Molyneux: Re The DREAM Act

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  1. Can we stop with the reguritation of this pic and the other with the browns grabbing themselves in the crotch? It gets stale when there’s plenty else out there to use and doesn’t reflect well on the message you’re trying to convey. These pics cannot be the only two in existence of illegals in our country.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        Grab the ones of them spiting on the blonde with a trump hat. Or the ones throwing an egg. He should def do more rallies in liberal areas like Chiraq and LA. Good Optics for middle America.

      • It’s okay stewardess, I speak jive:
        Can we please stop accurately portraying the sh*theads who’ve been streaming into the country unhindered for decades, aided and abetted by 9 presidents and 530+ current members of Congress on both sides of the aisle? Because it really paints a hyper-precise picture of exactly who we’re talking about, and that upsets me when I’m confronted by the unpleasant reality of who’s been moving in, and my inevitable future prospects in the country I was born in.

        If that landed inside your perimeter, try using both hands:

    • Why? These pics convey everything about the problem: an uninvited population that not only consumes the benefits of a civilization built by better men, it expresses utter contempt for that civilization while doing so.

      A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

      • Yep that’s the nature of parasites and they usually end up killing the host unless treatment is applied…

  2. Edit: Reguritation

  3. New Nation News – Illegal Alien Invasion

  4. The Dream Act is nothing but Invader Trash on an accelerated plane, and will provide the socialist scum in this country with the numbers they need to wash that white away, as a viable political entity. Traitors, practically every Senator and Congressman. Schumer and his assisted suicide program.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      In 20 years almost no coastal zones will have white or black local leaders near the cities. They will be Muslim, Commie(Black, (((White))), or White), and Brown 24/7 Forever and they will never stop with their BS.


      • “…and they will never stop with their BS.”

        Right. So try some logic. If they’re never going to change, and they aren’t, then who must change?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Schumer and his assisted suicide program.”

      Depending on how you put the emphasis, that doesn’t sound entirely bad.

  5. Randolph Scott

    I would love to find that spic bitch and kick her right in the crotch. After she falls on the ground I would spit on her.


      Rule 308 would have a much greater salutary effect on her physiology as well as the psyches of those co-ethnics who watched it happen. However, part of the problem with “these people” is their inability to connect the dots when it comes to cause and effect. I witnessed it on numerous occasions while working as a Peace Officer in SoCal.
      And never forget that the biggest influx occurred during the Reagan-Bush years. Ronnie’s handlers were only too happy to get the cheap, union-busting labor. Drunk Teddy and his Jackass Party were only too happy to get more voters. Kalifornia is verloren. Amerika auch. Bleib ubrig.

      • Randolph Scott

        Believe me boyes, I know Rule 308 and am more than willing to invoke it, but with that spic bitch in the picture I want it to be personal and with a hard assed boot kick into her pussy. Hopefully she won’t even be able to lift the one finger salute. For the punk assed young guys holding thier crotches, … Rule 308 applies. ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22


  6. After we get rid of YT who will support these scum. I’m not understanding this program unless YT is to be enslaved. And while I might invent the airplane or dishwasher or washing machine or cotton picker or light bulb as a free man what will I invent as a slave? The dusky races have invented almost nothing throughout history including a functioning society and yet they want to bring an end to the white race! Please someone, help me out understanding this. Is this just another example of the really low IQ’s in the dusky races and their inherit inability to reason and think clearly? Or do they prefer mud huts, rampant disease and unlimited sex to our society? And this is how they plan to get it. Duskies answer first please.

  7. One good bomb going off might change some minds. Wonder what our Muzzie friends are up to lately?

  8. Cheery thoughts.

    Proof once again that you don’t have enough ammunition for what’s coming.

    • I don’t think the ammunition will be a problem I think it will be the “will” to do anything that holds people back…

  9. DC, penns the rules, they have zero intent of following those rules. This will likely be the stray that breaks the camels back.

    I’m done voting in the presidential election, for the lesser of two evils. I’m like an elephant, I don’t forget. Seriously considering simply not participating, I simply won’t vote, for either party candidate.

    I know not voting sounds cheesy. I just can’t support a man who made countless promises, which to date, zero of those have come true. I sure as fuck won’t even consider voting for brand X, the DEMs.

