Buppert: On Death, Fear, & Resisting Tyranny

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Tempus fugit.

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  1. Site down. Great image. Thanks ca.

  2. Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me….That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave.

    Stonewall Jackson

  3. It is time to develop a cold, calculating hatred for non-whites by whites.

    If we are to survive as a distinct race.


    • Notarealperson

      You better develop that more for the whites who brought them in and bent the system for them. Because if we don’t get rid of the whites who caused, we’re screwed. You know people like the Chambers of Commerce, Silicon Valley billionaires, Wall Street bankers, certain academics and members of the MSM and political class.

    • How about we survive as distinct individuals first? Y’know, like the original patriots intended. You have read the Declaration of Independence, yes?

      How about we do that first, and then anyone can hang with whichever fools they choose?

      • Individuals are judged on an individual basis.

        However, once outside your tribe, they are viewed by group dynamics, and treated as goyim…. errr, I mean outsiders who are to be treated as useful tools until discarded.

        I believe you might know a little more about tribal culture than most. Care to give any pointers?

        • “I believe you might know a little more about tribal culture than most. Care to give any pointers?”

          Sure, but don’t you read the mastheads? CA puts it up constantly—“Meatspace” and “Local, local, local.” Works where I currently live and I don’t know why it wouldn’t work anywhere.

          It’s true, it involves a drop more work than the brain-dead method of looking at skin color, or maybe nose size. You might have to ask, “Who goes there,” or “What the hell do you want here?” But some of us, not being imbeciles, can manage that degree of effort.

          OTOH imbeciles should be free too. Carry on.

      • “We shall all hang together or we shall most assuredly be hanged separately.” That Great Collectivist, Benjamin Franklin

        You are an idiot by way of willfully myopic doctrinal ideology.

        “It’s all just a choice!” Right. The banal and obvious does not equal truth and wisdom

        You’ve made yours more than obvious… You want death or slavery with that?

      • Ahh, the tactical nihilism of Muh Individualism. Funny that it’s pretty much only white people who ever buy into this. Every other group is unashamed to think and act tribally.

        The libertarian fetishization of individualism has failed. The Western World, and the Enlightenment values libertarians purport to defend, is at great risk of disappearing forever. Now is not the time to double down on failure, by retreating into the mythology of the individual. I know some people like to think this makes them “above it all” — declaring a pox on the houses of all types of collectivism. It’s delusional.

        Western civilization is not going to succeed at defending itself as a bunch of atomized individuals.

  4. Noted the date of the article. Good stuff, I’m currently reading Bills two books. The outline, the OODA, loop is alive and well in his books, the logical lay out and structure.

    What many here seem to not understand is this.

    It is the American Citizen, that is the make up, the back bone of this great nation, not our politicians, our leadership. Don’t underestimate the will power of the real americans their slowly waking up.

    The faster the left/ antifa, tears down statues, tries to erase history, the quicker the silent right are waking up.

    The down side is that our history being torn down was a lie, a lie memorialized, Are these statues a memorial to our history, or are they just part of the cover, for the big lie.

    From Lincoln, freeing the slaves, to invading Iraq, over WMD ‘s it’s all been a big fucking lie. The fascists are winning. Why ate the fascists winning?

    Dirk Williams

    • It’s less that the fascists are winning than it is that the non-fascists are losing. Ripe for the picking, so to speak. So the fascists pick. What else would they do?

      Why are the decent folk losing? Take a look at the comments, busy denying the value of the self, and see if you can figure it out.

  5. The thought occurs to me that ‘old school’, classic American values of faith, family, independence and moderation are stoic in nature.

    It further occurs to me that modern ‘new school’ values of ‘me, me, me, above all, me’ are as far from stoic values as one can get. The ‘me’ crowd will absolutely NOT trade their lives for their ‘values’. They don’t have any.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The ‘me’ crowd will absolutely NOT trade their lives for their ‘values’. They don’t have any.”

      Good point, but don’t forget – they are more than willing to trade everyone else’s lives for their continued pleasure. Thus, they are still dangerous opponents.

