Tom Wolfe: The “Me” Decade And The Third Great Awakening

Return now to the bicentennial year of 1976 and read Wolfe’s real-time take on the people who would become today’s codgers.

Here’s the deal:

If you weren’t ever part of the decades of decadence that led to the dying civilization of FUSA today, good on you.


If you were, but since have stopped and are trying to atone for your assholery, good on you.

In either case, if you are today doing your best to pass on skills, tools, and mindset to the young people who will inherit the mess left behind by postwar America, bravo.

If not, you are part of the problem.

And you can start to fix that problem today.

28 responses to “Tom Wolfe: The “Me” Decade And The Third Great Awakening


    Interesting photo at the bottom of the article. Ralph Waite, the actor in the picture was your typical unrepentant Hollywood leftist who ran for Congress against I believe, Sonny Bono out in the Palm Springs area. Whoever he ran against, handed him his cosmic white Marxist head. And of course, Grandpa Walton-Will Geer was part of that same group of WPA-financed actors, writers, and musicians in the 1930’s who were either Parlor Pinks, useful idiots, or out-and-out reds. Goggle the Venona Project.
    Say what you want about us Boomers. Most of the Woodstock-mindset Hillary-worshiping Feminazis and Manginas were and still are spendthrift, narcissistic, pot-smoking, red-diaper-doper oxygen thieves. I still believe that there are more geezers like me who have used our honest-earned wealth to support our own loved ones and have faithfully served both our country, community, and employers in various capacities.
    So to all of the Gen-X, Gen-Y, Millennial crybabies and their mass-produced army of shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, brain-dead, vaping Mall Zombies out there, I will leave you with some food for thought. Your problem is not with me but with the criminals inhabiting Mordor-on-the-Potomac. You, along with the Marxists in my generation have kept criminals such as the Clintons, Schumer, Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, et. al. in office for way too long. Are you going to solve the problem or just point fingers and assign blame?

    • What are you doing to pass on your skills and mindset to the people you deride as crybabies?


        CA: I have been tutoring/teaching Millennials(and their parents) the tenets of Liberty, along with reading, writing, and basic math. Did it for years in Oregon. Think Bluestocking Press and Maybury’s books.
        There is fertile ground out here in Rawles Land with home schoolers and private religious schools who are looking for experienced educators who tell the truth. There is very little grass growing under my feet. And, it will continue to be this way as long as I am upright and breathing.

  2. There’s more’n muff finger-pointing been done. If you don’t have your own young’ins ( or you dicked it up and they’re part of the problem) FIND SOME and make use of the time we have left. That’s presuming you have anything worth sharing. If you’re gonna judge by the lot STFU.

  3. Venona Project or read Red Star Over Hollywood
    Now get off my lawn you Hippy!

  4. I guess this is a thing now, and will be for a long time. Blame teh Boomers. I’m used to the abuse now, so fire away. Just don’t be so surprised, Xers and Ys’ and Millennials, when Gen Revs and Gen Rest (Generation Revolution and Generation Restoration) take their fury and bile out on YOU. What you teach your children they remember, even if they don’t follow it. And remember, The sins of the fathers are rested on the children of disobedience, which means that if you teach your children to be vapid blame placers, that is exactly what they will be. Which is somewhat odd, since I have distinct memories of the Greatest Generation blaming me and my generation for having fucked up the country. Limping about now in my waning years, unable to see very well or clearly, with a host of maladies stalking my days and nights, some things come into sharp focus. Suppose I take full measure of the blame and the punishment for my generation of Boomers, what then? All you have gotten is the mostly feeble life of and old man that will profit you nothing, and you still have the same problems as before. Perhaps you all should seek better value for your efforts, otherwise, that pound of flesh you crave will be little comfort indeed. And if you carry this witch hunt to its logical conclusion, you will have accomplished exactly what? Come on then, let’s get it over with, I don’t want to be bored to death. Mine may be the last generation to actually question events and authority, from the look of things. Yours may be the last generation to ever question its motives. There was another, the ones who got us the French Revolution, and if you recall, they ended their Reign of Terror with a whiff of grapeshot, ordered by their next and worst master. Napoleon. Good luck with that, “My grand kids and so on will be grateful to me for the way my generation did it” thing. Send not, to see for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

    • “I guess this is a thing now, and will be for a long time. Blame teh Boomers. ”

      +1. We see these posts every now and then, but this one so close to the previous is simply gratuitous, and can be seen either as a bad case of “My pussy hurts”, or “muh click bait”. Probably the latter.


