We Are At War For A Free And Open Internet

Via Gab, re Gab.

If you need the internet as it is currently operated to conduct your freedom activities, you need to fix that MO.

The Bad People know that Dirt People talking to each other around the globe without political intermediation will cause the demise of their multiple cons.

Ergo, expect hatespeech prohibition activity to increase.

Act accordingly.

40 responses to “We Are At War For A Free And Open Internet

  1. Yeah, well, they’re gonna try their damnedest, no doubt.
    Having back-up plans is always good advice.

    But after working like hell to get the means of production (like printing presses and movie cameras) into the hands of the proletariat, the Internet Thought Police are going to be some busy mofos trying to squeeze all that toothpaste back into the tube.

  2. i believe they enjoy the upper hand here. too easy for those pulling the strings to marginalize/ shut us down when they can just make up stuff and flick the switch. even if we resort to self hosting, thru tor, and only available 4 hours out of every 12 like a low orbit satellite, it would severely restrict the ability to get any level of communications out, except to those technically proficient enough currently among our ranks. and then you’d need an isp willing to offer several gig a day of traffic before they squawk.

    i don’t believe there are enough of us willing to make the time to run our own sites as distributed large scale reflectors of a collection of other sites and dare these guys to shut us all down. just one way though to maybe generate some bad p.r. for them. if it got reported. if there’d be anyone left to report it.

    might be time to dig out that old 56k serial modem and run wildcat bbs again. that plain old phone system of hardwires is just languishing around since everyone has gone to cellular.

    else, all you’re left with is samizdat. and the will to keep trying.

    dark times coming.

  3. Isn’t the real question, what’s reasonable?


  4. Dusting off the big CB rig and the shortwave . Calling DC too . Time for anti-trust and civil rights laws for the notable techies .

  5. This is the exact goddamned reason I’ve been squealing for years about going back to ad-hic networks and the old BBS system.

    You’re constantly playing in someone else’s sandbox every time you go on-line.


    • POTS telephone lines for modems are online in somebody else’s sandbox, too. As long as you’re using government monopoly wires, you may as well use the faster Internet ones.

      Too bad most readers here won’t even go to ubuntu.com and follow the directions to stop using Windows. It’s almost like they’re afraid to take a no-cost step which they know will actually improve their freedom. You’ve seen how much domesticated animals like your dog love their nametag collars. If they understood it, their pet chip would make them feel all safe and loved by their human shepherds. What do shepherds do, again?

  6. Using a decentralized web type system is avoided just like tax strikes are avoided: because it works. The last thing most people want is to be free. It’s scary without your government’s hand around your neck supporting you. Much better using Windows and knowing all your porn choices are collected in a database somewhere so that you can’t be free.

  7. While I agree that blogs are being taken down due to conservative nature of their content and new platforms/strategies are needed I found it strange that gab would make me have account just to read their site,which is why I never read it excepting screen shots like these.Many sites including this one(thank you)allow me to read site/articles/discussions with the click of a mouse,comment with any name/e-mail I wish.
    I do hope that conservative hackers just bring tie up/down the whole damn net if this policy of excluding sites continues,the printing press/private radio ect. may be back in vogue!

  8. It looks like it is now or never, for the Liberty minded to start some action. We need our own stuff; I do not need some over papered jackass telling me what is most appropriate. Nor do you! Will the real clever kids in the classroom please follow a Greybeard to the nearest work station?

    • That’s the White flavor of gibsmedats. Are you willing to expend any of your own time towards this result? Yourself run any of the no-cost flavors which already exist? Test and submit bug reports? Write beginners’s guides if the documentation is inadequate? No — wait — it’s a market failure and you should tax to fund production of this defensive good.

