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  1. If’n you kin git three from a .308 at ANY range like thet, n’ cover them with a PENNY, you definitely got a rule. Excuse me, perhaps I should not arouse myself.

  2. Rule 308

    When Marxist mayors order their police to stand down,
    So that Antifa thugs can beat old men to the ground,
    Don’t think they’ve surrendered, or been run out of town.

    Politicians should consider, and media bosses beware:
    When Amendment One is abridged, the Second’s still there,
    Just watching and waiting, like a rattlesnake in its lair.

    When justice is perverted, and Marxist judges legislate,
    When free speech is censored, then banished as hate,
    Then the only rule standing will be Rule 308.

  3. Breaker Morant: Rule 303 (one minute clip)

    • Richard Raymond

      An absolute great movie, seen it twice. Based on a true story during the Boer Wars.

      • During one of their conflicts, they herded the Boer women and children into Concentration Camps and threatened to give them to the Blacks. Nice chaps. The Boers were brought to heel as they believed they were serious in their threat. So do I.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Turned out not to be the best defense for the Breaker, however.

    • Matt,

      Please remember that the ‘Brutish Empire’ and it’s Armed thugs WEREN’T the “good guys” in the Boer War anymore than the ‘union troops’/sherman, sheridan, and grant were in following Abraham Stalin’s orders in the War of Northern Aggression.

      “A nation preserved with liberty trampled underfoot is much worse than a nation in fragments but with the spirit of liberty still alive.”
      – Private John H. Haley, 7th Maine Regiment (1860s)

      Isn’t it tragic in a historic sense that a Private clearly grasped and understood the issue yet his ‘commander and chief’ didn’t (or wouldn’t).

      Yes Rule .308/.303 applies, but not because some actor in a movie about the ‘Brutish Empire’ says so.

      The Boer’s were fighting to defend their land, their families and their kinfolk and way of life.
      All the kings forces were fighting for was either for pay or an illusion to a mental illness/superstition to “gov/authority”. When it became apparent that the empire’s thugs couldn’t and wouldn’t win against a successful and determined righteous opponent openly on the field, that murderous bastard kitchener instituted the use of concentration camps against the Boer women and children as a weapon of war (hmmmm…wonder where Adolf and Stalin and Mao learned that trick?…)

      Women and Children in white concentration camps during the Anglo-American War, 1900-1902

      The Empire’s forces also practiced destruction of crops and homes at the same time.
      The Boer would receive the same “humane, civilized treatment” that the Irish and Scottish did. Everything the “Brutish Empire” did was every bit as evil as Stalin, Lincoln, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot to name but a few of histories cult of gov monsters!

      The Boers were the good guys in that fight, and every lobsterback they killed had it coming in spades!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III


        Word. I would add that here in Amerika, we have enough “government” Orcs and Orcettes who would have no problem channeling the ghosts of Sherman, Sheridan, Kitchener, or any other murderer in uniform to repress white liberty. If the Leviathan offers its minions our property as spoils, then we will have an army of colored bummers laying waste to our homes and hearths. One only has to look at who is still on top in Venezuela to see the future of white Amerika.

  4. it would be far better to divide peaceably into two, or more, nations than face what will ultimately come if the present political/social/economic trajectory is maintained. if division is not done peaceably and things continue as they are, what will come will be in our neighborhoods, our cities, ie, among us, on our own soil. it will be much more painful than agreeing to divide ourselves peaceably.

    • The problem with that thought is that there is no way to create a contiguous nation for the hives. And those hives are the One World Government sewers destroying the country. Every one of them leeches off the surrounding countryside for their every need. Yet the residents of the surrounding area want nothing to do with the sewers.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Yet the residents of the surrounding area want nothing to do with the sewers.”

        Which, of course, is why those residents scrupulously refuse to accept any money from city dwellers, and refuse to accept employment in the cities. Truly, their purity of spirit is enough to make all of the saints voluntarily condemn themselves to Hell for failing to even remotely approach that standard.