    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Don’t worry.

      The Millennials are just gonna tell the truth.
      The post war boomers didn’t want to be called racist, enforce national laws, fight communism, or let their kids pray in school before eating lunch.
      Instead the boomers prescribed billions of pain pills, hired illegals, lobbied to fuck us, invested in stocks and companies with evil intentions, bought housing with the intent to raise the rent prices to nearly unaffordable points.
      The boomers kids are worthless assholes for a reason.
      And now, we have no country, no future, and a house in 2030 is gonna be $1,000,000.
      Which is much cheaper considering the Millennials inherited $300,000 housing. A 10x increase since the late 1980’s. So a 3x increase is marginal.

      Boomers dropped the ball. Mostly because ya’ll didn’t really want to play “America” anymore. You wanted Kebabs and Hummus.

      Now, in 2017, your daughters have a dog, 3 abortions, 30 ex-boyfriends, and a 9-5 nowhere job.

      The sons work 50 hours a week, smoke pot, and play video games because there isn’t anything else to do without a boomer arresting us, firing us, fining us, or charging us outrageous prices.

      Case in point, My Boomer professors care more about baby sitting Muslims and Fags than promoting Veterans.

      I saw a standing ovation for a gay drug addict getting out a rehab, A vet can barely get a half assed round of applause.

      All thanks to boomer brainwashing.

    • Yes, Yes, a +1000 times Yes. I have raised two children that I am proud of them. They know what is at risk.

      Let the Gen X,Y, Millennials point fingers. I can point it right back to them — — Their generation has their eyes glued to Facebook a major portion of their waking day enabling part and parcel the very demon that is of their own making.

      Just remember there anti-boomers that GenZ approaches and they are going to be pissed at YOU. — — for being weasels. And the old refrain still applies — “Be kind to your children for they will be picking your retirement arrangements.”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Gen-X hasn’t had much impact on the world, as it was a very small birth cohort. It was heavily outnumbered by the preceding Boomers and the following Millennials. They were/are the “middle children of history” referenced in Fight Club.

  5. Harold Balzac

    This Wolfe guy writes pretty good. He should try maybe writin’ a book….or movies….or somethin’….


  6. I have not had the time or energy to dwell upon what a ignorant shitbag I have been. I have been too busy working,growing,building,teaching,learning and raising children to think about what a selfish piece of shit I am.I will continue to raise my grandchildren with the goal of them being able to live a decent life. That is the best I can do. Anyone that doesn’t like my style does not have to associate with me I am fine with being an ornery,old, scutter.

  7. The Waltons were forever ruined for me when I found out Will Greer- Grandpa Walton, was a real life Gay Communist.

    Not even 70s Family TV was real……

  8. “Because the narcissist has so few inner resources, he looks to others to validate his sense of self. Heneeds to be admired for his beauty, charm, celebrity, or power — attributes that usually fade with time. Unable to achieve satisfying sublimations in the form of love and work, he finds that he has little to sustain him when youth passes him by. He takes no interest in the future and does nothing to provide himself with the traditional consolations of old age, the most important of which is the belief that future generations will in some sense carry on his life’s work. Love and work unite in a concern for posterity, and specifically in an attempt to equip the younger generation to carry on the tasks of the older. The thought that we live on vicariously in our children (more broadly, in future generations) reconciles us to our own supersession — the central sorrow of old age, more harrowing even than failty and loneliness.” -Christopher Lasch

  9. Harold Balzac

    The dissonance in the few remaining cognitives I have left is due to reading the linked articles.
    The expense, time and effort you obviously spend here preparing this for us is appreciated. You have one of the best, most informative / useful sites on the entire webski.
    I hope that I may continue to emotii from time to time.

