Buyer’s Remorse

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  1. And the options were?

    • “And the options were?”
      1# Opt for cisco before being raped by a cia trained Georgetown fag then shot in the back of the head and dumped.

      2# Opt for slick50 before being raped by a Somali jihadi then having your head slowly sawed off as he yowls “Allahu Ackbar!!” to the joy of the cosmic white multiculti mob cheering him on against ‘ White Fascism’.

      3# Opt for paying for ‘White Fascism’ by allowing oneself to be sacrificed by a group of dindus via the ‘knock out’ game.

      4# Defending ones kith and kin from any and all threats with armed kith and kin supporting via accurate fire!!

      Choose carefully..
      Hips and heads boys and girls!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Crisco

        Have a computer server shoved where the sun don’t shine isn’t fun either!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • Trump brought the MAGA smother. Hiligula would have brought the Storm.

  2. Ain’t no winning without some fighting. MAGA or Bust, What’s your choice?
    to take a knee? NFL is just part of the “games and circuses” of Rome.
    Let it die. We Create our own Future.

  3. You can’t win unless your in the game

  4. Eventually there will be winning, right now, the Progs and RINOs are wailing about how much they hate America, Americans, and of course, “Muh Feelz!”
    John in Indy

  5. The next logical step is to make the National Football League the official sport of the USA.All good and compliant citizens will be required to watch the festivities.
    Each game will have a presentation and dissertation presented by an esteemed and learned scholar such as the eloquent and verbose Shannon Sharpe.A test will be conducted after each extravaganza…your food ration will be based upon the results. If you cannot understand the gobblygook and mutilation of the English language demonstrated by Shannon..tough shit. Learn how to speak and comprehend jive,ebonics,ghettospeak and other mangling of English. The future is calling all compliant zombie citizens to respond to the atrocities committed against illiterate millionaire athletes who cannot explain their grievances, but know that they have some kind of beau jive,turkey chump white boy be fucking with me problem.Your anticipated cooperation and mandated compliance is appreciated.
    Feed the monster or starve it to death. The power is in your pocketbook.

  6. The other option was,dont F-in play (or weaponize your vote by electing the worst possible candidate and hasten the fall.)In the end they voted for Mr.Millionaire Silverspoon Circus Clown Wrassler turned Apprentice Carney Barker Twitterking and believed the BS.All the constant blabber and blather on ALL sides is useless and beyond redundant.Its dead and stinkin so bury it.Theres only one way out of this shit,we already know it.You will never be ready enough,so get ready.Thank God for places like this and for our host by allowing the ones who”get it”to exchange ideas and info.

  7. People are now openly announcing team loyalty for cw2. We now better know who we can trust. That is a plus.

  8. Surprise! You bought into the bullshit from a lifelong pro-abortion democrat who sold you a bill of goods to try and get his face on Mt. Rushmore because he’s a narcissistic prick (perhaps N. Korea will be the vessel he thinks will get him there).

    When Comey announced he would not prosecute Hillary, I voted for that asshat after proclaiming to everyone I knew I would be writing in the name of an honorable man I respected.

    I allowed myself to hope – foolishly – but I was not fooled. My suspicions were not dissuaded either way.

    When we get a ‘big, beautiful wall,’ let me know. Otherwise…”F him.”

  9. Amateur ruckhumper

    The only thing we need Trump to do is fight the Swamp to a draw. If we don’t win our local fights, it won’t matter if he wins in Washington.

    Furthermore, anyone bitching about needs to stop, take a breath, and think about how utterly fucked we would be if Hillary had won.

  10. As for the fall, at a local WalMart where I sometimes buy groceries and sundries (when I am home from road tours); I noticed that the grocery shelves have fewer frozen items, fewer varieties of canned goods and an enormous uptick of snack and junk foods and foamy alcohol beverages.

    The kitchen wares have fewer selections of home appliances and the prices are not stabilized. Other WalMarts have crappy quality produce and limited selections of fruits and vegetables and this is after the corporate commercial harvests.

