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The Racial Cliff

Cheering For My Team

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  1. Zman nailed it in both essays. Diversity is not a strength for me, or the rest of America.

    • As others have stated, “diversity + proximity = WAR!!!”

      Unfortunately some folks here in America ‘just don’t get it yet’!!

      Cato Institute Project Concludes Islam Consistent With ‘Many Libertarian Principles’ and Freedoms

      “The Washington, D.C.-based, think tank Cato Institute, in its latest project,, just concluded that Islam is consistent with many core American principles of freedom, including the right of property ownership and the right to self govern.

      Let the laughter begin.”

      The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this was how much Saudi/moslem brotherhood cash was funneled to Cato to have them spout such insane brain vomit?
      Has Cato been cucked by them, like ‘oathtweakers/stuart roadshow’?

      Bracken was,right about the moslem/commie alliance…they along with the ‘la raza/azatlan’ + blm/bamn + cosmic snowflake self haters will go active against any of us that aren’t’s going to definitely be ‘rawanda × bosnia’ in the upcoming fight for survival and then civilizations restart.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • That is why the media have taken notice of the “insidious Libertarian-to-Alt-Right Pipeline.” The more the big-L libertarian groups try to counter it, the more they confirm the reason for the exodus. ReasonTV did a really cringe video a few weeks ago denouncing the Alt-Right and celebrating a borderless, mercantile world.

        Lots of people in the Alt-Right came from libertarian backgrounds. At some point people realize that Muh Free Market and Muh Liberty are going to become meaningless concepts in a Western world subsumed by teeming brown 75 IQ masses who just want the White Man’s stuff.

        Here is ReasonTV’s cringe video:

  2. Z man really changed after attending the AmRen conference a few months ago. He’s been around for years, clearly a bright fellow with a way with words, but still without a real political agenda. They typical “critic at large” attitude.

    My problem with reading him has always been that his essays are often like a joke without a punchline. They go on an on deconstructing the latest leftist absurdity, but there is no concluding point to it all. Just self-satisfied smugness at being the clever guy with a blog.

    The AmRen conference seems to have caused him to focus and throw in with the AltRight. In some ways that’s a bit disappointing, as one of his main attributes was his fierce independence of any ideology. But, on the other hand the pointlessness and loneliness of being the endless critic of everything must be hard to take, so I don’t really fault him for going full AltRight.

    The problem is that he’s got a lot to learn. The people he’s following have been at this for a decade or more and have already gone down a lot of the dead ends he seems intent on exploring.

    It’s amusing to watch him feign aloofness from the AltRight, while still basking in the attention he received from them and their reflected fame.

    As for the “my team” article: yeah, the black positions on racism are ridiculous and you don’t have to be a well-read intellectual to reject them out of hand. The first time a black tried to run the “blacks can’t be racist” nonsense theory on me it was a social studies teacher in 9th grade, and I rejected it out of hand at that time.

    • I have been reading Zman pretty regularly – and comment on his posts often.

      Still though – I wonder what the hell he’s talking about sometimes. He often criticizes people on the right and in the libertarian camp in a way that would lead you to believe that the object of criticism is some bigwig that everybody knows about. Problem is – I’ve never even heard of half of these people. The net effect comes off like an echo chamber or small club like you’d find in high school where some insular group of ten kids thought one of them was just awesome – while the other 500 kids in the class had never heard of any of those ten kids – and the revered one in particular was just some weirdo that everybody avoided.

      Zman seems to have a particular problem with “libertarians” in particular – but everybody he mentions is somebody I’ve never heard of, and I’ve been reading LewRockwell pretty regularly for probably about 12 years now.

      A lot of the commenters on Zmans site actually seem like disaffected lefties to me. They want to avoid the topic of economics – and strictly focus on “culture” – or “race”.

    • Z man lacks a political agenda? I’d call that a big fucking win. Their is no, ” one side. Their is ” no ” one truth.


    • Very astute.

  3. This crap makes me laugh. I worked for over 20 years at a major chemical company. The last few years they were in business was all about ‘diversity’ and ‘PC’. They hired blacks that could barely comprehend what we were doing and when it was painfully obvious their little experiment in diversity was a disaster, they would just transfer the problem boy and make him a problem for someone new.
    I was on the interview team and was told ‘we are going to hire the black’, though there were several very qualified honkey’s available. The black dude was a joke and an embarrassment to us all.

  4. Diversity is the weapon of choice for the Marxists. They stated as much, back in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. The Marxists openly stated they would destroy the West by changing the demographics of the West, through diversity and multiculturalism. The Progs say that if you are White and you aren’t a communist, then you are a racist. By the way, the word racist was invented by the Marxists.

  5. A social event in Topeka, Kansas.

    Saturday, October 21st

    On S. Kansas Ave, from 100 S. Kansas Ave to 1100 S.Kansas Ave.
    (33 square blocks, 3 by 11), with a gathering near, and on, the steps
    of the state capitol.

    Early morning till late at night.

    Spend money only at a small business, as a message to Congress
    that the big corporations can’t have it all their way.

