The Gynocracy and its drones want this blasphemy punished.

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  1. Bought my girlfriend a bicycle.

    Now she peddles it all over town!


    Zombie Rodney Dangerfield

  2. I swear to God. Most Western men, about 85% of them, have no will to fight any of this garbage. Not the men reading this site, it’s preaching to the choir. But there are a lot of men out there, especially younger ones, who capitulate to this crap. Or maybe they just don’t care any longer. Sports and trying to find meaningful employment are a bigger priority. I would hate to be a 20 something nowadays. Your choices seem to be pretty slim. Sluts, fat chicks, attention whores, narcissists or the shrill feminist harpies who are discussed in this video. I’m not saying that there are not any good women, or younger women out there for these poor young men, but I think the whole society has degenerated so far that it is beyond repair. I think the whole thing is going to collapse under its own putrid weight. It just needs to die. Burn it down. There is no saving it. We are at the end of this empire. I hate to say it, but we are done and it’s going to be a very messy ending. Good luck to all of you.

  3. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    I started a shitstorm in the “Boomers” posting.

    For the record I am a 30 year old Iraq Vet.
    I have worked in Food Service, Construction, Demolition, blah blah.

    I attend college purely drink, do drugs, and to fuck women in their early 20’s (Find a Wife hopefully is the main goal)
    Interrupt the constant marxist BS.

    Let me explain to the retards what it costs to live in today’s society.

    I worked on Donald Trumps DC Hotel.

    I made $1,000 a week working 55 hours a week. Plus a 2-3 hour car ride every day to travel to a job. Thats 12 hours days. All I did was eat, work and sleep.

    After Taxes I made $720ish

    That’s $2,880 a month take home.

    Gas= $150 bucks a month for my fuel efficient car
    Insurance= $100 a month
    Food= $200-300 a month easily
    Car Payment and Rent= $1300
    HMO(+) Healthcare= $285 a month

    $2135 a month leaves about $700.
    And that’s the mandatory stuff. Just to live and work.

    Now factor in Furniture, recreation, maybe a trip or a rock show, a night out with a young lady, Clothes, and any other dumbass thing you can think of.

    It costs $100 dollars to take a lady out.
    It costs almost $150 for an outfit top to bottom.
    It costs $100-200 a month just to have half decent furniture that isn’t embarrassing or trashing.
    It costs 100-200 dollars any time you need to “Register” or “Sign Up” or “Renew” anything.

    How the fuck am I gonna save up for anything?
    Raise a Family?
    The cost of living is almost impossible.

    We live in a “Pays you $100, and Takes Back $99” society.
    A one liner from a military cadence that is supposed to be a joke.

    Because of the Boomers.

    You retarded boomers let a bunch of other retarded boomers FUCK US ad you did nothing AND you let them sell out AND give away our country.

    And the guy that blamed my generation for electing Obama? Fuck you dumbass. I didn’t vote for that fairy, and who else was America gonna elect?
    It was rigged from day one. And did you vote for Bush?

    Sit down Retards. The Millennials are gonna unfuck this, and we are gonna have kids, and we are gonna kill these motherfuckers if they try to stop us.

    And we are gonna go back to Europe and Kill some fucking Marxists and Fashy Muslims.

    We have nothing to lose, and frankly I feel sorry for you old guys.

    Retirement is canceled.

    You have no idea how badly fucked up this situation is.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Just wait.
      “Woke” was quoted earlier.

      American and Europe is not woke yet.
      The comment section looks woke, but I assure you that the most people are not “Woke”

      I went to Baghdad, I am “Woke”

      So are the victims of Manchester or Paris.

      Just wait till the fireworks and drone footage of college campus gang rapes and massive GSW bleedings during these rallies.

      They will use False Flags.
      They will get their culture war.
      They have no other cards or aces up their sleeves.

      Culture War is their plan A, plan B, and plan C.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Also, I accept blame for the 20-30 year old Snowflakes.
      The Heroin.
      Blah, blah, blah.
      I know millenials suck in alot of ways.

