Robb: The Long Night Ahead

Tyranny, networked and omnipresent.

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  1. WHY, are you playing on their field. Ya don’t like their rules? Don’t play in their game.

    For most of our history the citizens of the US, communicated very effectively without these mediums, why all the sudden can’t you live without a cell phone.

    Try not carrying your cell phone for a week. It’s very liberating. I rarely carry mine, I recognize it for the leash it truly is.



      A cell phone should be just that: a telephone. I still carry my ancient flip phone. I can call my better half when I get to the store to see if there is anything else she needs. I can call my best buddy when I am stuck in traffic and I am going to be late for our weekly lunch. And, I can call 911 if I see a true emergency which needs paramedics, etc.
      These shambling, texting, mouth-breathing, slack-jawed, vaping, brain-dead Mall Zombies who are glued to their hand-held electronic devices and constantly posting or looking at something speak volumes about social decay. I saw it in the high school I used to work at and I see it everywhere. Amerika is verloren.

    • “…why all the sudden can’t you live without a cell phone. ”
      Well a cell phone has replaced ink and paper is why for one. The other is that ~30m Americans can barely write their own name. Devoid of skills oral comms become dominate.

      But I agree with you that not carrying the cell around is very liberating. I carry it with me most of the time weekdays due to business needs. Weekends its turned off and many a Saturday I just forget to take with at all.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Back in the 1960s, I had the privilege of hanging with one “Sam Adams,” an ancient old-timer, who in fact, proved to all assembled that he was, in fact, a direct descendant of THE ONE AND ONLY Sam Adams. (He carried this elaborate grid of his family tree and pedigree on a scrap of paper in his wallet–at least it looked legit to our young eyes.)

    Sam was always in trouble with local, state, and FED GOV; he was always raising holy hell with them about some infraction, big or small, of the Constitution. He’d get arrested and the MSM would have a story on him–the usual “crazy, white-bearded senior arrested again for….” We’d bail him out of the local hoosegow, and it would start all over again. Rinse, wash, repeat.

    When Sam wasn’t in the clink or before a judge, he’d lecture us “young ‘uns” about the tyranny facing America. We’d barely listen. We were too busy chasing the skirts, swilling beer, and racing our muscle cars “title for tile.” Tyranny was a long way off we figured. Somebody else should worry about this “freedom” stuff.

    Sam would always say: “Boys–the jackboot will be on your neck soon enough!” We’d laugh and carry on. It was a failure to communicate….we didn’t listen. Or even care to listen. Sam just withered away and passed on. Not one of us had ears to hear. Look at the mess we’re in today. Sam was right!

    MORAL OF STORY: Get the message to the “young ‘uns.” Make them realize what peril we are in. Make it concrete and real. Make them see what evil there is today.

    Be the “Sam Adams” that I never listened to.

  3. eliminate ALL parasites starting with cops, judges, and pols, and then go to work on the non and underachievers…

    300 million is about the right number.

    the rest is smooth sailing. 🙂

    it is the only way out.

  4. When a “Govt” intends on being all-encompassing in its reach, and unavoidable in its scope, it weakens itself by expenditure of funds and manpower when it achieves its aims. No matter, it shifts the cost over to the victims of its venom, and blithely continues on. It also, at the same time, creates a number of secondary intelligence systems, along with a number of black physical markets for everything it has forbidden or curtailed or failed to produce. Big Govt. is itself a failure, because its very existence demonstrates the corruption of the people who staff it. When each side is quite finished with protest, demonstration, and put-on shows of strength, and eyeing each other from their respective corners, Big Govt. realizes it will have to kill its opponent to get what it wants, and the sheeple realize the same thing, at the same moment. Hungary, 1848. Big Govt. has to share power, and grant autonomy to a very sizable chunk of its population, in order to just survive itself, and not lose its economic strangle hold on its base population. Big Govt. then dies the slow death of most every empire, from the idea that such a system as itself can continue treating people like absolute shit, and still carry on. The more black market you see, the more rot in the Empire. Vive’ la LIberte!

    • “The more black market you see, the more rot in the Empire. Vive’ la LIberte!”

