Great Boomer Moments

First in a series, via Gab.

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  1. Nice try.
    Have this one on for size:

    • No boomers voted for the First Boomer Co-Presidency?

    • Another person who has all the ideas for OTHERS to try (all your B.S. about what ‘not’ to do for the lib’s march to D.C.- and you didn’t do SQUAT). And you have no responsibility for the current state of affairs in this country; you are a VICTIM because of your age! I guess you’re another who is pretending to have just turned 18 last November.

      I didn’t vote for Soc Security (or Clinton, or Obama, but don’t let facts get in the way of your sniveling). Did you vote for Soc Sec? No? You were not of voting age when FDR was president either? But I get the blame and you don’t? OK But I bet you have refused to participate in soc sec. so you are less responsible for that cluster than those older than you. Right? [But we all know you didn’t/can’t/won’t try to refuse to pay into Soc Sec.]

      But you have ZERO responsibility, because you have a “blog” and that means you’re ‘doing something’. Oooooh Aaaahhhh! BFD

      BTW, didn’t you write somewhere that you live in Kalifornia? Arguably the most socialist, debt-ridden state in the union?
      Hopefully I am mistaken about your residence; because only an extreme hypocrite would cast stones at people in other states who have not allowed that level of insanity to take hold in their states?

      But if I am not mistaken in that:
      You’re just a blow hard.
      And I can see why T-fat despises your ass.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Kalifornia? Arguably the most socialist, debt-ridden state in the union?”

        Get bent, pal.
        – Glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Illinois

      • So what are you doing?

      • Gosh, yeah, you caught me, I didn’t hop on a jet to fly 3000 miles to fuck up 23 whiny crybabies walking through the VA woods.
        You were there though, right?
        Then STFU, and go apply some more butthurt cream.
        CA’s post on the topic invited thoughts; I shared mine. And you brought…what, exactly? Yeah, thought so.

        Now please, do go on about how I have any responsibility for the state of affairs in this country.
        Show your work.
        To date, I’m guilty of having my paychecks hijacked since the age of 14 for a “benefit” that I’ll never collect: it goes bankrupt before I get there.
        I’ve voted against the shit I could, every time I’ve could, at every level, volunteered for campaigns for people and measures to stop it, and donated time, money, and effort.
        But I can’t outdo the work of the fucked up children of the “Greatest generation”, who started as hippies, became college professors and rock stars, and have been undermining the country pretty much non-stop since decades before I was born.
        The earliest actual boomers could vote for a president was the year Nixon was elected (i.e. someone born in 1945, the first year of the baby Boom, wouldn’t be 21 – the legal voting age – until 1966); other than Nixon’s fuck-ups which gave us one-term Carter, then 12 years of Reagan/Bush,

        and a peacetime boom that went unhindered into 1999, when Democrats in Congress engineered the housing bubble. But it wasn’t until boomer’s kids could vote that we got Clinton, just as noted.

        And whoinhell blamed you for Social Security? Are you 105 years old??? As I noted, correctly, that bullshit was more residue of the “greatest generation” (of theft from their children), and their fathers, for stealing from their grandkids, taking SS payouts that were paid for after contributing about $1 into the system for every $1000 they pulled out before they died off. So pull your head out and read what I wrote, instead of imagining what I didn’t write.
        I never claimed victimhood, just placed the blame where it was:
        the Progressive fucktards who voted in the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th Amendments, then piled on by giving us President Fuck Dem Republicans for four terms.
        Blaming the boomers for what happened 25-40 years prior, exactly as I noted, is epic horseshit.
        “Refuse to pay into Social Security?” So you’re a marijuana user, or unaware that the money for that is removed before I’m paid.
        If you’ve sussed out the unicorn you described, please, show your work.

        So I have zero responsibility, because I have zero responsibility.
        Didn’t vote for any of the fucktard nonsense, voted against it every chance I had, did everything I could. I am one person. I’m not a generation. I’m me.
        You’re you. That’s how it works. Group punishment only goes in kindergarten and boot camp. As a nation, we’ll all pay for the majority’s fuck-ups, but suffering because the bus driver drove you off the cliff doesn’t become you fault because you were dragged along for the ride, and some folks are doing their damnedest to GTFO the bus before it tips.
        So suck it up, buttercup.

        And I’ve written, not somewhere, but frequently, that I do in fact live in Kalifrutopia. Born, here, raised, here, probably die here. We are, indeed, the most debt-ridden state in the nation, owing to our size and population. Most socialist? Eat shit and die.
        I grew up with Governor Reagan – a true communist, no?
        The minute I was old enough I dumped Moonbeam the first time. After that, I – and gazillions of my friends and neighbors- put in Republican governors who ran the state wisely and well. Oh, and President who used to be our governor, a coupla times, IIRC.

        And if you look at that meme above, I cast no such stones at anyone in other states for not letting them go to shit.
        But since you asked…

        The fly in the ointment here was overwhelmingly not native Californians, but rather your toothless, banjo-playing kinfolk who moved here from liberal hives by the Beverly Hillbilly Okie carload, and democrat-stronghold trailer-parks from hell to breakfast, because just like Texas (now, for the moment #2) CA then (1945- ) had the biggest, most booming economy in the country. We built ships, cars, airplanes, all the parts and sub-assemblies for same, drilled and refined oil, fed the world, made 99% of the world’s TV and movies and records (records: what they called CDs and iTunes back when people here worked for a living), and created Silicon Valley.
        And over time, ass-loads of liberal fucktards from NYFC, Massholes from Boston, and all the trailer-park trash on the planet flocked here.
        And helpfully, besides Teddy Kennedy fucking the country over with the Immigration Act of 1965, and 98 other senators and 400 other congressman looking the other way, nobody saw a problem with the flood of wetbacks who moved in, and started staying here – instead of picking lettuce for 4 months, and scampering back to mamacita’s house in Mehico to live on that cash the other 8 months. And they voted. Like Daley Democrats, including the dead. Hippies swarmed the Bay Area first, dragging Frisco down into the sewer it became by the 1970s. And decent people, who’d lived and worked her for generations, died off, and their kids watched their homes turned into shitville in a generation or two.
        (Read anything Victor Davis Hanson has written about this in the last twenty years; he’s a third-generation farmer/rancher in the Central Valley, besides a world-class Stanford historian, and watched his locale go from mainstream America to Jalisco by way of Beirut in a generation.)
        The same thing happened to L.A. next, and by the 1990s, the chickenshits who came here from somewhere else got the fuck out, because CA wasn’t home, just a paycheck, and the rats and fleas had fucked it up for everyone.
        (And you and countless ignorant assholes refer to them as Californians. Ha! they’re as Californian as our recalled governor, Gray Davis; or Nancy Pelosi; or Barbara Boxer. Google/Wikipedia them, and tell me where they were from. Hint: not here.)
        Even our homegrown asstards couldn’t get a word in edgewise until the rot was well-and truly into the roots. We wouldn’t have had Moonbeam the first disastrous time, nor Diane Feinswein, nor countless other assholes, until things were fucked up enough that their tribes could vote them back into power. 1974/5 was the tipping point, in case you wondered, and even then, they had a run for their money until they finally imported enough migras and chased out enough weak-kneed workerbees to rule the demographics.

        So now we’ve got the migras in a conga line to infinity stretching from San Diego to Tierra Del Fuego and Shanghai, and your kinfolks and their spawn, and you’ve got the chickenshits who’d rather run than fight; by all means, keep them, but first ask folks in CO and OR and WA how that’s working out for them. TX is purpling up nicely too. You’ve got the faux Californians, and the ones who think you can run away from the problem. Where do you run to next? And your toothless, banjo-playing kinfolk are still here, still in a trailer, and they have nine kids from three baby daddies, and the ones old enough to move out live in tarps along the freeways and drainage canals.

        You’ve imported literally millions of your biggest, goofiest, most worthless shitbags to us, just like Mexico has. They weren’t born here. They just can’t go any further west, and the weather’s nicer.

        But the most socialist? Oh FUCK no. Massholes from Bahstun are miles ahead of us there, and everyone in NYFC who’s fucked over the PR of New Yawk. And Chicongo has dragged Illinois under, Detroitistan looks like Beirut in every way, Minnesota has been batshit crazy back to being the only D state against Reagan, Baltimorons have ruined Maryland, and the open sewer of NJ are all shitastically worse than here, as are RI and CT. We might barely make tenth on the list, but only because District of Communism isn’t a state, just a rump territory, and only because WA and OR are worse, but less important, nationally, though both are far lefter in every way than CA.
        Take a look at the electoral map again, smart guy:
        outside the coastal Blue Hives, most folks in CA are still politically to the right of Attila the Hun. (Compare 2016 to the earlier map)

        Personally, given the nuclear codes for five minutes, I’d nuke five cities (three in CA and two in Mexico), and after that, the rest of CA would be redder than a sunburned pig’s ass for a century, and the most liberal candidate we elected at any level would call Limbaugh and Hannity soft on socialism. And we’d have the radioactive mess cleaned up in 6 months, sell it to Mexico as baby food at a net profit, and have the whole CA jobs and production machine ticking like a Swiss watch again in about a year.
        And among the people I know here, I’m a mainstream moderate in that view.
        (For a bonus, without those 55 CA electoral votes anymore, you’d never see another Democrat in the White House this side of 2200 A.D. You’re welcome.)