      Millenials want lower taxes. Boomers wont allow it.
      Millenials wanted to stop the wars. Boomers wont allow it.
      Millenials want jobs. Boomers pay 1992 wages, and the market is saturated because of open borders.
      Millenials want houses, but 300,000-400,000 for a house with a nice school system is too much.
      Millennials want kids, but our GFs and Wives have to work or else we lose the house or the car.
      Millenials went to school with these foreigners. Which is why we want to end immigration.

      Boomer Conversation below…

      My Dad-“Why cant you find a GF instead of buying a sports car son?”

      Me- “Well Dad, America was 90% white in your day, my school is now 30% white and the good looking girls are dating blacks, Muslims, exchange students, or half the Lacrosse team, and my very thoughts are considered to be “Nazi” by a bunch of TV brainwashed retards; So fuck it, Im buying a car that can outrun a Police Cruiser”

      • Where you are isn’t too far from Romney. Go train at MVT. You WILL gain a whole new perspective on what really matters.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          I don’t have the money for that. Plus I work Weekends and go to school. I also served in the Airborne Infantry for 7 years. It would be mostly wasted on me. I just need to lift and keep my rifles zeroed. Read a manual every now and again.

          A good Idea no doubt. Just bad timing.

      • “Also, I accept blame for the 20-30 year old Snowflakes.”

        Just on this one thing, don’t grab onto that. Such a “feeling” inevitably leads to resentment & being forced to back up from one’s position when the next “victim” plays that card. As the masthead indicates (at this writing) don’t put on a shoe that ain’t yours, boomer, millenial, whatever.
        Drive on.

      • “… So fuck it, Im buying a car that can outrun a Police Cruiser”
        Son, wise up, you can’t out run the Motorola radio in the cruiser no matter how fast you go
        Second, you will never beat the bad boy syndrome inherent in women. Nor would you want one who is impressed by that ethos. That scene was persistent in my day as well and is probably a near genetic survival technique.

        Third, women will not marry down socially given the choice. Nor will women of a higher educational level marry down either. (Stupid cause I know electricians that generate more net income than many doctors.)

        Fourth, ditch the bar scene as a mating hunting ground. Your highest outcome will be you get laid. Such establishments are the playground for “girls just want to have fun…”. They get the free drinks, you get the bill.

        You have one thing going for you. Women have expiration dates, you don’t. At least until the worms come for you.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          You Wise Up.

          People outrun the cops and get away from the cops everyday.

          You would know that if you every did anything devious or hard in your life.

          The police radio isn’t magic.

          Just like our radios in Baghdad were not magic.

    • ” How the fuck am I gonna save up for anything?
      Raise a Family?
      The cost of living is almost impossible… We live in a “Pays you $100, and Takes Back $99” society.”

      same as it ever was…

      the trick is to make more money.

      that’s all.

      • “the trick is to make more money”
        “Money” is not wealth.
        Don’t fall for that shit.
        Fed gets back the Lion’s share
        of every note printed.
        The value of a dollar doesn’t even keep up with cost of living.
        Someday we’ll all be paying the banks to store it for us.

        • “Someday we’ll all be paying the banks to store it for us.”
          Businesses already are paying for the right to park their temp cash at a bank. Nothing there, been going on for at least 5 years. Banks do that because they realized that accepting it impacted their reserve numbers and consequently their ‘free money’ from .gov.

          Banks are the biggest free shit army around.

          • What I’m getting at is “universal” negative interest rates.
            For.every.single.living.soul. 24/7

    • Buy a house near your parent’s house – keep this as your legal residence. 30 year fixed rate. 40 year, whatever – it’s not an investment, you want the lowest monthly payment possible.

      Find a girl that will have your kids without marrying you, don’t put your name on the birth certificates – pretend you’re black and she doesn’t know your name. Have a lot of kids.

      She rents the house (the one you bought) from you with her welfare.etc. check – you live there, but maintain your parent’s house as your legal residence (have your mail sent there etc.).

      Play every angle to fuck the system for your benefit. Obeying the old rules is suicide, for all of us.

      • ” pretend you’re black and she doesn’t know your name.”

        don’t have to pretend being black if you pulled some shit like that…

        damn. just damn.

    • You bemoan your lifestyle choices financially. So how do you expect to buy all the ammo to kill us Boomers? Eh? The reality is GenZ out numbers you by a significant margin and they are not liking what you are doing either. Give that a thought.