  9. “5G is serious stuff. We are living in very serious times. And no one seems to know, or wants to know, just how serious a price we have to pay for all our wireless tech addictions. I know from personal experience that 99.9% of Americans do not even know what “G” stands for, nor do they know anything about the scientifically- proven lethal radiation emitted from their children’s phones and Wi-Fi. [“G” stands for generation of power.]…”


    • Yep your spot on. No doubt the ignorance & nescience regarding the Shumann Resonance & Frequency resonance of all Matter known to exist in the Universe. People in general can’t seem to understand that when you alter the frequency you alter / change the form of that matter. This is especially true of ALL organic matter. The already known celluar structure regarding organizational heirarchy of holons – cells is paramount to that organisms survival. That means that human DNA – cells – immuno suppression systems – organs etc are at taking a hit – fragmenting – altered & changed from the natural order when ever you introduce any frequency outside of the Planet’s natural Shumann Resonance. Cancer rates are up, Respiratory diseases / Allergies are up, Sperm counts are down, insanity is up. Life spans coming down. Humans are habitual creatures & that behavior can be changed or modified. But irresponsible governments doing criminal acts – crimes against humanity have to be confronted & demand truth & change.

  10. does anyone know of any providers/search engines that are and intend to remain open and embrace FREE SPEECH, regardless of content?

    seems that there will be no place remaining to state opinions/beliefs, save for the politically correct/approved, if things continue to proceed as they have been with the burgeoning censorship apparent.

    it seems there is an increasing market for such providers/search engines.

  11. European American

    I wonder when moderators will have to police their own sites and screen out “questionable” commenters, or censor themselves, when crossing over the imaginary line? Is it already happening here, subconsciously? Where and what exactly is that “line”?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hardly surprising. Plenty of folks from the 60s and 70s never abandoned it, and most people below about age 35 or so have been taught throughout their schooling that socialism is awesome. It’s also hammered home in virtually all news and entertainment media.

  12. There has always been a War on truth & suppression of gnosis. That is how the cryptocracy kakistocracy rule & always have since Imperial Rome. Secrecy rules the planet not rules nor laws. Until that realization & paradigm construct is changed the beatings will continue until the morale improves. This defines the distinction between ignorance & nescience. Imagine a society that imprisons or tally’s points as a threat against them because of an individuals knowledge of truth. Since the Book burning of the Repository of Knowledge by Alexander the Great in Egypt this has been the struggle & the biggest underlying problem with Cult’s & Secret Societies. The truth matters & how are our children & future generations going to be able to discern Non-Fiction from Fiction if we don’t do what’s right ? The war is on truth at the end of the day. If we don’t win this internet that they are already altering & scrubbing truth from what’s the point ? Might as well be medicated to ease your pain.

    • Alex the Great was c. 900 years dead when the great Library at Alexandria was burned by a Jewish mob. Do not worry. You were victimized by a post-1950’s K-12.

  13. Actually, I sort of get what is going on here/there, but if someone would take the time to extrapolate to a non-tech boomer what is actually going on, and what all it means, I would very much appreciate it. Remember, growing up, the high tech was telephones, and calling some one a block away cost extra because the telephone company rigged it that way. What is most confusing is the tech language.

    • Quick and dirty summation. Post Charlottesville, several internet/tech companies decided to go full on censorship. Sites such as the Daily Stormer and message board Stormfront were taken down by their hosting service on thin terms of service breaches.

      In addition to the censorship, other platforms and mediums are going all in. Paypal (CC transactions) is refusing to process transactions of groups that don’t meet it’s criteria. Patreon (patron ($) of others media, publishing, etc.) is doing the same. Wikipedia (online encyclopedia) is notoriously left leaning in their entries. Twitter suspends, bans, shadowbans, blacklists, and removes users from their platform at will. Facebook does the same.

      The affected have responded by going around the offending companies with new platforms and services.

      Twitter – Gab
      Patreon – Hatreon
      Wikipedia – Infogalactic

      Important to realize that these are probing attacks to see the amount of defense to materialize. If it’s easy to remove Stormfront, then is it easy to go after Vdare and AmRen, and if that was easy lets go after WRSA.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      The internet kings

      -And Any Other Global Mainstream front.

      They are actively censoring truth.

      Like any content about the Crusades Or Chinese Communism.

      Pretty much only degeneracy, destruction, and distraction is pushed 24/7.

      Can confirm. Am a 30 year old in a major university.