        Ask me about secession then.

        And frankly, I’ve paid my dues. I love it here, despite the shitheads in the state capitol. Just like people in 49 other states feel about their homes. probably even you. They’re about to go epically broke here, the wheels will come off the wagon like Venezuela and every other attempt at socialism gone inevitably amok,and I’m going to get to watch the CA equivalent of Moscow 1990, and watch the statues of Lenin and Marx here get pulled down, by necessity, if not torch and pitchfork mob. I have a torch and a pitchfork, and a healthy list of folks to hang as decorations from the city gates, come the day. Hear me, God.

        I have no idea how t-Fat feels about my ass, if he has any opinion whatsoever. Why you’d drag him into your tawdry whining I have no idea.
        Most folks worth the time know how to make their own arguments without outside help.

        But if, despite those realities, and nothing but the rash around your ass and a sagging diaperload of ad hominem, you want to suck t-Fat’s ass, despite the fact that even he’s throttled the shit-flinging way the fuck back lately, and actually makes a solid point now and again, it’s your tantrum.

        There’s always room for a guy to be all they can be, and if you want to be That Guy, go ahead on; CA runs an open comments section here, so there’s nothing standing between you and the That Guy trophy but a few more contributions as mindless and butthurtedly worthless than that last one.
        Just get out your crayon and a piece of tape, and fill your name out in the blank spot below.

        So, did you really want to talk about the weather, or just make chit-chat?
        I think this is yours…

        • His ass on a plate…

          Priceless. And all the rest of that as well.

          I think you may have laid waste the whole bone of contention here, definitively, scathingly and finally. Skewered him and used the whole thing as a foil to make all the right points.

          Thank you, srsly.

  2. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Boomers in a nut shell.

    Me- Looking on the internet at cars that cost $30,000.


    Me-“Houses are $300,000, It’s not 1989 anymore”

    My Parents-“Move to Ohio with your Neo-Nazi Buddies and listen to Alex Jones there”

    Fuck Boomers. End of Story.

    • Well I guess you JUST turned 18 this year or last and are a F#CKING VICTIM!.
      It was the 18-34 year-olds (by a large margin-not the boomers) that put that piece of SH!T Obama in office; you know, YOUR hero, the one who DOUBLED the debt to 18 TRILLON.
      I am not about to defend Bush or the other Bush, or the Rinos. But I sure don’t read WRSA to hear another whiner playing the VICTIM. Nor does anybody else.
      If you’re older than 18 you and your buddies and buddy-ettes are every bit as responsible for the sh!t hole we’re in as anybody!
      But, go ahead, blame me for Reagan, all day, every day. I will gladly take that hit. I still celebrate every February 6th.
      If you can’t buy a house, tough dodo. Work and save like the rest of us had to (with 9-11% interest rates-in the late 1980’s). Buying a house is NOT a RIGHT. You sound like the demoncrats of the 1990’s when they ordered the banks to lower lending standards (lets make it “fair” for everybody to own a home)-which led to the housing crash.
      Grow up. Quit trying to be a victim.
      You sound like the beggars in the street, the ones who say they were in the military but have ZERO sense of pride or self discipline (and whose b.s. stories fall apart at the first question, when they can’t google an answer).

      • Hey, get a clue Bubba. What he said is that his parents have no idea that the inflation has made it impossible for people to buy in a conspicuous consumption fashion anymore.

        $300,000 for a $40,000 house is outrageous! The average white man blue collar makes under $60,000 a year and only union members get paid more and they are broke with nothing to show for it.

        Don’t tell us you are a millionaire with all the houses, cars. etc. because most white men were pushed out of the white collar jobs for affirmative action and PC and the blue collars are being replaced by illegal aliens and now the transportation industry is affected with PC people and liberals.

        Autonomous trucks are only a few years away and 1,000,000 drivers will be out of work. Unions keep most of us out of work as well. We can’t join the unions (exclusive memberships dontcha know) and all the work is union.

        Now the points made by the Posterer and the commenters is that the “Greatest Generation” and the Boomers were unconcerned with the future and the consequences of their political decisions and now the rest of us must administrate those consequences.

        • “most white men were pushed out of the white collar jobs for affirmative action and PC”

          It’s even worse. Partly because of that, and partly to further it, many of the jobs themselves vanished from production and instead became, ahem, supervision. Lotta supervising out there.

          “…the Boomers were unconcerned with the future and the consequences of their political decisions and now the rest of us must administrate those consequences.”

          Highly accurate IMO. They figured if they could only force you not to think, then maybe they’d get away with it! Turned out not to be so easy as they thought, from what I see.

          Happily even a pea-brain lower creature could figure this one out. Hell, one guy even said it hundreds of years ago—it’s either liberty or death.

          Ha, and if they don’t wake up, many WRSA readers will go from hopeful warriors to yesterday’s trash, chop-chop.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “If you can’t buy a house, tough dodo.”

        Actually, it’s going to turn out very badly for the Boomers if the younger generations can’t buy houses – they’d largely be buying them *from* Boomers who are downsizing.

    • Heh, way to influence people and win friends,

      By age I guess I’m a boomer, but I’m also a victim because mommy and daddy didn’t leave me shit for an inheritance. I also don’t recall anyone offering me jack shit in any way shape or form for anything I wanted to have, instead I sat around on my ass bitching and moaning about how someone else fucked me over and kept waiting for a hand out …


      instead my wife and I did without vacations, new cars, expensive toys, ate at home, for that matter usually grew our own food and raised our own meat for those meals. We didn’t smoke, drink booze, party, use dope in any of its forms, didn’t have to have the latest in the “smart” phone craze, (as an aside how fucking stupid does someone have to be to let Apple keep up selling you to the latest I.XX version for a couple hundred more at a pop), didn’t try to keep up with the Jones’ and so on.

      We both worked our asses off, at home and at jobs, many times seven days a week from before can see to after can’t see. We started our own business more than once. We scrimped and saved for years so we could purchase a house, paid cash for it too. Same as our car and truck. They may be old but we paid cash for them too. With very, very few exceptions everything we have today we worked long and hard for and we didn’t get to bitch about the previous generation fucking it up for us.

      Grow some balls and step up to the plate if you want something and quit pissing into the wind about how you didn’t get a fair shake.

      Oh, and fuck you too. End of story


      • You pegged it ,Wes. I worked like an animal most of my adult life in a profession I was passionate about 70-80 hour weeks were not uncommon.
        Crybaby,lazy cocksuckers piss and moan about how hard it is. Wah,wah,wah. Fucking losers.
        “Welcome to the party,Pal!”

      • Right on Wes !
        Check it, they call each other Spartans too….
        Some of these guys run out on the football field ready for a baseball game….. Clueless.

      • This all the way. Hard brutal work anyone? Baring tax’s take out (on every level) of my pay checks, SS, Medicare and other non-voluntary expenses working as you did I was able to ‘retire’ to a somewhat good life (again hard work on a small ranch/farm operation) but beginning sometime around age 12 forward I never experienced what some would call ‘the good life’ – in the end it has paid off – so – for those who whine: STFU.

      • Wes, right on brother.


    • Sounds like my family, Grandmother’s generation not so greatest and couldn’t comprehend that it wasn’t 1940’s anymore.
      “Why don’t you get a job?”
      “Because they all require me to have a Bachelor degree and an Associates only gets minimum wage. High school diplomas are rejected.”
      I must have been speaking archaic Martian, they never got it.

      “…Neo-Nazi buddies…Alex Jones…” Just so classic. I feel you, brother. Keep your inner Spartan alive.

      • are you serious?

        you were sold a lie.

        who would want to work for someone else anyways?

        think BIG.

        everyone i know skipped college and they all seemed to do just fine. it’s called owning your own business. be your own boss. then everything rides on YOU. make or break. what’s wrong? too much responsibility? can’t handle becoming rich? or are you scared of failure?

        if you don’t have any talent or ambition, then yes, you’re shit out of luck- get a crappy job…

        • At age 18, denied an education because of social engineers, the only place to acquire skills were union jobs and trade schools. Delaware Valley is also communist central.

          Owning a business in communist countries is impossible to be solvent.

          I was sold a lie, by my parents, grand parents, schools, preachers and everyone else. Every occupation was unskilled minimum wage or union. Unions are exclusive, WE are not allied in!

          Then the “thems” exported all of the jobs and industries overseas. “…Cause we’re living here in Allentown…”

          Give us a break, tfat, we’re learning and acknowleging your truths, I would rather work for myself. Ask the owner/operators in trucking about their future in that industry.

          • whatever.

            excuses are like assholes…

            i started with absolutely NOTHING.

            wait, correction, i started with a 50′ length of garden hose, a bucket, and a long handled brush.

            about a $10. investment…

            from there i washed anything and everything i could convince someone to let me do.

            low and behold! i could buy a pressure washer..

            then a truck…

            in 10 years i had a small fleet of work trucks and a dozen employees doing everything from hanging doors n windows, painting marinas, to steam cleaning heavy equipment, to dry-walling homes and condos.

            it’s as if the young people just don’t believe that starting at the bottom is possible.

            well. i can tell you with the utmost certainty, you will NOT start at the top.

            go ahead waste several years and put yourselves in debt for a piece of fucking paper.

            THEN start at the bottom… damn.

            • In all seriousness, would you consider a more detailed write-up of your backstory (scrubbed for PERSEC of course)?