    • wendystringer48088

      @TheyCallMeRockStar22 :
      “I attend college [to] purely drink, do drugs, and to fuck women in their early 20’s (Find a Wife hopefully is the main goal)”

      If I may offer some unsolicited advice on your goals based on life experience from friends and associates I have known)?

      1.Don’t drink and drive. (Heavy fines, insurance costs go up could lose your drivers license).
      2. Don’t do illegal drugs. (Felony conviction for possession and you can’t legally own or even handle a gun).
      3. Always use a condom or get a vasectomy. (Women will lie about being on birth control, get pregnant by you, and you’ll be paying court ordered child support until the kid is 18. Feminists say they don’t need a man any more than a fish needs a bicycle, but if they want a child they certainly do need your money, and that is how they get you to support them.).
      4. Hold off on considering a wife until you are over the promiscious sexual phase of your life.

      Not meaning to slam you, just am twice your age and passing on advice based on traps I saw others fall into.

      And, an after-thought – not as important as the rest but still something to consider:
      White women who have sex with black men don’t know that some black men are bisexual, either with other men or with “trangender women”.
      These “transgender women” are really cute gay boys with feminine speech and mannerisms, breast implants, silicone lip and hip injections, female hairstyles and wearing makeup and womens clothes so they can have sex with “straight” black men. Since the men in many cases don’t like to go through the bother of putting on and having sex wearing a condom, and they don’t consider themselves “gay”, a lot of these men don’t use condoms when having sex with a “transgender women”.
      A lot (I think it is >50% according to what I heard at a seminar on LGBT health care) of black “transgender women” who are younger and sexually active are HIV positive and are on HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) ARVs (anti-retroviral regimens).
      So if you are having unprotected sex with a white woman who has unprotected sex with a black man you can be two degrees of separation from having sex with a black tranny. So maybe use protection unless you want to risk having to live with being HIV positive and having to forever after be taking HIV ARV meds to keep it from turning into full blown AIDS.
      Now I’ve just shared a couple of big secrets with you about the gay / trans community, but at least now (and everyone else who reads this) will know.

      My posting here might not seem like appropriate WRSA fare, but really it’s just a new twist on the same old military male behavior that comes along with testosterone fueled young men on ship’s liberty in places line Manila.

    • You need to move someplace where the cost of living isn’t so high. The real men of currahee laugh at you.

  4. Judeo-feminism was/is no more than a scam aimed at making of women in general a permanent collectivist Entitlement Group, and con White women into not having babies. Search: “list of Jewish feminists wiki”, then click link. That’ll get you around the block.

    so naturally (((feminists))) ally themselves with any anti-White, anti-Western Civ invasive. And are particularly cozy with Muslims: because Jews and Islam have been in open alliance against Christendom for 1,300 years.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      It is concerning that the Israel, and many other Jewish Groups, make ZERO(Less than dick really) effort to help Europe or America understand this threat.

      It’s not even on their radar.

      And then we get lectured about White Supremacy all day.

      I dont recall Nazi’s having a book about a prophet who commanded all his followers to cut the heads off Jews.

      Hitler was obvious and forthcoming about his Anti-Semitism, but he doesn’t say anything about cutting their heads off and taking jewish women as sex slaves.

      You really think that Israel would touch on that, or rather, at least criticize our media on how insulting they are to the truth.

      • Julius Streicher

        You obviously don’t understand that the jews are behind all this. Israel would be gone in a year if they had to make it on their own with out the $2B plus per year subsidy they extract from us.
        But then, I’m just one of those worthless boomers. What could I have possibly learned in the time I’ve been in this shitty world twice as long as you have.
        Keep on blaming everyone else for your problems. It will work out real well for you.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          If you aren’t the problem, don’t feel bad.

          The Universe is a balanced place. The “Greatest Generation” gave birth to the “Worst”.

          Just my opinion.

          My family is wall to wall boomer cucks and mentally ill boomer cat ladies who actually think Im a Nazi for supporting Trump.

          Boomers are retards. Your generation aged out and went delirious or something. IDK. Get over it.

          Millennials? We are a mix. The Best and Worst thus far. Could be worse. We didn’t sell out though. Boomers sold out.

