So The Future Is Not All Bad…

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  1. No, it’s all bad.
    But the useful idiots get it in the neck too.

    I’m spitballing, but I’m pretty sure at what layer your body lies in the trench, or who’s in line behind you on the shuffle up to the edge is hardly cause for any rejoicing.

    • Heh. Well, some of the Polish collaborators who welcomed the Red Army as the Wehrmacht retreated only got shipped off to Siberia, so there is that.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Well, at least everyone dies with the knowledge that the people who had them killed will get theirs. If you’re fucked anyway, you can take comfort in that.

  2. Warms my heart and makes my day.

  3. thesouthwasrght

    Cops included. Those same police that enabled Charlottesville will be liquidated as soon as their usefulness factor is gone. Same as the Brownshirts. Their ignorance of history will likely lead to a lot of mass graves.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Brownshirts got theirs because they were a revolutionary force. Cops aren’t, so they won’t be included in any executions – or at least not for the same reason. As soon as a new regime takes power, the goal is to promote stability – that’s why the revolutionaries get disposed of; they’re unnecessary the moment the revolution is achieved. The new regime might whack the existing police force because they deem them loyal to the old order, but new police will immediately be installed in their place.

  4. I’ve always said this about the left – they’re heads will be rolling once the religion they’ve palled up with doesn’t need them anymore.

  5. Can we just fast forward to the part about the wall?

  6. I propose to short cycle this trend, going from where we are now, straight to the wall with them.

  7. lastmanstanding

    I have been telling people that for a decade…only a few get it.

  8. Hmmmm….,would it not be better to line them up on wall and shoot them now BEFORE a marxist/lenin govt. in place?Yes,I do realize tis kinda playing catchup at this point.

  9. Yep,
    Yuri nailed it.
    And in his footsteps proclaiming the dangers ahead:
    Matt Bracken
    Tommy Robinson
    T.L. Davis
    Feel free to add to the list.

  10. From Marx to Pol Pot every socialist/communist/Marxist revolution which have been successful has done that very thing; line all the useful idiots up against the wall and shot them. One, they have outlived their usefulness and two, they can’t be trusted. If these useful idiots are going to turn traitor on their own people they can’t be trusted to remain loyal to the new regime.

  11. Of course they are going to be shot. At issue is who is going to do the shooting.

  12. Islam uses the leftist useful idiots much in the same way as socialists/Marxist do. However, they do not generally shoot them when their usefulness is at an end. They chop their heads off. The lefty’s cannot see that far in the future.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The lefty’s cannot see that far in the future.”

      Maybe, maybe not. Equal odds that they can, but simply make the age old mistake of believing “we can control them”.

  13. Seraphim of Sarov

    Love Yuri. Also recommend Anatoliy Golitsyn.

  14. No shit!

    This knowledge is why my crowd aren’t engaging, eventually these fuckers will hunt each other down and kill them.,

    The absolute worst thing our side can/could do in any situation, is Over React. Kick back, enjoy the show. You’ll know when it’s time to get frosty.

    While preparing, training are good things, you are foolish if you spend all your time and money, focused solely on this potential event.

    Your time is better spent living life to the fullest, lead your family by example, knowing that you have given your children, your grand children the resources to extend their longevity in an event.

    My biggest investment IS in my family, and their life’s skills.


  15. Shit! Looks just like my Uncle Ed! I always knew there was something off about him.

  16. Exactamundo! That is the reality of communism. The minute your usefulness to the machine ends, so do you. And it’s all completely logical, in the end. How can an organization let you live and wander around when you betrayed your own country to its death? The answer is obvious. Up against the wall, Motherfucker! I have visions of this happening to that harpy from the University of Missouri, Miss-we-need-some-muscle-over-here. Ah, Christmas only comes once a year. But I’d wager she doesn’t.

  17. Restore homogeneity of the US, or at least the south.

  18. “The Sword and the Shield” and “The World was Going Our Way” are the two book based on this guys testimony and actual documentation smuggled outta the USSR. Both are amazing reads and explain so well how we ended up on the path we’re on now. They should be required reading in HS imo.

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  20. no, the future is not all bad. We have a historical track record to go by as to what may come to pass, or what the statists generally try. Antifa & their ilk such as the brownshirts also have a historical track record.
    Consequently we have the benefit of knowledge as to how things might go, or what might be tried.
    For those useful idiots as mentioned in the quote, it is morally right that their historical track record is exactly as mentioned in that quote, being put against a wall.
    Be it by their own foolish arrogance in believing the lies they’ve been told and/or believing they will be the ones in power, or perhaps this time around and most likely at the hands of the american public.

