Secret Police Follies

NR: Obama Ordered Comey To Clear HRC

13 responses to “Secret Police Follies

  1. Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Comey and all the minions involved = Enemies, Domestic

  2. An investigation that wasn’t, Department of Justice employees who couldn’t find the word in a dictionary, a Former President that has proven over (and over, ad nauseum) that he is incapable of honesty and integrity, and a current President who is a liar, fraud, and manipulator.
    Funny, how prophetic all of Matt Bracken’s novels are. It means that there is far more coming down the pike. Got plans A,B,& C?

  3. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Nobody could have predicted this.

  4. back when it mattered, Trump fired Flynn, kept Comey. That was the deal: Mrs. Clinton agreed not to contest the election, Trump agreed to let her off the hook.

    Trump is the (((Swamp))). For his entire adult life.

    • Yeah, because she’d be on firm legal ground, having gotten her ass kicked resoundingly.

      And that stunt worked out so well for Sore Loser Gore in 2000.

    • And anyways, by all accounts, it took her three days to form coherent sentences when she got grabbed by the pussy, and flung onto the mat on Election Night.
      Which is probably the most action that thing’s had in 40 years.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    But, of course, as we all know, “Straight Shooter Jim” Comey immediately resigned in the face of White House interference in the investigation. Oh, wait….

  6. The NR article is just clickbait.
    They’re guessing, not reporting.
    If I want that, I only have ABCNNBCBS, and every television station and newspaper in the country.
    Cough up a smoking gun, or save it for the water cooler.

    • >>> The NR article is just clickbait.
      They’re guessing, not reporting. <<<

      Impressive—it's how you won the Champion Hypocrite belt.