  5. Nothing like seeing some half baked millenial fucktard blaming everyone with grey whiskers for his position in life . He can’t seem to get over his own lower lip it hangs so low . Chin up and be a man for once fucktard . Work hard like I did and realize that the USA and the world are winding down and G-ds great end times plan is moving forward flawlessly . If you had a shred of sense or decency you millenial cucks would quit picking on the old folks and gather some skills about you to provide for your family if you ever find a girl dumb enough to marry your sorry ass . I doubt it though . Good luck cuck . You are going to need it . Enjoying my retirement caring for 60 some ruminants and a root cellar / fallout shelter full of produce and meat . Got a swath cut out of my woods for a half mile target range and waiting for that trumpet to blow .

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      “My Position”

      Implying that I didn’t wake up in a retarded shit-hole the boomers ran into the ground.

      Implying I don’t work my ass off.

      You sound like every Boomer boss I ever had.

      I could give you 70 hours in a week for slave wages and you still wouldn’t be impressed.

      FYI. This country is really, super fucked up. My Grand Parents were cool. Loved them so much.

      Boomers? Boomers are gonna die off and then Europeans and Americans are on our own as a Minority in a land of College Campus PC retards, marxists, commies, traitors, and islamists.

      Thanks boomer. You must be so proud. Certainly my fault and short coming.

  6. Ilich Ramirez Sanchez — aka Carlos the Jackal — communist convert to Islam, in his 2003 book, “Revolutionary Islam” called on “all revolutionaries, including those of the left, even atheists,” to accept the leadership of Islamists:
    “Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States,”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Ilich Ramirez Sanchez — aka Carlos the Jackal — communist convert to Islam, in his 2003 book, “Revolutionary Islam” called on “all revolutionaries, including those of the left, even atheists,” to accept the leadership of Islamists”

      Jesus Christ! You mean to tell Me that I’ve got *that* dilettante asshole shilling for Me? I need a drink.
      – Allah

  7. If you cant make a good life for yourself here, in this country, you aren’t going to make it anywhere, and you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if it isn’t an internal problem, in your head, in your guts, or in your character, that’s causing you to suck. Whining and complaining is childish. Make a plan, establish a goal, grab yourself by the testicles and don’t quit. There is no better place to make your fortune than the USA. You’re here, get busy.

  8. Rockstar, your parents basement sounds lovely.

    Cruise the ” hood” lots of free furniture, neatly stacked on the sidewalks. Don’t forget to ” roll em up” when you hear caps, or m80s.

    700.00 extra, when my wife and I were starting out, 700.00 a ton of money. We put three in savings, and had 100.00 a week to play with. We lived large on that.

    That’s 3600.00 a year saved. Requires disciple. We did it, you can to.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, years ago, the interest rates made saving worthwhile. Now, the interest rate is below the rate of inflation, so saving effectively loses value over time

      • Jimmy, it’s about the discipline, so don’t put it in a bank. Put it in an envelope, in a drawer, or safe. 3600.00×10=36.000 that ten years will fly by.

        Their was a time in my life I used credit cards, and bought shit I didn’t need on CC’s. I figured it out, no more Credit. If I don’t have cash I don’t buy it. ” I do have a be it card” directly out of a purchase account at my credit union.

        Being debt free is a powerful thing. Old saying.

        You don’t like the rules, don’t use THEIR money. Works for me.


        • ” If I don’t have cash I don’t buy it. ”


          that right there could keep most folks out of deep financial trouble but no one wants to hear it or heed it, but it’s the boomers that fucked it up for everyone, not their own lack of self discipline.


    • Hear, Hear! The early journey for us was pickle sandwiches and second hand clothes. A roasted chicken was still clucking as soup two weeks later and we considered that a luxury at the time. Part of the problem today is heighten expectations. Most want the McMansion at 22. For most of us that did not happen, if at all, till much later in life.

      • Dr, agree those were simple years, but powerful in terms of life. We refer to it here as our ” early Navy” period. Not a pot to piss in, yet she and me held the world in our hands. Our oyster.

        Who cares how big ones house is. What’s important is what’s happening inside, pride of ownership, cleanliness, the human connection is what ITS all about.


