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Heather Heyer Died Of A Heart Attack

Not quite the same mythos normally required for heroic marching songs.

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    If you give some of them enough rope, they eventually will hang themselves; figuratively speaking, of course. I hope the EMTs were wearing back braces when they put that overfed blimp on the gurney. Maybe they can purchase her shroud at Charlottesville Tent&Awning.

  2. Maybe next the leftards will pull her fifth grade picture out from somewhere, and then try and portray her as a young girl getting her life together. I’m not an EMT, but I’ve seen a few walruses having their fat massaged it order to get their heart going again. She may as well have been smoking 2 packs of red apples a day, and pouncing on jelly doughnuts every morning, and considered “in the hunt” for heart failure. Last time I saw something like that, it was cruising over the Rose Bowl at halftime.

  3. Heyer it appears to have died, not of a heart attack, but life style choices — obese, smokes, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But hey, that won’t fit the narrative ya know.

    • “Heyer it appears to have died, not of a heart attack, but life style choices — obese, smokes, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But hey, that won’t fit the narrative ya know.”

      Spot on!

      banned56 had this to say at the site:
      “LOOK, Here’s a pic that shows fat Heather, dark hair, dark shirt, no sleeves, ugly tattoes on her left upper arm laying on the hood of the purple van.

       Now check out this video: at the 9:13 mark you can CLEARLY see that fat Heather, dark hair, dark shirt, no sleeves, ugly tattoes on her left upper arm is the DRIVER of that same van.

      (this is ‘the Grassy Knoll Film btw – Northgunner)
       NEW VIDEO from Charlottesville: the Grassy Knoll Film
       – SonofNewo
       How does a chick get hit by her own vehicle of which she is the driver?”

      Here’s more:
      Charlottesville: The School Book Depository Film (and a message to Ford Fischer)
       – SonofNewo

      Let’s defer this to an ‘expert’:

      “Heather Hayer’s death…it’s quite clear to me that she’d been slowly committing suicide for quite some time…no excercise..gorging herself at her favorite ‘death by burger’ place and smoking those pussy assed Newports didn’t help. No, the ‘heart attack’ in Charlottesville didn’t kill her,..it was what simply what finally beached the whale permanently. Now, if she’d at least been smoking Morley’s..she might still be around.
      JFK & MLK?..I’d have to kill you if you knew what I know.”
      – Zombie CSM

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  4. Hardly a collapse of the narrative, just a technical hiccup.

    We’ll see what a coroner’s inquest says when it lays blame. It’s not like she was having a heart attack and required CPR before people started flying past her like bowling pins, so trying to get anybody off isn’t liable to work. (If someone points a gun at you, and you then have a heart attack and die, it isn’t going to cut any ice with prosecutors, jury, or the judge if it turns out the gun was unloaded afterwards, because you’re still dead.) The fact that she died as a result of a terrorist act likely makes it capital murder in VA, the most serious type, and carries a 40-life sentence just for that count.

    Best case for Charger Boy, he only gets 20 counts of attempted capital murder during the commission of an act of terrorism for all those other people he ran over coming and going, and only gets 20 concurrent (rather than consecutive) 20 years-to-life sentences in a VA prison for that, regardless of how things break out over Fatty Fat Chick’s terminal case of fright.

    I suspect he’s pretty much guaranteed not to be seeing daylight that isn’t stripey-shadowed for most of the rest of his natural life, but there’s no telling what parole boards might do in 10 years.

    He sure as hell won’t be getting a pardon from Gov. McAwful.

    • You are conveniently leaving out several inconvenient facts. First, the burgundy van had been parked at that intersection, blocking traffic, for many minutes prior to the accident. Secondly, the photos immediately after accident clearly show Heyer standing on her own two feet, with her upper body draped over thtoss short hood of the van. If she was draped against the front end of the van at the instant of the van, and ifhe force of the impact two vehicles back was truly enough to cause blunt force trauma enough to cause a heart attack, it is highly unlikely that she would still.have been able to remain standing afterwards.

      You toss around the term ‘terrorism’ rather loosely. If this was terrorism, then I suppose many cases that are prosecuted as vehicular homicide due to drunk driving and recklessness need to be reclassified as terrorism and re-tried in a federal court. At this point, we really don’t know anything about the driver’s motivation. It is just as likely that he was simply acared and he panicked.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “(If someone points a gun at you, and you then have a heart attack and die, it isn’t going to cut any ice with prosecutors, jury, or the judge if it turns out the gun was unloaded afterwards, because you’re still dead.)”

      In most jurisdictions, it would make some difference – the charge would be much more likely to be manslaughter and/or ADW than murder.

    • Autistic spectrum,delusional paranoid schizophrenic. Off his meds? According to his mother he is all fucked up.

