Deep State Briefer


And BTW, they have no use for you.

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Most likely all true; otherwise, why would they react so violently to change? One fellow wanted to close this factory of deceit, deception, and murder, and fire all the employees, but we all know what happened to him:

  2. He gets it no doubt & real deal patriot. The CIA was started by CFR interests which means it’s owned by Multinational / Transnational interests. Brzezinski – KissmyASSinger et al gifts to humanity. That would mean the ‘Fed’ has to be ended to end the CIA. Until those facts & instruments that operate the mechanisms of that apparatus’s structure the beatings will continue until the morale or brain entrainment takes hold.

    Enjoy all the smiles in this one.

    DEEP STATE Part.I: American Freemason ILLUMINATi, A History

  3. Yup, but Trump’s in charge right? He out thought all these bastards on day 1 with 12D chess moves.

    Thanks for the post. Should be required viewing for anyone new to the idea of Liberty.

  4. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Freedom is taking orders from Israeli and Saudi leadership.

    The only standing ovation I ever saw my government leaders make was to Israel’s PM threatening Iran during a speech.

    They don’t stand and clap for our veterans or cops.

    But they stand and clap for 2 minutes when a foreigner threatens other foreigners.

  5. Evidently, there was a Rabbi on the grassy knoll. Notice it happened on a Friday, before sunset, so that everything fit neatly in with the plan. Far away from Jew Central in NY, and he was a Catholic. Few targets were as inviting, or as easy. No wonder the left went nuts, when this happened. One of their own went mustang, and they did not expect it.

  6. Mechanically, the solution to collectivism is simple. Take your paper
    wealth out of the banks and retirement funds and turn it into silver
    and gold coins. Keep it at home in a floor safe. Carry a pistol
    everywhere, hidden. Be willing to shoot anyone who tries to take your
    pistol from you. Remove the license plates from your cars. Tell your
    wife you’re not paying taxes or obeying license and permit laws ever

    75% of frequent commenters will panic and stay on the side of the
    statists, because liberty scares them. Cue Jack Nicholson character’s
    quote from Easy Rider. The backlash to people who step off the porch
    will be exactly the same as for recent Connecticut gun registration:
    talking heads disapprove, nothing happens on the ground. Then boomers
    stop being retired and go back to work. Debt jubilee. National debt
    and treasury bonds are repudiated. Credit card debt disappears,
    mortgage and car loans disappear, you now own house and car free and
    clear. Healthcare becomes affordable again. Humans colonize Mars.

    Here’s the emotionally tough part, which is why it hasn’t happened
    yet: 25% of frequent commenters will have to treat 75% of frequent
    commenters as enemies. Also much of their families and friends.

    The chock preventing motion towards liberty is being held in place by
    extreme-libertarian anarchists. These anarchists are generally not
    sociopaths, and are empathetic, thoughtful, and orderly. Sorry,
    anarchists, you’re a permanent 1% minority and you can’t change that.
    If you want liberty you’ll have to permanently keep 99% of humans at
    arm’s length, like the Amish do.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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