    • Randall Flagg

      “…when my wife and I were starting out, 700.00 a ton of money.”

      Yeah, in the 80’s. Ever hear of inflation? Or declining value of the dollar? Saving $3600 a year would’ve been great 20-30 years ago. But today, you’re just one financial crisis away from being dead-ass broke. Yeah, saving that kind of money is something, better than nothing, but it would take someone 10-20 years to save up enough for a 20% downpayment for an “average” house in an area that doesn’t require bars on all the windows. Good luck with that.

    • wendystringer48088

      “Cruise the ” hood” lots of free furniture, neatly stacked on the sidewalks.”

      Please be aware that Bed Bugs are making a big comeback (due to the banning of DDT, more international and national travel and people visiting to and coming from places where living conditions are poorer).

      So, I would suggest to definitely pass on the mattresses and box springs. New mattress & boxspring sets are relatively inexpensive (<$300) compared to getting what is probably a worn out mattress and also the risk of picking up a bug infested mattress or box springs.

      When picking up free furniture (couch, chairs, dresser, etc.) from any source, be sure to check for bed bugs. It's pretty obvious once you know what to look for.

      By the way, to treat Bed Bugs you need to use professional Insecticides like Temprid (with a sprayer, and wear a resirator, gloves and painters outfit including palastic bag over your shoes). Bedlam aerosol spray, and CimeXa dust with a puffer applicator and leave the house for a day. Then do it all over again 6 to 8 weeks later. Foggers available in stores like Home Depot as just a waste of maney and make the problem worse and don't kill them and just cause them to disperse to other areas throughout the house.

      ALL clothing and bedding has to be ran through a hot dryer for 20 minutes.

      Much better to inspect beforehand and avoid the problem than to treat the problem. (More hard-won life experience advice for those reading this).

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22


      You are a joke dude.

      This country is super fucked up and you double down and attack me.

      What planet are you on?

      No-one is gonna take orders from guys like you or AESOP.

  9. I met Rodney while on assignment in NYC.I was introduced by a very close friend of his.Jacob Cohen.Jacob was a hot shit.Burt Reynolds,Howard Cosell (Cohen),George Steinbrenner at a soiree in NYC.
    Rodney wouldn’t let you come up for air….perfect delivery.
    “I don’t get no respect!”

  10. @ TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Let’s recap:
    “I attend college purely drink, do drugs, and to fuck women in their early 20’s (Find a Wife hopefully is the main goal)…”

    So, you (have enough money to) snort coke, get drunk, find a slut every now & then to entertain, and be entertained.

    You bitch about low (resultant) wages, but are clueless as to the drivers of the problem – drivers which are entirely within your control.

    You whine about housing costs somehow expecting to be able to afford a $400k home. Really. As a student. Most of us here started far more modestly, and not in a collectivist hive as you have described your own selected environ.

    You moan about how mommy doesn’t understand you, without recognizing (let alone acknowledging)
    that YOU Yourself suffer from the same mental deformity – blaming others for a situation entirely within your own control.

    Son, life is tough. It is a lot tougher when you are stupid. This, I know.

    You want a good wife? What exactly do YOU bring to the table? What are YOUR qualities? Seems like a bucket of piss from YOUR description.

    So, you foolishly joined some branch of government armed forces – too ignorant to see WHAT that was, and why.

    And yet you blame others.

    Because you’re A ROCK STAR.

    • Ya. Was gonna say somethin’ about doin burpees instead of drugs and sluts so he could save money, get in shape, and go train.

      He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

      Complaining is easier i guess.

    • Randall Flagg

      “’I attend college purely drink, do drugs, and to fuck women in their early 20’s (Find a Wife hopefully is the main goal)…’

      So, you (have enough money to) snort coke, get drunk, find a slut every now & then to entertain, and be entertained.”

      Bingo. Everything else said after that statement is simply “blah, blah, blah… po me.” If one is attending college purely for those items, then one reaps what one sows.

      He should quit his whining and get his priorities straight. Now. No one is getting any younger.

      • Well those drugs make it hard for him to think clearly so you really can’t blame him for sounding like a retard…There are so many jobs out there making six figures right now that if your going to college for anything less than a STEM degree your an idiot…I haven’t made under six figures since I started in my trade…

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      I don’t do coke. It’s a stupid drug.