  10. Grandpa Walton (Will Geer) was a sodomite of the first order.
    Apparently this was an open secret in the 70’s, all about in your face programming.

  11. “I lost my son to the alt.right”. This is both hilarious and indicative of what some young people are doing.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Another Standard Single mother who is completely out of touch with a man’s needs.
      No wonder she couldn’t find a father figure for him.

      I don’t even talk to my mother anymore. She treats the cats better than her own son. CNN has convinced my mother I’m a Neo-Nazi because I listen to Alex Jones.

      A mother who cannot understand their son’s need for exploration, knowledge and truth, brotherhood, a strong patriarchy, and a problem to solve; knows nothing about human dynamics as a whole.

      Men need objectives and goals. Not lonely dog and cat ladies who shame us all day for everything.

      My own mother(1960’s Feminist type) is convinced that Muslims are victims thanks to CNN.

      We have A LOT of struggle ahead.

  12. I’m 30 years old, so I’m going to assume by this post that must not have been old enough to assist in the ruining of the US, which actually probably started around the year 1860, took a pause under Calvin Coolidge, accelerated again during the 1930’s and may have passed the point of no return during the Carter administration.

    I see no way to achieve an outcome without a great percentage of the people living in the US feeling some major pain. I also don’t understand why anyone thinks a country with a population over 340,000,000 would ever be able to agree enough on anything that they wouldn’t want to live around each other anymore.

    Break up into 50 states and leave it at that. Kind of was supposed to be that way in the first place.

    • Hate to burst the bubble, but at 30 you have crossed over to the other side according to the youths.

      • Probably so, but here’s the thing: The youths are part of the “homeland” generation. That’s the generation that the researchers and demographers are claiming to be the most “right wing” generation since WWII. Seeing as the researchers and demographers would LOVE to find every reason to say that they’re more left wing, I find no reason not to believe that.

  13. Fits well with Glubb’s explanation of the Age of Decadance. It’s almost like you had that planned…thanks for both.

  14. Notarealperson

    Never bought into the bullshit finger pointing. Too easy. It assumes the schlubs had a real say in things to begin with. They didn’t. Do you think those that those who succeeded the Morgan’s, Rockefeller and Carnegie would actually let the little people direct the country? That, wasn’t happening people.

    We never had a two party system, we had a uniparty with two wings who played us by running a bunch of unappealing carnival barkers and machines pols as our candidates. It’s not to say we had no influence, we did have iit – at the local level which was rarely exercised by us.

    The thing about finger pointing is that it works in the elite’s favor since it divides us – you folks do remember the one of the fundamental strategies of rulers? Divide and conquer.

  15. I read everything, and the only Wolfe writing I could stomach for more than two minutes as worth the effort was “The Right Stuff”, mainly because of the subject matter.

    Nonsense like this piece and “Bonfire Of the Vanities” were just more Prog screeds for Wolfe and New York magazine to be exactly the liberal horseshit merchants they were, while they congratulated themselves for how superior they had to be. Like the Fox and the Grapes, or the sophomoric teenagers who sit in the bleachers and make fun of the sport for which they couldn’t make the team. The irony that what Wolfe was mockumenting was worthy of note precisely because it was exactly the sort of dopey jackassical dilettante trend likely readers of New York magazine would be up to neck-deep was then, and is now, completely lost on them.

    Most of the silliness he documents was the cause du jour adopted by the selfsame hippies who brought you the Sixties, and decided in 1973 the Seventies were “me” time. Most of America ignored all of it, and just went to work. Like they always had.

    A far better synopsis of the era was done by Winston Groom, with the benefit of hindsight.
    In Forest Gump, left bell curve dumbass from flyover country skewers every beloved big-city mainstream Leftard cause and movement for forty years, without even trying.

    Hollywood still hasn’t figured that masterstroke out, even with blood spurting out the cleat holes in their own dicks, like a cat chasing its own tail and surprised at the pain when it catches it, and bites itself.

    But the rest of the country ate it up, even if buying a ticket for that show was using a laser pointer to get the Hollywood cats wound up and tail-chasing in the first place.