    A white shirt and tie event.

    No “permits” will be sought.

    People from the Right, Left, and Center invited to attend,
    and talk to each other.

    Any comments on improving the event?

  6. the murkins- as a whole, are not worthy of continuing on.

    if ever there was a more stupid population, i don’t know of it…

    they-as a whole, absolutely deserve what’s happened and what’s coming to them, and I for one will cheer it on.

    entertainment, fucking, and getting high, is no way for a civilization to go on, and has no equal in history except the fall of the Roman Empire.

    calling them God-less motherfuckers is being generous.

    let the culling begin in earnest.

  7. I warned years ago that the government muscle known as cops and the US military would side with whatever groups their paymasters told them to, and that’s been born out in St. Louis.

    “Each night the Black Lives Matter thugs and Antifa anarchists have spent hours rioting and attacking the St. Louis Police after the other demonstrators have gone home. Each night they have also gone to a different part of St. Louis in order to engage in vandalism against businesses. Clearly, these two domestic terrorist groups, which are at the center of all mayhem in the United States, are doing this because their agenda is to make business owners pay an economic price for the Jason Stockley verdict. By rioting and attacking police officers, the mob is asserting its sovereignty in St. Louis.

    Can you imagine the wall to wall negative coverage this would be getting from the fake news if the Alt-Right was doing this? Suppose the Alt-Right formed a mob in the streets and attacked the house of the mayor of Charlottesville. Suppose the Alt-Right went around Charlottesville for three consecutive nights attacking police officers and vandalizing businesses in different parts of the city. Everyone knows we would never hear the end of the “Neo-Nazi rampage” in Charlottesville.”


      Mr. Hines: As reprehensible as this is, it is nothing new. The Blacks have been engaged in this conduct for years and years. In some areas, it is on a much smaller scale. I saw it as a Deputy Sheriff in SoCal back in the 70’s and 80’s. My family witnessed it in the LA area in the 30’s and 40’s(see my post 08/2014 about “Bump Day”).
      As the Blue Hive continue to disintegrate, they will become a media Black Hole(no pun intended). No news showing the true destruction of cities by the Black Hordes will be published. How many stories are reported by the MSM on the disintegration of Baltimore? Those photographs on the internet from a couple of years ago about the utter destruction of Detroit; were they reported by the Marxist deviates on CNN or MSNBC?
      But, the White People know. And, they have been involved in White Flight since busing started in the 1960’s. I for one enjoy seeing the chickens come home to roost for all of these Blue Hives controlled by the (((Marxist))) cabal and their cosmic white useful idiots. There will be no more fence sitters. The craven, normalcy bias Whites will have to take a stand, as the Rooftop Koreans in 1992. Bleib ubrig.

  8. Z man is on target. I do not give a fuck about black, brown,yellow, or whatever ain’t white problems.Same as I don’t give a fuck about the white guy down the street, kids problems. Got enough of my own to fix. But yeah, my tribe anyway, and not theirs. It may be a racial thing, and that’s just too damn bad. I ain’t playing by the other teams rules, with the exception that there are no rules. White guilt? Over what? The slowness to realize other races want us dead? That IS regrettable. All the rest of that slop? Slop.

  9. The last great government sponsored achievement happened in the 1960’s when white engineers in smoke filled rooms used slide rules to design rockets to land men on the moon. What have today’s diversity and EEOC hiring guidelines provided besides Obamacare, EBT Cards, warships that collide with civilian ships and transgendered bathrooms?

  10. “They go on an on deconstructing the latest leftist absurdity, but there is no concluding point to it all.”

    Then you’re not paying attention. If you read both essays and then the vast majority of comments here lately, you’ll see almost no reference to any single person at all…and absolutely no reference to individual liberty, not ever.

    Get it? THAT’S a concluding point. The odd collectivist iteration of “Identity politics” has taken over nearly all the minds, amazingly of both sides…as if there were ever two sides in the first place. No wonder idiot commie-libs run around as if they’re still in charge—they are.

    tfA-t said it best—“What a bunch of losers.” Snookered for a whole lifetime and not the least desire to ever wake up and live. So don’t. There’s not a soul left to care.

    You gave it an amazing effort CA, but apparently these are forces that are not to be stopped.

  11. Been a while. Still picking up the pieces over here.
    Spared a bigger one here, but others are in worse
    “Red Cross stealing from the doorsteps of churches after Harvey devastated Texas they were protected by order EO 13603 it is an executive order that was signed on March 16 of 2012 by Barack Obama you can find this information at ”

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    semper vivium

    Roger out…

  12. The Truth,………… is eternal.

  13. Notice there’s no Black mode on smart phones, or other technology items, to dumb them down for Blacks? Yet the Blacks operate White technology just fine. The IQ difference between races is small and only important to who gets Nobel prizes, not everyday civilization. The race problem was created by White racism. Whites can end it anytime they want by holding Blacks to the exact same standards of civilized behaviors as Whites. The few Blacks who persist in wanting to be gangbangers (and Muslims who want to be bombers) should be shot by their victims at the time of attack.

