New Woodpile’s Here!


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  1. lots of meat, and – in line with long-term trends – less and less Zionist lard.

    item: ‘Murkan Navy admits that its “warships” – officer’d and crew’d with faggots, dykes, womyn, transvestites, dumb niggers, illegals, and other SJW’s – are a hazard to navigation. Demands more money to “solve the problem”.

    right now – and despite another of Aesop’s swordwaving grand predictions – lil’ Kim is enjoying a a good laugh. Watch out, Norks, here cumz the 7th Fleet!

    • Whenever someone leaves the bag of idiots open lately, we can count on you always being the first one out of it. Your fabulism is running at historical norms, and I see your reading comprehension is still running in the low single-digits. Ignorant much?

      So you’re only two weeks behind the curve, when you’re not pining for a do-over on the Final Solution or the glory days of the Klan Klowns.
      Whoever you’re sharing the community brain with this month, ask them if you could have it back early, before you hurt yourself further.
      You’re drooling your own stupid all over yourself, and the cleat marks in your dick from your last abortive sophistry are still spurting blood.

      Maybe get another schtick, herr kacke hamsterer, and stop publicly pissing yourself and whimpering about what anyone else is up to up to.
      That only showcases your pathetic envy and lack of wit, and you really don’t need to look any more foolish and desperate than you already are.
      If you had anything substantial to contribute on your own hook, (and you tied a pork chop around your neck), maybe the dog would play with you.

      Prove me wrong: set yourself on fire, and see if anyone would piss on you to put it out.

  2. Interesting reading, thanks for posting the link.

    Main takeaway: it’s always the sane circus, just different clowns (with the exception of bathhouse Barry and his homo shower mate Rahm Emmanuel saying, “pobresito daca people..we feel your fear and support you..if you’re patient we’ll have the village people come out of retirement and do a charity event for you…or maybe not…).

    Deep state’s gotta deep state
    Illegal’s gotta wetback/border jump
    Dindus gotta dindu/loot/rape/riot
    moslem’s gotta moslem their islum and Linda “the cockroach” Sarsour has to claim to be black while being a bag headed bimbo for the “women’s movement”…no comment from the cats seeking rescue from pussyhat feminazis
    Feminazi’s gotta vocally spew while talking about their 37+ cats while they wear their idiotic pussyhats…still no comment from said cats except that sarsour’s hajib stinks like unwashed coochie and patchouli on a June afternoon!!
    And Freefor’s gotta keep planning, training and prepping/networking because all the previously mentioned feral shitheads want us all dead…except for the cats..they still want to be rescued and then flee to Hungary!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Correction: same circus, different clowns.
      Also updated caption for the pic: “You’ve come a long way for nothing baby..but you can at least now doze with Bose!”

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Northgunner,

      Big bingo on the comment. Nothing will change till some Southern white chick says ‘Oh hell no!’. At that point you better hold onto your balls and hope she’s not pointing that .45 at you.

      Till then Dindu Muffin will chug the MD2020 he scored down at the Fuel Stop – Minority Strong Back – Pot Exchange & InConvenience Store.

  3. Fuck Amnesty. Fuck Illegal Invaders (even if Hussein Sotero invited them). And fuck the assholes who are going to facilitate these little shitbirds staying here. We need to go backwards on deportation. Reverse the Reagan Amnesty! THAT would be a fucking start.

    BTW I hold no illusions that this will happen. Consoomers are needed to fill the big box stores and the ranks of useful idiots. Fuck there are people up in NE protesting Ben and Jerry’s (some commie motherckers if there ever were ) bcause B&J is using “migrant” labor. Meanwhile the whole dairy industry (who are mostly all guilty of using beaners) is upside down with costs outweighing wholesale price for over 2 years! Small farms getting boinked out of the game left and right so that big milk can get the volume to satisfy their masters.

    So the commies are being protested by the illegals who were brought in by the commies in an industry being destroyed by……commies.

    We passed FUBAR long ago.

  4. That little sweetie needs those hard old shoes removed and a gentle foot massage. And I don’t care what Marcellus says.