Saker: A Letter To My American Friends

Heresy against the American Benevolence Empire.

72 years and counting.

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  1. Saker, as a communist asshole, has neither a sense of history or even accurate knowledge of history. His overall point may have merit; but, he supports it with lies, nonsense, and drivel.

  2. ‘I believe that all seven of these theses are demonstratively false, fallacies based on profoundly mistaken assumptions and that they all can be debunked by common sense and indisputable facts.’

    ^^^^ I got no further than this astonishingly vacuous drivel.

  3. Ouch,thats gonna leave a scar.Now go out and vote,morons.

  4. This guy is full of hammered shit. He says the US only entered the war a year AFTER Stalingrad and Kursk. Bullshit. The US entered the war Dec.7, 1941, Stalingrad was initiated in Sept. 1942, and Kursk in early July, 1943. Yeah I know, the fucking Indians (Sioux, Cheyenne, Apache, etc.) Slavery, which we DID end around 1865, and half a dozen things he names as proof America is just as bad or worse than the Nazis of Germany. Cry me a river. Our tribe won it’s part of WW2 (This cocksucker seems to have forgotten the Japs in the Pacific) and yes, we are and always have been less than moral. Better we won the struggle than lost. When something like WW2 comes along, doing something is better than nothing. I’m real sorry about firebombing in Europe and Japan, and them two nuclear drops, but somebody please explain to me. If the shoe was on the other foot, the Nazis and the Japs would have restrained themselves from doing the same to us, right? Right? The Saker is not a friend of Americans, just another accusation hurler.

  5. Interesting article and site,yet another source to try and get different perspectives on the world,thanks,I think!


    If the Saker has friends like those he described in the beginning of his essay, he does not need enemies. You will not convert these folks, It’s the old meme of: “…my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with facts.” At this point in our ongoing disintegration, why even bother with philosophical discourse?
    I am old enough to remember interacting with the same type of people during my high school years in the 1960’s. The just “couldn’t understand why those bigoted, racist, Southerners and those Irish bigots in Boston” were reacting to school integration and busing. Then, Watts#1 hit the fan in 1965 and all of these clueless whites got the full dose of what the Rock Apes and Apettes were capable of. The White Flight began in earnest.
    We have yet to have our Watts#1 on an international scale. Fat Kim has not nuked Guam. Chaosstan(h/t to Richard Mabury) and Eurabia are on the MSM back burner due to political correctness and the influences of the POTUS’ (((inner circle))). The smoke and mirrors are still going on. But sooner rather than later, our LGBT/BLM .mil will get their heads handed to them. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.
    Do not trouble yourselves with trying to debate these clueless sheeple. These are the same normalcy bias fools who have maybe two days worth of edibles in their homes and would not think to stock hard currency, specie, barter items or needful things because: “…if there is a crisis, our government will be there. Just look at Texas and Florida.” And, make no mistake. These idiots will turn on their prepper friends in a heartbeat. It is good to study history. It is even better to study and practice preparedness. Bleib ubrig.

  7. Key difference between the American, German, and Russian empires: in the German and Russian empires, one would not be permitted to write articles against them.

