K Blog: The Gibs Singularity

Zuckerbot, the 2020 national voter auction, and you.

Hint: you aren’t going to like it.

At all.

23 responses to “K Blog: The Gibs Singularity

  1. The ultimate irony is that by the time Zucker unit has UBI implemented the Sucker units will be able to buy a Whopper with fries and that blows their ‘winnings’.

  2. so, who can the GOP trot out in 2020? This will be quite interesting.

    • “so, who can the GOP trot out in 2020? This will be quite interesting”

      Who cares? Dems/Repubs?..two dirty wings of the same dirty bird!!

      The parasite class doesn’t care who you vote for, just that you continue to believe that you have to vote for a ‘leader’ to guide/rule over you.

      slaves and citizens NEED a ‘Master/Leader’
      Free men and women DON’T!! (we see our ‘leader’ every time we glance in the mirror each morning)

      Free your mind!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  3. Some Brazilians work for the world’s third-largest airplane factory; some live in a slum. Some Jews are medical doctors; some are lawyers and journalists. If someone tells you people cluster politically by race, religion, or national origin instead of by occupation, they’re lying. Thankfully, many of those people wear white pointed dunce caps as a warning so you know not to listen to them.

  4. Fuck Zuck! Piece of shit.

  5. Circumsucker V2.0 - President Cuck Edition

    Come on, scro! Don’t be a pussy! Besides, Zuckerbot does a kick ass job and we’ll all get a full EBT card!

  6. Shit. I know shit’s bad right now. With all that starving bullshit. And the dust storms. And we’re running out of French Fries and burrito coverings. But I got a solution.

  7. Anyone ever notice that zuck looks like Constantine I?

  8. Zuks the CEO, of the company, is now a minority share holder and wants to maintain sole voting rights over the company. Finally the share holders grew a set of balls and told him to fuck off.

    Poor zuks butt hurt and says he will now sell 75 million shares. Fuck that punk ass whiner. What exactly does face book bring to the table. It’s nothing more then a live cry baby site.

    i read drudge first thing in the morning, only way I knew what zuks doing, otherwise I could give a flying fuck what that piece of shit and his wonton wife are up to.


    • “What exactly does face book bring to the table. It’s nothing more then a live cry baby site.”

      faceborg was/is a gov backed spy apparatus created in the shadows by the cia/nsa. No different in scope than “operation mockingbird”.

      Hope that answers that.

      Sat faceborg/zuckerberg!!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Northern exactly right, yet folks here, go their, like their going to learn something they don’t already know.

        Face book is the message board of the left, yet fully 1/2 of the right are their.

        That’s nothing but retarded. O well, different strokes, different folks.



      The problem is, this cosmic white (((collectivist))) is loaded just like the other rich (((Marxists))) in the media and entertainment industry. Their money is infinitely more powerful than guns. They will back FSA candidates who will prevail just by the financial power behind them. I watched my home state of Kalifornia be destroyed by them.

    • lastmanstanding

      “Wonton’ wife…a fuckin classic brother!

      Diss white boy gonna steal dat one for future use…

      I’m not too much of a waaaasist but I love being called one!

    • The reading routine is WRSA,Drudge,Breitbart,Prison Planet with Watson being a favorite ,before breakfast. Politico,Huffington,Daily Kos,Al-jezeera,BBC ,Edinburgh Daily News later.
      Evening reading. Instructional manuals,tech journals,maintenance paraphernalia.Gobble it up while available. The near future doesn’t look promising for information dissemination. Save and copy when possible.

  9. when the lunatics run the asylum, at some point the asylum is destroyed. the arrogant little puke thinks he’s a genius because he has lots of money. electing him will have the same effect as electing that woman would have had – it will speed up the demise of the lunatic asylum called amerika.

    what then? a breakup into parts, two, or more, and freedom in at least one of the parts.

  10. “… Anything below five figures may risk eliciting more yawns than wows. And that fact poses a substantial math problem for Zuckerberg.

