an adherence to His code of honor.

    (2) Many men have lost their jobs as a result of their participation in the Charlottesville protests. No protestor from the left lost his or her job. Only the white protestors lost their jobs. This is the same thing that happens in France, Germany, Britain, and every other European nation when whites try to seek redemption from the devil.