              It’s exactly the kind of thing that should be put out – both from starting from nada to fuck ’em all who won’t attitude.

              You know my address. Gracias, amigo.

        • Tfat, I admire your model. You are not where your at by playing by the rules. No harm no foul, you made it. Good on you.


    • “Fuck Boomers. End of Story.”

      Wrong. Fail. The story never ends, Junior.

      Fuck you too, sniveling, whining blamers all. What have/are you doing to alter the course of events?

      If you think that “boomers” are responsible for the mess you find yourselves in, and you acknowledge the difficulties of dealing with the forces arrayed against you, why do you think it was any different for previous generations?

      You red pilled ‘woke’ (now there’s errant grammar for you) youngsters… why aren’t you already slitting throats? For the same reasons why ‘boomers’ who had it pretty good didn’t either.

      At least and best, you have the advantage of The Sum Total of Human Knowledge right at your finger tips, and the certainty that the economy is a teetering fraud….

      No one in the generation(s) you wish to blame, lacking your galactic level of knowledge and wisdom, can be faulted for not knowing nor for doing other than that which you wish you could do- buy a house, a car, have a good job/profession, raise and feed your kids decently… y’know, all the things it takes most folks all their time and energy to accomplish. We were lied to as well, cradle to grave, and there was fr less awareness or compelling evidence widely available.

      Here’s a Major Clue Bat for you whelps:

      Every new generation thinks their elders are to blame for what they perceive to be their problems, clear back to The Fall of Adam and Eve.

      Unless you’re prepared to accept the fallen nature of Mankind as the root cause, and accept that fallible Man can never cure the problems caused by human nature, you’re wasting air and bandwidth, not to mention Time.

      I, myself, and many, many more of my generation9s0 never voted for Clintion, have been appalled for decades at the de-generation (heh!) of the country/culture… (oh, and just who was/is it that has pursued the hedonistic/drug/sex/video game/violence/instant gratification/irresonsible “whatever” paradigm right into the cess pit????) with great consternation and little chance of stopping it.

      And just what do you think we were supposed to have done about it, hmmmm???

      What are YOU doing about it? Going to some snake pit of cultural marxism called a “uni-diversity” in hope of some key to the same kingdom of material success that we all thought was the purpose to life? Tapping your keyboard, looking for a scape goat to relieve YOUR responsibility to do something you know you don’t really want to have to do, something dangerous and likely final?

      I do understand your dilemma. It is the very same as was mine.

      • Did the Boomers even try to stop it?

        • How does one person ‘change’ the weight of an ideology and cultural shift. Inquiring minds (or what’s left of them) would like to know …..

          • Stop the bad behavior yourself.

            Encourage others to do the same.

            Teach others about why the behavior is bad, and why they have to now learn how to survive the death of an empire.

            • I did, have done and am doing just that, for the last forty+ years, as it was given to me to understand. Way before you woke up, I took my family to the country, built log cabin and tried my best to opt out. It was the “back to the land” movement, in the seventies and a great many folks tried to find ways not to participate in a society much more sane than this one. Many here have no idea that that ever happened, but it has had great effect on alternative thinking and doing these several decades.

              It is and has been as thankless and dismal a task as you know it to be, and there are faaarrr more folks awakening now with way more evidence right in plain sight… and yet folks are still caught in the middle of their own lives, trying to cope with ever more difficult dilemmas, assaulted on all sides by forces they can hardly grasp and see no chance to resist or change, events and behaviors so astounding and insane that they can hardly believe it. And btw, most folks don’t really want a civil war. Most folks are sane enough to realize the consequences. Can you blame them for turning away from the horror that all the information published routinely in these pages indicates, even demands?

              “The Boomers…” that’s some serious collectivist thinking, right there.

              I am technically a pre boomer/war baby, so I guess I could just write off all this blame game whining, but I see it as a dead end waste of time and worse, just more responsibility avoidance and (es)scape guilting.

              • What specifically are you doing now – not forty years ago – to increase survivability of the only ones young enough and healthy enough to survive what is coming?

                Serious question.

                • Same as then, only more so. In addition, I’ve come from some what to the left to damned far to the right of Attilla the Hun. I have the examples of Reagan and clinton to thank for starting me that way.

                  I still live in the country, raise a lot of food, prep for The Day, have more guns and ammo than many of you, am a fully practicing professional gunsmith, obnoxious Jeremiah Clarion to one and all who’d rather not hear it, disseminator of intel and info as seen here and else where, husband, father and now great grand father of my family, none of whom are indigent libtards. I can pound the pulpit pretty well given the chance.

                  I am still working every day, either in my profession or here on the farm, in my 75th year. I do not look my age, having spent the last five decades pursuing and practicing good eating and healthy activity. I’m a pretty good musician as well.

                  I set an example. A long history as a counter culture searcher (in varying guise) has taught the bitter lesson that you can debate and harangue till you pass out, to very little effect, but living as you preach does bring some folks around. I can still pound the pulpit pretty well given the chance.

                  When a young person asks, I teach. They have to come to some doubt and awareness on their own, put down the phone and begin to address that unease/dread they feel. Most are so ignorant and dumbed down that it takes a Saint to reach them because Satan has had His way all their lives.

            • I would like to think that ‘living by example’ catches on – but (it seems to me) that the great weight is against that concept. I do live by a set of principals, monitor my ‘character’ daily and have lines I do not cross. Sometimes abet on a limited basis it gets respect but ………. Looking at history (early America, the Russian Revolution, Germany in the 20’s/30’s, China in more recent times) seems to indicate that when an ‘idea’ catches on (of whatever flavor) those that stand against that idea generally get ground to dust. Taking the long view here but one wonders what is coming …….

            • BTDT, got the t-shirt, and the scars.
              Next question.

              FTR, spitting on the railroad tracks to stop a moving freight train still has a .000 batting average.

              Not being on the train as it goes off the bridge that’s out seems to have a much higher coefficient of effort::results.

              YMMV, but I know where I’m putting my chips.

      • Wow. “The patterns of general boomer gains mirrored those of the very wealthy. From 1989 to 2013, wealth gaps between older and younger households grew in the same way as those between the top 5 percent and the bottom 95 percent. Today’s seniors (boomers) are much wealthier relative to the present young than the seniors of the 1980s were to then-young boomers. All those tax breaks, bailouts, easy money, deregulation, and the bubbles they spawned supported that boomer wealth accumulation while shifting the true costs to the future, to the young.”

    • dude, when i was 30 i didn’t even have a credit card, had been divorced twice, was driving a $2,500. used car, and living on a rotting 1962- 28ft wooden boat.

      want to know what?


      you have to earn your place at the table, no one is going to do it for you.

    • who will end the world, it’s the Jews, it’s the niggers, it’s the women, now it’s the boomers, last week it was the greatest generation.

      At the end of the day your right. Everyone of us, own it. Ain’t no getting out alive.

      loose the hate, it’s what makes you and people like you, ugly. Face it their’s enough blame to go around.

      All each of us can do is Un- fuck our tiny sliver of a part, in our lives.

      I just re read “The Five Rings”, while I’ll never be a monk, I do know the difference between right and wrong, the truth and a lie, a good life vs a shitty life.

      I want my life to stand for something, I want to contribute to the betterment of day to day life. Could be as simple as a kind word, or a good deed, maybe paying it forward.

      Maybe donating to the needy every Christmas and thanksgiving, like we have for the past 25 years.

      End of the day it comes down to, know yourself, know your life, and never ever confuse kindness for weakness.

      While we have problems here, we’re still the best nation on the planet. A lot more good shit happening here, then not.

      Fix what you can, don’t freak about the rest, you don’t have the horse power to make it change.

      Dirk Williams

      • No, Dirk.

        There are a bunch of folks (some here, most not) who are perfectly fine with leaving the entire tricking world wrecked as long as they get to shuffle off this mortal coil with their narcissism intact.

        It’s a mortal damned sin (wait for the finger wagging on that point) that is being illuminated so that those who can do more will do more.

        Nothing more.

        Nothing less.

        BTW, I know that you and a lot of folks here are doing the right thing by your kith and kin in your AOs.

        But I sure do wish people could look at the big-picture battlefield with less feelz and more realz.

        • Pete, I disagree, life is what we make it. I’ve spent years at town hall meetings, school,board meetings, trying to support positive change, actually my position was often, questioning that change, from effective models proven by past outcomes, to sum zero effectiveness, after implications of new strategies, programs.

          The only real effective change each of us can make is by being a good person, working, taking care of our families. We each get a vote, nothing more, nothing less. Until the system changes, ” two party bullshit”

          We’re not going to vote our way out, you know this, you have shared this with me/us. It’s the way it is, history SHALL repeat itself, in like manner.

          The whites,the Jews the blacks, the mexicans, the indians, the muslims, all want what we have. History has proven each culture has much to offer and learn from, pro and con.

          I recently asked about subject matter to read, I felt like I was missing something. I have been busy reading many of those suggestions. Im at a point in my life, in which I feel the need to have clarity on the WHY’s”. Yes I’m questioning my knowledge base, I know what I know, I know what I don’t know.

          So far I’ve gleaned onto the obvious. Communism, socialism, capitalism, all start and end in very simlar ways. Their all flawed, the flaw being the mind set behind each, all are about control, manipulation.

