Codevilla: The 2016 Election Is Not Reversible

So says The Prof.

Others disagree.

11 responses to “Codevilla: The 2016 Election Is Not Reversible

  1. Trump the problem, I think not. You only need to look down the street to the senate and the congress. That’s where the real problems exist. The farse of a two party system, is a contributing factor.

    And don’t forget the fascist govt, , in play.

    Their is only one true solution to this problem.

    Use your time wisely.


  2. “Let us be clear: the 2016 electorate chose Trump and they saw Trump as the vehicle by which to challenge the ruling class. ”

    Let me be clear, a bunch of pissed off folks fell for a total fucking scam.

    It was understandable as hope is such a powerful drug and after 8 years of blatant communist statist fuckery the populace still possessed of a moral compass attempted a 180 at the first chance. It was however a false hope. The PTB bought 4 more years of fuckery and here we are, imagine where we will be.

    Free Lloyd Blankfein! Free John Corzine! <—oh wait! what?

    RIP LaVoy Finnicum RIP Kelley Thomas

  3. AC has written a pretty good piece here. He’s correct in stating that it’s not about Trump, it’s about the uni-party ruling elite.

    For better or for worse (the latter more likely) they don’t get it. They see Trump as the problem when he’s really a symptom. He’s closer to “them” in views, status, wealth and interests. The problem comes when the unwashed turn to someone that makes Trump look like a Progressive Democrat. Someone that will cast aside (for real) the constraints on Executive power and its use…

  4. POd American

    Looks like “dead or alive” wanted posters. I prefer the bounty hunter solution…draped over a saddle.

  5. sure it is. In fact, with his cabinet appointments and on almost every issue of substance, Trumpenthal reversed it some time ago. All he has to do, to get into complete synch with the (((deep state))), is attack Syria, all day everyday. Better do it soon, though. ’cause Isramerica’s pet Sunni terrorists will be finished off in a month or two…

    …and our bedpan philosopher proven wrong yet again.

    • Any way you cut it, nobody knows Trump’s deepest motivations. Pretty tough not to pick any new world order folk when the pool consists of 99% new world order folk. Trump himself has been darn near flawless, again depending on his deepest motivations. That he did stuff you don’t like is not very persuasive, and doesn’t give us a hint about his true underlying philosophy.

      “…and our bedpan philosopher proven wrong yet again.”

      Pffft. That’s as high as you shoot? Maybe that’s the problem.

  6. This is very long and worth every minute of your time. Re: Bill Buckley and his “conservatism”.

  7. The Usual Suspect

    Should, would,could, Buckley is water under the bridge.
    If your reading about him, your not at the range or humping
    a 50lb pack up the trail.

    Your call !

  8. Great piece by Codevilla that should be required reading for every GOP pol and Ruling Class donors. The Republican Party is dead.