Herschel: Are You Prepared For Survival?

Puerto Rico, your people, the future, and you.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. The real question isn’t if/when PR will get rebuilt (and how the plebs in the streets will survive in the short term), but who/how will the bill be paid.

    The next global financial crisis is ready to blow and the bailouts might be fewer this time.


    October is almost here.

  2. sooooo glad i didn’t buy property there…

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      In 2017 any investment of property in an unstable climate or government is a gamble.

    • Next month will be a great time to acquire property in the islands, like it was in Charleston, SC after Hugo.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      You can probably get it at a discount now, though. Depending on what you buy, you’d probably qualify for some disaster relief funding, too.

  3. imo, no one is really prepared for the future. debt and pension defaults, worldwide depressions due to debt defaults and people replaced by automation, cyber crime stealing your money from your checking and 401k. this future is coming and that is not even including north lorea or iran with nukes. a week or month without power may be a walk in the park.
    my best suggestion is to have no debts outside your mortgage, keep money in several places and banks and if possible have some real estate as that can’t been stolen(except by the govt) and have a good supply of lead if it really goes bad.

    • How’s Houston Treating You…

      • I was fine, no flooding; thanks; but brother in law has been flooded twice in 3 years now; but this is what happens when you allow people to build large cities in places hurricanes historically strike that do not have the elevation from sea level for the water to run off,
        if I were an insurance company, I’d be requiring all people in Houston,New Orleans and most of Florida to pay beachfront insurance rates as it has now been proven, these are not 500 year storms; they come by every 20 years or less.

    • ” if possible have some real estate as that can’t been stolen(except by the govt) and have a good supply of lead if it really goes bad.”

      While technically true because title is in your name, you can be dispossessed of use of it by squatters. Go on YouTube and type in “squatters” to see just how big a problem it is and how ill prepared the legal system is to deal with it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If things go truly sideways, debt isn’t going to be much of an issue. During the height of the mortgage crisis, for example, people were mailing the keys to their houses to their mortgage lenders, who were mailing them right back.


        This is something very few are talking about. A massive debt bomb explosion would mean a huge haircut for the debt holders. There is a very big interest in restructuring everything and continuing to kick the can down the road. Time will tell.

  4. Survival is not cheap. From site location, ” land selection and purchase” to building materials, alternative power sources.

    serious preppers have multiple sources of power-available, with the fuel to run those sources.

    The ability to store and filter water, prepare and cook meals. The ability to maintain a healthy level of cleanliness, can lend itself to survival.

    Then defend what your saved and prepared for your family. Going to be interesting in the islands, should someone have to physically defend their preps against the mass who,maybe didn’t prep, or had their preps blown out to sea.

    That the islands were virtually destroyed will not be a factor in the rebuilding of those islands. After all what are the chances of a cat 4/5 hitting again in the near future.

    As long as their insurance pays off, they will stay. The run of incredibly great luck, of 86 yearswithout catastrophic events, is remarkable. Besides where else could they go, their islanders.

    When you face the chance of total destruction every year for a 90 to 150 day out of a period in any given year is really not,very good odds.

    Prayers out daily to those in the middle. Best of luck to you.


  5. To quote the little remembered WW2 British jungle guerilla fighter’ “Nature is neutral.”

  6. Does anyone really survive? Or do they just temporarily extend their existence? Jump on it.

  7. Seraphim of Sarov

    Philosophy: you are more likely to do cheap marginal things that give you 80% of the functionality of really expensive difficult things. It’s better to *have* ‘good enough’ than have nothing but daydreams about ‘the best.’

    Assuming you are not prepping start here:

    1) Skip the generator and buy a 800watt power inverter for your car. Start buying an extra gas can and fill it each month for a year (for 12 5 gallon cans) then dump one a month in your car and refill it.

    2) So you won’t do freeze-dried food, mylar, or vaccuum sealed food. Fine. Buy a plastic tote like you keep Christmas lights in. Fill it with beans, rice, flour, and pandcake mix. Toss in some hand warmers (the powder kind you shake during hunting season…these are exactly the same as O2 absorbers but cost less). Silicon that sucker shut.