    • It is not possible for the left to create a productive society. Therefore this country division cannot work and will result in war sooner than later. They know this too. They will kill those that disagree and enslave the rest. Their model is ancient and fails every time it’s tried except for the next one. Bill Ayers told us long ago what they plan to do. Kill 25 million Americans before utopia can commence. It’s time for liberty loving men to prepare for war.

      • “Bill Ayers”, a shabbatz goy, told us nothing. That was the lawyer-communist Jew wife, Ohrenberg-alias-Dohrn, pulling the strings.

        and whatever the outcome of CW2, it won’t be freedumb.

        at best, it’ll be White survival. Tough for you.

      • European American

        All this talk about CW2. Sorry, it’s not going to happen. Sorry, because I know many on both sides are creaming in their pants to “get it on”. But the numbers on both sides, the angry ones, the ones that were brought up in abusive households, the one’s with latent rage ready to fester, well, they might have a skirmish here and there, mostly in the already contaminated cities of zionist imposed diversity, but most of the potential for an outbreak is on the big screen (tv and internet). That’s where the action is. That’s where the fantasy’s are being played out. Why, one can even look here at this site. All the talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, ad nauseam. By the time anyone here FINALLY decides to lock n’ load, that weapon in your safe will be obsolete.

        Don’t get caught up in the veritable kaleidoscope of drama’s we’re being force fed on the tv and internet. Save your nervous system from getting fried. It’s all going to work itself out, with you or without you. Best to just lay low and let the storm pass over and live to enjoy another day. In fact, sell your home and take the money and get yourself a nice used 53′ Nautor Swan, fill it with all those “survival” provisions, and head south of the equator, island hopping, and you’ll probably never know when the pockets of stress manifest in the various hot spots around the world.

        By the time you return to the states, in 10 years, the worst will be over.

    • THEY Will Not Allow you to live peaceably, EVER.
      YOU Will Be Exterminated, or Forcibly Assimilated if you believe otherwise.

      The war of northern aggression should have demonstrated same more than adequately.

      There is No Peaceful 3rd Option. THAT is the decision THEY Have Made. ALL of THEIR actions
      are in support of that view.

    • So turn the US into Europe? Isn’t that what the Globalists wish for?

  5. The Usual Suspect

    44.7gr Varget, Tula LR primer, 175gr SMK in 2X fired Fed Gold
    Medal Match cases, nets .312″ group @ 2,673fps from my
    Remington 5R MilSpec .

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  7. Rule 308 is just the new version of Rule .303

  8. TheyCallMeRockStar22


    If you shoot them in the pelvis, there is no way to control the bleeding or apply pressure to stop the bleeding. The Target is also twice the size(minimum) as the head, and is forgiving of elevation and bullet drop. A good backup point of aim if you are exhausted, stressed, or not confident in yourself or your gear, or you need to rapidly transition between multiple targets.


    On a standing “man sized” target, any shot aimed right above the belt buckle is gonna land somewhere on target out to 300 meters. Garranteed hit on target if you watch your trigger squeeze and breathing. Even farther on some rifles.

    A monkey could do it.

    Also, Who says 2 man sniper teams only need one rifle.

    If you have two shooters, use the primary shooter’s shot as your mark.
    Do not attempt verbal commands or hand signals to coordinate fire. You will pull the shots.

    This can be used to break glass on the first shot, for a clean second shot. Or can be used to back up the first shot. Giving you two chances to hit your mark.

    If two shooters have zero operational experience, Bring a friend along and duece it up. Two shots are better than one.

    Anything past 500 meters gives you the chance to fire a second round before the first round passes the target and can react. So fire two rounds(or more)

    Always go for the leadership, radioman(the guy next to the leaders), and then weapons crews in that order.

    If you are morally against killing, shoot them in the leg. The Iraqis did that to us. They used it as a recruiting tool for the less convinced believers.

  9. Some might call all this the Fourth Turning, other FUSA. Regardless, the situation that we find ourselves in the US is a situation where govt has overstepped its bounds, the government is bankrupt, except for its ability to print money out of thin air, and too many people have gamed the system by doing clever workarounds of our established bylaws.

    We are in a trajectory that we cannot stop. It is like a disease that has to run its course because the nation’s immune system has been seriously compromised, so it is now attacked from within.