      Fun I suppose, If you like adrenaline and anxiety.

      I like smoking some fine herb.

      Tell me again how my situation is fucked up?

      No-one can afford houses and kids homie.

      The only family members I have who own houses work for the government and have a wife with a government job.

      Everyone else is living in their parents basement because we have to,

      I would get roommates, but I don’t feel like paying money so someone’s friends can sleep on my couch.

      I’d much rather spend that money on a 20 year old lady.

      Jealous? STFU. Boomers tanked this country. Own up to it.

  11. I think a lot of people here missed the point of the Gen X,Y, Z and millennials. It appears we are not listening. They said they feel the inflation and the social changes that our generation seems to be oblivious toward.

    I cannot buy anything my father could, the wages remained low, job requirements kept requiring “schools” and the right schools. Prices increased, wages remained stagnant.

    These kids are not whining, they are warning–US. Our generation are the one’s who will be in the most danger. The bio-chip is only months away from an industry “requirement” without a Federal regulation for everything a Socialist (in)Security number is required for. Bank accounts, utilities, auto registration and insurance, renew a “drivers license” , “health care” and health insurance (whatever that is), as well as being able to buy groceries and anything else in a cashless system where money has been banned by banksters.

    It is the Greatest Generation and Boomers who enabled this. Our generation inherited the 16th and 17th Amendments, the Federal Reserve and Social Security Acts and did we dismantle the Federal Mafia?

    We must teach them instead of condemning them, I teach the whipper snappers because I listen and empathize. But, I only teach them to survive the coming apocalypse, survivalism in its classical form.

    I failed to overturn the Federal mafia system, I have to look these “kids” in their eyes and say, “sucks to be you.” NO!

    • BULLSHIT, my kids both own their own homes. One owns two. sons, 33 daughters 31. I’m so proud of both of them, they get it.

      Their is no fucking gravy train, pick your sorry ass up off the ground, focus, and make it work. I also did two tours in the military, I used those learned skills sets to fix modern aircraft, to secure a decent job in the civilian world.

      We scrimped, saved and worked a lot of over time to pay for my wife to get her teaching credentials.

      The only difference between kids like rockstar and me was a simple choice. I recognized I wanted to ets the navy with a skill set, he chose to be a spear chucker.

      We both got the GI bill, I maxed my education, turned it into a degree in science. Our sniveling friend has the same oppertunity.

      His ego is fragile, I was amused at first with his title. I’m starting to see that he fucking believes he is special. That symptom alone tells me everything, an adult in this room needs to know. It’s everybody else’s fault.

      I’m tough on him, I sense his potential, you will make it.

      Lotta lumps administered in life, anybody over 40 will get it.


      • Amen Brother…He is a whiny little boy…

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22


        If everything is A-OK, what are you doing on this website?!

        This country is super fucked up, and so is Europe and Canada.

        But you blame me? I thought the whole point of this website was to exchange Ideas.

        If you live in such wealth and luxury, You will bitch out when the ball drops.

        And the ball is dropping, and you are ready to blame me For my short comings.

        What short comings? I was just stating the facts homie.

      • “Their is no fucking gravy train,”

        Uh, that’s HIS point and at least he recognizes that there shouldn’t be one. See, you act as if there wasn’t one for you either, but there was. You didn’t have to acquire a single dollar of those many you have in a free and willing marketplace. And now to large degree, younger folk CAN’T gain a single dollar in the free marketplace. Sure there are exceptions, though you might note how those exceptions often manage to happen BECAUSE those participants are willing to go along with a centralized, command-control economy…aka socialism or communism.

        Fact is, what most of us mean by “America” is the ability to have the same legal and moral standing as others, and produce and trade genuine values with others…based on THEIR judgment and one’s own chosen values. But of course, that’s not the way it is…if you want to gain values, you pretty much have to “go along to get along.” That’s what you decided to do and I’m not in a position to judge that as either right or wrong—your life, your choice. And at least you recognize a lot of the bullshit–and even evil–that went along with that choice and you’re trying to change that part of it. That’s a great thing, but it doesn’t change the nature of what you did choose and did do.