          I’m always open to righting the wrongs of this world, I just realize nobody gives a fuck what I think, their all to busy thinking what they think.

          I’m not sure of how to UN fuck the world within the currant model. I work hard on keeping my tiny piece UN fucked.

          I think I see what you do, that change has to come. That bad actors must be physically removed to effect that change. Until that trigger happens, my direction is to keep prepping, keep loading, and keep living.

          Is their room for improvement in my world, yes sir. Pete, you’ve been a great teacher, this site has lent to my questioning many givens in my world.

          As you’ve seen where I live is, not typical America. My positions my thoughts are based on my specific location and local situations. Not very global, by choice. I’m here for many reasons, mostly quality of life, and seclusion. Works for me.

          Please tell me how your going to change the world for the better? Am acknowledging that your contribution of WRSA, is huge to us who hang here.


          • Been doing or trying to do wholesale change since 2003.

            Was told at the time that my focus was overbroad.


            Or the problem was a lot tougher than I thought.

            Retail work beckons.

            Inch by inch, amigo.

        • Noah built an ark.
          And told everyone else what was coming.
          They flung shit.
          Then it started to rain.

          He was entitled to enjoy every fucking last bit of intact narcissism he had from the flood to the end of his days. I doubt that he stood at the rail, pointed and giggled at his former neighbors’ plight, but even if he did, and we had an HD YouTube video of it, one could hardly hold him to any blame for it.

          It’s not my job to build anyone else a fucking boat.
          I’ll be happy to show you how to build your own.
          That’s also the end of any responsibility I have for anyone else.
          Anything beyond that is purely charity, for whatever reason it may possess me to undertake. Or, not.

          The same is true for everyone else.

          Now, everybody here who doesn’t know there’s an epic flood coming, raise your hand…

          Break down posts (and responses) into three categories:
          A) There’s A Fucking Epic Flood Coming
          B) Boatbuilding For Dummies
          C) Everything Else

          Or instead of A and B, call them “Meat” and “Potatoes”.
          Everything else, call “Bread” and “Circuses”.

          Having summarized both this board, and the entire Internet, I will now enjoy a tasty luncheon, and mind my own fucking business awhile. Talk among yourselves.

          Thus endeth the lesson.

      • Good on ya, Dirk.

        What’s that often quoted “If every man sweep his own porch,” thing again?

        Jesus said, “Pluck the beam from one’s own eye, before pointing out the speck in the eye of another.”

  3. You know what? I was born in 1962, and I didn’t cause any of the shit you a-holes cry about…so go fuck yourselves.

    • Not sure why stuff like this intergenerational stick-poking gets posted here at WRSA. Punching right and all that…

      Anyway, do any of you actually believe you could prevent your like-aged fellows from believing the party would never end, in a 35-year-long (manipulated) economic boom environment of constantly falling interest rates? Believe me, I tried. No one wanted to hear it.

      $200,000.00 mortgage example: (I didn’t do this, this is an example)

      15% interest (1981), monthly payment = $2924.00

      Refi in 1990 at 10%, monthly payment = $2150.00, free cash flow forever = $774 / mo. Buy more useless consumerist Chinese junk, help build factories in China.

      $100,000.00 cash-out Refi again in 1998 at 6% interest, home “value” has gone up by almost 100%, new monthly payment is $2300.00. Free $100,000.00 to spend. How many of you could / would have resisted that? I did. Your wife wants to go on a cruise, send the kids to expensive “universities”, etc.

      Here’s a chart of national home prices. People were cash-out refi-ing to beat the band, and spending it on stupid shit.

      35 years of easy money. A generation’s entire adult life. Consider the possibility that you’re not as smart as you think.

      • P.S. Walter, in case it wasn’t clear I am agreeing with you, the young guys weren’t around for this and have no idea what it was like.

      • So then the lack of intergenerational responsibility amongst the non-exceptional Boomers might actually have some basis in fact?

        • Way to miss/construe the point.

          Individuals make personal decisions based on perception of their best interests. Whole (riiight!) generations do nothing of the sort and certainly not with the malign intent you so wish to ascribe.

          You think the forces we all hate are more powerful now, than then?

          No. They are weaker by far because exposed and because their mo is failing and falling. More folks are noticing.

          Back in the Great Days of Guilt and Blame, times were good, if fraudulent, but most folks couldn’t see the charade, even if led right to it.

          But you all are sooo much smarter than your parents, or theirs.

          So get busy and fix it and quit wasting your time trying to blame those soon to leave you to you own responsibilities. Many of ‘us’ are trying to help. Many of us began before some of you were born. Things being as they are, one would think that you needed all the help you can muster.

          • You sure are energized by this topic.

            Why is that?

            • Asked and answered, Counselor, thoroughly, by myself and many others here today.

              For clarity as absolute as can be:

              1. Waste of time.

              2. Unnecessarily divisive.

              3. Collectivist nonsense in extremis.

              4. Unfair. Individuals here are reacting out of theor personal experience, and rightly so. Many of us know many other fine folks to whom your blanket calumnies do not apply. Most of us sense the rage that you apply as destructive and a deflection of attention and energy to that which, even if completely accurate, is a done deal and incapable of remedy.

              5. You are incapable of responding to the points made by many that are inconvenient to your meme.

              “For the life of me, I don’t see why traditional Americans such as you feel compelled to defend their generational peers.”


              The shit comes, and came then, down from the top, from the same bad actors we have all NOW identified, largely unknown back in the day by either us or our ‘generational peers.’ The same type of psychopaths who have sought wealth and power over others time out of mind, yet, somehow, “boomers” are to blame in some way beyond every other generation.

              6. For all those reasons, your relentless blaming is irrational and counterproductive to your stated goals.

              • Sad.

                But proof of the premise.

                Keep on rocking with the dindu nuffin rap.

                • You just supported all that above with additional evidence of each and every point.

                  Talk about proving the premise….

                  Who said no one did anything? Lotta people did all kinds of things and/or had it done to them. When you can explain why one single generation, made up of all kinds of individuals, bears a disproportionate share of the blame for the continuing and increasing predation of the Oligarchy (y’know, the Big One we ain’t in?)… but you can’t. And what difference would it make at this remove?

        • Wouldn’t it be more fair, more responsible to acknowledge that their are in fact, some boomers who are in fact responsible for where we are.

          Don’t think anybody here denies or does not acknowledge the shit storm were in. Think their position like mine is simply this.

          We played by the rules, we didn’t make the rules. Now it’s all our fault.

          Ok, I’m guilty.


          • You and others are taking this topic too personally.

            The bulk of postwar births went and remain socialist in their adult years.

            For the life of me, I don’t see why traditional Americans such as you feel compelled to defend their generational peers.

            • During the early Stalinist years in Russia, times were especially hard, and you ate what you could get. A man was vending soup on a street corner, under the sign “horse and chicken soup”. A starving kulak, desperately willing to take anything he could get, asked the man how much of the soup was horse, and how much was chicken.
              The vendor proudly replied, “Exactly 50/50, Comrade!”
              The man, not believing him, and eyeing the meat chunks he saw floating in the soup, pressed him on the point.
              “50/50? Truly, Comrade?”
              “Pravda! Truth!” exclaimed the vendor, bursting with pride.
              “One horse to one chicken!”

              The bulk of postwar births went and remain socialist in their adult years.
              Source, please.

              Bearing in mind that the earliest national election Boomers (’45-’65) could vote in was 1968, and the earliest the tail-end could vote in was 1984, looking at the country in general from then until right now, you have an impossible premise to prove.

              Starting with the fact 47 million legal importees and 20+ million illegal ones from 1965-present, who are No Such Generation, have purpled TX and FL, and turned CA from Red to Blue in 20 years.

              Note that in 1965, the US pop was +/- 195M.
              We have imported 67+ million since then to present, and the current pop. is +/- 326M, during an era when the birth rate has hovered at or below bare replacement (2.1 births per family, the 0.1 being necessary to cover wars, dropping toasters in bathtubs, etc.). Yet the pop. is 60M more than it should be, because the importees outbreed the natives.

              The Socialist Party has been importing Socialist Voters at approaching probably double the native birth rate (and who breed far more prodigiously than any native family, for several generations), for some good number of years, and dwarfs the negative contributions of the native hippies, to the exact ratio of horse-and-chicken soup.

              And the voting maps I posted should actually be viewed as if they were epidemiological bacteria spread of socialism, which in fact they are.

              If your premise were true, we’d be blue from the inside outward.
              We are, in fact, blue at the edges, in the exact ports of entry and settlement of the Borg Collective assimilating the entire country.

              From 1920 -1965, immigration here was essentially shut down, to let us choke down the wave of immigration herewards from 1870-1920. And it worked (oh, except for that whole Progressive Movement, which got us the 16th, 17th, 18th, & 19th Amendments, Woodrow Wilson, and FDRx4).

              Generations aren’t the problem.
              The fucking rest of the world is the problem.
              If you want to explain the ongoing leftist insanity of Blue Hive Minnesota, look no farther than the fucking socialist 90% tax rate (or whateverthehell rate they sit still for) Swedes in Sweden they spawned from.
              NFYC is socialist paradises like Ireland, Italy, and the fucking Third World, a century on.
              Show me the rot, and I can find you the source.