    • Well, there it is, the dumbest thing I’ll read all day.

      “Notice there’s no Black mode on smart phones, or other technology items, to dumb them down for Blacks? Yet the Blacks operate White technology just fine. The IQ difference between races is small and only important to who gets Nobel prizes, not everyday civilization.”

      Average negro IQ is 85, substantially lower than the white average of 100.

      • Randall Flagg

        Post specifically states that “…Blacks operate White technology just fine.” No rebuttal from you other than to post some non-responsive graph. Guess you fall somewheres on the left of the orange distribution.

    • Notice, too, the lack of 8-year old mode on those same devices. My baby bro operates them just fine, ipso facto, that boy is as smart as our father…

  14. Z Man just keeps slapping the ball right out of the ball park. “Cheering For My Team” is honest and on target:

    It seems obvious to me that the “Hard-Left” pushed, prodded, insulted, bullied and bloodied the “Soft-Right” so aggressively and endlessly that they, the Hard-Left, can now take full responsibility for creating the Hard-Right/Dissident Right. Let the games begin.

    Thought for the Day: With things getting more interesting by the day, it would be a good idea to remind the people you care about that one hard truth of life is “loyalty to everyone is loyalty to no one.”

    • “The hard left”, that is communists, ARE dominated by Jews. It’s no accident that all of the major TV networks are either owned outright or totally controlled by Jews, same with the print media, and most radio networks as well.

      Remember, folks, the Bolsheviks were over 80% Jews.

      In order for whites to recover control of North America, Jews must be controlled and that control will give us negro and muslim control.

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    In the end, successful populations will be as heterogeneous or as homogeneous as they choose. Those who can live together will to the extent that they so desire, and those who can’t, ultimately won’t. Governments can force cohabitation for a while, but it can’t and won’t last.

  16. Iniquity – dumbing down – devolving.

    Lightning Striking Water

  17. his usual gibberish. It’s this simple:

    by way of the welfare/illfare state, crime lobby legal system, and drug culture. the Jews have destroyed Black values, family, and community. (((They))) have de-civilized the Blacks.

    in order to use them as any Army of Extermination against the Whites.

    along with all the other invasive ethnic Armies.

    and so long as Whites – like Z-man – cannot name the Jew, then Whites will continue to be be exterminated. Of course, I’m assuming the Z-man is in fact White. If he’s a Jew, then his perpetual obscurantism is thus explained.

    • Thus explaining Dan Greenfield (SultanKnish) and Ben Shapiro.

      Now, the ADL has partially disabled Brother Nathanael’s video naming who owns the media. If you don’t know, Youtube engaged ADL to police videos, including defunding them.

  18. Replace the phrase Diversity with White Genocide, it’s a perfect match-up, no modification of the text is required; suddenly all those odd speeches and memes make sense!

  19. And don’t expect ewwwwtube to be ‘unbaised/fair’ in what they allow/support…

    Here’s Black Pigeon on that:
    Broken Moral Compass of Google & Silicon Valley

    Just to emphasize, it’s ok in the media for savages whether black or moslem to attack/kill white people (virtual signaling) but NOT for white people to protect/defend themselves from such savagery?…Oh HELL NO!!!
    Think about the messages in this vid..and who it’s made for/aimed at…(discussed by Black Pigeon in the video above)
    “Rapper XXXTentacion Lynches White Child in Racially Charged Music Video”

    “Florida-based rapper XXXTentacion released a racially-charged music video Tuesday, which ends with a young white child hanging from a noose in front of a large audience…Last July, XXXtentacion was arrested and charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.”

    Why would I or anyone else here ever think that this worthless pavement ape has ANYTHING worthwhile to say, let alone contribute to civilization?..he (like his fans) are nothing more than feral shitbags that are infesting both Europe and the West! Time to apply ‘Rule .308’ via the 4S’s on him and those like him!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  20. Then sooner Whites dump this starry eyed “one race” hippy BS, the better. Every other team is playing the game so that their team wins. My team plays the game so that “everybody wins.” That’s a loser mentality and that’s why the rest of the world sees Whites as cucks who would rather surrender their wives and daughters than fight back.

  21. You see that with Ann Barnhardt as well. She blames ”rap/hip hop culture” on African behavior. But ”rap/hip hop culture” does NOT explain Haiti or sub-Saharan Africa:

    Listen to what this Chinese man tells an African in Africa. Much the same pathologies (such as destroying anything they can get their hands on, see Detroit), blowing their money as fast as they get it (see how they behave at the first of the month). African males drinking, fighting and ignoring their offspring (African females are left alone to raise and care for their offspring there too – and in Haiti as well). I’ve seen it again and again: Africans are Africans, wherever on Earth they are.
    Oh, and search YouTube for ”africans riot in china” – they act like Africans there too.

    • “see how they behave at the first of the month”

      Ha. Not bad, pretty accurate as a broad generalization. So now answer this—who set that up? Lemme guess…you and yours had nothing to do with it, right?

      That’s always the answer, isn’t it?