      It’s a creating social disaster. We are completely overwriting history with light speed book burning by major interest groups.

      People won’t even remember being free, or the memory of, because no-one ever mentions it or sees it.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Long story short, They are pulling the books off the library shelves.

      There is nothing about the South African War in my local libraries around Baltimore.

      The internet equivalent of that is pulling info or shadow banning posts, content, and links off the web.

      No-one will be allowed to see Jihad watch, WRSA, or Gates of Vienna one day unless you specifically look for it by web address. And even that future looks like its on its way out.

  14. U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp signed an emergency order allowing the seizure of private guns, ammunition, explosives and property the National Guard may need to respond to Hurricane Irma.


    • You know they’re smacking their lips and rubbing their hands together,thinking about doing the same here in the States,can’t let a crisis go to waste.

    • Been to the US V.I.

      If it weren’t for the beaches, it’d be Chicongo or Detroit.
      The crime was so bad in Charlotte Amalie, the capitol port city on St. Thomas, the Navy made the entire islands off-limits to all naval ships, because it was too unsafe for sailors.
      They need ten or twenty more Irmas, and then we can try re-colonizing it.
      As it stands, Capt. Jack Sparrow’d get his throat slit there these days.

      Sometime, look for the stories of the looting of white retirees there in the last big blow, while the local douchebadge cops stood around grinning and watching.

      The waters are a diver’s paradise, but ashore it’s a shithole with palm trees.

      Puerto Rico’s about the same, and they’re flat busted broke.
      Things there are going to get cat-eating grim in a week or two.

    • Sounds like he and his orcs and orcettes need to be introduced to hemp ropes and trees/lamp posts asap!!
      .Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III


      Another straw in the wind(no pun intended). In spite of the “federal law” which was passed after Katrina prohibiting such tyrannical acts, the Leviathan is still out there with their boots on our necks. None of this will stop until some fed-up citizens decide to fight back.

    • ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’. What a low life. If this hurricane is as bad as they say , guns will be the least of his worries.

    • Easy thing to think you can accomplish on a small island.
      This will be an interesting thing to watch.

      Got a cache?

    • Coming soon to a theater near you.

  15. So, lets see. On the internet you can see any type of pornography imaginable. Only the kiddie stuff is hidden, the rest is either free or being sold. No one (certainly not domain registrars) tries to censor any of this. Visa isn’t concerned with the credit cards being used for further this disgusting industry.

    You have thousands of jihadi-affiliated sites that encourage the continuing war of the Mohammadans against civil society, with their signature terrorist atrocity. This stuff is easy to find with Google and YouTube.

  16. You have Chinese web sites selling synthetic drugs directly to people in the USA, that are causing thousands of OD deaths – no problem.

    But let one twisted 30 year old make some obnoxious holocaust jokes … and he is pursued and persecuted across the entire internet, multiple platforms and domains to prevent him from having any presence.

    If Voltaire didn’t say it he wishes from his grave he did: “”To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

    It’s pretty obvious at this point.

  17. So you expect that you have a constitutional right to absolute free speech, on their sites.

    Were spoiled here, Pete’s a good sport, However, their are rules even here. ” anything that will get him, or us thrown in jail” . I ask you all, how is that unreasonable.

    I do agree that more pro freedom, sites need to be established.

    And I would tell you, that some here are fucking idiots to think your rights apply on their sites. It’s like pissen in the wind, all you get is wet.

    You have identified the problem now figure out a solution. If it’s a reasonable solution, I may be willing to throw a little dough that way.

    Lastly clearly understand this. WSRA, and like sites are fucking honey pots, for big brother. Not a word uttered here on WRSA, goes UN noted, unrecorded, and data mined for content.

    Have a great day.


  18. A little off topic but useful info – notes by Hines on organizing books

    Why Lefty boycotts work and Righty boycotts fail? Righty boycotts call on individuals. Lefty boycotts call on groups.

    Advocacy, being case-constrained and dependent on outside intervention, isn’t very effective. This is why Righties mostly lose.

