SiGB: Better Living Through Chemistry

Germany Tests Use Of ‘Nurturing’ Drug To Reduce Objection to Immigrant Invasion

Do you understand yet?

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  1. “It’s the Pax. The G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate that we added to the air processors. It was supposed to calm the population, weed out aggression. ”

    Do you want reavers, because this is how you get reavers..

  2. Madness, is it not? Seek His seal of protection.
    i have found this to be an interesting sight over these past few years. It shows more of a world view of weather, and climate extremes. He does not agree with the man made c- lie- mate narrative.

  3. The takeaway: Dose the American population with testosterone on a weekly basis. It’ll turn our men back into men and our women… Well our women are generally ugly on the inside anyway. And none of those pesky Muslim shitholers will be able to enter, due to the roving patrols of armed, angry, testosteroned up civilians with rifles.

  4. This is creepy beyond any horror movie that I have ever seen. I’m waiting for the opening bugle call at The Festivities. I am sure that we are VERY near!

  5. Evidently, the plan of “breeding them out” is not going quickly enough. They want the ewes and rams docile as a spade full of mud when the slaughter begins. I have no doubt the cocksuckers here will put it in the water supply, if they have to. As a kid, I survived the US Air Force efforts at spraying flu and other shit that killed a dozen babies during the fifties and sixties in the St. Louis area. I remember they termed it, “an acceptable loss” then, and when the truth came out in the eighties. Motherfucking bastards.

    • I had not heard of that AF domestic bio tests. Thanks for a new bone to pick…

    • “I have no doubt the cocksuckers here will put it in the water supply, if they have to…”

      It’s called sodium flouride, a known poison & behavioral altering agent.

      • I remember reading as a kid, a conservative novel, the bad government agency “OHAHA” was combining their pacifist chemical with fluoride in the city’s water plant as a test prior to mass distribution. Anybody remember this?

    • Hell they always want to put it in the water. Flouride is a docility drug and the last time you had your teeth flouridated by the techs they didn’t tell you to swallow the stuff did they? But hey drink your fucking tap water it’s good for you… besides fucking judas goat Glenn Beck has come out for drinking flouride. Mmmmm…. does a body good.

      There was a move afoot not long ago to put statins in the water supply yet another fucked up big pharma drug that does more harm than good.

      Next they’ll want to put SSRI drugs in the water along with this Oxytocin crap.

      Drink your tap water, it’s good for you… besides your govt says it’s safe to drink all you have to do is read your water quality report provided to you by your local govt.

      Grey Ghost

  6. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    One thing is for sure.

    The inevitable seems less aggravating by the day.

    According to my College Campus; Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are the same. They teach these courses right next to the same classes on philosophy that examine philosophers who thought Islam was a barbaric cult.

    Irony is not taking your own medicine.

    Luckily for us these people are not very smart.

    It’s like fighting an army of 10 year old fully grown adults.

  7. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    A drug that amplifies the effects of peer pressure?

    Would that also not cause the Germans and Immigrants themselves to convert to Islam and also act on a group mentality even more?


    Years ago, one of my co-workers was posting signs around the office which read: SUPPORT THE AERIAL SPRAYING OF PROZAC! It’s funny how life imitates art. And, of course, we have General Jack D, Ripper, nuking the Russkies for fluoridating our water. Fluoridation is another hot topic which has been batted back and forth for years.
    Seriously, this is old news, If you look at the huge numbers of Amerikan Sheeple who are on SSRI’s and other mind-numbing concoctions every day, it is very scary. We are channeling THE WALKING DEAD. I saw it at the high school I worked at. The situation was district-wide. A percentage of students and staff were on something all the time.
    Life is imitating art. And, when the music stops and the pharmacies are empty, then we will be dealing with our own Reavers. In droves. Plan accordingly. You do not have enough ammunition.

    • The first sci-fi movie by George Lucas, THX-111, was prescient. In that film, the entire population was drugged to ensure docility and compliance with rules, and drug EVASION was a crime. It seems that we are actually headed there.

  9. Here in the US we prefer flouride added directly to municipal water supplies supplemented with SSRI’s prescribed by “professionals”. That way stories like this one won’t get you to upset…

    Oh and I think just assuming that “immigration crackdown” is not “propaganda cracksmoke” is likely a fools errand. By now we should be deporting millions. Nothing of the sort has happened or will. Americans are pacified.

