A God Who Failed

The American conservative movement failed to conserve anything, except the spotlight in their designated role as controlled opposition.

But hey, nice Brooks Brothers suit.

13 responses to “A God Who Failed

  1. Conservatives are Liberals whose clock stopped./ S//

  2. Tryin to intimidate me? Don’t care how fashionable conservativism is. I will support the constitution until the end. I ask the transgender f.ag movement to bring it, give it your best shot. I wil, be waiting to defend those I love

    • > I will support the constitution until the end.

      What if you found out that you were lied to about it all along and in truth it was the usurpation–effectively a peaceful coup (for two years!)–of the United States of America? Would you support it then? It’s okay either way; just not much point in arguing about beliefs of faith.

      • Naaaa, Jim, it is written, I’ve lived it, that piece of parchment paper gives me inner peace. And it absolutely matters, enough that a copy of it, and other founding documents hang on my wall, as a reminder of how we got here, how we’re gonna get out.

        Your point is taken.


      • Ghost, I’d like you to say which Constitution you’re talking about. Without any amendments? First ten only? All amendments? Some of them? Women voting? Slavery?

        If you accept the amendment process, and eventually the Left gets enough votes to turn your precious into the constitution of North Korea or the USSR, will you support that new document to the end?

  3. The Usual Suspect

    Regardless of how people perceive Buckley and his version of
    conservatism it has been a momentous failure, the progressive
    left never faltered a moment and here we are, at the precipice.

    The time for talk is over, the Marxist/progressives have tasted blood
    and in for the kill, and kill or be killed it will be.
    The shadow government and the present administration are clearly
    on the verge of a out and out war in the street.

    I quit talking to the leftists in my family many years ago, I spend
    my time and resources preparing for the violence that is sure to

    • Buckley- narcissistic personality disorder… or, he certainly knew he was smarter than the average politician/commentator/’journalist’.

      Obama- pathological narcissistic personality disorder… or, he felt entirely justified in everything his hate, envy and preening and entirely unjustified self importance compelled him to do.

      A distinction without a difference?

      I think not.


    Mr. Buckley was just another Ivy League Mandarin who, early on, said and wrote a few things which caused the remnant who had followed Robert Taft and Joe McCarthy to take notice. Like most egghead egomaniacs who constantly drink their own bath water, he thrived on the adulation of the Young Republican Clubs on college campuses. That is primarily where he found his acolytes.
    Robert Welch and the Birchers sniffed this Judas out fairly early, and LIFE Magazine, among other RINO media giants of the time exploited that to drive a wedge between the true conservative movement and the Eastern Establishment Rockefeller Republicans. And, when the brilliant, truthful and ethical journalist Joseph Sobran exposed him and his minions as Zionists stooges, Joe was fired from National Review.
    As the Good Book says, there is nothing new under the sun. The mass of Amerikan Sheeple will continue to be conned and defrauded until the last dime has been squeezed out of them by International Banksters, (((Wall Street))) Illuminati Masonic Rat Bastards, and all of the Government parasites, pedophiles, and thieves who inhabit Mordor-on-the-Potomac. Time is running out for all of us. Bleib ubrig.

  5. Opposition? Hardly.

    That high ground crap didn’t work and won’t work.

  6. Seraphim of Sarov

    So ‘no enemies to the right’ or f*ck-the-Buck(ley JUUuuUUnnnnñyohr)? Which?

  7. old bill did enjoy a less complicated period in america and did a good job of presenting conservative views, clearly, to a wide audience. did that for years. something that couldn’t happen these days. but despite all his efforts, the lefties were rooting in. “you can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves in to.”

  8. Buckley sold out NatRev to (((Podhoretz)) and the rest of the “ex”-Trotskyite communist neo-conz in trade for a talk show on PBS.

    and the neo-conned, cucked Republiscam party has definitely conserved Israel-in-Palestine. While letting everything else go to the Left. That was the deal from the beginning, and remains the deal with Trumpenthal.