    Mobilizing is Alinsky stuff: professionalized activists/agitators mobilizing community members in targeted campaigns.


  19. RockStar writes: The mountain of dead boomers I would need to produce [zero taxes and regulations] is staggering.

    At last we’re discussing reality. Simply start a tax strike, and government can no longer pay the salaries of enforcers. Without enforcers, it doesn’t matter what policies the boomers want. Stop paying social security and medicare, and boomers will be busy doing honest work.

    No thanks, I’ll just wait out the inevitable.

    Which is that same mountain produced by withdrawal of free shit for boomers, but getting there by medicare price increase will for a time advantage the boomers over you.

    everyone knows if you topple Europe, America will fall. […] That’s our entire Eastern flank.

    No, no, no. Same lie as America has to protect Israel. Big government repeated a big lie to sell even bigger government, which former(?) CIA employee William F. Buckley’s communist political movement popularized. The actual military analysis is, the Atlantic is a moat of such military cost to project force across that Russia or China could conquer England and it wouldn’t endanger America. US Navy did a wargame simulation in 2002 called Millennium Challenge. Proved a carrier group would lose to the Iranian coastal fishing fleet armed with Russian Silkworm missiles. Lindbergh was right about isolationism, and he knew what it took to fly across that moat. Suppose China built an invasion ship fleet as large as the one in the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. Then in a free country with no gun control, the rich hobbyists who shoot machine guns at Knob Creek would drive their submarines out to torpedo it, while they film it in IMAX and get $20/head to watch. Compare the size of Thomas Jefferson’s and George Washington’s houses vs. the size of the British monarchy’s palaces. That’s a measure of the wealth difference between continental America and Britain in 1780. Yet, despite this difference in available logistics, the Americans still ran the British off. Credit goes to the Atlantic, not General ‘Taxation Without Representation Is Ok If We Do It’.

  20. Those saying we should go back to the days of dial up BBSes are missing an important point. The recent delisting by domain name registrars is the equivalent of the phone company revoking your phone number. It would be as if someone complained about Bad Think on your dial up BBS, and pressured the phone company into delisting the phone number your modem dials to connect to it. For its part, the phone company would cite some nebulous terms and conditions allegedly violated as its justification for doing so. That is what’s going on now with the domain name registrars, and they are obviously in collusion with one another to deny their targets any platform whatsoever.

    A Rubicon really has been crossed in the past few weeks. It is one thing for a hosting provider to kick out a digital tenant, but it’s entirely new territory when registrars begin delisting legally owned domain names because of perfectly legal political opinions published on them.

    It should be noted that these registrars have no such qualms about being the domain name listing authority for pedophilia advocacy groups like NAMBLA. They are perfectly fine with that.

  21. There’s always the old standby HF radio. With a good home-brew antenna, local comms with no dead spots can be done to near 500 miles.

    I like csaenz’s earlier comment re not being a techie and not understanding much. Me too. But radio does work.

    People are encouraged here to focus on local, local, local. Knowing who the bad folks are, locally, and making those lists and cards. The question arises, why the need to get out your drivel to folks in, say, the Baltimore area, or Michigan’s UP area anyway, when their tells say they are of no use to you and your family or tribe? Why not work on far-local/near-regional comms?

    There’s all sorts of excuses, besides the micro v macro one on getting out the message, why HF radio is a non-starter. Don’t want to get in a database (you already are, comrade); HF sending stations can be DF’ed (fair amount of truth there, depending on how you run); I’m too poor (buy used, with local/tribal knowlege help); I don’t have time to study ( I got my General ticket after four days of cramming online tests.); or, I’m just too lazy to do anything positive in my life and I’d rather whine about what previous gens have done to me and whine about how those folks other than me, myself, and I, are plotting against my rightful future, occupier of a corner office, beloved by all wimmen who cross my path, and deserving of a $.5 mil starter house (couldn’t resist slipping in the last … but personal laziness does rule the roost re people getting licensed for General, not Tech, radio starting ability. I’d hazard a guess that the same folks are not doing their max effort on pullups everyday, same argument applies.)

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