    • Agree a distinction without a difference.
      The video of his car getting hit by the guy with the bat.
      Now I will play his defense attorney here for a second. That video showing him pumping the brakes of his car, then the bat strike then he guns it would be the central piece of evidence that would support my argument that he was in fear of a mob attack on his vehicle and accelerated his car to avoid the danger to his personal safety. Now a jury very well could see that and couple it with the testimony that my client is on the autism spectrum. That he was in no way shape or form a nazi. The parade of character witnesses that I will find to support this young man along with this evidence could very well be enough to persuade a jury that there is reasonable doubt to convict on the most severe charges.
      Now also ask yourself this, how ape shit will anti-fa and BLM and the other commies go if this kid walks?
      Who might benefit from that happening?
      Who might benefit from the prosecution overcharging him and the jury being convinced that those charges, given the evidence are much to severe?
      Can you say Rodney King 3.0? Sure you can.

  5. “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”
    –John Adams

  6. Kids, can you say ‘narrative collapse’?

    Simply amazing. The still shots show the morbidly obese Heather Heyer standing with her upper body prostrate on the short hood of the birgundy van (due to heat exhaustion?) that is TWO cars in front of the Dodge Charger that was driven by Fields. Other still shots prior to the accident show the obese manatee Heyer standing in the street holding a pack of Newport cigarettes in her right hand. So let’s review : A morbidly obese woman, probably 250+ pounds. Smoker. High heat and humidity. Excitement, possibly heat stress and/or instant fight-or-flight reaction due to the accident. All of these being risk factors and conditions making things ripe for her having a heart attack. Unless her autopsy shows substantial blunt force trauma, I think a competent attorney can get the murder charge against Fields dismissed.

    • thetinfoilhatsociety

      Not the same woman on the car. Not the same hair color, not the same hair style, not the same shirt. Not as obese either. THAT is the $20 dollar question: what happened to that woman and why does she keep being ID’d as Heather when it’s clearly not?

    • 250+++++
      Hell, I’m 230 and she’s easily twice my size.

  7. Great FF but nothing compares to Newtown. They are still milking that fcker.

  8. “It is difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria and Australia. But there is nothing we can do about this; this is the level of political culture among part of the American establishment. As for the American people, America is truly a great nation if the Americans can put up with so many politically uncivilised people.”
    –Vladimir Putin


  9. Northern Gunner

    Land whale

  10. And now………………for the rest of the story……
    /channeling Paul Harvey

  11. What a waste. She could’ve been rendered down and put OPEC out of business.

  12. Thank God that disgusting tub of shit didn’t catch on fire.Would have been a hell of a grease fire.They are tough to put out.She could have burned down the entire town,possibly the county.
    No air bags went off in the Challenger?

  13. The Usual Suspect

    Wow ! What a gelatinous mound of human failure.
    This is the kind of person FaTee speaks of in the abstract.
    Bet her ass looks like a hundred pounds of chewed bubblegum.
    Oh well one down, millions to go.

    • Well never fear. Teddy “Swim, bitch!” Kennedy is giving that ass a good pounding down in hell right now, and will soon have it down to Cankles size. And she’s getting her lips in shape sucking Stalin’s dick for eternity!

  14. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste”

    Funny thing about the lefties.

    Had Heather been aborted so many years ago, the left would have celebrated her death and the right to kill her in Utero.

    The would line up by the thousands tomorrow to celebrate her abortion.

    Hard to care about both at the same time.

    Yawn. Wake me up for the fireworks Brothers.

    • Whassamatta, you don’t know fireworks when you see ’em?

      And I guess I ain’t yer “Brother,” being a pre “BOOMER” ‘n all.

      Be on vigilant guard, against any and all efforts, willful or ignorant, to divide those who honor and will defend LIBERTY.

  15. I actually had to laugh when the dumbasses ran up and started beating the back of the car. Then the driver backed up and ran them over!

  16. Remember, no matter what you see & hear the whole idea is to get our guns.
    Everything else is a fucking side show.

    • THIS.

      And not one thing else.


      Word. Just look what the “Governor” of the U.S. Virgin Islands is pulling.

    • And comments like the one above yours are getting us one step closer to that every day.

      The guy is a wannabe nazi, whatever, and now he’s become a tool to ratchet up the racist idiots who in turn immediately become another tool.

      Reasonable Americans are being beaten from within, and it is all part of the plan. Yet so many keep falling for it.

    • (((They))) can’t do that unless we comply.

      Don’t comply.

      Win instead.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      AFFIRMATIVE, mtnforge! the sine qua non of ALL his horseshit is=get THEIR guns, while THEY keep theirs.

  17. That’s a BIG bitch…..

  18. Jimmy the Saint

    Just because you’re as big as a T-34/85, that doesn’t mean you’re as robust as one.

  19. I bet that fat bitch sweated cream cheese. I would have said she looked like TeeFats dago mama, but she didn’t have a good enough mustache.