        What you did choose produced for you plenty of values by way of dollars. But virtually every last one of those dollars had its origination in being stolen from someone else. Or if you prefer, extorted from someone else.

        THAT’S the problem and TCMRS22 shouldn’t be knocked because he doesn’t wish to do it that way. As I see it, at least on this particular point, he should be congratulated for not wanting to do it that way. Truth is that if we assume the goal is a happy life, he’s more correct on the point than likely he even knows.

      • Damn straight. My daughter scrimped for 5 years to save up the cash for a down payment. Just bought a condo. It CAN be done.

  12. Look at his budget, housing is the biggest cost. He works construction, yet boomers don’t permit him to build his own house hiimself in a manner that makes it affordable.

    My advice: 1) Europe is not your problem to risk your life over. 2) Stop accepting you are a debt slave and trying to get somewhere on the hamster wheel handed to you. If you’re willing to go to war in Europe then you should go to war here instead and free yourself from debt slavery. The proper amount of taxes and regulations is zero.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      The proper amount of taxes and regulations is Zero.

      The mountain of dead boomers I would need to produce that “0” is staggering.

      No thanks, I’ll just wait out the inevitable.

      Every hates Mussies and I don’t give a fuck about blowing up a few seedy parts of Sweden or England.

      Plus, I like Europeans, and everyone knows if you topple Europe, America will fall.

      Gotta save Europe Dummy.

      Thats our entire eastern flank.

      You didn’t study much in the way of tactics did you?

      See me after class.

  13. No boomer, no problem.

  14. Ya we got to this point because “one generation” fucked up. Read some history. This train’s been off the tracks for a long time but the hologram was lovely for a while.

    noun ho·lo·gram \ˈhō-lə-ˌgram, ˈhä-\
    : a three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference produced by a split coherent beam of radiation (such as a laser);
    also : the pattern of interference itself
    Popularity: Bottom 40% of words

    • “They snuck in while I was sleeping on guard duty but that doesn’t matter because many other guards before me slept on the job too.”

  15. wealthy farmer

    The generational differences that seem so massive are just a marketing trick that also has elements of social control built into it. As in DIVIDE AND CONQUER.
    They say that dogs are pack animals and den animals. Well, I would aver that humans are TRIBAL animals. A healthy tribe needs all its members, mutual respect and harmony. The young are STRONG, really strong and the tribe needs this strength. The old have SURVIVED, and have seen almost every trick the enemy has in his bag.

    Until the dawn of agriculture it was rare for anyone to live past 35. Life was just too damn hard.

    Yeah it’s easy to hate the old hippies who gratuitously burned down the world they inherited from their parents, and made a lot of money doing so. Exhibit 1 would be Jerry Brown (who owns a 2000 acre ranch in Northern California, which has oil and gas, who knew?) and the grand old dragon Dianne Fienstein…..And yeah the Iraq War (and 9/11) was a corrupt deep state lie-fest and shitshow from top to bottom. Iraq wasn’t a ‘war’, it was a huge wood chipper that america hurled its young men into….While other young men, working for Booz Allen, Raytheon, etc made good money. All because we are SO disconnected from each other and reality. We are not AMERICANS anymore, we are just self-serving fucktards who don’t give a rat’s ass about anything or anyone except our own sweet fat juicy little ass. That shit has to stop with the Patriot Movement/III’pers whatever we call it ’cause otherwise we ALL end up in a mass grave..

  16. Farmer some young rock stars just need a bit of tough love. This kid will make it. He will be successful,right now he’s his own worst enemy.

    Truthfully, the formula for success, hasn’t changed, not going to change.
    the life’s journey starts with the first step.


  17. Farmer, where is scary jerries farm located?


    • wealthy farmer

      I don’t know exactly but I think it’s in Humboldt or Eureka counties. He inherited it (of course) from his father the great Pat Brown. It came to my attention when I read that the California legislature had wiggled in a special little exemption to state regulation of oil and gas development on private land, specifically to help out little Jerry. Just like Fat Albert Gore (hey hey hey) he’s a huge flaming fucking hypocrite. No, I do not live in CA (Thank God), I’m in the PNW..