      As Boston T. Party mentioned in his first book, “Goodbye April 15th!”, black markets are an economic self-defense measure that the people have against gov manipulation/attempted control of the economy. The more a gov tries to clamp down, the more valuable such markets become to the people.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  5. How about a check, mate?
    Zugzwang is not a good place to be, the end game checked by a pawn, yet never promoted. The opponent stuck, due to the fact it is an illegal move for a King to put himself in check, stalemate, or check, your call? The object of the game is to capture the King; the bitch usually wins, however. However, she may be sacrificed. It has been proven to be of value to do such. Sir Knight works the obtuse sideways angles and Bishop provides for the King diagonal religious needs, like an arrow through the heart. The Rook is stuck on the tracks, however castling is allowed when appropriate to the Kings position. Pawns are to be played and struggle to be promoted, or perhaps sacrificed more often.
    Shall we learn the game? Starting at the bottom are the real players, even if they don’t know it are the pawns, played. All the rest are the ruling class that protect the King, has well the Queens guard, either black or white, or perhaps some other contrasting color combination to define the enemy, or either side. The field well defined 8 x 8 and moves restricted to specific players, the rules. Win, lose or draw, the object is the King capture.
    About one thousand years ago the games pieces and rules changed to pretty much what it is today, to capture the King. It is war on a board with pretty pieces and I might add without blood at times, other times more than you know. Regardless of origin the battles have been played over and over and over again through the ages, it is still about war. Still the winner of the game is one of the Kings, sometimes keeping the Queen and as many of the royal court as possible. Still pawns can be promoted to the royal court by making it across the board to touch down, SCORE! OR, a variation the promotion withheld, Zugzwang!
    There are variations of the game but it seems the tactics and strategies very similar in square board, 3-D or multi level, add a few pieces and vary the playing field any number of the hexagonal variations. Still rules apply and are agreed upon, to not do otherwise is considered bad form and unsportsmanlike. Such is the sport of war on a board for Kings and court while the Queen rules the roost, or as one might say the housekeeper of the pawns? Need I say Billary?
    Check in the male, mate Billy’s C’s Queen Bee. Imagine if she had won? Them what? The utopia would be not far off. In the time of a year or so, thing would change dramatically, mostly because she is a drama queen. Smarter than your average spelling bee the words would change forever. Liberty and Justice would be for the few appointed to the court of Jesters. Yet the joke would be on US. Remember, peace would be achieved when all the enemy is dead, or perhaps imprisoned in white male supremacy asylum run by butches with butches, a pair of dikes are pliers’ pinch and squeeze the like of which Billy has known by the witch she is, and of course that is what IS is, is it not terrorists? I envision the cookie cutter communist court, the supreme rulers of the land and of course my way or the highway robbery police state. Boy! YOU in a heap of trouble! Yes we would relive King of the Hill, in a pant suit to hide here Kankles and rankles. I propose flattery. Preferably by an ass fault compacter, that some may call a steam roller, the Billary flattered. Or, perhaps doing a Slim Pickens, in Strangelove kind of way, Yee, HA, Ha, ha, Ha, ride em cowbi… She it would be the warhead, don’t ya think? Need I remind you that Mr. MAG works with democrats?
    Meanwhile, back in Utopia, they will demand your DOB for every transaction, along with the brain of your first born, last born and all in the middle, it’s a rule they will be schooled. NO Child LEFT a Dime! Or, the brains to know it, what’s a Dime? Your every action is recorded, just in case it may be needed at some future point in time you will be made the offer you can’t refuse, because you are guilty until proven innocent, guilty as charges by 14 year old snitch that does pretty well for him with selfies. Brothers and Sister spy on each other and look in their sock drawers for evidence of the UN thought of free thoughts formally called Playboy, or Hustler. Everything cost what you cannot afford unless you sell your soul to them, but if you do, them own your ass, ya know? I guess you could say the Donald didn’t fire the right people and difficult to tell the white or the black side of the board. Sometimes the pieces are RED and white. You may be right. But wait, we already have that deeply stated euphoria police state corrected political thought in utopia, tapioca pudding brains in every state crap it all, Scrool board and congressional districts, has well your Deceit and Credits in the fog of war that is Foggy Bottoms on the American people.
    A special note on the religion of separation all churches which is higher than a kite, or perhaps kike professors of mindless midgets swells ban thought of the UN thinkable Social JUST US, but not them. In this case them being you excluded on any say in the matter of grey issues and of course chains and shackles for all the newly turn out pudding brains, indoctrinated. Damn Communists! Higher learning is of course the kinder and gentler pot to the more on LSD enlightenment of a mind is a terrible thing to be wasted, but who cares when you are higher than a kike? No reference to any Jewish person that may have lost their religion or changed to something a little more on mushy the Socialist Society for Suckers where god is a greenback. However the Cat licks pontificates proceeds of the popes Popeil Pocket fisher of men in tights chase chastity with mitigation of migrations in the collection plate, however gold it may be sins of materialism, UN sanctioned Holy. Yes the Universities of religious Protests ants, god’s gift to the of tenure and comfy retirement. Say nothing of the non religious, thunk tanks of state funded scrools the tools of, as you may have guessed, THE DAMN COMMUNISTS! UN FUND THEM! That is the college crap US camp puss of pussy hats on men with them mind University diversity single mindedness and of course infectious disease WHO shall remain nameless, however founded on the enlightenment of today’s dimwits… — … UN fund them!

