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  1. OT: I am seeing a pattern here. Nat Guard folks who are seizing weapons unconstitutionally WTF are you doing? You’re support of a treasonous effort to disarm citizens in the face of danger is abhorrent. Didn’t this shit happen during Katrina also? So if you should have a hurricane in your region does that mean that Nat Gaurd will be coming to visit?

  2. ugh forgot the linky, sorry.

    Yeah yeah I know it’s a territory or someshit. Don’t care, it’s a pattern.

  3. your (((federal))) tax dollars paid for this: see the “3D” marking on your new(er) Glock 9mm barrel?

  4. ” U. Mississippi event cut short over discarded banana peel.”

    lucky it wasn’t a watermelon rind. Niggers would had gone ape.

  5. Rosebud…

    – Zombie Charles Foster Kane

  6. I remember, one Christmas eve.,
    My Parents agreed to let me open ONE gift early.
    I could see what it was, because it was so difficult for them to wrap properly.
    It was a sled !!! I am not sure of the brand name, but kids didn’t worry about that crap back then! It was A SLED!!! and, I would no longer have to beg or borrow my friends and older brothers!!!
    Oh how I could not wait for daylight!!.. was snowing hard outside..
    I took that sled to bed with me!..climbed into the top bed of My brother and My bunkbed and could not even sleep, all night, with thoughts of racing downhill time after time, not having to wait, for borrowing a friends or brother’s. The fresh wood, untouched by anyone else riding it… new paint, bright red runners.. the steering tight.. I think I finally fell asleep on top of it, like I was racing downhill…in my dreams.
    and boy…the NEXT day…
    we had several sled hills in the small town I lived in.
    we would start with inner tubes, to smooth out and pack the snow, then start sledding trying to get it packed more and more.till it was like a sheet of ice!
    Then everyone in town with a sled would star racing downhill, trying to pass each other, grabbing the rail of another sledder and sending them off course so we can pass! or seeing who can take the sharp 90 degree corner at the bottom fastest and beat the other.
    I remember many times sliding around that corner, catching one inside turn runner in the groove, maybe hit a dry patch..sparks shooting out.
    Then at night, would get an old tire and start it on fire, right in the middle of the street ! so we could still see and keep warm too !!
    it was young kids, from about 8 or 9 clear up to high school age..
    of course, then we also built ramps, so we could jump and fly through the air.. Finally slowing down at the flat area at the bottom of the hill…then walking back up…doing it all over again.
    Then listening to the other kids asking if they can “borrow” MY sled? HA well..Ok.. just once though..

    I think Kids these days, really miss out on things.. with the cell phones and computers. and TV and internet..
    and overprotective parenting too.
    That sled is still one of my fondest memories.
    Thanks for posting that old advertisement.
    I wish we could get THAT America back…

  7. After reading a fresh Woodpile, I am renewed in spirit and ready to face the next storm. I consider myself a premium subscriber.