    3) Comms. If you don’t have comms and you’re a dumbass, buy a few Baofeng BF888’s. If you’re reasonably intelligent, a few Baofeng UV5R’s, and if you’re smart and have the cash then get something quality (google Brushbeater’s recommendations).

    4) If you buy a “solar generator” from a prepper site or a “trickle charger” you’re a dumbass and should eat your own gun. There’s some smart applications for solar…don’t get me wrong. You can get a good quality 100watt system from Renogy on overstock.com most days.

    5) Water: clean soda bottles and save tap water. Sawyer Mini filter is way more useful than a Lifestraw.

    6) DollarTree over-the-counter meds and lighters.

    7) Rat Traps. Nail them to a nut tree. Yum…squirrels.

    8) You own a bicycle right? For $150 you can add a 80cc motor kit that gets 100 miles to the gallon. 44 sprocket is good for those who contend with mountain roads.

    9) Fish antibiotics. CHKadels sells them for a reason.

    [Typed out on my phone, please excuse any errors in presentation.]

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Huge Motorcycle Fan. Im going to sell my undersize Specialized and get a full frame Specialized and convert it to Gas. Excellent Idea.

      Also, Steel Frame Bikes are still stronger than Aluminum. Downhill mountain bikers don’t use Aluminum.

    • (2) A plastic tote should be viewed as short term. A rat can chew thru it and there go your preps. Alternate: Go on CraigsList and buy a 55gal drum with a removable lid. Buy a 10 pack of drum liners. Put 2 liners in the drum. Load in your preps. The inner liner, gather and zip tie shut. Outer liner draped over the rim then close the drum head and strap down the rim lock.

      The downside to this is that once loaded the drum is not going to be very portable. The 4 legged vermin can’t get in guaranteed.


    PR was bankrupt even before this storm hit. Like it or not, those of us who still pay taxes are on the hook for all of those useless eaters and drones. My suggestion: sell/give the island to the Chinamen. They are the only ones with any money.

    • “Chinamen. They are the only ones with any money.”

      Joke’s on them too…it’s US money!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “They are the only ones with any money.”

      That’s looking pretty debatable at this point.

    • China has a higher debt to GDP ratio than the USA.
      They are $25 trillion in national debt and had their credit rating lowered twice in the last year.
      Besides, we have The Donald!
      Say what you please, President Trump is the man for our times.
      He knows how to spin off debt and turn a profit.
      There is hope-for real.

  9. Who remembers that PR is broke along with their electric companies because the PR’s don’t want to pay electric bills? Anyone? The electric companies, subsidized by the govt. , allowed PR’s NOT to pay electric bills for going on 50 years now, and then electric companies and associated businesses were all bankrupt before the latest hurricane hit. Repair infrastructure, WHAT infrastructure? That snowball I saw coming down the hill is much bigger now………….Their bond market, which used to be quite lucrative, is and has been worthless for the last ten years. They are going to expect Uncle Sugar to pick up the tab for this colossal mess, and by Uncle Sugar, I mean us. 100 billion, minimum.

  10. Living somewhere hurricanes are a regular feature is dumb.

  11. There are supposedly 3.4 MILLION people on that island. None to very few have electrical power or running water from what I hear. Those with a generator have a short term solution for power, but what happens when the gas or propane is gone and no electricity to pump more gas out of a tank?

    I expect reports soon of roving bands of pirates and looters worthy of a Bracken novel.

    They are in a world of hurt and unfortunately such conditions bring out the absolute worst in people.

  12. Let it sink back in the ocean
    Always the hurricanes blowing
    Always the population growing
    And the money owing

    Catchy, right?

    Re: generators – larger engine driven welders typically have LOADS of generating power, and are much less expensive on a KW basis. And are built to run all day on jobsites, not that it should be operated so in a grid down situation – just long enough for critical needs – refrigeration & water pumping for example.

    Bonus – you end up with a welder, and most folks overlook its generating ability.
    AND, gasoline engine models can often be converted for propane and or natural gas operation. Options.

