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  1. on balance, I think a positive attitude is a good thing. As opposed, say, to

    Aesop’s incessant panic-mongering.

    I’m aware that his invented dramas are an escape from a life of collecting stool samples and changing bedpans. Still, it’s a sad spectacle.

    • Whatsamatter, crybaby?
      Nobody fell for any of your retarded bullshit?
      How surprising.
      So I guess that “nothing happened in Florida” line didn’t pay off like you hoped it would.

      Take your weak, whiny ass and get back under your bridge.
      Before the Jooooooooooooooos! come for you.
      They’re everywhere!

  2. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Muh Chains and Muh Roads!

  3. Positive thinking. Like Affirmative Action. It’s real name is State Sponsored Discrimination against White males. It’s actually been expanded to include Asians and basically any person more qualified than the “protected class”.

  4. When placed in their proper context, life choices and politics need no platitudes to clearly be seen. I have no delusions about my govt. If they’re telling me something, whatever the medium, they’re lying. And I do not forget.

  5. “California Dems & GOP Agree on Limiting WN First Amendment Rights”

    “A majority of California Democrats and nearly half of Republicans would like to limit the constitutional rights of White Nationalists to free speech and public assembly, according to a recent UC Berkley poll. Those who identify as “liberal” are the least supportive of First Amendment rights (58% are against free speech) while those who identify as “very conservative” are the most supportive (40% oppose free speech). Blacks and Asians are the least supportive among racial groups while Whites are the most.”


    The US congress just passed a resolution condemning all nationalists.

    Can you feel the shackles tightening, yet?