              You give me Americans (even those who were Americans accidentally by fate born to natives of another nation), and I can give you a free, conservative, hard-working meritocracy until Hell freezes over.
              But if you swamp the boat with every tattered piece of skin-wasting oxygen thieves from the rest of the (overwhelmingly) third world, and expect me to fight upstream of unassimilated folks from 100 failed cultures, speaking a Babel Tower of other languages, and me and 100M of my friends and neighbors can never bail that boat fast enough to keep it afloat.

              This country (and obviously, the world) isn’t fucked up because people vote for shitholes. It’s fucked up because people vote for socialists, and socialists grow shitholes like Bolivians grow coca leaves. And we’re importing socialists here like they were tulips during Tulipomania.

              And as everyone knows, you can’t make shit into brownies, no matter how much sugar you stir into the shit.
              And the Socialist (Uni)Party’s answer is to add more shit, not more sugar.

  4. My 22:54 comment was in reply to Aesop

  5. The Usual Suspect

    It’s all in the Marxist playbook get us to fight ourselves,
    divide and conquer, and it’s working.

    • The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.

      The post-war generation born from ’45 to ’65 will be leeching off the following generations until the 2040s, assuming (pointless) life expectancies into the 80s.

      They enjoyed the historical anomaly of being citizens of the economically-more-powerful top dog in a bipolar world, ate both the harvest corn and the seed corn of that economic power, allowed the public school system to go full Bolshie, and now look to younger people to sustain them during their dotage.

      It is a non-trivial problem facing both young and old.


        I am not looking to anyone to sustain me into my dotage. I am still working and will continue to work past my 70th year(this October 30th) as long as I am upright and breathing. The real problem with the younger folks is that more and more are realizing that their economic life is being sucked out of them to pay for Medicare and SS. And, for the record, when I turned 65 and was forced to sign up for Medicare by my “employees’ association”, I played hell trying to find even a halfway-competent doctor to consult with.
        I would echo the statement of THE USUAL SUSPECT, above. It’s all about divide and conquer. The money the Leviathan blew on the last two aircraft carriers and the F-35 could have gone a long way to make the system solvent. Just like Ancient Rome, we continue to debase our currency and engage in far-flung military folly to benefit the wealthy and privileged few, and corrupt client states. And, like Ancient Rome and others, we will collapse.

        • If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

          What about your/my generational peers?


            CA: See my reply just posted today, 09/03 to the screed by the latest boomer-basher. The Woodstock-Burning Man loons are oxygen thieves. The only reason they are still around is that it is currently unlawful to shoot them.

      • “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.”

        So, let’s begin with calling all the bullshit ever discussed here by it’s Right Name:

        Fallible Human Nature.

        This generational blame game does exactly nothing for the cause. It plays right into the desire of The Enemy.

        I begin to suspect your motives.

        • Fallible Human Nature does not excuse the Boomers’ failure to pass on what was handed to them.

          I begin to suspect your candor.

          • It’s not an excuse.

            It’s the reason, and the reason for all that was done to them, and the reason for the actions of the perpetrators, and so on….

          • The exact whopping debt, bound-to-fail-socialism, and overwhelming culture-choking immigration from the shitholes of the world?

            Au contraire, mon ami, they’ve handed it down with exactitude.

            Teddy Kennedy, architect of the Third Worlding of America, was elected to the Senate in 1962.
            The youngest person to vote him into office would have been born in 1941, the oldest likely born sometime around 1870ish.
            Which generations were that (given that the oldest Baby Boomer couldn’t vote until 1966), and from where did the vast majority of his electoral constituency come?

            • Teddy Kennedy was the architect of nothing.

              TK did what (((those))) who hold the Kennedy clan’s debt and credit lines told him to do. Just like the rest of the political class. Then and now.

              and the 1965 White Exclusion Act was written by (((Manny Cellar))) and a clacque of Red Jews.

              as to the rest, you nailed it all.

      • If the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names, let’s just call the opposition Commies & quit bickering on that one too. Whether one finds it “a perfect fit” or not, get a moniker out there & use it. The notion that “boomers” extend into the mid-60’s is a fallacy created by the Census Bureau. I take no umbrage at the subject, knowing who I am & what I’ve done or not done; on that specific issue Walter Zoomie’s comment applies.

        Meanwhile I’ve got a letter to draft today being in a bit of a kerfuffle with the local town council on something. (Imagine that, neither the White House nor Congress will take my calls on larger issues.) Also, some more knots on the syllabus to teach the grand-kids when they drop by. Y’all sweep your own porch.

        • A second on the Commies name.

          The notion that “boomers” extend into the mid-60’s is a fallacy created by the Census Bureau.
          b) False
          The Census Bureau has jack and shit to do with it, and jack left town.

          Demographic reality places the Baby Boom from 1945 to 1965.
          Here’s a helpful graph at a 1:1 scale of reality:

          Note that the birth rate didn’t drop to what it was in 1945 until 1965.
          And as a handy rule of thumb, a generation is considered to be roughly twenty years.
          Boomers: not just a figment of the Census Bureau’s imagination.

          If it offends anyone’s sensibilities, I suspect they’d just have to get a Ph.D. in statistics, win a Nobel Prize in Mathematics, and come up with an alternate theory that explains reality better than just looking at it.

      • Oh CA, harsh, harsh. We didn’t have a choice about paying into Roosevelt’s socialist plan of Social Security something which I don’t believe I will personally see a penny from. And it is leeching to expect a payout like you were assured you would get? And I couldn’t stop the bolshies from taking over education so I home schooled my kids instead. I have never received one fake dime of assistance. And yet my life gets lumped into a group declared “Pointless”? My skills and knowledge would be of a benefit to you Gen Xers, Millennials and younger folk as the Great Society crumbles around you. Divide and conquer is as old as Rome. We will need to draw together to survive what is coming my brother.

        • My skills and knowledge would be of a benefit to you Gen Xers, Millennials and younger folk as the Great Society crumbles around you..

          I’m sure they would Brother but you have to be in a place where those people that want that info are which is why I advocate what I do…
          We will need to draw together to survive what is coming my brother.
          Been saying for that for quite some time now so am in complete agreement with you…

      • And 66 to 93 will be “LEACHING” off of the next group. Life’s a ponzi scheme, Pete surly you realize that “Brentton Woods” changed everything.

        Use to be a thing called a living wage. One could live, reasonably well, and save. That’s when the markets were just that in investment tool. Fiat money, minipulations by Govts and financial industry have not been held responsible for their piss poor actions.

        Face it, until those at the top are held accountable for their actions, pro/con, we are living a self licking LollyPop existence.


  6. Age 67
    Born 49. Qualified Boomer.
    Came from a long line of patriotic Americans.
    Knew LBJ was a crooked dickhead but too young to vote against him in 64
    He bailed out thankfully.
    Became rabidly Anti-Communist 1967-69. Thanks Uncle Sam.
    Didn’t trust Nixon enough to vote for him.
    Worked my ass off in the interim period. Paychecks were siphoned off by LBJ’s War on Poverty fiasco.
    Damn sure didn’t have a choice in 1976 with Ford vs Carter. Everybody took a hit that year.
    1980 Worked my ass off to get Ronald Reagan elected.
    Paychecks still getting siphoned by continuation of LBJ’s War on (Prosperity)
    1988-My famous last words: America will never elect Bill Clinton.
    1992-The American voters are not stupid enough to RE-elect Bill F’n Clinton.
    Never underestimate the power of a large group of idiots…or something like that.
    1996-Kept working for less money and more taxes. Thanks lying mf GHWB.
    No more predictions until B.O.
    2008 I sure hope the American voter isn’t stupid enough to elect that F’n Kenyan.
    2012 Damn! How can the American voters be so stupid to do that AGAIN??
    Never underestimate the power of a large group of really, really fvkin stupid idiot asses…or something like that.
    Voted for Trump.
    No. He isn’t perfect but…..we’ll see how that goes. Sure wasn’t voting for Hitlery.
    Here we are today.
    STILL working and paying extortion $$$ to the gubment for LBJ’s Medicare and Medicaid socialist bullshit, plus Commander Zero’s add-on.
    Whoever said “Boomer Runs USA economy into the ground….and dies.”
    Kiss my ass.
    Kiss my rosie red ass.

    • If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

      What about your/my peers on whom the shoe does fit?

      • Truthfully, I don’t know many. All 77 counties of my state totally rejected B.O. and Hitlery.
        All 77 counties of my totally RED STATE voted for Donald J. Trump.
        I guess I live a sheltered life.
        Lone holdout Mother-in-law at 88, thinks B.O. hung the moon and she is the ONLY Dem voter in the family. Luckily for freedoms sake, she drives herself to the polls but stops off shopping along the way, and forgets that it was election day.
        Other than that, all 6 of my very prolific Irish-Cherokee (what a mix) children campaign for and vote for the good guys when they come up for election.
        All 6 were home schooled (5 with subsequent degrees, OU, LeTourneau (2), Rhema, & Nursing school). All 6 (adult) children pack, shoot straight, figuratively AND literally, are Constitution quoting, Anti-Communist, and Freedom determined. They don’t need or want EBT. But, alas, they still, every week, get their paychecks siphoned off by the embedded socialist schemes.
        We have a self styled, self determined, built-in Tribe.
        We planned it that way.
        It wasn’t easy. Just ask my wife of 48 years.
        Nothing difficult is ever easy.
        But it is rewarding.