  20. Wow, haters, gotta hate. Young lady, may you rest in peace.

    Why you folks so harsh. It’s ok for us to have an oppinion, BUT, not her, cuz her narrative is different then ours. How the fuck to most of you look in the mirror. Your fucking hypocrites,

    RockTard, you son need to see a fucking head doctor, your mentally ill.

    I’m beginning to,question exactly who,you are. Your words deeds action are very consistent with a govt agitator, your very good at it.

    Anybody ever met this, had a face to face?


  21. The Walkin' Dude

    Meh, nothing of value was lost on either side.

  22. Mountain Cracker

    Thaaaaaar she blows! Clearly the liberal manatee smoked and ate herself to death. The fact that the suspect car wasn’t compressed into a singularity on impact with the blubber-pot suggests she was not hit.

  23. Let’s hope that she is just the first of a great many dead modern Bolsheviks.

    I feel bad for the damaged car, and for the driver who is being railroaded in what I anticipate will be a totally corrupt Virginia show trial.

  24. Shinmen Takezo

    Dear Heather’s Mommy…. your daughter was a fat, immense bag of communist guts who liked to smoke Newports. Her heart would have exploded if she had bent over too fast to tie on her shoes.

    No great loss.
    Hope she is now burning in hell.

  25. …well, all I can say is:

  26. Dear Lord, this woman should’ve had a cardiologist on speed dial. Remember how we Deplorables were told if we only knew:
    about the dangers of smoking
    about the dangers of drinking
    about the dangers of extra weight
    ……..THEN we could restrict ourselves and go on to tax producing lives-longer. Well, seems Heather missed the message or did not care. Either way, I want these damned government do-gooders prosecuted for failing to save Heather. We spent a lot of tax payer funding on the Surgeon General, the FDA, the Agriculture Department, and other siphons who are not doing their jobs! Arrest warrents for all, as this woman could not save herself.

  27. Comments are brutal…..hilarious……but brutal. I almost had an asthma attack laughing.

  28. northern gunner

    off topic but when is Sparks 31 next class? And can you guys recommend basic comms to get us in the game? Both Team comms and Long distance?

  29. wendystringer48088

    Causing death in the commission of a crime = murder charge.

    If someone shoots at someone and misses and the intended victim has a heart attack because of being shot at it’s still murder. So intent to cause death resulting in death is still murder even if it didn’t happen in the way the murderer planned it.

    By the way, snakes kill by squeezing their prey real hard for a while and causing the mouse to go into cardiac arrest. So you can probably get enough trauma to go into cardiac arrest. http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2015/07/surprise-snakes-don-t-kill-suffocation

    The most amazing thing to me is how she looked at the rally compared to the pictures of her displayed in the media.
    This https://i2.wp.com/www.occidentaldissent.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/1504665162844.png?w=267 certainly looks a lot different than this http://i2.cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/170813131936-01-heather-heyer-full-169.jpeg

    Liberalism / Progressive Left politics really must be a mental disease.

  30. A little notice here, sorry to change the
    Gathering nuts down south and getting ready.
    Hunkering down and picking the pieces.
    A Hive is an interesting place to live 🙂

    semper vivium

  31. That CAN’T be Heather Heyer. The pic I saw was of a reasonably attractive woman, not the bloated warthog this pic shows… UNpossible! Kinda’ like that other paragon of virtue, Trayvon Martin…. You know, the innocent kid that turned out to be a thug with a gold grill….?

  32. Many areas are going to a CPR, AED, Airways in place until PT can be revived or called black at scene. In a MCI and doing triage a pulse less, non-breathing PT would have been quickly assessed, reposition airway, with no improvement then tagged black. Also understanding a trauma induced CPR has a less than 1% survive rate that is if your on the door step of the ER. blunt force chest trauma can cause serious organ injury like traumatic aortic rupture. not sure when she coded, her CAB, what a head to toe determined. sucks all the way around. do not play in protest, do not assoc with groups doing violent things, do not play in the street. 2-3 ton vechicals win every time. right or wrong dead is dead, injured is injured.

  33. The comments on this land whale are well deserved.

    However, it makes me think about the excuse given for why the Daily Stormer was taken down– they called her a worthless fat pig and said nothing of value was lost. I agree entirely with that.

    Keeping with the theme, think of all the soap and candles we could make from that whale? A lifetime supply for sure.

    But every non-communist site on the interwebs is one viral post like that away from getting shut down. Sad world we live in.

    I am of the opinion that if they don’t even pay lip service to the first, the second is not going to be honored, except maybe locally. At this point we might as well live in China.

  34. The Daily Stormer had a narrative out the day of this event. In hindsight, it turned out to be the only accurate report.

  35. And to make matters worse, the cunt was wearing a thong.

  36. Rule number one, never date a women that wears bigger underwear than you. Looks bad on the clothesline.