  8. What a confused essay of meandering facts, unsupported thesis, and just plain crazy talk. Everytime I thought that there was a point to all of the wandering, the Saker would just veer off to parts unknown. Does this guy not live in his “own country”? If so, why is he in my country? They haven’t evacuated for a hurricane in Russia-or wherever he “really” resides. Let me see if I got ANYthing out of this mess.
    1-Nazis were evil, but not as evil as the US and the UK. Hitler was elected because the Elites of WW1 couldn’t shame and destroy Germany enough. Think of bastards like WW Wilson, the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, etc. It had nothing to do with those plain, ol’, white Americans that were shoving it every single day to exist and serve their masters. Sound familiar?
    2-The Jews got the worst of it from Hitler, but they were not the only ones. Catholic nuns and priests, Evangelical Christians, shopkeepers, farmers, and anyone who opposed Hitler were also treated to the final solution.
    3-White people have been evil since the beginning of time. So, we just murdered our way to prosperity. The Native Americans, who gave as good as they got, were sent to reservations eventually. Some intermarried with white people, and became actors. We stole land from Mexico, who stole it from the Native Americans. They also murdered and subdued Native Americans. But wait! It gets even more complicated-because the only Native Mexicans are Native Tribes, who were subdued by White Europeans also known as Spanish and Potuguese. (You may want to start a map at this point so as to keep track of who is and isn’t a murdering White.)
    4-He sorta glossed over the whole Civil War thing; my guess is it did not fit the narrative. White people murdering White people, over Black people…..and land. However, the whole CW1 affected Western Expansion, bringing more White people into Mexico, and the whole Alaska thing. The Alaska Purchase was the United States’ acquisition of Alaska from the Russian Empire on March 30, 1867, by a treaty ratified by the United States Senate, and signed by president Andrew Johnson. We are so evil, it is a wonder we just didn’t swab up British Columbia too.
    5-The Gold Rush was also glossed over. It formulated more White people from the world over, plus Chinese, Japanese, and other assorted Asians into the Evil USA. It seems money is a universal language that is spoken in gold. Please be aware that all races were shot equally.
    6-At this point, I had a headache and took an Advil. While the Saker is a powerful proseman, this man needs an editor with a red pen.
    7-Problems in this country go straight back to the early 1850’s. And I am not sure that we can correct all of the errors. Lincoln’s election simply turned the CW engine on.

  9. Heavy, a powerful truth.

    Bottom line, our history as we know it, is a fucking lie. I enjoy reading Saker, like the way his mind works. There are several in the ” reader column” that truly get it.

    I’ve forwarded this to my circle. The return emails are very interesting. A few were military leaders, who acknowledge the big lie.

    Bill Bupperts wisdom shines on this side aswell, he can check the box on, ” been their, done that”

    This article reflects my attitude towards our govt. antifa, KKK, all these folks are tools. Nothing more, nothing less.

    It’s a shame that we don’t learn the truth until later in life generally. Fact of the matter is, the absolute truth is so well hidden in the fluff, that without diligent effort to find the truth, it’s not going to happen. That situation is by design.

    None of us are driving, we’re just along for the ride. Best we can hope for is a soft landing and the wisdom to be self reliant, after that event.

    I will say this, about that. I believe the election of 45 Donald trump was an indicator of people slowly waking up from a cozy dream.

    Tic Toc.

    Dirk Williams

  10. I get the author’s drift on perspective, it’s a rare thing for people to have.

    And I agree with his number (ca 80%) of Wehrmact/Waffen SS casualties being inflicted by the Soviets. US/British/Allied contributions, as far as casualties inflicted, prove his point satisfactorily, to him. He does not address infrastructure damage that the Soviets did not do and were incapable of doing.

    The author also left out Allied contributions to the Soviets of aircraft aluminum, airplanes, tanks, jeeps, Studabaker trucks, WD-1 wire, and Spam, among other little items.

    And his timeline is wrong when he says that the USA did not get involved until it was clear that the Germans were going to lose, mentioning Stalingrad and Kursk and saying it was a YEAR after those battles when the USA got involved. The Stalingrad pocket surrendered first week of Feb ’43; Kursk kicked off about 4 July ’43 and was basically suspended coincidental with the Allied invasion of Sicily. Meanwhile North Africa had been cleared, prior. Not a year later as suggested by the author.

    He has his perspective, also.

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    From the article: “The historical record show that:
    The US only entered the war a year after Stalingrad and the Kursk battle when it was absolutely clear that the Nazis would lose the war.”

    Stalingrad was fought from September 42 to February 43. Kursk was fought in the summer of 43. The US had been in the war since December 41. So, the historical record shows that the author is a “can’t even call him a fucking retard because that’s a serious insult to fucking retards.”