    Is this an indicator or just WalMart market quarterly circumstances?

    • I’ve been watching this for some time. This is an indicator. Impressive that you picked it up…many do not. It began about 3 years ago, in earnest…retailers and food producers tried to disguise inflation by lowering the weight of content. Mayonnaise is no longer in a 32 oz jar, for example, but rather a 30 oz jar, at the same price as the former 32oz. Lately, Kraft has lowered their standard size 30oz jar to a 26oz jar, and increased the price of the 30 oz jar. This has been done across the board…cereals, condiments, canned and frozen vegetables, cooking oils, etc.

      There are fewer brands on the shelves, and lower quantities of those remaining brands, stocked. Check out the depth to which most things are stocked. A few years ago, the shelves were stocked to the maximum. Now, take a look behind the third or fourth can or box. The shelves are nearly half stocked, with ample empty space behind the 3 or 4 cans/boxes pulled to front face.

      Long ago, I stopped the frequent trips to the grocery store, and begin bulk purchasing at the “wholesale” clubs, and online bulk food retailers. I make one trip every 6 weeks or so. I purchase meats from a local butcher shop, in bulk. The only reason I step foot in a grocery store is to take advantage of those infrequent one day sale events., where chicken tenders are .99 cents per pound, for example. I call ahead for 40-50 lbs.

      Expect grain products to double or triple in price, as early as late fall. Similarly, beef chicken and pork prices will increase. Also…expect all imported commodities to become either difficult to find, or priced beyond the reach of the average consumer. Coffees teas cocoas spices…get them now, while prices are within reason, and products are available.


      Some of the lack of goodies depends on where your store is located. Up here in Rawles Land, the produce is still excellent due to local farms and orchards in Idaho and Eastern WA. During the winter months, the deterioration of quality is quite noticeable. This is why the women tribe members are currently involved in canning and dehydrating.
      Most WalMarts, Fred Meyer’s, Super 1’s, Yoke’s, etc. practice JUST IN TIME DELIVERY. When we lived on the Oregon Coast, the local Fred Meyer had just two days worth of grocery items in stock in the back. When the produce trucks were late or whatever, the employees would go out on the floor and spread around the apples and potatoes to make it look like there was plenty of produce on hand. An employee told me that.
      The bottom line to all of this is YOU are ultimately responsible for figuring out your needs and how to fill them. The lessons of Puerto Rico, Houston, Florida, and Venezuela come to mind. A prepper mindset and keeping focused on the events and circumstances around you is survival rule number one. You may be frustrated with your texting, slack-jawed, bread-and-circuses clueless tribe members. They still need your protection and guidance. Bleib ubrig.

  11. Centurion_Cornelius

    “Thank God for places like this and for our host by allowing the ones who”get it”to exchange ideas and info.”

    ROGER DAT, kydrty1.

    Untold thanks to CA and y’all.

  12. Mnuchin/Cohn 2020!

    I am grateful to both the NFL and Trumpty Dumpty for waking so many normies up to reality. Many more to go, but these assclowns have done an amazing job piercing the cone of dissonance.

  13. Everyone needs to sit down and relax. Rome wasn’t burned in a day and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    • You can sit down and relax all you want, but PR was pretty much destoryed in a day. Just something to think about professor Wigglestick!

  14. What the Prof. said. The other thing might be that people could be a lot more savvy than you give them credit for, and they understood they might be in for another buggy ride with Trump, like all before him. When you get the choices we had last November, taking a knee is one option, but not very pro-active. That’s why I voted. Maybe my choices weren’t the best, and maybe the candidates were lame. But it is still my choice, and not voting adds significance without support. Which translates into no one misses my voice in the choir. I think we are a disorganized rabble upset about things we do not have the self discipline to join together against, and whip. Discipline and Unity at some point will be what the winning side is known for, whether it is tyranny or freedom.

  15. You don’t tally the final score in the second inning.

    You want a microwave revolution, post a link to where you find it.
    Otherwise, probably best to qwitcherbitchin and get back to work.
    Those hippies aren’t going to punch themselves.