  7. I don’t let the gubmint put labels on me. Besides how can my parents and I be in the same generation? I was in the 5th grade and my math teacher, the first male teacher I had, told the whole class save their money because S.S. is not going to be there for you! I’ve never forgotten that! I’ve never paid more than 3K for a vehicle and I live in a manufactured home (double wide) this has allowed me to have money to spend on traveling and prepping and enjoying life. Don’t be house poor or car poor. That’s what my parents taught me. And if your stupid don’t blame your pain on me because it’s self inflicted, a-hole! P.S. Adding cry babies to my list.

  8. “They enjoyed the historical anomaly of being citizens of the economically-more-powerful top dog in a bipolar world, ate both the harvest corn and the seed corn of that economic power, allowed the public school system to go full Bolshie, and now look to younger people to sustain them during their dotage”.

    This shit is far more complicated than this truncated summary allows. Over the years as a Boomer I have lived a truly frugal lifestyle. My right to see the world as my oyster and harvest rapacious as well entitled benefits of unconscionable excess did not exist. For all intents and purposes my place was on the sidelines watching my cohort move from one rationalized exceptional rule to another. People just tried to find lives the best way they could. No one had a crystal ball, hind sight, etc. Life has always been about scarcity. Agri to tech to information all presented different economic paradigm. Pressure is building as we begin to see the middle class suck wind. We are suffering psychi diabetes of our own rich diet. I fully expect to die in a ditch as a result of all the hardasses now finding their voices, such as they are.

  9. Walter Mitty

    Can we please stop fighting one another. There is enough blame to go around. We have all been sold out by those we elected to positions in the Federal Government along with the Bankers and many Corporations.
    If you were born after 1980 or 1985 you have no Idea regarding the lock the PTB had on information. Look at the way CNN, MSNBC et al spun Charlottesville . And they knew we could call them out on their lies because of the Internet. We had Three Major News Stations back then ABC,NBC & CBS.. Newspapers were getting the bulk of their stories from the AP & UPI. There were no cell phones able to take video or pictures of an event. Take away the Internet and your only source for discovering the truth was shortwave radio or printed publications no one knew about. .
    The path to the Economic and Financial system that is now collapsing and our devolution into another of Histories Failed Empires was set upon
    before most of our Grandparents were born. All of our leaders ,save for very few, are Dorian Grays. All clean and nice appearing while somewhere
    a painting shows them for what they truly are.
    The system cannot be reformed. Our only hope is collapse.
    Do everything you legally can to help collapse it. They have no choice but to print money ,call it whatever fancy name you like, it is print or collapse immediately.
    Boomers need to save resources outside the system and find a way to pass them to your Children and Grandchildren. Help your Children and Grandchildren so they can survive the collapse. If your boomer parents are asleep try to wake them up.

    • Bingo:

      Boomers need to save resources outside the system and find a way to pass them to your Children and Grandchildren. Help your Children and Grandchildren so they can survive the collapse. If your boomer parents are asleep try to wake them up.

      How many Boomers are doing that, versus the below:

      Watch this vid, again or for the first time, scripted from the perspective of young people:

      • Boomers are more concerned with their “Golden Years” playing Golf, Bunco, and Marbles because, “They earned it.”

        Generation Self-Absorbed.

        • Mike, don’t hate the players, hate the game! Life really is about choices, more work less time talking shit, may just help your bottom line.

          You really think any of us are going to apoligize? Fuck that.


          • All I know is the 1960s are when Western Civilization simultaneously peaked and declined.

            • When the Boomers were between 15 and 25 at the top end, down to 5 years old at the bottom end.

              So the entire world you know was fucked up by kids between K and 10th grade?
              None of whom had so much as a fucking vote before 1966??
              So all of this was done in between 1966-1969, by barely 20% of the entire population of actual Boomers, when they were at their all-time high of 50% participation in elections (compared to 76% for their parents and grandparents)???
              You could look it up:

              Put the bong down, please. And stop drinking the water in it.

      • My children may see 300k, when I croke, peanuts. The real gift is the education my wife and I offered, the quality of life, the examples we offered, the love we shared, the great adventure live offers.

        And then theirs the 100 thousand rounds, a shit load of quality weapons, 100s of cases of freeze dried foods, meds, and the skills sets to use them.
        The modeling of just how to use those tools in times of strife. Modeling the consequence of failure choice, logic, rationale.

        The gift of modeling a good work ethic, modeling us acknowledging our adult failures, fucking owning it, good and bad. Modeling what it looks like to take a family down, standing back up, dusting ourselves off, and re engaging in life. Modeling what never ever quitting looks like.

        In my wife’s and my life weve owned exactly one new car, we are debt free with exception to a mortgage, which is a strategy. ” frankly I don’t agree with it.

        We spend two/ three days a week caring for our children’s children, by choice. We send both grand boys to a Christian based school, we do this by choice, out of love and moral conviction,, and because it serves our families needs/ best interests.

        Tfat once again nailed it, life is about the journey, making it happen, value added existence. He and I may be from different walks of life, o well, ton of respect for what he has accomplished, a decent roll model for those floundering.


      • Fail.

        THE Bingo:

        “The path to the Economic and Financial system that is now collapsing and our devolution into another of Histories Failed Empires was set upon
        before most of our Grandparents were born.”

        “All of our leaders ,save for very few, are Dorian Grays. All clean and nice appearing while somewhere a painting shows them for what they truly are.”

  10. Hey I know, let’s all kill each other instead of the bankers and politicians.

  11. “….assuming (pointless) life expectancies into the 80s.”

    Is that REALLY what you think? Pointless? If so, WTF is wrong with you?

    Anyone over 65 should be fed to polar bears…or gas chambers?

    You’re right about one thing…the historical anomaly.

    Shit happens. It’s all about timing. Things/situations change. I no more caused it or am responsible for it than I caused or am responsible for slavery.

    I ain’t sittin’ on the beach slammin’ mimosas. I’ll be working ’til the day I die. I ain’t bitchin’….’cuz that’s just the way it is. The wife and I raised three great kids (without govt handouts) who have heads on their shoulders and will support themselves.

    This “boomer” feels no guilt, and no amount of your boomer shaming bullshit will change that.

    • Walter: See previous comment re the vast amount of Boomer slack versus the relatively few exceptions.

      If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

      But the fact that there are exceptions (overrepresented here in the commentariat versus the general population due to the WRSA subject matter) does not mean that the Boomers, as a whole, are culpable (not exclusively, but still…) in the debacle known as the former United States of America.

  12. “…if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” –Winston Churchill.

    The Boomers didn’t fight. They chose the blue pill and went along with the pyramid scheme. They will now retire and die shortly leaving the most technologically advanced global surveillance state in history. That is until it’s bankrupted and someone figures out it’s just easier and more cost effective to kill than monitor (and committing fewer statistical errors (of power) by letting potential resistors go free). The linchpin in the medium term is the electric grid, but it’s not hard to adapt to that loss for continued control of a population.

  13. The point that is being missed is not that there are exceptions to Boomer slack, but that there are so few of same.

    • You seem to have struck a nerve with all this talk of responsibility, like it goes with the individuals involved. The others bring up a fair point that a guy can only be judged based on what he knows and what he intends. OTOH there’s also such a thing as willful ignorance. We see this even today with the yipyap about the Constitution…honorable intentions with willful blindness to the facts.

      In the end though, socially everything rests on what we do, not what we intend. We didn’t do so great–we not only swallowed the lies, but paid for and engaged in the madness–and now the only thing that matters is what we do about it.

      I’d say that accepting personal responsibility for what we do and will do is critical. Blame for the unchangeable past, not so much.

    • Wouldn’t it be fun to actually get everyone here in the same room and hash out things…I think a lot of things would happen and people would definitely be more civil to one another…

      • “I think a lot of things would happen and people would definitely be more civil to one another…”

        I wouldn’t bet on it, Brother.

        See tFat and others… what would they say if it meant pistols at dawn?

        Cue… 1,2,3………

        • Maybe not O6 but I’ve found for the most part people who are Liberty minded are pretty civil people…The internet has a habit of bringing out the worst in us if we feel slighted in some way…I say we should all take deep breath and step back and ponder on what is good and just and strive to have more of that in our lives…I don’t want you to have anger in your soul today of all days Brother…

      • AL, I’m in, got a place we can meet at. Throw tomahawks, play mumbly peg, drink beer and figure shit out.

        My brother, Admittedly, I’m a flawed man. I try really hard to do the righ thing, for the right reasons. Sometimes the ” way” isn’t so easily seen, or the path walked.

        I am a simple man, I don’t apoligize for that. I know right from wrong.

        Thinking out loud here, seems to me the US went to shit with the publishing of a book titled, ” I’m Ok, Your Ok.” Hell of a thing, when we let social scientists spin the globe, our path.

        End of the day, my brother. Life’s good!

        Hope you and yours are well, and your new crib are working out for you all.


        • Dirk my Brother we are all flawed men but we are also men of honor, dedication, loyalty, and all the rest of those virtues…I think the purpose of Pete posting this article has been lost, which was to make us think and reflect on what we can do going forward which is sad…I look forward to our meet up in October and hope you and yours are doing well…

  14. i say fuck everyone. EVERYONE.

    and i AM sitting on a beach and sipping cocktails…

    you lazy whiny fuckers can suck my ass.

    i WORKED and SACRIFICED when i was young for everything i have and i sure as hell ain’t giving it away to some dumb couch potato who plays video games and lives in mamas basement. get off your entitled fucking asses and grab hold of a shovel or a fucking hammer..

    fuck you.

