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  1. I’m not a football fan and can care less what these spoiled brat millionaires do. It’s sad they’re worshipped by millions of amerikans.

    That being said – they’re paid to display a talent or whatever, not political views.

    sports used to be one of the few areas that people of different political spectrums could come together and mutually enjoy.

    Not anymore. Thank the bolsheviks.

  2. WTF do a buncha ballmonkeys,and their enablers the cleat lickers and jocksuckers have to do with”patriotardism”?What,if you don’t watch bladderball you aren’t a man?Never worshipped the whole wannabe team sports BS.

    • Sundays are the perfect time to partake in a few nips of Pendletons while fixing fence. Ain’t nododahs or dindoos out here………soapweed

  3. “A lot of men gave their lives for these ingrates to get millions for playing a kid’s game.”

    I’ve been hearing that a lot on this topic, especially from talking heads on the idiot box. I just don’t get it, so maybe someone can clarify.

    Something like 60,000 American soldiers–mostly kids–have died in combat during my lifetime. How has even a single one of those deaths served to “protect our freedom” or anything even remotely like that? I don’t see how controlling the markets for oil and poppies and making super-rich elites of TPTB, helps anyone’s freedom at all. Well, except theirs maybe.

    I can easily see how “protecting freedom” was the sincere intent of nearly all those soldiers. Probably is for most LEOs too, at least when they start. Still, reality manifests what we do, not what we think. I doubt anyone–of any belief set at all–would say that somehow our freedom has increased during this time. Seems kinda obvious that it hasn’t.

    So what do people mean when they say this? To what are they referring? I can’t see anything in reality even close to that, and I wonder what those who believe it are imagining. Looks to me like it’s nothing but an imagination, and a mighty wild one at that.

    So what gives? What the hell does this mean? TIA.

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