    • ANTIFA aren’t remotely like the Brown Shirts. The Brown Shirts fought communists, ANTIFA are communist to their core.

      Really, folks, stop attempting to paint ANTIFA as Hitler’s great grandchildren, they are not. They are of Marx, Lenin, Pol Pot, and Mao.

      • Really Pat, you don’t know any better than that? Surprising; maybe your tunnel vision is blinding you. “The Brown Shirts fought communists…” Sure, and Pelosi fights Ryan. My grandma used to watch Championship Wrestling…looked like a lot of fighting there too.

        The only difference between communism and fascism–or any other variety of statist fuckism–is the name that goes on the (so-called) certificates of title. There’s Rightful Liberty or there’s not Rightful Liberty—that’s an exhaustive list of the options. Things are what they are, not what someone says they are.

      • Doesn’t matter — socialist, communist, Marxist — they are all cut from the same cloth. Hitler didn’t want competition, Stalin didn’t want competition, Che and Castro didn’t want competition, even ol Pol Pot didn’t want competition. Doesn’t matter how spiffy looking the uniform is or what banner is flown once you get down to the nut-cutting they’re all the same.

        National Socialist, Soviet Socialist Republics, Socialist Democrats, Chinese Communism, Italian Fascist, Venezuelan Socialistas, Cubano Socialistas… same damn thing. They all start out the same damn way as what we are experiencing now. One step that has not been taken by those large and in charge yet is weapons confiscation. No red revolution had ever been successful without that one step being taken.

      • Right.
        ‘cuz there’s a functional difference between national socialism and international socialism.

      • And just as extra footnote; Hitler FOUGHT INTERNATIONAL COMMUNISM! The United States of America FOUGHT WITH AND FOR COMMUNIST RUSSIA.
        For those who can’t grasp that, it goes like this…..
        USA and Communist Russia vs. Hitlers Germany.


        Word. Their grandparents were part of the SDS, Prairie Fire, Weather Underground, SNCC, and other commie-revolutionary rat bastards when I was in college(1965-1969). Stay vigilant and watch for them to surface in your A/O. Keep lists, stay gray, keep prepping.

      • Most of us know this thankfully.

  21. there was a time when I might have tried to warn some of those dumbass BLM, occupy flea-baggers, SJW’s about what always happens to the trotskyites, brown shirts, etc. Not anymore. I don’t want to ruin the surprise ending for them. Spoilers, and whatnot.

  22. AHCH (287 DirectTv). Apocalypse Stalin.

    AntiFa needs to watch and understand. Re, scratch that. Dip shit white libtard gubbment functionaries
    Need to watch and understand. Body count?

    Way more than that meth head Shickelbruber.

  23. anyway you count em…

    300 million.

  24. I always have to laugh at “continuance of Government”. You know when all those politicians from D.C. and beyond go to their scheduled underground fortresses to carry on “the Government”. They really have no clue. They honestly think that when the international bankers(international communists) direct them to the underground facilities to carry on the Government’s “work”, its no more than the final step in the plan. In those underground facilities, there are “special” gathering points. Just concrete floors , ceiling and walls,…. and floor drains. No cameras, no spot lights, no video capturing talking points for the next rigged election. Just silence as the reality begins to take hold. That sick feeling in the stomach as cold hammered forged barrels stare at them like angry hornets defending the hive. And then the gasps and pleading, will be drowned out by the chorus of singing steel and tinkling of fallen brass.

  25. Apologies to our brothers and sisters down south. I often confuse your views your posts as hateful / haters.

    I’m wrong, I admit it, you boys/ men simply see with your own eyes what’s happening around you. And you address it, the way southern men address shit.

    My mistake is trying to see what you see thru my southern Oregon eyes, a huge mistake, which will never work. Pat, Jesse, and the others here, im critical to a fault towards you guys sometimes. Towards your views and your responses.

    Problem being I have zero evidence basses, to understand your thoughts your rationale. Like most I strike out at what I can’t grasp. I’ve known exactly two southern gentleman, both were ignorant fucks whom I loved like brothers. That as along time ago.

    I’m working on my short comings this week. Another 30 years and I’ll have this project squared away.

    Keep doing what your doing.


  26. Red in OleVirginny

    “They will be lined up against the wall and shot”
    Isn’t that why we keep buying ammo?
    Just sayin…

  27. Any chance the end result can happen before they drag the rest of society into the gutter any further? The past 8 years was bad enough, and the crap they’re pulling now needs to be stopped.