    300 million may not be enough.

  15. “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

    My, my CA, you caused a massive spike in the Depends usage among the ‘muh tactical walker’ crowd here. I’m laughing at the collective pants-shitting at people being called out for what should be a readily observable fact. Here’s another one. Absent a few of the ones who get it, nothing will change until the human sea anchors die, whether through natural causes or a disaster of some sort that leaves them to discover JIT pharma is not so fun. You know you’re on to something when your loyalty to the Party Line is questioned. Boomers dindu nuffin! Dey be angels among us and kids exist only to pay for my gibs and change my bedpan. I’d be more judicious about biting the hand that rolls the wheelchair. You get it though. There’s no hate like the hate from inside the demographic, we’ve had this convo. Meanwhile the brain drain continues as anyone under 50 sees the movement for what it is, a radicalized moose lodge, albeit only digitally. Glad some people still have the time to get offended by mean ideas on the internetz. Heh, life must be hard.


      JJ: How is it the truth to paint an entire generation with the same sarcastic, envious brush? Back in the 1950’s, it was popular to use the racist statement and say that: “All Negroes have natural rhythm.” That is the same thing as you telling me that because I am a Boomer, I am just some greedy old fool who is devouring the seed corn.
      For the record, sir I receive NOTHING from all of my forced contributions to SS. It all goes to offset my Medicare premiums. Every dime I have ever earned since I was seventeen and paying into withholding and SS has gone into a system that I did not consent to but was forced to participate in. And, when I was working as a Peace Officer, my contract with my employer included contributions out of my own pocket to offset the cost of medical insurance, my pension, and my retirement medical insurance.
      For your own edification, young man, I still work. I have a home-based, all-cash business. In addition, my tribe and I grow a lot of our own food and work outside jobs also. We are not drinking Mai-Tais at some pool party in The Villages or Leisure World. Dwell on this: It is a lot easier to fix the blame than to solve the problem. And, he who slings mud, loses ground.

      • DtW: I know for a fact that JJ is not just shit-slinging, but in fact is a young man of the West raised in the best of the Western Civilization tradition. It is important for folks like the WRSA crowd and the so-called “freedom movement” hear from younger generations in blunt language just how worthless our “efforts” have been.

        Young people such as JJ and RS22 bring the painful truth, just as that grumpy TfAT does.

        And we are better for it.

        • It is important for folks like the WRSA crowd and the so-called “freedom movement” hear from younger generations in blunt language just how worthless our “efforts” have been.
          Compare and contrast A

          with B

          Any other generation venting their Two Minutes Hate

          is worth slightly less, to all concerned, than a soggy diaper full of piss.

          People bitching about the rowing on the boat are heartily encouraged to climb over the side, and swim to one more of their liking, and when the metaphor becomes reality, they will in all probability be assisted to do so, with a view towards stretching the rations for those on board actually pulling oars.

          • ‘Any other generation venting their Two Minutes of Hate is worth slightly less, to all concerned, than a soggy diaper full of piss.’

            Except the titans among men…Boomers. Only they can piss and moan. You know it’s a good idea if there’s not just apathy, but outright hostility at the idea of transferring knowledge, experience and education to anyone younger in favor of just shitposting. Guaranteed to be successful. Geeeee, wonder why some familiar names don’t ever post here and have just about stopped posting on their respective sites? Why are the adults getting fewer and fewer? Why is the mean age on here 55+? I know, let’s throw shade at the guy saying ‘help the kids.’ What an outlandish, controversial statement. Hahahahahaha this is all such a fucking joke. Words fail me at how unserious this whole thing has become. Still good for a laugh and a reminder that I’m still persona non grata among the unthinking.

            CA: Reason #37473474 there should no longer be comments here. There’s no knowledge being exchanged here. Pearls before swine.

      • ‘I’m an exception to the rule, so there is no rule. Ignore all verifiable economic, political and social facts to the contrary.’

        If you don’t fit that then great, good for you. Doesn’t make it untrue, and you have no reason to get your feelz hurt. Gen X and a lot of millenials eagerly participate in the sham as well. You see me complaining when some old fart complains about the idiot kids today that are useless and shadows of their ancestors? Bbbbbbut it’s not meeeeeee. I don’t need to protest because my actions speak louder than words. I could care less about someone making inconveniently true statements about a group I fall into. Something about self-critique being a good thing. Why do Boomers have a problem admitting their generation’s culpability and point to anecdotal evidence ft. 1/316,000,000 of the population. I don’t have a problem admitting the corporate culpability of all 18+ Millenials in the current mess, who’ve been around a whopping decade. If I’m tracking, America was great until Gen X got ahold of things and since then they’ve rewritten the entire history of everything to paint the blameless Eloi of the Boomers as being complicit in any way whatsoever in our current condition. My lying eyes. Who’s in Congress? Clinton wasn’t a boomer? BHO wasn’t a boomer? McConell? Pelosi? Yellen? Greenspan? Exactly who has been running the country for the last 2 decades? I forgot, Pete’s a Boomer that gets it so it’s all cool. All good. When my kid’s living in Haiti 2.0 and playing Running Man from the people the Boomer God Reagan et. al. let in I’ll make sure to tell him I knew a cool Latino once so the La Raza with machetes are just a figment of his imagination. Get real man, if you seriously think the people commenting here can’t differentiate between ‘all’ and a ‘general observation’ then I can’t help you.

    • There’s a special place in hell for the worst generation.

      Boomers flushed our goddamned country down the fucking toilet. Period.

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  17. CA, your need to stir up conflict has become more apparent. I am at a loss to understand what you seek to accomplish. Is this an effort of self-flagellation (penance) for your own failure to understand these issues in the past? It should go without saying that anyone reading this site understands where we are, the potential directions events may go, and the part that each individual may be able to play in plotting a future course.

    Creating further division and providing opportunity for “internal” battles makes no sense. This isn’t “awakening” anyone, it just furthers the goals of TPTB to divide and conquer.

    We have ALL “been had” by the system. A recent statement from the SSA shows that they have forcibly stolen several hundred thousand dollars from me over the past decades. Opt out? Refuse to pay? Yeah, that’s gonna turn out well! Voting patterns? Yep, my lady and I stood in line for HOURS to send Jimmy back to the peanut farm in 1980. I still wonder what might have been accomplished had the son of VP Bush’s close friend not shot Reagan. All water over the dam (or under the bridge, if you prefer; or OVER the bridge if you are from Houston… sorry!). But this country has been co-opted by others from it’s earliest days. Hell, by maintaining a FIXED gold standard for decades ignoring inflation of the money supply (and then becoming totally unbacked imaginary money), and simply printing to infinity, this nation was doomed. This was done before ANY boomer was in a position of authority.

    Assigning blame to “boomers” is pointless and divisive. You are not furthering any righteous cause by such posts. Mocking a snowflake in the PRESENT may help him to wake up; blaming those who grew up amidst the “flower children” accomplishes nothing.

    • Disagree strongly, Doc.

      If there are a bunch of people who are fucking up on a project, is the right thing just to ignore it?

      Or to call bullshit?

      You know my backstory. I was a self-destructive thieving asshole who then became a statist pig before reality grabbed me by the ass.

      The past 25 years have been spent trying to correct my own character defects and be productive as a man of Western Civilization.

      These boomer posts are part of the same impetus.

      All of us postwar kids had the helm.

      All of us got screwed – some against our will, many others with full ass-in-the-air consent to the satanic warblings of socialism.

      The bill is coming due as we speak, and the only people with the youth and vigor to even survive what is coming have been handed a fucking smartphone by their parents and told to go fap to porn in their rooms while the alleged “adults” have fun by the glow of dying empire.

      Well, fuck that in the strongest possible terms.

      It is wrong, it is fucked, and I am not going to play.

      You as an exceptional man of the West know all that.

      As a man of science, you also know the following:

      The American freedom movement has failed.


      This place, at the strategic level, has also failed.


      We have been circle-jerking each other, both here and elsewhere, for literally decades – while Red totalitarianism ground relentlessly forward.

      Well, fuck that too.

      I am going to try and teach what I can about what is nearly extinguished to the only people who matter any more: the young men and young women under 40.

      People born before 1977 had their chance.

      They fucked it up beyond repair.

      Let them reap what they have sown.

      I’m going to help the kids.

      PS: I hope you know my anger is not directed at you personally.

      • “PS: I hope you know my anger is not directed at you personally.”

        Right. It’s self loathing directed at everyone else.

        Lot of light shed in that post above.

        Lose the guilt, it’s corrosive to you personally and to your stated goals.

        • And why do you think trashing a whole generation (yours, apparently, and utter collectivist nonsense) will credit you with “the kids?” most of whom think in memes/slogans anyway, and are about as likely to “do something” as you are ever to admit that you might be mistaken?

          • Stop emoting.

            Think, for God’s sake.

            Do you expect any rational actor to accept your thesis that the postwar generations (1945-1977) have competently stewarded Western Civilization?

            You are too intelligent to believe that, sir.

            As to the kids, been doing it for years.

            It works.

            They are starving for competent adults.


            • “Do you expect any rational actor to accept your thesis that the postwar generations (1945-1977) have competently stewarded Western Civilization?”

