Molyneux: A Former AntiFa Speaks Out

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  1. European American

    Great Video. Thanks
    One can’t solve the problem from the level of the problem.
    The problem is solved from the level of the solution.

  2. European American

    Oh, and Yes, we were ALL raised in dysfunctional families, some more neurotic/psychotic than others. Nobody is immune from that early imprinted childhood form of mental illness…no one. Any adult thinking they haven’t been infected, to some degree or another, has been deeply abused, physically, mentally or emotionally, or all three.

  3. Apparently,we come from different worlds. My childhood was fantastic, no sick priest, or worries about running the streets as young as 9. A tight knit town. were like a wolf pack.

    Us kids were out the door by 8 with instructions to be home by dark, or if we were hungry. If a problem arises, go to one of the sets houses.

    Creek ,fishing, crawdad hunting, shooting our bb guns, or pellet guns, and eventually our 22s. Bicycles, motorcycles, ponies, and then horses. Pull carts behind the horses.

    Perhaps I was more fortunate, this was Northern California, in the early 60s, little town names Rocklin, in the Sierra Nevada foot hills. Weekends were at my parents cabin on top of Donner summit, little place named Soda Springs.

    As freshman my folks would pull our trailer up to the Yuba River and leave us for weeks on end. Fishing exploring, climbing mountains, swimming in the rivers.
    I guess I assumed my life was normal. Gas was 25/30 cents a gallon. We would strap a bottle of two stroke oil onto the triple clamps, and ride all day long,stopping amd gassing, and adding the oil for required two stroke mix. riding the railroad tracks to distant towns, and even all the way to our cabin.

    Cub scouts, Boy Scouts, motocross, ski team, baseball. Floating the American River water shed on inner tubes. Giants game 49 games with our parents, couple times a year.

    I guess I assumed my life my childhood friend lives were just normal. We all came from middle class families.

    I mention this because I often have a difficult time understanding many of yours bitterness, your hatred of others and life.

    No worries, I’ll pray for you.


    • Yea my childhood pretty much echo’s yours Dirk…I had a blast growing up the only thing I didn’t like was school and that’s because it was for the most part pretty boring…

    • European American

      “I mention this because I often have a difficult time understanding many of yours bitterness, your hatred of others and life. ”

      Sorry, Dirk, but I don’t buy what you are selling. I suggest you do some research, here at WRS, and find the last few months of your comments and see who is the one with “Bitterness and hatred for others”. Denial is running rampant in America, and when it comes to ‘who we think we are’ and ‘what we really are’, there seems to be a rather unhealthy gap.

    • L.I. New York. Same upringing.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    Well we are getting to the short rows now.
    Things are starting to get real interesting.