  12. We have more in common with the Russian people than many other nations. The spoils of victory are the victors rendition. There is rarely a mention of the defeated and vanquished nations version of events.
    My father transported POW’s and the injured during WWII on troop and hospital ships. The injured,sick and dying were shown respect and given good care while in the custody of the Merchant Marine. The quantities of POW’s and casualties was a huge undertaking.
    The most disciplined,organized and respectful were the Germans. The worst were the Italians.The French were referred to as prostitutes. Following the Murmansk run my father had a different perspective of the war and the Russian people. Similar to the USA, the Russians have had shitty political operatives plus massive propaganda and brainwashing. The pogroms and genocide committed against the Russian people are horrific.In the USA we have the destruction of the Indian nations and the war of northern aggression.No country is innocent of bad behavior. It’s what we do.
    Anyone that is shocked at the amount of deception,treachery,lying,butchering and manipulation perpetrated by the USA is woefully ignorant of reality.
    Be realistic in your assessment of the American method of FUBAR. We leave behind a legacy of voids which are filled by worse assholes than the ones we depose.
    The intentions of many Americans are noble and meet the Judeo/Christian standards of compassion and brotherly love. The road to hell is paved with baby’s skulls and good intentions.
    We need Hillarys’ guidance and wisdom now more than ever. She can breathe through both nostrils.
    You don’t have enough ammo.

  13. On a lighter note, it is very well and fun to take a position about people who are all dead, and positions you condemn, when the living have absolutely no chance of changing history, or effectively changing the outcome in any way. Guess what? I had absolutely nothing to do with joining up with the Russkies in WW2, or giving away Poland and the Baltic States to them either. Or all the crap afterwards. Heap all the fucking guilt you want on boomers, but none of us had the power back in our salad days to stop things, as our own lives took up a lot of time, while we were being played by the politicians. So, point that thing at them what done it. I have never signed or even endorsed one piece of legislation in my life. If y’all like them witch hunts, best make sure nobody mistakes you for one, later.

  14. Not a bad read. It’s deeper that that but hey it’s a start in the right direction of truth. For at least 2,000 years since Imperium Rome ‘truth’ has been parsed – purged & re-vised. Plato’s Cave would be a better place to begin imo.
    pax vobiscum


    17 September 2017
    What would balance sheets look like if the borrowing through FX swaps and forwards were recorded on-balance sheet, as the functionally equivalent repo debt is? We combine various data sources to estimate the size, distribution and use of this “missing” debt and to begin to assess its implications for financial stability. A key finding is that non-banks outside the United States owe large sums of dollars off-balance sheet through these instruments. The total is of a size similar to, and probably exceeding, the $10.7 trillion of on-balance sheet dollar debt. Even when this debt is used to hedge FX risk, it can still involve significant maturity mismatches.
    Obligations to pay dollars incurred through FX swaps/forwards and currency swaps are functionally equivalent to secured debt. In contrast to other derivatives, agents must repay the principal at maturity, not just the replacement value of the position. Moreover, they could replicate those positions through transactions in the cash and securities markets that would show up on-balance sheet. But because of accounting conventions, this debt does not appear on the balance sheet: it has gone missing.

    October is almost here.

  16. many of the comments following the linked ‘letter’ reveal exactly why the empire continues and grows: it is supported. this support will continue until the very last day by far too many.

    bring the troops home, station them on our borders, use the navy to patrol our coasts and the gulf of Mexico, use the savings from those moves to build a credible missile shield and we will have what every nation on earth has desired previously: invulnerability from outside forces. isn’t that what the empire states is its goal? this is a way to achieve this goal without turning us all into international criminals, hated by all save those ‘leaders’ elsewhere that are just like the ‘leaders’ we have had and continue to have.

    it will not be done because such things will not feed the power hunger that the megalomaniacs among us need to survive, to feel complete, on the backs of others, of course, as always.

    i resent what has been done in my name without my permission, ruining my nation in the process, in an attempt to achieve that which cannot be achieved, ie, world domination forever. this is insanity and criminality writ large.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • I don’t understand why they don’t simply tell everyone that their weapons aren’t loaded and take the derision that would entail.