              Never said any such thing, even remotely resembling that. No rational thinker here or anywhere, having read my remarks with an open mind would suggest such.

              And when, in modern western history, has any ‘generation’ competently stewarded any given age? When has The Fix NOT been in? When have “The People” not been hoodwinked?

              Many here, including you, proclaim 1789 as the year which will live in infamy, and beyond which no such “stewardship” was possible, decreasingly so with the passing off years.

            • Ahhhh, I see where this is headed.

              Thank you for everything. We’re all saying the same thing using different words. Teach what you can teach, when you can teach it.

              agree, it’s a shitty situation, with a foretold destination.

              You are family now, you know the path here, use it should you choose. If not, God speed, Brother.

            • Why not, worked for Pol Pot,


        • Physician, heal thyself.

          • I do my best, and that, at least, is one problem I do not have.

            None of us can “self heal” entirely. We all need the perspectives of others. Insight and self awareness come partly (perhaps mostly) through feedback.

            Just as no man can stand wholly outside his own culture and times with perfect understanding, so it is with each of us, personally.

      • “I’m going to help the kids.” 🙂

        • Well I agree and do try to help and educate the youngers, so I guess I am also onboard. It is the generalities of lumping all of one group into a stereotype that was the kicker. Not all blacks are criminals, not all cops are corrupt (Sorry Tfat, it is true) and not all boomers are self centered bastards. Roger that. We could safely have that beer now. BTW I live a few hours from the Villages and I hate those sumbitches too. Or rather, I hate the pretentious selfishness many of them display.

      • This “boomer” stuff just REEKS of collectivism! I thought that was what freedom was supposed to be battling. Aren’t we advocating dealing with people as individuals? Assigning blame to a specific group simply by age is ludicrous. It’s like the Jewish businessman down the hall from my office. Occasionally I’ll throw out a remark about the “Powerful Jews In Control of Everything [PJ-ICE, copyright 2017] and he laughs, saying he wishes that he knew some of them! Now he certainly understands the role of the big banks, many of which have been led by Jews, but blaming this man for ANYTHING outside of his personal sphere is absurd.

        As far as strategic failure of this site: I never came across your Mission Statement and goals/objectives. So I cannot comment on whether or not that they have been met. I DO know that I have learned from things posted here, and I have showed others things via this site.

        Saying that the “American freedom movement has failed” also seem to be a huge leap. First, tell me the specifics of said movement. Was there a time limit?

        Further, I would say that boomers have NOT been at the helm to any exclusive degree. The pieces were set in motion by the previous generation. The first “boomer” president was Clinton, but he was CERTAINLY not self-made. He was put there by elder statesmen with an agenda, those who trained him and the Hildabeast (and Obozo as well), also not of our generation.

        Hell,blame the White Man! That is the favorite boogieman of the day. And it was WHITE MEN who were in charge during all of this idiocy! But is that really an answer? For ‘Skull & Bones’ white men, yes! They have much to answer for. But that is not the “typical” white man.

        I just cannot see what this entire line of thinking/writing hopes to accomplish. There is enough blame to go around to EVERY generation. Solutions, not finger pointing (except for pointing out the CURRENT problems).

      • Got it. Absolutely. Some people are fucking up, so tar an entire generation with the whole of the guilt. Because reasons. Everything in America was perfectly Skittleiscious before 1966, the year the first 2.5% (out of 5% possible) of the Boomers first exercised the merest shreds of influence on the levers of power, and since then it has become disastrous, and therefore everyone from 52 to 72 owns the lion’s share of blame for this.

        Those motherfuckers stabbed us in the back.

        We should make them all wear gold stars.

        And then, we’ll annex the Sudetenland.

        …paging Mr. Godwin…Mr. Mike Godwin, your party is at the podium…
        O shit! Godwin’s 60! He’s another a goddam Boomer! Kill him too!

        In a body ruled by seniority, the oldest 23 senators are pre-boomers.
        Fourteen more are post-Boomers.

        SCOTUS now has 4 non-Boomer members, just like two years ago: Scalia was too old, as are Kennedy, Ginsburg, and Breyer; Scalia’s replacement, Gorsuch, is too young. Before Roberts, it was 5 out of 9 as non-boomers.
        Prior to Clarence Thomas’ appointment in 1991, there were NO Boomers on SCOTUS, back to forever.
        So was what you would decry that’s been done by the Court worse in the 202 years the Court sat before 1991, the 26 years after, or just the 7 years since 2010, when with Kagan’s appointment, Boomers finally became a 5 of 9 majority on it?
        If the latter, do Roberts, Thomas, and Alito (all conservatives) cancel out Satanmayor and Kagan, or amplify their mischief, since those five are the Boomers there?
        Please show your work, and tie in to your premise.

        Seriously, CA, it’s your playground, but despite what Archimedes said, no man can move the world by shoving a lever up his own ass and prying.
        But what he can do that way will probably take surgery to correct.

        All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby Dick. He piled upon the whale’s white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart’s shell upon it.” -Herman Melville, Moby Dick

        Or another version of the same thought from a more modern idiom:

        Check yourself before you wreck yourself.” – Ice Cube

        What you’re doing has a current name: virtue-signaling.
        “I fucked up, so it’s my entire generations fault.” It’s the same as a guilty multi-millionaire saying “I don’t pay enough in taxes, so please raise everyone’s taxes.” In a blatant attempt to out-virtue everyone who doesn’t want to self-flagellate.
        It shouldn’t be news, but you, nor I, nor anyone else, gets to do that. Ever. It’s a bullshit move, for crybabies, and an attempt to leverage unearned moral superiority into power and control. Sorry if that leaves a mark, but there it is. I doubt that’s your intention, but it is what it is.
        I also doubt this comes as news to you, but teams win when leaders lead.
        Leaders who expect to win, do. Leaders who whine and piss, come in last.
        It’s true on sports teams, it’s true in business, and it’s true in infantry squads. Hell, it happens in SEAL training. When one crew in BUDS is winning all the time, and one crew is losing, the instructors swap leaders.
        And the losing crew becomes the winning crew, and the bitchy leader becomes a motivating leader, and both crews become the top two teams, and they see this class after class after class. So I kind of think they’re onto something.

        And JJ is old enough to know that his

        argument is worth slightly less than the soggy diaper I mentioned earlier.
        And he’s better than that.

        Folks would do well to recall that Envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and not for nothing.

        • Is it your position that the 45-77 year of birth cohort competently exercised their duties as citizens?

          It is my contention that, as a whole, they did not.

          The proof surrounds us, with illiteracy, innumeracy, promiscuity, childhood pregnancy, police state thuggery, omnisurveillance, drug addiction, massive use of SSRIs, and a completely bankrupt (liabilities > assets) Federal government.

          Instead of facing reality, Team Normalcy Bias goes into full panic mode because someone suggested that the 45-77s own the society that they stewarded as adults of voting age.

          God bless everyone of good faith who tried to hold back the tide, whether they won or lost those individual struggles.

          But it is truly dismaying to see just how deep the denial is.

          Continue to help the young people, those who are.

          Start, those who are not.

  18. The Usual Suspect

    ” Pass on what was handed to them ”
    Quote of he week !

    I got passed a 10″ grinder and face shield and a promise that
    if I kept up with the welder and did not cut my leg off, I could
    come back the next day and do it again, 10-12hr days, 7days
    a week, and spotty overtime.

    That led to me becoming the welder w/rig truck,
    to becoming a bead hand, to becoming a spread boss, to becoming
    a contractor and then started really working hard.

    ” Pass on what was handed to them ”

    You can’t even pay someone to work now days !!!!

  19. Hope this helps. Please do not forget that what is going
    on now is nothing new. Just one example of past equals
    present is “Nimrod was a great provider.”
    We are in times of great upheavals, do to not just me
    “not understanding,” but the whole freaking governments
    in the earth being under a strong delusions.

    Baby steps… baby steps:

    “It is done”

  20. I wrote the following in response to an earlier blame-the-boomers screed, but didn’t finish it in time to post it. This seems a good a place as any to bring it to the light of day.
    CA: But you can’t really contest that ’67-’75 is where FUSA went into a flat spin, can you?

    Damn right I can. 1913 at the latest (a good case can be made for 1789, and better for 1861). As for the so-called Greatest Generation – who, incidentally, were running the show ’67-’75 – they gobbled that “progressive” horseshit with both hands, and they didn’t even have the excuse of being on drugs. One might argue that the “flat spin” didn’t become utterly unrecoverable until 2003, when the swallowing of Herr Goering’s ruse (in the form of them mooslims is gonna kill us) went full-tilt retard – boomers certainly bear a large share of responsibility for that – but in reality the envelope was irretrievably broken long (i.e. 1913) before they were born. The income tax and the Fed not only made the subsequent insanity possible, they made it inevitable. BTW, at the time Zappa made his remark If your children ever find out . . ., the boomers were the children.

  21. Gee boss, is it even possible to begin atonement for BOOMER PRIVILEGE?

    Having the stupendously diabolical foresight to arrange ones own birth date is breathtakingly prescient.

    We do note that at least one basic premise, i.e. that of vastly increases in wealth is fraudulent.

    Wealth, as measured by FRNs cannot be compared to either pre-Nixon or further back pre Feral Reserve. Any attempts to do so are risible from the outset.