    • WTF are you talking about? In all relevant respects, a man’s life IS his values.

      Anything else says men are the equivalent of paramecia. Alright, so that wouldn’t be a terrible guess based on the current evidence!

      Truly, ir’s a heckuva theory—trade one’s life for some fantasized values. It might work the day corpses have values.

      And the usual faith-mongers can save their trite responses. Yes, a man can have values greater than life itself. As it happens, most of us do. But that’s not what you wrote, nor is it what you meant. You want others to give up THEIR lives so that you may have YOUR values. How utterly modern and what a coincidence—so does every looter and moocher on the planet. Maybe stop arguing for the enemy and take care of your own life–which MEANS your own values–first.

      Who knows? Maybe something would change. BTW “stoic” doesn’t mean sacrificial. Religion brought that bullshit in.

      • I said, and meant exactly none of what you’re spewing. My own proclivities are not in any way on display here. You are WAAAAY off base.

        • Okay, good. I’ll assume that’s true. Maybe you can clarify why you didn’t clarify. Or simply clarify. You can skip clarifying, “They don’t have any [values]” since we all know that’s impossible for anyone.

          Never mind how I got it wrong…what DID you mean?

      • Jim, can you imagine any situation in which something other than YOU warranted the extreme risk of your own glorious, beatified life?

        I don’t mean the obvious home invader in the dark threatening your family….
        I mean in “The Greater Realm” of human affairs…?

        “BTW “stoic” doesn’t mean sacrificial.”

        Didn’t read the inconvenient parts about death being preferable to slavery, didja? Duh!I believe the quote was something like, ” I would die for you, but I would not live for you.” If you try to adapt, avoid or obfuscate this one, then your much used epithet of “Champion Hypocrite!!!” comes home to your mantle forever.

        “Religion brought that bullshit in.”


        So then the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Redemption of Sin, through the SACRIFICE of Christ on the Cross and the Faith therein by the believer is… what was it you said?


        Sucks to be you. But that was always true of the man who thinks he’s the Alpha and the Omega, transcendent supra eternum.

        • So sorry I missed this gem:

          “Anything else says men are the equivalent of paramecia. Alright, so that wouldn’t be a terrible guess based on the current evidence!”

          Hoist on your own petard.

          Henry’s right, and you are so fucked up:

          “It further occurs to me that modern ‘new school’ values of ‘me, me, me, above all, me’ are as far from stoic values as one can get. The ‘me’ crowd will absolutely NOT trade their lives for their ‘values’. They don’t have any.”

          No wonder you reacted as you always do when someone suggests that MEEEEism is flawed.

          Everything you’ve ever written in these pages and elsewhere more than just suggests the truth of that assertion, and your tantrum proves it.

  6. CA, I have been wanting to ask for some time now, how did you make out during the last hurricane encounter, and how are you doing now? Do you have the things you need, food, water, shelter, clothes? Obviously you have enough of the basics to be blogging again, but to what extent? Were you or any of your family/friends injured? Is your home intact/habitable/etc.? You are usually pretty quiet about your personal situation, but if you need some help, and are willing to accept it, I would certainly do my part, as would the curmudgeons who haunt this place. As for Bupperts article, windmills should be considered to now be tilted. If people won’t even get up off their asses to get rid of the scoundrels in govt., and in fact, they keep returning said scoundrels to office and power, how can anyone expect them to, as a group, stand up and tell govt. NO? The virtue of honesty is always in short supply, because it is so expensive. America is bereft of integrity because few wish to spend time using it. Besides, our “leaders”, and others don’t go that route any more, being the Boy Scout is for suckers and losers. When all around you at the campfire are drunk with the whiskey of self, it doesn’t seem fitting to abstain.

  7. All men die.
    It is appointed to men, once to die; then the judgement.
    Though family and friends surround, all men die alone with none to accompany.
    Jesus said, ” I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.”
    For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.
    John 3:17
    Settle it now.
    Fear will disappear.

    • “Settle it now.
      Fear will disappear.”

      Sounds nice. So when did you take this sage advice yourself?

