Saturday Night

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  1. A partner is buying land in Florida. Plans are to construct three homes, fifteen feet in the air on 14” pilings. Concrete geodesic style domes.Built in generators,cisterns and steel storm shutters. Fuck Irma and fuck Al Gore.

    • knuck,

      Depending on how close to the coast, your friend better be prepared for a 20′ storm surge. That is the recorded high water mark. Then there is the matter of projectiles. 2x4s driven into telephone poles, wind driven rain forced thru concrete block walls. Lived thru 3 hurricanes and not many structures can stand up to them if its above Cat 4.

      The fisherman of old had tar paper shacks built on pilings above the water next to the bay to dock their boats. the ‘normal’ residence was inland. If the shack got blown away, it was cheap to rebuild. This habit of building million dollar homes on the shore is foolish. But govt flood insurance encourges it. Crazy.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      A triple storm blitz would be a good Idea to burn up all out Electrical equipment and replacement equipment.

      Burn up Emergency Personnel.

      We would be basically crippled if people don’t cooperate.

      If a full blown Hurricane hits the DC/Baltimore Area it would nasty.

  2. Best case right now for west florida is for Irma to keep swinging WNW. If it does the storm surge is eliminated but wind strength will increase.

  3. Irma Gerd.

    Godspeed to all in its path.

  4. Another Saturday night and I ain’t got no party / Got some muddy ’cause I just got flayed / Oh, how I wish I had someone to talk to / Curfew’s an awful waste

  5. I’m in the Panhandle, about a mile south of the Bama border. All prepped up and ready. No biggie here though. Anlittle wind and rain for us probably. Never know though. Could wait a bit before turning north and come straight to us. Have to be ready. Good luck and prayers for everyone affected.

    You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last
    But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast
    Yonder stands your orphan with his gun
    Crying like a fire in the sun
    Look out the saints are comin’ through
    And it’s all over now, Baby Blue

    The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense
    Take what you have gathered from coincidence
    The empty-handed painter from your streets
    Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets
    This sky, too, is folding under you
    And it’s all over now, Baby Blue

    All your seasick sailors, they are rowing home
    All your reindeer armies, are all going home
    The lover who just walked out your door
    Has taken all his blankets from the floor
    The carpet, too, is moving under you
    And it’s all over now, Baby Blue

    Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you
    Forget the dead you’ve left, they will not follow you
    The vagabond who’s rapping at your door
    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore
    Strike another match, go start anew
    And it’s all over now, Baby Blue

  7. Best picture to explain scale:

    I have one friend who evac’ed his elderly disabled mom Weds night, but we know of another family staying there because one works emergency services. I’d have to say that FL did very well in advance as far as issuing warnings and people bugging out, but there’s always people (despite seeing the devastation of Katrina in their lifetime) who’ll still stay behind.

    Here’s a picture back from Andrew 1992 in Dade County:

    • between General Services and Aesop –

      “if you’re on the west coast of Florida…FFS go ride this bitch out in Charleston NC or (etc.) or move to a shelter on higher ground, but GTFO of the DEATH ZONE. You are not going to GROW GILLS between now and Sunday AM” –

      it’s fortunate hardly anyone looks at Aesop’s site, otherwise the deaths from heart attack would exceed the # of Florida deaths by a multiple of thousands…at the moment, the former stands @ 3, including one guy who drowned in a bowl of soup and another who was bit by a hungry alligator while walking his dog during a “storm surge” of about 6 inches. So, Aesop:

      wrong about the “Ebola pandemic”
      wrong about Trump chasing the Russians out of Syria
      wrong about the HURRICANE IRMA DEATH ZONE
      wrong about…everything else…

      when are you going to stick to what you know best, that is, collecting stool samples, emptying bedpans, and reviewing putrid movies?

  8. thesouthwasrght

    I doubt this does much to us in Levy county outside of some trees on the ground and some tin damage on barns. Maybe this will run a few yankees off or at the very least persuade them to infect Arizone instead.

    • Well, that’ll get Flake re-elected.

    • ” Maybe this will run a few yankees off or at the very least persuade them to infect Arizone instead.”

      Hope that those yankees will head to their neu England and masshole cousins..and STAY THERE! This Arizona Copperhead doesn’t want or need them here!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  9. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Welcome Back.

    Catch anything?

    You sound like a blackened catfish kinda guy.

  10. 3 days ago a friend of mine said he wasn’t going to get hit in Cape Coral. I told him he might. He had no food or water stashed. No way out. Looks like I’m going to have to find a different winter vacation spot. Hope he makes it, in spite of his stupidity.

  11. And the looting has started.

    • Damn those filthy Amish with their fourth-world “culture”. Little Marco loves these fine peoples!

    • Yup..

      As a very good friend of mine who grew up in the Ft Myers area said, “You loot – we shoot!!!”
      Exactly what is needed for looters and their associated rifraff, no matter who they are!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  12. I read a internet forum report from the French governed islands about the local “people of color” shouting “white people out”, widespread looting, and shots fired. I have not been able to find a news source confirming this information.

  13. Email sent to the WRSA address.

  14. They all got lucky, the storm thrashed itself on Cuba then fragmented and couldn’t reform to former strength. Had it re intensified this would have been a very different story, as poster above mentioned Cat 4 n higher is bad juju. Still the lessons in stupidity are abundant. Everyone counts on uncle sugar or the local or state version to save them. To few save themselves and many play jackass. At least the dindu’s got some Jordans.

  15. The Usual Suspect

    That’s what they do , anyone surprised ?