    Because if $10,000 were granted to every American person living in America, the price tag would be $3.259 trillion. For context, total federal tax receipts are $3.314 trillion. But we’re hardly constrained to live within our income, as evidenced by a current year budget deficit of $.69 (still trillion). But that still leaves an astronomical fiscal chasm to cross. What follows are my guesses of how the Zuckerberg AI may attempt to do so…”

    Matt Bracken covered this point in his third EFAD novel, FOREIGN ENEMIES AND TRAITORS:

    “…Next, it was reparations for slavery. Five hundred thousand New Dollars for every African-American man, woman and child. Right after that, it was reparations for ‘survivors of the Native American genocide.’ Another half million for everybody with Indian blood.”

    “How was that paid?” asked Carson in astonishment. “Where did the money for all of that come from?”

    “Didn’t matter,” Doug replied. “It was just instant money from the Treasury–or the Federal Reserve. What’s the difference? Ten trillion brand new blue bucks, right out of thin air. The checks came in the mail, or the money was just direct-deposited straight into their bank accounts. It was all just electronic digits, but it was real money just the same. It was just as spendable as any other money.”

    “And that brought on the hyperinflation?”

    “Among other things, like fraud on a scale never seen before in human history. People were collecting reparation payments right and left under false identities. I think there were about a million double-dippers who claimed they were black and Indian–but it didn’t matter. Congress said that the reparations money would stimulate the economy. It would ‘prime the pump and even the playing field’ at the same time. It was ‘the mother of all stimulus packages.’ That was another of those cliches you heard all the time. The convention was already way out of control by the time they passed reparations for slavery and the Indians…”


    Of course reality being quite another thing, what’s far more likely if suckerborg goes for it is general mayhem as Matt described in his essay, “When the Music Stops”

    Sat Zuckerberg!!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • For a fortaste of this look at what’s happening in Europa/England via the moslems, africans and afromoslems..savages all!!!

      Orban and the rest in the visegard 4 are the only sane one’s with the exceptions of a few others outside of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, etc.

      And drumpf is taking his marching orders on daca/”dreamers” via chuck and hagnancy. Expect more murderers/rapists from somalia/achingastan/shiateholia/loonysunnistan/pakistanifornia and every other moslem roach generator all gleefully bankrolled by the whabbi savages of sorid arabia.
      “maga” my ass!!! Knew it was all mooseturd adorned with coolwhip when it was first trotted out!!

      Sat Zuckerberg – Sat islam!!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  11. Buying into “guaranteed income” is a retard test. It puts you on the list.

    Just like how receiving government benefits puts you on the list.

    Back in the old days, it used to take a while to put the list together. These days – people volunteer.

    When the time comes to fill up the camps , all they have to do with the app loaded that guides them to the pickup points, and then drive around and fill up the trucks.

    And that only comes after the call goes out for people to just show up at the collection points on their own recognizance. Just like they showed up in CT to register their guns when they were told to.

    • “Receiving government benefits”…paying into social security and medicare is not a voluntary exercise. It is mandatory or risk losing everything including your freedom. When it is time to get some of your money back is that a handout? The game was rigged from the beginning.Social security payments being made to people who never paid in. We ,as a nation are fucked. A runaway debt train headed for the abyss.


        True words, sir. But no one and I mean NO ONE has a handle on WHEN we will go over the cliff and into the abyss. The latest Cassandra is Porter Stansbury, who is saying that riots are just around the corner. Duck feathers!
        We are a huge, over-inflated beach ball with a single pinhole leak. It is in the interests of the Banksters and their useful idiots inhabiting Mordor-on-the-Potomac to keep the creaking, rusty ferris wheel turning. And, as long as the sheeple can use their debt bucks at Costco to buy their big screens, and other electronic pacifiers, nothing will change.

    • A VERY small number showed up in CT for that horseshit. Very low. I happened to be driving past the main facility for state fuckery that day and witnessed “the long lines” which were touted by the local propaganda stations. They didn’t exist. Your move commie cock holsters.

  12. The best laid plans of mice and men, oft do go astray.