  13. No one is gonna like my answers, but here goes.
    Having lived through the 1994 earthquake in Northridge, Ca. I can tell you that sometimes disaster is gold mine-for everyone. LA was in BAD financial trouble before the earthquake of 94; business was struggling or gone, people were looking for work and not finding it, abandoned, old & deteriorating buildings were becoming a harbinger of pests, and squalor. In one cruel instance, all of that changed. Once we buried the dead, Northridge came alive again. Since I had not seen since a kid: construction & the salaries it paid, businesses thriving on being open 15 hours or more a day, the grocery stores went from EBT cards to momma buying $300 a week in groceries, etc. It was sad and depressing and financially uplifting and the sun was out permanently. Our freeways were rebuilt to newer, better standards: the down side is that money was stolen from Sunrise Blvd in Sacramento Valley. Sunrise was slated to be a new freeway-it is now 6 lanes of fast traffice on a wide boulevard. There is always a yin & yang. Frankly the SFV experienced a renewal of life, vigor, interest, and more.
    It seems to me, that a well heeled, motivated, enterprising young man/woman might find incredible opportunity in PR, Houston, or Florida. As usual, the government will screw things up. But nothing says that same self driven individual has to do their business in the open; with taxes, regulations, etc. (Incidentally: a lot of Goobermint regs were temporarily dropped to get the SFV on the move again.) An individual just needs enough old fashioned spirit to shove your way in. Say what you will about the old mob: they would already have people in place to get the party started. Everyone would be employed within a month, and your salary was probably untaxed. Now, the FedGov has replaced the mob: only half of what you slave for returns to them, and they have never had a full employment plan. Guliani isn’t parting with his cash.
    Mother Nature is incredibly cruel, vicious, and powerful. She also brings rebirth, renewal, and opportunity.
    I start a new job next week; more money, more hours, and more prospects and chances. It gives me the ability to move ahead on preps, to keep working toward my goal of escape, and to simply do more of what I want.
    Always remember that the Killhouse Rules are in effect. Plan accordingly.

    • “…enterprising young man/woman might find incredible opportunity in PR, Houston, or Florida.”

      Hahaha…that’s irrelevant in this context. But what about an enterprising OLD man/woman?

  14. Eventually, on the continent, capitalism will provide.

    My post over at Herschel’s:

    “Preparedness is a process, not an end game. You will never be “fully prepared”, if you think you are, you’re setting yourself up for a rude awakening.

    Our worse power outage occurred when we were moved into this home for almost two months, barely enough time to get accustomed to the home environment. It was the “Ice Storm of 2005”, no power for 6 days. A bad business.

    We’ve lost power for short periods numerous times since then, but never more than 36 hours.

    Last year, finally, I purchased the largest “portable” generator made by Generac (other than their featureless commercial units), a 10kw unit (18 horsepower) . Then I had the local generator specialists run the wiring for the outside inlet box, and install the manual panel. It powers most things other than the heat pumps. I’ve used it by requirement three times in the year since installation. The peace of mind supplied by having electrical power on call is worth every penny spent, about $3500.00 all together, the gen set was about $2200.00, installation was the rest. This was in the summer of 2016.

    We’ve always had methods of having cooking water, via a gas grill with side burner. Now that I have a large, semi-build in major grill, the one with the Side burner is an auxiliary unit.

    We have a constant flow spring on the property, so somewhat clean water is available, and I have a water purifying filter pump that will remove ALL bacteria and parasites from the otherwise crystal clear water. True, its a manual process, but it will do.

    Stored food is the easiest to do, just keep it cool and dry. Wild game will round out our protein requirements.

    Oh, and last, we don’t live in town, at all.’

  15. I did some riding thirty years ago in NYC.Ran with some carneys and the New Rochelle MC, which patched over and became the Ching a Lings.
    Puerto Rican MC. Real deal, bad whammerjammers. They are mobile …they will come to you and help you use all your stuff. That is is some rough motherfuckers. Lot of hard bark in that group. Don’t piss off the ricans.
    You don’t get to keep anything if you are not willing to fubar anyone fucking with you.
    Uncharted territory.Full steam ahead!

  16. I can only dream of a 3pt generator; I’m told they’re great. Check out this puppy…165K continuous off a standard pto running 1000 rpm. Ain’t free though and “ships February 5;” wonder why. I don’t know ANYTHING about the product or the company. Hey, if I’m gonna dream, might as well dream big. http://www.wincogen.com/files/downloads/pto/W165FPTOT-18_spec.pdf