The Great Cuck Chuck of 2018

Great piece at Chateau Heartiste.

Use the time ahead to target and electorally remove all things cuck in your AO.

And no, I am not suggesting politics as normal.

I am talking about hate-politics.

As simple as posting these graphics publicly, en masse:

to harsher ideas as warranted in your area.

Think Sabo.

Think Banzai.

Think all cucks must go.

18 responses to “The Great Cuck Chuck of 2018

  1. It’s much too late for the ideas espoused in the linked essay.

    By placing many Zionistas in his junta, Trump has shot himself in both feet. He should never have permitted his daughter’s Jew husband within miles of his administration.

  2. North Korea just successfully tested a fusion bomb.


      So they say.

      • DtW, sure fits currant narrative, doesn’t it.



          Dirk: Even if they really do have one, it appears that the collective pols in charge are having a cat fit over fat Kim lobbing some rockets over the Japs. Well, while “they” are looking up in the sky, a bulk container holding a very destructive thermonuclear device could be sitting on the docks in San Diego, Long Beach, San Francisco, or Seattle. Just sayin’.

  3. Roger. On it. This is what I’ve been looking for, at least in part, when I ask “what do we DO?”

    Thanks to you, and thanks to Aesop for other ideas of what to DO.

  4. Think Michael Collins. Think Armagh. Think Crossmaglen.

    Freedom starts between your ears so clean out that old bi party wax today. The political system is fully compromised. I wish it weren’t so but hope’s not a strategy.

  5. Seraphim of Sarov

    This is a war of two spheres: policy and demographics.

    While policy isn’t advancing along, feel free to go to a Russian Orthodox liturgy or a Catholic Latin Mass (SSPX or otherwise) and find a nice female from a big family more than willing to make many many little ones with you.

    That’s your own little demographic counteroffensive.

  6. (If there was ever a time for an article of Jeff’s to go viral it would be right now. – (North Korea))

    “The importance of North Korea for Russia and China lies in its geography. (Italicized) Korea is situated in the one theater of operations where Russian and Chinese military forces can unite most effectively together. (Italicized)

    The next point to be made about Russian and Chinese war preparations is tricky. In the modern world, military aggression is generally viewed as bad. Those who start wars of aggression are said to be criminals. It follows that the governments of Russia and China want the United States to start the next world war. They want the United States to be criminally culpable. In fact, for many decades Russian military textbooks have assumed that the next great war will be started by the Americans.”

  7. In light of the recent event in Texas/Louisiana and the potentially impending event along the east coast, it would be wise to analyze the situation as it applies to future festivities. To wit: If it’s time to cut hive supply chains and a natural disaster is on the way, don’t rush! Let it hit, let the government deploy, and THEN cut the chain in a different hive.

    As I have said before, the government has the capability to pacify one hive at a time. They probably have surge capability to handle two. But if they get four or more needing major assistance at the same time, they have NO WAY of making it work. And it doesn’t matter where the hives are located. Texas is Open Carry, for Chrissakes! Yet the Strength of their Diversity is showing through. Third World “culture” and Fourth World “culture”, will rise to the top in trying times, like the shit that it is. Hell, Houston has a Chocolate mayor. And before him they had a Butch mayor. But they were stupid enough to let the NOLA fourth world sewer relocate there after Katrina, and now they are paying the price. Along with their “Si, se puede!” crew from South of the Border that the Shrubs and the rest of the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill are welcoming with open arms.

    Let them deploy for the natural disaster and tie up resources. Then cut the chain to a different hive. Make the most of what God gives you…

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  9. So we chuck a few, or a lot of cucks, in the next election. Then what? We’ll still have the massive bureaucratic machine to deal with, and they are only moved by death or retirement. KIll them, and chaos ensues. Retire them, and chaos also ensues, along with massive numbers of unemployed, dumped into a ruined system. It is far easier and quick, to pull a trigger than to deal with this kind of problem, which is one of the reasons the Soviets were so apt of it. Ah well, you’ve got to start somewhere, and hope for the best while working towards it. But look around you. Are we surrounded by deep thinkers and helpful people or are we surrounded by people who want the fastest and easiest solutions? I see frosty things in the distance.

  10. Cucks go.

    Reds come in.

    The collapse accelerates.

    There is no nice way out of a burning building.

    You just gotta blast through the flames to the exit and hope you get there before you collapse yourself.

    No way out but through.

    • It’s a shame we let the building catch fire in the first place, but it is what it is at this point. We’ve got to try to salvage what is left or be prepared if we cannot. Either way, it is going to get a lot uglier than it is now, but there is no option just to stand still. That’s what got us in this mess in the first place.

  11. All wisdom, army of one, ” or family”. If your goal isn’t the goal posts, you will surly come up short.

    In English this means, ” set your goals low enough, your sure to achieve them”.


  12. And from the thread about Boomers, wherein comments have closed, CA asked a question:

    Is it your position that the ’45-’77 year of birth cohort competently exercised their duties as citizens?
    Penalty flag: Defense: moving the goalposts. 10 yard penalty and first down.
    Now you’re lumping half of Gen X in with Boomers. As noted graphically, above the baby boom (when the nickname) ended 65ish. No sale on trying to pack in the next batch.
    Answering the question with regard to actual Boomers (45-65), Yes. And no. Your question, rephrased, is Did the NFL win the Superbowl last year? Same answer. You want narrow that down by teams, we can talk specifics.