    Anyhow, back to the game and all the players that are played which is the game of war, the poly Ticks of Tech nicks the study of Al Gore rhythms and loony Johnny Grubber MIT ended tunes score your worsted nightmare of healthcare and off course O bomb a momma’s way back when the O man was the child brain of climate change in Rio, Billy C. Degenerates of the vapors and soon to be clouds of information gathered and sold for buck, Billy G’s, micro spy in the digital. And off course communist trader of liberty Billy’s A’s hole school of thought a day dream believer in terroristic bombing and US communist evolution the new revelation, summer gives way to another winter of our discontent, Billy?

    SONNET 18
    Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
    Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
    And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
    Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
    And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;
    And every fair from fair sometime declines,
    By chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimm’d;
    But thy eternal summer shall not fade
    Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st;
    Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
    When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st;
    So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
    So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

    Enter the conservatives of communism. You see words have many meanings, such as the word conservative and even democracy mocked the mob rules of elite, which are conservative. Political speak is nothing more than show me the money! A little hint here, the root of all evils are shekels, the thirty pieces of silver their chains and stocks trades options for political and public humiliation, you racist thought school! The example of Prairie Fire, is the conservative communist. Better a Constitutional Conservative which means by all means necessary defunding them! The Berry Stiletto difference between Relublican’t and Demo Crazy is of course little meaning, except for the political donation and pay offs of back scratchers Quid Pro and CON men, the party lies. You want a party with RED Solo cup, my friend? Perhaps a Bill or Rights, not used against US? You see, as written most of government would have to be defunded and the socialist welfare state would be no more.

    So how about this for funding the limitations of government, excluding any income tax because it is UN Constitutional, even as amended. The donation to the cause, foundational speaking is the party and the stock market is doing so well why tax income at all? TAX the Markets, the wall of Streets main squeeze, wouldn’t that be funds? Yet busted it will be and no incoming, if not for shorts sells lost for future gains. There is absolutely no reason for a federal, need I say feral income tax and too the /FED for which it stands. So, the direct contradiction to the Feral law is the ill conceived tax of income by all means, or which part of no direct tax, did you NOT UN derstand?

    Speaking of Ill conceived UN Kim Jong Sung, the DMZ, I smell a communist rat. So, tell me why all of sudden NK, DPNK decide to see the rocket RED glare and all of a sudden decide to challenge US? Was it because of a pre-ordained global financial meltdown organized to cover up the overextended and no place to hide the ill gotten gains except for scare of war? Nuke UM, don’t fix the financials, however. The game again is to capture the King by Check, mate or perhaps Zugzwang? In the long run, nobody cares about NK, except perhaps the Russians and the Chinese, then of course Japan occupied the Korean peninsula from 1910 to 1945. And yes them have a wall at the DMZ, if you did not know, but that is only about 160 miles. Yes, hedge funds for governments.