    Just another realization of the liar in chief.

    Tic Toc.


    • The two party system died long ago, the faithful still show up to get a purple thumb print sticker. I did not vote in the last and I will not vote again in this circus. I do not approve. I do not consent and i do not under stand.

      Someone earlier made the comment that the last 9 presidents endorsed the iillegal invasion of this nation and that person was correct. Along with the other shit stains in CONgress and state gov. It’s all corrupt, all of it.

      May God have mercy on your pathetic evil souls politicians and puppet masters because we the people will not. Justice is needed in this nation.

    • Randolph Scott

      Not voting for any of these cocksuckers is not cheesy. I’m not voting for any fucking republican ever again and will never vote for a demoncrat.

  10. Please post the retarded picture of Jeb Bush. It never gets old.

  11. Agree 1000+!!

    And it’s not just the worthless fleshbags from ‘me’hico’ that’ll be fast tracked in but the savage moslem and dindu trash like the somalis.
    Diversity + Proximity = WAR!!!
    And the regimes orcs and orcettes at all levels WILL ‘protect’ said filth until it becomes hazardous in the extreme to them personally (aka “they ain’t paying me enough to protect the wetbacks and moslem child rapers!!..fuck this I’m outta here!!”).

    Hey Jaxs, here’s some different pics,..because you asked!

    Hmmmm..wonder where they ‘borrowed’ their fashion from…could it be…islam?!?

    Send them ALL ‘back home’!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  12. I would imagine that she’s on some lists….

  13. It’s official: Latinos now outnumber whites in California

    Congrats Mexifornia. Enjoy putos. The rest of us need to WTFU. Schumer and his group of globalist retards are behind all of this.

  14. Here’s some more Jaxs!

    Is that enough..or do I need to go on?

    Fuck ALL illegals!!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  15. wealthy farmer

    The DREAM Act is demographic murder, a knife plunged into the heart of America. Schemes like this rely on the soft-heartedness of the vast squishy American middle, especially the cohort of post-menopausal white women. Vast regions of our world really do not give a fuck about the welfare of other people’s kids, especially foreign kids. If they die, so what? But show a western woman a picture of a dead foreign kid and she will melt into a puddle of cat-loving estrogen.
    I work every day to harden my heart, to expunge the goop of a lifetime of flabby western protestantism. This does NOT mean becoming a rude hate-filled racist beast. It means seeing people and situations as they really are.

    • Yes. Just one point is enough to expose the hypocrisy.
      Not just for dreamers but many CITIZENS – worldwide:
      “908 thousand abortions to ‘illegals’ in just one year”

      “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  16. The US Chamber of Commerce and Tom Donahue. Their stated business model for the US is to increase the GDP by increasing the population. Since White people aren’t breeding, the plan is to increase the GDP through immigration of non whites. Over 3 million immigrants per year. Over the last 30 years. 90 million plus the offspring. We had 190 million people in the US in 1965. We now have 330 million. 55% of kids entering kindergarten in the US are non white. Good luck with the cure.

    • Randolph Scott

      It will be soooo fucking funny when The US Chamber of Commerce and Tom Donahue come to the realization that these fucks never pay taxes and always send their money to mexico. Hahahaha.

  17. The Usual Suspect

    Looks like biodegradable targets to me !!!

  18. the event of nancy and her ‘friends’ gives a preview to exactly what will happen when her ‘friends’ become the majority. it should also tell the rest of us, as well.

    shut the borders tight. throw out those not legally here. stop immigration completely from everywhere. petition impeachment for those who vote to let lawbreakers remain among us or reward them for their spitting on our laws.

  19. Secession is the only solution now. I say Arizona to Montana over to Minnesota down to Louisiana as a new country. Ports and pipelines, farms and some factories. Shorter border with the brownies to the south, and for now the bulk of those who would prefer to keep a homogenous society already live there. Sure there are pockets of dissent in that geographical area, but the option to self deport would be available for a while. Others outside that swath of the country who are of like mind could relocate and help strengthen the population density which would in turn encourage others who do not want what we want to seek thier own kind on the left and right coasts. Win win for all…..ah but mere fantasy…

    “I know nothing”