    It is my contention that, as a whole, they did not.
    It’s my contention that judging any group that large and eclectic “as a whole” is ridiculous, pointless, and lacking any meaningful information. “Some” does not equal “most” does not equal “all.” That’s basic math and basic logic.
    Before we even bring up the fact that even if every single one of your generational set were absolute self-confessed hosers, they’d be but a fraction of the whole, even if we were talking solely about adults (>18), at any point in history from 1945 to whenever the last Boomer dies. There were +/- 76M of them by 1965; at the peak, they were maybe a shade less than 1/3 of the country, but at that point, 2/3rds of them weren’t adults. By 1983, when they were, they were perhaps 1/4 of the US population, and now they’re about 20%, 1/5th.
    There were +/-65M in 2012, more have died since then, but there are already 67M+ immigrants here right now, legal and illegal. And there will never be any more Boomers, but we add 1M legal immigrants (and Christ alone knows how many illegals) every year, forever, at this point. The only thing you can honestly pin on them as a group, is being in it.

    The proof surrounds us, with illiteracy, innumeracy, promiscuity, childhood pregnancy, police state thuggery, omnisurveillance, drug addiction, massive use of SSRIs, and a completely bankrupt (liabilities > assets) Federal government. Sources please.
    Illiteracy: Srsly? You think Americans aged 52-72 are more illiterate than the 67M aliens in this country?
    Or that 18-38 year olds were more illiterate and inumerate in 1983 than 18-38 year olds are now, with calculators, Spell-check, Common Core (lack of) standards, social promotion, and universal school participation trophies? Have you talked to anybody who is/was in education the last 40 years?
    The big scandal in H.S. in the 1970s was that one of the school photogs caught a 16 y.o. cheerleader doing a high kick and some bush was visible.
    Now you have 10-12 y.o girls sending nude porn of themselves to other students on their cellphones. By the score.
    Is the avg. age of loss of virginity higher now than in 1965 or 1985, or lower?
    The out-of-wedlock birth rate from 1940-1999 went up 700%.
    Teenaged pregnancies have stopped looking like a moon launch, but they were triple the rate in 1999 they were in 1970.
    Boomers were the responsible ones, plainly.
    Check for yourself:
    Police state thuggery? The youngest boomer is 52.
    The average retirement age for cops is 56.
    Only 4% of police currently are over 55, and few of those are working a beat. I doubt that’s changed much in our lifetimes, so with 96% of cops being post-Boomers, is policing better since 2000, when Boomers started hitting the retirement wall, or was it better from 1990-2000, when Boomers were 90% of the police?
    Did policing get better from 1970-1990, when Boomers started hitting the force, or has it been better since 2000, since they’ve been decreasing in police ranks?
    Omnisurveillance is a measure of technology.
    To try to compare any given “then” to “now” is comparing apples to pineapples, and houseflies to houses. There were no cell phones in 1980. There was no internet as such in 1970, or 1990.
    In 1995, the height of tech was a pager. Who carries a pager now?
    When did wireless routers hit?
    And why would omnisurveillance be Boomers’ problem?
    The NSA was founded in
    The CIA in 1947: the oldest boomer was 2 that year.
    The NSA was founded in 1952. the oldest boomer was 7 that year.
    Call Obama, but I’m pretty sure we Boomers didn’t build that.
    That would be those “Greatest Generation” fucks, and their fathers’ generation.
    Prozac didn’t exist until 1975. What’s your point?
    Available drugs are prescribed and marketed.
    Boomers were between 10 and 30 years old. I’m just spitballing, but I’m betting the biggest users in 1975 weren’t 30 y.o boomers, but 50-60 y.o. “Greatest Generation” housewives.
    Boomers were also the biggest users of the polio vaccine, because it was invented in their midst.
    WhoTF cares?
    Completely bankrupt federal government
    We were broke decades ago. Like eight-nine of them.
    (We generally refer to that point as “The Great Depression”. SSRIs were not involved in that, either.)
    The debt was higher as a percentage of GDP in 1944 than it is now, but the debt numbers are higher now, because the country is three times the population (most of that debt is liabilities for individuals’ mandated socialism), and also because it takes $51 in fiat bux now to buy what an actual gold-backed dollar bought in 1930. In other words, your $1 today is worth less than 2 cents. It costs that much to print the damned thing.

    But the government has been flat-broke beyond its means to repay since the Depression, in terms of finance like most families practice it.
    A quick check shows Boomers were age -15 in 1930.

    So every measure you’ve selected undoes you premise, with a sledgehammer.

    Instead of facing reality, Team Normalcy Bias goes into full panic mode because someone suggested that the 45-77s own the society that they stewarded as adults of voting age.
    No, they rightfully point out with mathematical precision that a 20-33% ownership share in a company is not a controlling interest, since forever, but that’s because they were raised on math and fractions before calculators existed. You could call a broker and check me on that, but I think I’m on pretty solid ground.

    God bless everyone of good faith who tried to hold back the tide, whether they won or lost those individual struggles.
    Well, fine, that undoes the whole premise of “It’s all Boomers’ fault, all the time!” don’t it? You can’t damn all of us, and simultaneous bless some of us.
    You want to light into faithless douchebags for being faithless douchebags, go ahead on, but then you’d have to use a laser beam instead of a truck bomb.

    But it is truly dismaying to see just how deep the denial is.
    Calling a counter-factual argument counter-factual isn’t denial.
    Otherwise, we’re back to this argument:

    Continue to help the young people, those who are.
    Not a problem.

    Start, those who are not.
    From your lips to God’s ears.

  13. Yup, I shot Kennedy, King, Oswald, and Harvey Fucking Milk!

    Yup I did it,

    and it’s the Boomers fault. Ya, that’s the ticket, me and my wife, Morgan, yea, my wife Morgan Fairchild, yea that’s it.

    Last I read, rockstar was pissing in his wheaties, about working, but not working smart.
    JJ, was pontificating southern wisdom.
    Bishop was practicing his stand up comedian routine.

    It’s all good, opinions are like ass holes, we all got one.


    No apologies from me.