      Or is it only the rest of us who should abide your ruminations?

      • Mr Klein,
        Your question is a fair one.
        I settled it for myself in 1978 when I realized there was no way out of this world. Raised in church and knowing all the related Bible stories, my skepticism was substantial that there even was a God. I had to come to one of three possible answers:
        1. Jesus was a liar who perpetrated the biggest hoax ever.
        2. Jesus was a lunatic.
        3. Jesus is who He says He is.

        I chose for myself that Jesus is the Son of God; that He paid with His blood the penalty for my sin.
        When I accepted His sacrifice, my fear of death vanished, never to return again.

        Many are familiar with John 3:16. The reason I quoted John 3:17 is because it is key to understanding the prior verse. Jesus came to save anyone who receives Him.

        Faith comes by hearing. The Sermon On The Mount was instrumental in my acceptance of the Lord Jesus.
        So I wholeheartedly recommend Him to all.

        • Thanks for clarifying; that’s how it’s done. Sorry, I took “Settle it now” to mean something else, given the context and all. Glad it meant what it did.

        • If I had read your reply first, I might not have made my own, far above.

          Thank you.

      • I disagree that that is a “fair question,” with respect to CB.

        It is your typically condescending tone of assumed infallible superiority with which you approach every topic, and every disagreement.

        That is the very definition of hypocrite, which this illustrates beyond question:

        “Or is it only the rest of us who should abide your ruminations?”

        The snide, sneering arrogance of that gaseous emission should turn the stomach of even the most bovine of ruminants.

    • There is a huge difference between fortitude and temerity. The former is a gift of the Holy Ghost; the latter is what distinguishes fanatics.

      What you are describing is temerity.

      Being a Protestant you couldn’t possibly know the difference.


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  9. Simple solution: millions carry handguns everywhere, take the license tags off their cars, and stop paying taxes and getting permits. Something like this is going to happen anyway within in four years when Medicare costs crush federal and state government budgets.

  10. >The exploration of Stoicism takes a lifetime to contemplate and master.
    Perhaps. In my unlearned opinion, Stoicism is a philosophy of the vanquished holding true to their dignity and honor. Of men whose race and culture are nearly gone. I have sympathy for it, but it is just a symptom. An ascendant race of whites (whatever they may be, from Achaean to Angle) has no need of it. Stoicism is just the natural inclinations of us if we have no community of peers where it can be left unspoken.

  11. Meine Fuhrer, it is a miracle, I can walk! (without the aid of a cane.) Thanks for your reply, CA. Hope it stays that way for you. I’m afraid this land of ours is hearing the siren call of absolutism and the tyrant-in-waiting.Always happens in history. The liberals make a mess of things, corruption sets in, the masses demand a “Strong Man” to take the helm and right the ship of state. The lists of those to be arrested are made. The jails begin to fill. It probably won’t be any of the Clintons, thankfully, or it would be murder, murder, murder. And not much variety there.

  12. Thanks, CA for posting this but not my latest, it was posted to Twitter and there it is.

    Per Stoicism, elegant and simple and the most practical and useful philosophy of life in this mortal coil…ever.

    Stoicism was traditionally defined as teaching that the goal of life is “living in agreement with nature”, which is synonymous with “living in accord with virtue”.

    Some things are up to us, others are not; we should focus on doing what is up to us to the best of our ability, and not allow ourselves to get too concerned about everything else.

    The three disciplines are: desire only to be a good person, act only in accordance with reason and the social good, and don’t be carried away by false impressions.

    To quite a good friend of mine:

    “Imagine how much free time you would have if you stopped wasting time worrying about things you don’t control.

    Now imagine using all that new free time to become a good person.

    That’s stoicism.”

    “The joy of man is to do his proper business. And his proper business is to be kindly to his fellows, to rise above the stirrings of sense, to be critical of every plausible imagination, and to contemplate universal Nature and all her consequences.” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations VIII.26

    More detail on my podcasts on Stoicism: https://tragedyandhope.com/the-philosophy-of-stoicism-with-bill-buppert/


    Bill Buppert