  10. If they can’t beat you, scare you or ignore you into it you will be “made to care” one way or another.

    It’s no surprise this comes from Merkel and the Fatherland. The cucks and caponed “men” in Europe will submit with vigor.

    This is soft eugenics. Brought to you by the nation that caused two wold wars and killed 60 million in Europe alone.

    But “researchers” from America in cahoots with these jackboots?

    Yes. I understand.  Fully.

    • Germany “caused” no World Wars, you ignorant, brainwashed nitwit. The (((Rothschild)))-run Encirclement Powers arranged this vast White-on-White massacre.

      but, since your well-scrubbed brain is already functioning in an (((acceptable))) manner, Frau (((Kasner)))-alias Merkel can save your dose of Oxy for someone else.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      As far as WWI goes, Germany merely got blamed for it. They didn’t cause it. As far as WWII goes, that one (as a *world* war) is on Japan. Prior to Pearl Harbor, there was just Japan beating on China, and an intra-European war that was chock-a-block with fucked up alliances. The best part was France and England against Germany (but not Russia) over Poland, but sorta-quasi with Germany against Russia in Finland.

  11. fuck the pooLICE

    fuck the gubmint

  12. Amusing, surly it’s happening somewhere, but not here. If you live in a community this shits happening in, your a fucking idiot.

    You owe it to yourself, your family to max your quality of life. Not a matter of red pill, blue pill, it’s a matter of moving your family to a quality area. Really pretty simple.

    Does it matter if it’s called, communism, socialism, capitalism, etc, etc, it’s all the same, just wrapped different, with a different color bow wrapped around it.

    Just Re read Communist Manufesto, Marx/ Engels. Amazing what one grasps and sees with age and experience.


    • You owe it to yourself, your family to max your quality of life. Not a matter of red pill, blue pill, it’s a matter of moving your family to a quality area. Really pretty simple.

      Your not supposed to talk about such things it will upset the snowflake’s that say we don’t have a choice, we have to live in the middle of the city, next to the local ghetto and your just a big meanie saying we need to move…You know my situation and know its not an easy one but for my family to be safe it’s the right one…

      • “You owe it to yourself, your family to max your quality of life.”

        Wow…straight-out egoism. Nice.

  13. Anybody besides me notice that the shadow picture with the oxy graphic shows a white woman with a black man?

    • Nope, I did not notice that. I went back to look again, and you’re right. Can you say subliminal messaging?

    • Actually the image is a silhouette, so it’s impossible to make a reasonable judgement of the ethnicity of the man shown.

      Are you sure that you’re not simply doing a mental projection based on it?

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III


      Yes, they love one another because in spite of the misery they have endured and will continue to endure, massive amounts of money and supplies are still pouring in. Now, imagine if Irma ramps up to a CAT 5 and slams into New Yawk City. Then top that with more huge fires out on the Left Coast. And throw in Cascadia or San Andreas to boot. This “love” will vanish like ice on a hot sidewalk.
      What is not talked about is how strained our economic infrastructure really is. The “billions” being appropriated by Jerry the Pedophile in Kalifornia for fire aid and the POTUS for the Texas disaster are just digital ciphers of no real value. And, it can only be done because the world-wide Bankster community will still buy our paper. When these Godless bloodsuckers decide the Chinamen and other currencies are a safer investment, the music will stop and the real party will get started.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. And if the pax isn’t enough, there’s always delicious beautiful soma…

    Soma in Aldous Huxley’s
    Brave New World

    Thankfully neither Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic are buying into mekel’s madness.

    Poland blocks all migrants in response to Brussels Terror Attacks

    POLAND: Upwards of 150,000 people came out to defend Christianity against the Muslim invasion

    Poland to Muslims: “Here, Jesus is our King so get out!”

    Two Poles thoughts on “immigration”

    Hungary expands state of emergency to keep out migrants

    Czech PM: “When we see problems in other European countries, we do not want Muslims in the Czech Republic”

    Hungarian PM to Protect Poland from EU Coup de’ etat

    Historically, my father’s people and the Poles have been very close and good friends.

    Hungary strongly pledges to defend Poland against the E.U. inquisition * Our Love is with You.

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III