    Camp Pain promises, a very tall wall, healthcare bailouts, deportation of politicians and high capacity gallows at the university of diversity, dis white boy would do away with it all. Now you may ask how.

    “He exploded: “You Capitalists always talk about ‘human nature;’ but there is no such thing. Human beings are what you make them. Capitalism makes them acquisitive, selfish; it inevitably produces clashes and WAR. Communism makes persons selfless, with concern not for themselves as individuals, but for the whole society-the masses. Thus, Communism won’t lead to clashes-and the whole world at last will have PEACE!” Dr. W Judd, The Schwarz Report. Is turnabout fair play?

    Starve a cold, or is that feed a fever? Anyhow, you get the big picture. The option is the art of the deal with demo crazy.

    PS, I AM no body and obviously I know nothing, yet is seems for all the chanting USA, nobody is chanting for a Constitutional Republic, need I say Conservatives? And that very well could be that:

    Some apologists for Communism acknowledge that Communism has killed in the past, but they blame this on incidental factors such as the traditions of cruelty and violence which existed in the countries conquered by the Communists, and they do not believe that killing is an essential ingredient of communism itself. They believe that the triumph of Communism in the United States, England, or Western Europe would not lead to mass slaughter. Are they right or are they suffering from a dangerous delusion? To answer this question, it is necessary to know why Communism kills.

    Well there is your answer, Peace! Your move, mate.

    • Like I said before Joe, “flex, pinch it off and be done with it!!” Nobody here is impressed with your attempts at channelling William F. Buckley.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  6. OPFOR will be taking notes — — on how not to handle a referendum vote. This also has portent for USA as the catalonia situation shows clearly how culture can play a large part in voting patterns.

  7. As to Facebook, I have said it before, — — GenZ is already tuning out. (Not that I like this source) Z is the target audience for FB now and that demographic finds it lacking.

    Besides we are seeing the early battle between Facebook, Amazon and Google for eyeballs. The battle will get bigger and uglier. That too will be a problem for all the players.

  8. Alliances?!?

    Well, sure.

    After you hand out a 1,000 Nyquist articles to people on the street, after talking to the person, and figuring the person is something than a waste of money and time.

    Alliances ?!

    Well, sure.

    After you convince me, that you are convinced, that your goal is “The Next Empire” (Using the best personnel possible in all Empire functions ).

    And you own two copies of “Origins of the Fourth World War”,
    one for personal use, one protected so it survives the next two World Wars. And since Gentlemen are somewhat loathe to always be looking for the best of it all the time – pay for the books 87.14 per book, not his asking price.

    A list of suggested Nyquist articles to print can be found at this


  9. I lived dangerously the other day: I went to get gas and to the grocery store and didn’t realize the cell was left on the kitchen table. I have to admit-blessed peace. No calls ringing, no texts beeping at me, no Faceberg zings to notify me of another post on healing your inner self; just silence as I did my chores. As a people, in all countries, we have mistaken a cell leash for companionship, vindication, self worth, religious services, etc. In essence, our ancestors were much stronger, because they recognized the difference between real things, facts, or events taken as a whole versus fantasy.

  10. Stealth, God bless you. Most just can’t put the leash down. It gets easier if you want it too.

    What a wonderful day, worked on my rat rod pickup,” 62 ford unibody” chopped/ lowered.

    Reviewed the colas on my cannibis, for harvest. Another two weeks, for the trycombs to go from clear to Amber in color. Maybe three weeks, no worries.

    Listened to some classical flamingo music from Spain,some killer Moroccan music .

    Made a killer breakfast using all garden picked veggies, Havarni cheese, fresh sausage.

    No calls, not one. Peaceful day with the family. Go Ducks!

    Dirk Williams

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. This reminds me of the Bolshevik Revolution when Lenin said that it didn’t matter on the White Russians, nor the Czar (Tsar) Imperial Army maneuvers. The Bolsheviks held the telegraph offices so no one else had communications, nor intelligence.

    The Bolsheviks won. However, if we are communicating by other means than Zucks telegraph, they can neither intercept nor interfere with our communications. That and meat space. Boycott anyone?