    I believe that we have to establish things locally, by our roots and common interests. This can expand up as high as practicable for our basis of existence can be successful. It will not be the same as the FUSA. Form will follow function. There must be a basis for these fundamental values. Rule 308 will protect these values and communities. We are in for heavy weather, so stout hearts will be required.

  10. Look, for all us older folks (who have been shooting all our lives and once mil.) minute of ‘pie plate’ with at least 5.56 at aprox. 500 yards is good enough – at least for me. Hot down here in southern NM: ants on the ground, a lot of really sharp stuff around and rough country. If (big if) it comes down, I don’t expect to last long (age and all that) but if I go out, I’m not going alone …. just saying. Gotta make due with what you have …..

    • Us old guys who fucked everything up (based on recent WRSA pieces) know we can’t keep up with the kids in kardio land so we have chosen to develop “other” rifle skills. The kids can do CQB, after all they have the specialized training we’ve also recently heard so much about.

  11. Rule .22: Suppressed CB cap in the ear hole, contact range. One hole groups!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Good quote from a bad movie: “There’s nothing as pretty as the back of a man’s head.”

  12. Northern Gunner

    Rule 308 today at the range testing out API rounds an 1/2 inch steal targets. Slices through like a hot knife througn butter.

    How do I post a short 7 second video on here from my phone ?

  13. As much as I like the “oomph” of .308, I confess that 6.5Creedmore is a truly astonishing round if one has a bit of distance to cover. I have thought that in an urban setting, a KelTec RFB (.308 bullpup, 18″ barrel / 26″ total length) might be a great weapon. But 5.56 will be the workhouse round for most purposes, I suspect.

    Just speaking from a theoretical standpoint, of course. I wouldn’t actually wish to own any of those scary guns! Heaven forbid!


      Doc: I hope you have better results with Kel-Tec products than I have had. I would not trust my life to them. In my experience, they are somewhat marginal in terms of quality and reliability.

      • I have a PF-9 that needs to go back due to a broken spring (although I forget about it in the safe as I carry a Kahr for a pocket pistol). The RFB would be comfortable enough for social work where its attributes were useful. It is remarkably soft shooting for a .308 as the center of mass is so close to your shoulder. No concerns from a reliability standpoint, but I don’t shoot it a lot. I would see it for “special use” vs an AR for high volume shooting and dead-solid reliability.

        Customer service with KelTec has been good at sorting things out from my limited experience. I also happen to like my KSG I bought once prices dropped back to reasonable (>$800). Something about a bullpup shotgun with high capacity makes me smile!

      • Years ago for my first sub-compact auto I got a Kel-Tec .40. Hideous DA trigger and goes off like a bomb in your hand. I shot it enough to hit decent, but broke springs twice and had to send it back. Kel-Tec service was fine, but I definitely don’t trust something like that with my life. It’s now a backup to the backup. KT stopped making it I think because the .40 was too much for their little frame. It is fun to hand over to someone at the range once in a while just to enjoy the shock/sting reaction!

    • I lost all my guns in a boating accident

  14. The picture of the Minuteman is a reminder of that statue needing to be removed.
    It’s a symbol of white privilege.
    Sorry, I got got up in the spirit of the times.
    Statues, and pictures of them, trigger me.

  15. The Usual Suspect

    All we need now is a Judge Roy Bean, and a hanging tree.
    We have a lot that need hanged !

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Given that ol’ Roy was merely a Justice of the Peace, with no actual authority to have anyone hanged, he’s more an example of government run amok.

  16. Tule primers? lR shooters seek them out. Hmm learn something every day. Think I’ll stick with Federal match. Just my personal preference.

    Primers are costing stupid money these days.


  17. Nonsense! Our generation is going to go to the grave doing nothing to save liberty but breath hot air and writing poem. And do you think the next generation is going to care? Hardly, most are more concerned with facebook and instagram. Tell me I am wrong. You know down deep inside that I am right. Look at 5th District Magistrate Thomas Borresen who let those arab rapefugees off the hook. Yeah, we are going to fight for freedom.