      The real problem is those cucks won’t chose sides and protect the side they’re chosen. They keep insisting they’re there to protect everyone, which is a total failure.

      We southern nationalists will kill them right along with the communists.

  18. Patriot Act George W initiated the demise of the fusa . Charley sang ” This lady may have stumbled , Buy she ain’t never fell . ” He may have to change those lyrics as the mother ship goes down .

  19. that was schizophrenic as hell. “Jew AND White Russian” how is that even possible?

    the comments were encouraging though. so was this poll if remotely accurate
    -31 percent of Americans polled strongly or somewhat agreed that “America must protect and preserve its White European heritage,” and 39 percent agreed that “white people are currently under attack in this country.”-
    -(59 percent) agreed with the statement that “‘political correctness’ threatens our liberty as Americans to speak our minds,”-
    -16 percent, strongly or somewhat agreed that “marriage should only be allowed between people of the same race,”-

  20. Three words! What. A. Crock.

  21. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Hey Concerned American. You should post this to the front page. I would say some Philosophy from the early 20th is needed around here considering how important the middle of the 20th was.

    This Bertrand Russell collection of thoughts argues on the premise that their are two types of Knowledge. “Acquaintance” and “Description”

    Bertrand would argue these 4 young female college students(Privileged) are now “acquainted” with Islam.

    Whereas they probably hate(to a degree) all white males for the Crusades.

    They previously only knew the crusades(including Iraq and Afghanistan) by “description”.

    Two different types of knowledge my friends.

    Islamic stones will break Marxist windows but nothing will break the shields of freedom, the hammers of civilization, and the swords of defense.

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  23. Ybofeah, that window licker lost me at “herr derr native American genocide derp”… Fuck him. We didn’t do a gawddamn thing those “benevolent peaceful” tribes hadn’t been doing to one another for millennia before our arrival. Fuck that simplistic halfwits take on history.

  24. European American

    Possibly the 3 most evil people, in that photo, of that period.

  25. Has there been, ever, a successful culture, dominate in every way that counts: philosophically, scientifically, technically, numerically, economically… that did NOT defeat and subsume inferior cultures and expand/claim territory?

    Shall we not mention the Aztecs? The Mongols? Rome? The Vikings, Saxons, or Franks? Has he not read the Old Testament, wherein God Almighty authorized, required and supported the utter extermination of heathen tribes who were sunk in Sin so deeply that they were un-redeemable? ( And before you get all moral equivalent, try reading first… would you consider the sacrifice of living children to false stone idols upon brazen burning alters worthy of such? If not, you are unworthy to participate in any adult discussion of the sort with which we here concern ourselves. Now, if this nation receives the harsh judgement of The Almighty, it will not be for man y of the things listed by The Sucker… it will be for the very same abortion/sacrifice/murder of our children on the altar of our narcissism.)

    Has “The Sucker” not read history?

    The guy is an obvious America hating Russian apologist at every turn, who, through the simplistic listing of a litany of sins, and the facile arrangement of accusation absent context (ie: History, which he dismisses as “written by the winners”) tars the entire history of a people and culture, while avoiding any mention of the achievements and benefits appertaining.

    There are entirely to many herein who, having been startled from ignorance and uncritical belief into a new awareness by one or many revelations of the sins of various parties, have determined to be the worst they can be and hate any and every thing to do with what is on one hand the greatest and most successful culture ever. This is an attempt to signal virtue and become exempt from the guilt, a forlorn effort doomed to fail.

    If that is your conclusion (one sided, dogmatic and myopic as it is), then you must also accept that there is no possibility of a human society, however configured, that would result in an outcome any of you could accept. Please spare me the usual utopian drivel, quoted second hand, out of context and without substantiation in Reality, from writers sharing your dyspeptic, distopian, envious and selfish views……….

    No “creation” of Mankind as regards the arrangement of societal affairs is without the seed of its own destruction. Need I even add that we are flawed, fallible creatures?